Preparing A Room And Toys For Small Dogs

So, you have already decided which breed of super miniature dogs you prefer and from which brood you will take a puppy. But before you introduce a puppy into your home, you must physically prepare for this event.

First of all, you should finally determine a permanent place for a dog in your apartment. This "place" must necessarily be in the living room, but not in the front of the kitchen. The dog can not be placed on the aisle, near the radiators and the refrigerator. Her "place" should be defined somewhere in the corner, preferably under the chair or under a fairly high sofa. For a puppy’s dwelling, pick up a small cardboard box, commensurate with the size of the dog, which is devoid of any sharp, albeit pleasant smell for you. In one of the short sides of the box, cut the hole. If the box is not placed under the "roof" cover it with a sheet of cardboard. Put a wadded or woollen mattress into the box (foam rubber is not good – his puppy will immediately begin to chew on what is dangerous) and put an old wool jacket (you must always unplug buttons), in which he could bury himself if he gets cold or if he wants it. And, finally, pick up for the first case a few of the most unintelligent toys, so that he does not be sad. It can be small cardboard boxes, an old wool mitten, or even just lumps of thick paper, as long as they rustle.

But the most important thing is to prepare the room itself for the guest. Such training should include cleaning the floor to the height out of reach of the puppy of all electrical, telephone and antenna wires that it can chew. Then, in the future, not to regret the appearance of a puppy in your house, in the selected room for the time being (not forever!), Remove the carpets from the floor. He will almost certainly not let the puddle on the carpet, but he will surely start chewing it off the edge right away. When your pet becomes more mature, it will no longer chew the carpet. In this, you can be sure! But it is not at all possible that the puppy will periodically roll on the carpet, especially if he is longhair, and the carpet is fluffy. What to do with it? Hard to say. In general, relying on age-old experience, we have to state with regret that outside the royal palaces, carpets on the floor and dogs do not fit well with each other, especially if you do not have diligent servants and a super vacuum cleaner. One hope that your dog will remain small in the future!

But carpet problems are a matter of the future, but for now, thoroughly search the back streets of the room, check to see if there are any pills, buttons, fish hooks, or anything just as seductive and dangerous for a puppy. And remember: even when your puppy becomes an adult, any tablet that has fallen on the floor (or even a vitamin tablet) must be found and raised. For dogs, all sorts of pills, especially those with a sweetish coat, are very seductive, and the dose for such a small dog as yours can be fatal. Next, plug all the cracks between the furniture and the floor available for the puppy so that the puppy does not get stuck there, because it is the size, sorry, with a decent little rat, but even more curious. Also, make sure that nothing is left on the floor or above it that the puppy could knock over, dump, pull, pull out and chew.

Another problem – the cat. If a cat already lives in your family, nothing terrible will happen. Cats and dogs usually get along great with each other, and under certain conditions, they are even touchingly friendly. But their first meeting must pass necessarily under your control. However, compliance with the necessary condition is required – your cat (cat) must be a strict homebody, not hanging around the courtyards and basements. Otherwise, it will bring your terrible infection to your puppy, endow it with ear mites or other parasites.

At the entrance to the puppy box on the floor, make sure to lay a large enough piece of some coarse cloth such as burlap (all this is not for a long time!) So that the puppy on the dance floor does not have paws. Over time, his legs will get stronger, and he will run freely, and you will remove this rag. He will gradually gnaw his box. If in the future everything will go the same way as everyone else, and not as it should go according to strict rules, then you will not need another box: after all, the puppy will have to sleep in your bed by this time, you will get used to it, and still you will invite him to yourself! If you have a large family, then be prepared for periodic debates about who the four-legged treasure is now sleeping with. Even though everything begins with order and the strictest discipline, the result is usually one. Whether you like it or not! You will need to be comforted and proud that the ancestors of your treasure for thousands of years were rooted in royal beds.

