Petstages Toys For Dogs

Petstages, based in Nofbrooke (Illinois, USA), is a manufacturer of quality and durable toys for dogs of any age and with different behavioral habits.

The assortment is regularly updated, including traditional balls, soft toys and products that help to clean the teeth. Products are made of safe for animals, non-toxic materials.

Petstages toy series

Gummy plush. The product is made of soft plush, enclosed in a rubbery body, inside which you can hide food. Suitable for indoor and outdoor games.

Soft with a squeaker inside. When compressing the soft case, the toy makes a sound, and the squeaker remains operable even with the appearance of punctures.

Flying disc. It is made of soft material, while it has good flight characteristics. Does not heat up in the sun, unlike plastic. Suitable for games in the warm and cold season.

Cuddle pal for puppies. Soft, comfortable forms of the product act soothingly during stress (moving, weaning from the mother), allowing the puppy to feel comfortable due to the heat given out and a pleasant plush texture. Can serve as a pillow while sleeping puppy. Cuddle Pal can be heated in the microwave for 30 seconds to make it warmer.

Orka. Toys of this series are intended for chewing. Suitable for dogs of different ages and sizes. Made of synthetic rubber, durable and non-toxic. They have the form due to which a light massage of the gums is performed during chewing. Knotted cotton cords provide gentle cleansing of the teeth. Products of different textures and with additional elements, due to which pets have an interest in the product.

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Petstages Toys For Dogs

Petstages, based in Nofbrooke (Illinois, USA), is a manufacturer of quality and durable toys for dogs of any age and with different behavioral habits…….

Newide – a substitute of rawhide delicacies with a similar texture and taste. The material does not swell, helps clean the surface of the teeth.

Petstages Toy "crisp bone»Made of flexible, durable rubber with a core of plastic, which produces a crunch when squeezed by teeth. The crunch can be compared to the sound that appears when you squeeze a plastic bottle. It is the crunch that attracts the attention of dogs and arouses interest in toys.

Bone for gnawing with the scent of deer antlers. The product is made of plastic and synthetic rubber with the addition of deer antler flour. Strong bone does not crack, does not crumble, and does not form sharp edges like regular natural bone.

Dogwood – a stick from safe synthetic materials with a smell of a natural tree. The wand is strong, safe, and has good buoyancy. Suitable for games on land and on water, designed for small, medium and large dogs that are prone to chewing.

"Toothbrush". durable, with a ribbed surface, helping to clean the teeth, fresh breath from the mouth and a pleasant aroma from the paws, because it has the smell of vanilla.

Interactive with dainty. Made of rubber in the form that allows you to hide inside treats. Suitable for animals of all ages for chewing and games (aport).

Petstages Toys For Dogs

Toy Reviews Petstages

Despite the fact that the manufacturer claims the strength of toys, dogs prone to intense chewing, cracking down on products in minutes. For example, even small dogs quickly finish with a crispy bone.

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Most Petstages like dogs, especially soft, rustling, and with a squeaker. The advantage is the ability to play indoors and outdoors.

Satisfied dog owners point out a variety of toys of various textures and shapes, with good strength characteristics, jumping ability and buoyancy, if we talk about individual products, at a relatively low price. The cost starts from 200 rubles.

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