Making Toys For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Before bringing the little puppy home, the caring owner will take care that the pet has toys.

The four-footed friend needs to get used to a new home and not get bored if people are gone on business. The owner will be useful to know how to make a toy for the dog with his own hands.

What could be interesting to a pet?

Dogs are very curious and intelligent creatures and all unfamiliar objects can try for a tooth. If there are no toys at home, the four-legged friend will find entertainment for himself. The dog may chew on the legs of the tables and chairs, the master’s shoes and is completely unacceptable if he gets to the computer wires. A dog should have a lot of toys, because their life is very small. Some of them can be handled by a dog in a couple of days.

A caring owner will do for the dog with his own hands such toys that will interest her. It can be:

  • Outdoor toys. Various items for practicing the "aport" team. Objects for pulling – braided cords.
  • Homemade fun – A variety of balls and bones. Soft toys depicting animals, will allow your pet to practice their hunting skills.
  • Chew toys. Here braided ropes, balls, rings will do.

Dogs need not only feeding and care, but also games with the owner, which provides them with a stable psyche and good socialization.


Getting to work on creating fun for your pet, you should consider its dimensions. After all, a toy for a small dog will be completely different than for a big dog. It is necessary to take into account the age, size of the dog, its mouth and the physical condition of the animal.

Making Toys For Dogs With Their Own Hands

– I play with the rope.

Kantik – one of the most common games.

For a small dog, old stuff can serve as a material for the cord. T-shirts, shirts, shirts, bathrobes will do. Clothing is cut into four strips of equal length, or eight, if you have to weave two cords. The width of the strips is about 10 cm, length is about 1 meter. The prepared material should be slightly stretched and slightly twisted to make it easier to weave. At one of the ends, indenting about 10-12 cm, a strong knot is made.

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Next, the workpiece is laid in the form of a cross and intertwined the ribbons between them with a “small square”, well tightening the knots along the way. Coming to the end of the workpiece, it is also necessary to tie a strong knot. Kanik is ready, you can play with your pet.

For a big dog, a toy made of old stuff will not work. It will be small and not durable. Therefore, you need to choose a rope rope made of cotton, sufficiently strong and thick for a comfortable grip with the mouth of a dog. No kapron or polyester cords, these materials can stretch and damage the dog’s gums. At the end of this rope, you can tie a small ball, the toy will become even more interesting and more convenient.

It’s impossible to make the ball itself, but to beat a small and very comfortable tennis ball, turning it into a toy is possible.

Making Toys For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Before bringing the little puppy home, the caring owner will take care that the pet has toys. The four-footed friend needs to get used to a new home and……

The contour of the bending of the ball pattern is cut. Inside laid a little dry food. The dog, having driven and bit the ball, will quickly figure out where the treat is hidden. Interest in such a toy will increase, the question of how long the ball will last. If the dog is small or just a puppy, the task can be simplified. It is necessary to make a larger cut, crosswise, then it will be easier to extract feed pellets.

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Making Toys For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Ball game

Another interesting toy with a ball is called "octopus". The tennis ball is wrapped in an old cloth, so that several cords can be tied to its ends. The toy turns out to be jumping, moving, beautiful, it is interesting to run after it, and grabbing one of the cords to play pulling.

From a thick rope rope, you can weave a ball. It turns out not quite round shape, but this is not necessary, between the turns of the rope, you can lay pieces of dry food. A dog will gladly pat such a ball.


A bone made of soft material will suit a young dog. Making a toy for a puppy with your own hands is easy. For this, you will need pieces of soft fabric, pieces of leather for decoration and a synthetic winterizer as a filler for the product.

A pattern is applied to the fabric, and then two blanks of the future stone are cut. On each of the blanks, decorative leather elements in the form of diamonds, circles, and hearts are sewn. Then the parts are folded with a finishing surface inward and stitched on a sewing machine, so that a small hole for filling the filler remains.

Making Toys For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Game with a bone

We twist the sewn bone onto the front part, lay the sintepon inside and sew it completely. If such a bone lasts several days, it can serve as a puppy with a pillow.

The second version of the bone is a small plastic bottle, put in a fabric case, the appropriate shape.

Initially, a bone-shaped cover is sewn from a soft fabric. The trick is that on one side of the details of the product are not sewn, and form a pocket in which you can remove the bottle. The corners of the toy are filled with padding polyester, and a little feed for the smell is put. A cap is removed from the bottle beforehand, if during the game the puppy gnaws its capacity it must be immediately replaced.

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The simplest bone is a wooden bar lined with thick cloth. You can put it in an old sock, which is tied in a knot.

Presence of fantasy

Various accessories for dogs can be made by hand. There is a game that is much more interesting and more complicated than a regular cardboard box in which food is hidden. Take a stable wooden base with two vertical posts on the edges. Through these racks they pass a metal rod, on which several plastic bottles are strung. Having filled up dry food in the tank, the owner eventually gets an interesting toy for his four-legged friend. As soon as the dog turns the bottle to a sufficiently large angle or unwinds it, the feed begins to spill out. A pet will be rewarded for quick wits.

In bad weather, many dog ​​owners are faced with the fact that they came from a walk, and the dog is dirty. Problems can be avoided if there are people in the family who can sew. For a pet, you can sew a few overalls that will protect it in the winter cold and autumn slush.

Making Toys For Dogs With Their Own Hands

In a raincoat

In any case, you need to choose a waterproof fabric and lining, taking into account the season for which the product is sewn. From the accessories you need a zipper and elastic to fasten the collar holes and paws.

The owner must take a measure of his pet, prepare the pattern and materials and sew overalls for the dog. In the snow and rain the dog will be dry and the apartment clean.


Hand-made toys do not require a lot of materials or time-consuming. One gnawed fun is easy to replace with another. Such toys will entertain and develop a pet when it is left alone at home, and will keep the furniture and things of the owner.

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