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And you need to play with a puppy from the very first minutes of its appearance in your home. After all, from now on you are replacing his mother and everything that he managed to learn until now, and now he has to get used to your voice, smell and warmth of palms, which he, in spite of his fur, really needs.

Showing tenderness to a miniature puppy, be still moderate. Let him from the very early childhood actively and on equal rights with you communicate (do not torture!) All members of your family and all your friends. Just let them never wake up a sleeping puppy, and you will not wake him up for the sake of a demonstration to anyone or the next of numerous feedings. The dog regime does not have to be very strict. He wants to eat; he wakes up. Otherwise, you have a chance to grow a neurotic.

If you retain an exclusive monopoly on tenderness with a dog and completely exclude her communication with other people and relatives, then grow a monster who in the future will rush at everyone and selflessly bark, impartially protecting his master from any approaching person or dog. A person (sometimes!) Can stand and laugh, but a serious dog, most likely, will openly and immediately tell your treasure everything that she thinks about it.

" Baptism" of your puppy, depending on the rules of the club from which you take it, can take place in two versions. Either the name is given to choose you arbitrarily to your liking. Either the name is given by the club and can be very tricky – three-story and difficult to pronounce. In the latter case, you have the right to accustom the dog to any name you choose, and its official name will remain only in the papers and will be required only at exhibitions, although their strangers will not be called upon by the original given name.

So, you go for a puppy. Keep in mind that lifting it from the floor, however small it may be, should be avoided by only two hands to avoid injury. One hand needs to support him under the breast, and the other hand – in the ass.

Bringing a puppy to your home is best during the daytime on Saturday, and the sooner, the better, so that you have as much time as possible (optimally, all weekends) for the first time you communicate with him. Remember that the puppy still has an idea only about the fuss with his brothers and sisters and about the security provided by the presence of the mother. A sudden separation from the mother and entry into your home for him means a certain kata stanza and cause frightening experiences. From these unpleasant experiences, you must help him get rid of. Give the puppy the most cordial welcome, treat him to some delicacy, introduce him to the toys, play with him and convince him that he has nothing to fear.

Initially, let the puppy meet only with the room in which he will live. Let him look into every corner and crack. This will give the dog an opportunity, at least in part, to get acquainted with the immediate environment before the ordeal, which will be his first night away from his family. The rest of the apartment he has to learn later, gradually and under your supervision.

If your family has small children, arrange so that they do not disturb the puppy at least in the very first days, and subsequently do not play with it, like with a doll. Larger breed puppies are usually only happy to participate in such games, but yours and his ilk are too small and tender for this. Usually, any healthy puppy is ready to play all the time, but he often needs frequent periods of rest. Playing, the puppy gets tired much faster than the child. Running for only ten minutes for a small puppy may be more than enough, and your child may express no pleasure about the fact that the puppy no longer wants to play with him, and will force him to continue playing. A puppy just tired and should lie down and take a nap. Provide him with such an opportunity and explain to the child that the dog cannot be disturbed.

Preparing A Room And Toys For Small Dogs Inkognito, 10 46

So, you have already decided which breed of super miniature dogs you prefer and from which brood you will take a puppy. But before you introduce a puppy……

The first night of the puppy in the house is usually especially deceased for the family. Enter his position, he is confused and scared, being suddenly cut off from his mother, brothers and sisters. And here comes the first night, when he was all alone. To slightly brighten up this loneliness, taking a puppy, ask the breeder to give you a rag from his brood bed; You put this rag on a new puppy bed in the box in which he will sleep. There it will not be superfluous to put a heating pad wrapped in woollen cloth (or rather a bottle, or a puppy can gnaw a rubber heater) with warm (

40 C) with water and a loudly ticking mechanical alarm clock (to imitate his mother’s heartbeat).

If you have defined a place for a puppy in your room and during the first day you have been busy with the puppy for a long time, it will be calmer, feeling your closeness. If the puppy is left alone in the room, it will whine. Most puppies do not believe that comfort will compensate for their separation from their mother and, as far as they can, protest against a new life in the first few nights. This is normal!

