Puller, Ball And Other Toys For Dogs

Puller, Ball And Other Toys For Dogs

  • strength;
  • multifunctionality;
  • long-playing attraction for the animal.

Favorite toys


  • educational toys for dogs;
  • fun for a pet left alone at home;
  • funny toys for small dogs and their big relatives and much more.

Favorite toy for many dogs – ball, pyramid or bone, which inside has a cavity for placing a treat. A toy filled with snacks will take the pet’s attention for a long time, at the same time developing its intellect and perseverance. To get cookies or pellets of food, the dog will have to work hard, to show ingenuity and perseverance. But all this time she will be busy. For their efforts, the pet will be rewarded, which will gradually wean him from the habit of gnawing forbidden things like furniture legs or your shoes.

Toys for dogs manufactured by Kong can be filled with special treats and self-made toys. There are different recipes invented by pet owners, but you can create your own original recipes for your pet, given his tastes.

In addition to toys filled with delicacies, Kong also has good game items in the assortment that train the attention and reaction of the pet. Balls Kong, like other jumping toys, bounce off the floor or wall in an unpredictable direction. This gives the pet the opportunity to feel like a real hunter, agile and fast.


All toys of this company are made of high quality materials. You can not be afraid of allergies or the manifestation of a strong smell. Environmentally friendly materials withstand chewing for quite a long time, and also contribute to the purification of dog teeth.

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In the company’s assortment there are good toys for both large pets and miniature decorative dogs.


Puller, Ball And Other Toys For Dogs

strength; multifunctionality; long-playing attraction for the animal. Favorite toys Kong educational toys for dogs; fun for a pet left alone at home;……

An animal with a hunting instinct will surely enjoy the toy “Chicken”; a rat toy is intended for dog-rat pins. A delicate and delicate decorative little dogs will surely like soft and cozy Stuffed Toys. They can not only carry in the teeth, but also sleep with them in an embrace, when the owner is engaged in his business.

The dignity of toys from the company Trixie – quality and environmental safety.


What is a puller? This is a ring of special material, or rather, a set of two rings. The second ring serves to switch the pet’s attention from one object to another. You can teach a dog to intercept objects, run after one ring after another.

The material of the puller allows the dog to bite him without injuring the gums or spoiling his teeth. Despite the lightness, the pullers are very durable and withstand heavy loads. In addition, they do not sink in the water, which makes it possible to throw them into the reservoirs so that the dog swims. Puller can throw or roll, the dog in any case it will be interesting to catch him. You can play pulling with this toy.

Bright color does not allow the puller to get lost in the grass or bushes, they are clearly visible on the surface of the water. Using a puller for a walk will allow you in a relatively short time to give your dog a substantial load on all muscles and musculoskeletal system.

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"Fun Egg"

The meaning of the egg that a toy that is properly sized and made of smooth and hard plastic cannot grab with his teeth. The egg slips and jumps in an unpredictable direction all the time. Gambling and energetic dog it can really take hours, until exhaustion. But calmer and more intelligent individuals quickly understand the futility of trying to grab an egg and lose interest in it.

In addition, prolonged fussing in a hard object can lead to wounds and abrasions on the lips. And excessive physical exertion – to injuries and overwork of the dog. In short, this fun is not for everyone.

Toys of own production

Homemade dog toys

And how to make a toy for a dog, if there is no inclination for needlework? It is completely easy. Options – many. For example, you can use to make toys single socks, lost their pair. They just need to weave in one tight harness or braid and tie tight knots.

Another option is to tie in a single sock. ball with squeaker, making solid knots on both sides of the ball. As the toy is tarnished by the teeth, the sock can be replaced with another orphaned one. This fun dog enough for a long time: and you can chew on, and the ball still beeping.

And you can cut a hole in a tight tennis ball and cram it with treats. A medium sized dog will last for several hours.

In order not to suffer neither the character of the pet, nor the objects of the home environment from its destructive behavior, give him plenty of toys. And it is not at all necessary to spend a lot of money on their purchase – you can make quite good-quality replacements yourself.

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