Rabbit Carry And Strap

Carrying and harness – Mandatory accessories for keeping domestic rabbits. This is the case when the thing is not required all the time, but if there is such a need, you cannot do without it.

Rabbit Carry And Strap

To visit the veterinary clinic, walking in the park or a small trip out of town carrying is needed first. And only when you arrive at your destination, for example, on a calm, shady alley, you can put a harness on your rabbit and put your pet on the ground.

You can not carry a rabbit in the car or on your hands outside a closed, protected space. Even if the pet is completely tame and looks calm and relaxed, a loud, unexpected sound can frighten him, and if he breaks free, he can be seriously hurt.

All types rabbit carrier can be used for various activities – from the usual campaign to nature, to moving to another city or visiting veterinary clinics. In any case, the carrier must meet the basic requirements.


One of the main characteristics of carrying for a rabbit is the presence of a plurality of openings or windows for the inflow of fresh air. This is especially important when transporting in transport on a hot day.


Carriers are often used to transport sick animals, so it is best to give preference to a material that can be easily cleaned and disinfected. In this sense, the plastic rabbit carrier is the best choice.

Easy access

The door or the lid of the carry should allow the rabbit to be easily put inside or removed. Note that a pet may not be able to move actively, for example, in the event of a serious illness or after surgery.

Rabbit Carry And Strap


Carriers for rabbits are made of sturdy plastic, metal mesh, rubberized fabric. Whatever the material, it must be environmentally friendly and strong enough to withstand the rabbit’s teeth.

The door must be strong, close tightly and, which is very important, securely fastened with a latch.

Optimal size

There should be enough space in the carrier so that the rabbit can lie comfortably or sit down. At the same time, it should not be thrown to the sides when moving, and this can happen if the carrying is too spacious.

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Plastic carry for rabbits

Such carriers are usually made of durable plastic with ventilation holes in the walls and the cover. The range of such products is large – different sizes and designs.

It is more practical to carry, the internal space of which is divided horizontally, so that the discharge falls through the lattice bottom into the lower compartment-pallet. Such carrying is easier to clean and disinfect.

Typical plastic carrying

Rabbit Fabric Carriers

The basis of the material of such carriers – durable rubberized fabric. These compact folding light carriers are popular and quite comfortable. They are of various designs, with additional compartments, and even a small detachable paddock, but when buying any of them it is important to make sure of the strength of the material and the availability air vents.

Soft carriers can be successfully used to transport healthy animals over short distances, such as walking in a park or visiting guests. Cleaning and disinfecting such a carry can be a problem, and this is a serious disadvantage.

From left to right, fabric carrying: simple, with a walking, bag

Wire rabbits for rabbits

Available in a variety of sizes, cheap and durable lattice carry usually complemented by a floor mat. In such structures, access inside is through the cover or side door.

Such carriers are reliable and practical, but at the same time the rabbit is open for viewing and feels unprotected. A trip or movement around a city or unfamiliar terrain, with an abundance of frightening sounds and smells, can turn into a real test for a sensitive pet, which is fraught with stress and illness. Therefore, such carriers for rabbits categorically not recommended use.

Lattice carrying

Rabbit Carry And Strap

Cardboard rabbits

If there is an urgent need to bring the pet to the clinic, the lack of carrying should in no case be a reason to postpone the visit. In such a situation, you can successfully use a roomy box of cardboard.

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Handles are made of the two halves of the cover, they make several holes for ventilation, a mat is placed on the bottom, a pet is seated and immediately sent to a doctor. After a single use, such a carrier is discarded.

Cardboard carry

Braid for rabbit

Harness and Leash used for comfortable and safe movement of the rabbit on the ground or in private vehicles. Many lovers are happy to walk their rabbits on a leash, carefully hedge when riding in a car or hold a pet in the waiting room of a veterinary clinic.

The best option is a harness, in which the rabbit feels comfortable and at the same time securely fixed. Such a harness does not dig at the neck when a rabbit tries to escape from danger – the natural behavior of this animal in a critical situation, unlike dogs, which are waiting for the owner’s command. The leash is fastened to the back (not to the neck) with a carbine. For rabbits, such a harness is the optimal choice.

Harnesses are made of durable washable fabric, for summer walks – mesh, different sizes allow you to choose a product suitable for your decorative rabbit. It is quite acceptable to use the range of harnesses for cats or small dogs, the principle of their design is identical.

Rabbit Carry And Strap

In no case do you need to carry an unlearned rabbit to the park and there, in unfamiliar surroundings, for the first time to put a harness on him. In this situation, both the rabbit and its owner will get stressed out instead of having a good time, cheerful communication and healthy exercise.

How to teach a rabbit to harness?

To walk without incident, in the first place, put a harness on the pet in the house – first for a few minutes, then for a longer time. After the pet gets used to the harness, while still in the familiar room, they fasten the leash and literally learn to walk around.

Perhaps, to some owners, these exercises will seem like a waste of time, but, in fact, this is an absolutely necessary training session that will serve you well in a real walk.

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Walking with a leash, you do not need to strongly pull or pull it – such movements will cause a rabbit panic and impetuousness, which leads to inadvertent strangulation and even more fright.

If a rabbit needs to be raised, for example, in case of danger or at the end of a walk, they are approached in a gentle, calm voice and do not pull up on a leash; placed in the carrier.

Rabbit Carry And Strap

On a walk

Rabbits are funny, playful and curious animals, excellent companions for walking and are always welcome to any fun event. But how to understand that the rabbit is experiencing discomfort while walking in the park?

First of all, observe the pet’s behavior – if he looks around with curiosity and inspects the area, then everything is in order. If the rabbit fell to the ground, ears are pressed, bulging eyes – the pet is scary, try to calm him down, sit down next to him and persuade him in a calm, confident voice, repeating the nickname, and stroking.

At the same time, do not forget to look around – the rabbit has an excellent ear and sense of touch, perhaps he sensed danger, for example, the approach of a dog. To avoid such a situation, choose a quiet, deserted place for walking.

Be sure to teach your pet to harness and walks – this will open new horizons of entertainment and recreation for you and for your favorite rabbit. Try our favorite ears – wonderful companions in everything, and especially in an interesting and active holiday!

If you have experience with rabbits and jackets, share your knowledge with budding amateurs, your comments and advice are really important!
Successes and health you and your rabbits!

Rabbit Carry And Strap

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