Prepare Your Home For Chihuahuahua

House check

It is important to carefully check the house for pet’s safety. Literally get up on all fours and crawl it up and down. Inspect the rooms from this height, if there are any wires, clothes, any trinkets, or trash cans that the dog can easily turn over. All this can be a toy for her. You must be sure that the dog does not fit anywhere.

Chihuahua very curious little dogs. They constantly sniff out what to profit or what to play with. Even if you have something hidden behind the chair, chihuish is likely to find it.

Look for cracks somewhere in which your favorite chihuahua can get stuck, otherwise there is a risk to come home and find your pet in the best possible way. If you do not want to allow the dog to certain areas, use children’s barriers. Chihuahuas are small enough to not be able to jump over or move over them.

Toys, crib and dog corner

There is nothing worse for a chihuahua than toys that are too big or heavy for them! Chihuahuas are very fond of toys, but, you see, it is unpleasant if it is impossible or inconvenient to play with them. There are many toys made for small dogs, pick your size and weight. You may have to get to know your dog closer before you know which toys she prefers. Some small dogs can play with fabric toys, while others will tear them to shreds. Tennis balls, chewing bones, and toys that may contain dog treats for the first time are the best possible. They are relatively durable and, as a rule, are well perceived by most dogs.

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It is important that the Chihuahua have their own bed. This will give them their own space where they can sleep, play and hide their toys. Some like to take a pet to bed, but this is extremely unsafe. Dogs are so small that they can be crushed. The Chihuahua mini tea-cup (tea-cup) is especially at risk because of its tiny size. Be extremely careful if you want to sleep with your Chihuahua. Teach her to sleep in her place, it will be safer.

Prepare Your Home For Chihuahuahua

House check It is important to carefully check the house for pet’s safety. Literally get up on all fours and crawl it up and down. Inspect the rooms from……

Small dogs should make enough effort to get on the sofa, chair or any other favorite place. All these jumps and unsuccessful attempts to climb can lead to deformation of the joints. Make steps for the dog so that it can easily climb without damaging the joints. This will help prevent a common chihuahua health problem, such as arthritis of the knees.

Doing things

Small dog owners have two options when it comes to managing needs. A dog can be trained to walk outside, as large dogs do. Either use a special tray like cats.

Prepare Your Home For Chihuahuahua

Those who live in a cold climate may have to consider the option of preparing puppies for the cold or be content with the second option. Chihuahua do not tolerate cold well, they are not recommended to walk at a temperature below 4 degrees. If you live in a warm climate, you can train a dog to go out. Make sure your yard is completely fenced. These tiny dogs can easily slip through the openings in the fence, so watch out for the pet or take steps to re-arrange the fence. There is also a danger from other dogs, cats, and even large birds that can take a puppy for available prey, such as a rodent.

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If you decide to train your puppy to go to the tray, then first you need to choose the right place to install it. This should not be a continuous passage, the constant walking of family members past the tray can distract the dog. The tray should not be next to the bowl or dog bed. Inside the tray, you can use a special filler, newspapers, old towels. Change the tray filler in time. Often Chihuahua refuse to walk on the tray, since it has become too dirty.

Chihuahuas are cute and intelligent dogs. She will quickly become your best friend. Make sure you are ready for this little dog in your home.

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