Quality Toys For Dogs

It is not easy to choose a toy that will appeal to your puppy, which he does not want to part with. There are several types of dog toys. Consider some of them: rubber toys – perfectly develop the jaws of dogs. You can play the game "catch and bring" with the pet, because toys made of such material are very durable.

There are also vinyl toys that fit comfortably in the jaws of a dog. Usually inside such a toy there is a squeaker that causes additional interest from your pet.

You can make a soft toy made from sheep wool or from high-quality knitwear. Many dogs like to wear them in their teeth, and keep near them.

There are also toys made of rope, sometimes flavored – they can be used for the development of the teeth and jaws of dogs. With the help of such toys you can play with the animal in the "pulling". Very nice rawhide toys. They well remove plaque on the teeth of dogs, maintaining their purity. Usually they are made in the form of pits and add various fragrances – for the greater interest of the animal. For dogs that love to nibble, hard toys are offered.

Dogs instinctively love to gnaw wood, and therefore toy manufacturers began to produce wooden toys, which are made according to all safety rules. When buying a wooden toy, you need to pay attention to what material the toy is made of. Usually they are made of hard wood: walnut, beech, ash, maple. You can not buy toys made of coniferous tree species, because it contains resin, which will negatively affect the condition of your pet’s coat. You can not buy toys made of soft wood, as the dogs quickly chew it up to slivers and can get hurt by them. To protect the dog, the toy can be sheathed with thick leather or coarse cloth. Dogs love to play with sticks, but one rule must be observed: the stick must be longer than the distance from the dog’s muzzle to the ground. This will allow the animal to not be injured during the game.

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Quality Toys For Dogs

It is not easy to choose a toy that will appeal to your puppy, which he does not want to part with. There are several types of dog toys. Consider some of……

Quality Toys For Dogs

Toys made by your hands will be ideal for your pets. The most primitive toy is a tightly wound material with a straw and fastened with thick threads in the form of a snake. This toy will please your dog.

No less common toy is a ball of different woven cords. If you have accumulated a lot of colored cords, strings and ribbon, then all this can be woven into one ball, leaving small ends on all sides. You can make such a ball and fleece. To do this, you need to take a few fleece flowers, cut strips with a thickness of 10-15 mm and interweave them, knotting them together. If you want a soft toy, then do not tighten the knot too much. Continue making knots along the entire length of the fleece strip you cut. You will have such a bright toy, which can be given a different shape. Here you have to rely on your taste and preferences of your animal. You can make a toy in the form of a heart, bones, snakes.

On the fabric we draw a sketch with a pen or chalk, We make allowances for seams and cut out the blank. Then we cut out the second part of our toy. Sew them together on the wrong side, leaving a small hole to fill the inside of the toy. As a filler, you can use various scraps of fabric, foam rubber, synthetic winterizer, cotton wool. Having turned out our toy, we fill it with a filler and sew up a hole through which our toy was filled.

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What is good toy for the dog, made by hand? – you yourself will be able to make sure that the fabric you use for sewing is natural (linen, cotton), it is safer for your dog. For stuffing it is better to use small cotton rags, which will do less harm than synthetic winterizer or cotton wool, if the pet accidentally swallows them. You can stuff toys and dry rice: the toy will rustle and will cause genuine interest of your pet. Before sewing, you must observe the following prerequisite: wash the material from which your toy will be made so that your smell does not remain.

Quality Toys For Dogs

Such toys can be long loved for your dog. They can be used as an aport, as a subject that can be hidden for a search, it can even be used as a pillow. The lifespan of your toy depends on your pet, but it will pay off with ease of manufacture and very low cost.

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