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But gradually everything is normalizing, and you gradually start to think about real puppy toys. After all, they need a lot!

Toys will be needed by your dog throughout her life, not only for entertainment and exercise but also for the achievement of educational and training purposes. After all, dogs have not yet learned to appreciate the TV! But toys for dogs of any age are attractive primarily for their novelty and they get bored very quickly, so they should be numerous and diverse. A set of toys should be constantly updated, although some of them can be very old, at the same time remain desirable. And you, undoubtedly, will notice at a puppy an unwavering love to one toy and unmotivated indifference to others. The reasons for both will remain a mystery to you.

Do not be afraid of the dog’s insatiability on the part of toys, the satisfaction of this puppy’s passion will not ruin you. Toys both at the moment and in the foreseeable future are not required expensive, foreign, proprietary. If you become such to buy, then only for yourself: the dog will not appreciate their beauty and intricacy in your understanding. Dogs usually have their criteria for assessing the quality of toys. It is even impossible to list everything that the puppy is ready to consider as a toy so that it would not be harmful to him and cost you.

As a puppy grows and matures, you will need to continuously replenish the arsenal of his toys for throwing, rolling, nibbling and expanding their range in size, colour, noise and other properties that are significant to the dog.

However, there are some principles for the selection of toys. It is necessary to take into account their functionality and possible harm to the dog.

Toys should be divided into home and street. But only the first should be as diverse as possible. In turn, simply entertaining, often disposable, should sharply prevail among home toys. These toys should “ be able to” jump, roll, slide on the parquet floor with a maximum roar, crunch, squeak, squeak, squeak, crumble, stretch when gnawing, be fluffy and soft as loud as possible. But the noise properties of indoor toys will remain the most important for your treasure forever. Some other, no less important from his point of view, will be added to these properties later, but the roar is first of all!

Preparing A Room And Toys For Small Dogs Inkognito, 10 46

Be prepared for the fact that in the games of your puppy with all these toys you will definitely have to participate as the main noise generator: throw, pick, talk with the puppy. You do not have just to run, growl and yelp. Without your active participation in games, the puppy will be boring. And, bored, he will start doing something criminal.

As noise generators can be used various boxes of milk and other foods, a variety of plastic bottles and bottles. In particular, oval, flattened vials from under shampoos are very convenient for a dog, but they must be completely freed from all the details of complex caps and thoroughly washed. The quality of all such toys from the puppy is impeccable. They roar so seductively with all sorts of evolutions, and so crunch when gnawing! However, you, as an accomplice of games, are required to strictly ensure that the puppy does not swallow the products of its vigorous activity. True, as they grow older, the danger of this will become less and less. But even then, when the dog already becomes “intelligent” you cannot completely trust her – suddenly inspiration will visit her, and she will be carried away! And the danger lies in the fact that currently on the market there are many products from a variety of plastics. Many of them, if swallowed, are harmless to humans and dogs, and others – on the contrary, especially the so-called environmentally-friendly, self-decaying objects. But which one of the things your dog deals within each particular case will remain unknown to you. Therefore, you need always to be vigilant.

The harmfulness of several plastics for dogs is because some of the plasticizers necessarily introduced into these materials are capable of decomposing in the dog’s gastric juice, after which randomly swallowed bits of more or less soft plastic harden and can mechanically damage the intestines. Other types of plastics, especially environmentally friendly ones, in the stomach and intestines of a dog turn into tar-like masses, causing severe and persistent digestive disorders. Therefore, you should be very strict to ensure that your dog never too chewed on no foam rubber, nor bags of thin polyethylene, nor children’s soft toys made of micro-porous rubber-like plastics or faux fur. Puppy games with similar children’s toys are permissible, but within tight limits and only under your strict control.

When your puppy, with pleasure and crunch, nibbles a mass of massive bottles or plasticized cardboard boxes, you shouldn’t let him bite into them very much. Gnawed objects should be immediately thrown away, replaced by new ones, and small remnants and scraps should be swept up immediately. Due to the too hard and long gnawing of the same plastic material, the dog may experience contact dermatitis of the chin and lips. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to alternate between such objects and the materials from which they are made.

