Patterns For Small Dogs

In cold, inclement weather, our four-legged friends cannot do without comfortable functional clothing. A small dog suffers from wind and weather, and in winter it freezes quickly.

They take into account all the parameters of the pet and help model stylish, fashionable things. The basic principles of knitting for dogs are no different from the methods used for people.

Materials for clothes

Patterns For Small Dogs

Clothing for walks is sewn from practical, lightweight fabrics. On a summer evening knitwear, cotton t-shirts and t-shirts will do.

Autumn clothes are designed to protect the pet from dirt, slush, waterproof fabrics – raincoat fabric, bologna. Winter options are warm outfits that will warm the baby in the cold.

Knitted clothes for small dogs are practical, aesthetic, beautiful. She is a real pet rescue.

Created outfits diversify the wardrobe of a pet. Things knitted or sewn independently will decorate a dog – it can be both casual clothes and elegant clothes.

Knit a sweater, sweater or waistcoat with your own hands, they will warm the baby in cold days.

  • The proportion of natural yarns in the yarn should be at least 40%. Wool fabrics are suitable for a coat – cashmere, drape, they are used for patterning clothes and sewing. The synthetic winterizer (as a lining), fleece, artificial or natural fur will provide reliable protection of the pet against snow and a frost.

Tips for sewing and knitting

Patterns For Small Dogs

Clothing for a small dog is required all year round, sewing for them is very popular.

Choosing patterns, you should consider the size of the pet and features of the breed. A detailed description will help to understand how to properly sew the desired model.

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If you have difficulty finding and choosing a scheme, you can do it yourself, with your own hands.

The ideal and high-quality model is obtained from the pattern, which is made according to individual sizes, taking into account the features of the figure.

Owners of a small dog often make a variety of clothes on their own.

All modeling outfits for dogs with their own hands, require desire, perseverance, attention. After creating the pattern, it is not difficult to transfer it to the material. The important point will be the process of selecting fabrics and accessories.

A detailed outfit will help to tie a nice outfit for a small dog.

Exact measurements

Creating clothes for a pet with your own hands should follow the main rules in determining the size of parts:

  • all measurements are taken from the dog standing, in the widest places of the body;
  • the length of the back is the distance from the withers to the tail;
  • collar can determine the volume of the neck;
  • chest measured behind the front paws.

When cutting fabric should be added 1.2 cm – a stock on the spacious style of clothing and seams. It should not rub the skin and hold down movement. For knitting, you will need to take measurements that match the selected outfit.

Patterns For Small Dogs

In cold, inclement weather, our four-legged friends cannot do without comfortable functional clothing. A small dog suffers from wind and weather, and in……

Building patterns

Patterns For Small Dogs

For a comfortable, beautiful clothes, designed and sewn with his own hands for a dog that has a small height, take time and patience.

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The most convenient way is to use a circuit labeled with squares:

  1. Transfer the selected pattern to graph paper and cut.
  2. Put the finished parts on the fabric.
  3. Cut the patterns from the fabric.
  4. Carry out your cutting should be left with a seam allowance (1-2 cm), taking into account the thickness of the material.
  5. The resulting elements are stitched.
  6. To process sleeves and a mouth.

Many patterns contain instructions on how to properly adapt the size to the animal.

Patterns For Small Dogs

Patterns For Small Dogs
Patterns For Small Dogs
Patterns For Small Dogs

Combining all the parts obtained, it is necessary to take into account the addition of zippers, buttons, buttons — this fitting is more convenient to be placed under the belly of the dog or on the back. Sometimes Velcro or lacing may be required.

Tailored, stitched product try on baby, mark the place for cut, belly, tail. On the edge of the neck, leg (for overalls), it is necessary to sew gum or lace. Decorate the outfit with various accessories, pockets.

Patterns For Small Dogs

The simplest model for sewing, which does not require special skills – it is blanket. For its manufacture, you can use any scarf, folding it with a triangle. Sew a loop to one edge, a button or a flypaper to another.

In the middle you can place the belt so that it can hold well. The dress is ready in a few minutes, for any season, depending on the density of the material.

Knitting clothes

Patterns For Small Dogs

In magazines, the Internet offers a scheme with a description of knitting clothes for small dogs: sleeveless, blanket, sweater, jacket, overalls and other types of clothes.

For this you will need: written instructions, crochet hook, knitting needles, measuring tape. It should determine the model, type of clothing. Crochet will please the owner, and the dog – an elegant openwork blouse or dress.

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The process of mating begins from the neck to the tail. Dials a certain number of loops on the width of the collar. Knit it if provided by the model.
Having obtained the desired length of the collar, the loops are closed on both sides. Leave 2.3 cm, then go back. On both sides of this strip are looped.

Patterns For Small Dogs

We knit a flat cloth before the legs. Then loops are reduced, there is a middle of a back. It is connected to the tail and the edge of the contour is buried.

The collar is stitched in the middle, then the trunk. The product is tried on. The rest of the neck is connected to the calf, the breast closes.

The next detail is the back panties. We knit and sew to the recess with the outer side, the inner one remains free.
The front sleeves are knit the same as for humans, calculating the size of the animal.

Patterns For Small Dogs

Tying a good, quality outfit to your beloved is a great pleasure.

  • Sewing and knitting for a small dog does not require much time and cost. Occupation can become a hobby that will bring joy to the owner, and the pet attention and replenishment of the wardrobe.

Below we offer to view several useful videos, which describe in detail how to take measurements, design a pattern, and also features tailoring for different miniature breeds. Enjoy watching!

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