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It is relatively safe to swallow cabbage stalks, carrots, products made of good old rubber rubbers, paper, plain cardboard, as well as freshly cut twigs with bark, but not dry plates and chips, especially from coniferous wood. Accidentally swallowed the listed items are neutral for the dog and either expelled from the body naturally or regurgitate, which, in general, should disturb you a little if, of course, not too much of these materials are eaten and if the reason for vomiting is obvious.

Straightforward and tasty toy, but intended only for home games, you can make for a puppy personally. He will surely like such a toy, and for a very long time. It requires only to weave a pigtail of thick ropes and tie it with several knots. The braid will be thicker and more massive (of course, commensurate with the size of your dog), the better. Only the ropes must be hemp or cotton, but not from artificial fibres. At first, this puppy toy will selflessly beat, and in the future, it will be happy to run after it and bring you, and sometimes it will tease you.

Very fascinating for a puppy, and perhaps for both sides, is dragging all sorts of toys or a special belt (rope). But, playing in this way, do not damage your puppy’s teeth. Such games should be discontinued for the period of tooth change. Also, never overtighten the dog too hard, always leave her the opportunity to feel the sweetness of victory. By this, you will save the dog’s teeth, and strengthen its sense of confidence in its power.

In the future, you will need other various tackles for throwing in the room: all kinds of balls of all sizes, including those that have already been in battle (bitten through), syringes, children’s tweeters and sticks. For Terrie and tiny dachshunds, fir cones are delicious, green ones are better (old ones are acceptable, but they can be used only after soaking in water). Chasing such cones on the floor with passion (especially after they dry out and crumble), biting them and snarling, the dogs recall the haunting past of their glorious ancestors.

In addition to toys that have a purely recreational purpose, among puppies’ home toys there should be a certain amount of heavier and harder objects for performing physical exercises and training teeth. The need for such toys will increase dramatically during the period of tooth change. However, all dogs of Oriental breeds, due to the peculiarities of the structure of their jaws, require much fewer toys for gnawing, the main thing for them is noise.

Since you have brought a dog, even such a small one, before throwing any container suitable for throwing and other actions with it in the trash, consider whether it is useful to the puppy and get its opinion. Keep in mind that dogs’ biggest demand is for the largest boxes and plastic bottles. Your treasure will always be nice to feel like a hero!

Sometimes you have to leave the puppy alone for quite a long time. In such cases, some of his favourite toys that are noisy and safe for gnawing should be hung up with laces or elastic bands at the height of 10-40 cm from the floor. Let him have fun. At the same time, the puppy should be left with enough food and water to drink so that it does not start to engage in unwanted searches and research.

It is advisable to select toys for the street, based on the concern for the safety of the dog’s teeth. First, the street toys should not stick sand and earth. Secondly, it is necessary that the dog be easy and comfortable to lift their teeth without touching the ground. These requirements are relatively satisfactory for smooth cuts, new balls (only not fleecy tennis!), Necessarily about punctured for softness, and rubber syringes, and only special wooden dumbbells (purchased or home-made) of a suitable size are good from special dog toys. Ordinary sticks should not be used for games on the street, as well as all sorts of soft children’s toys that are suitable only for home use. Conventional walking sticks are safe to use only for throwing into the water or in the snow.

Preparing A Room And Toys For Small Dogs Inkognito, 10 46

If, however, for street games you still prefer simple sticks, then they should be disposable, with their own hands, with a stock harvested in the forest. I’m not in favour of the dog on a city walk playing not fresh, but picked up on the street with a stick that has already been in use several times, and I don’t see the slightest need to test the dog’s immune system once again, especially in such a flimsy creature as yours . I constantly have to swear with my older bug when she demands that I throw a dirty stick or some other find found on the lawn to her.

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