Removal Of A Dog Abroad, Transportation In An Airplane

Preparing to export a dog abroad is a very laborious process. If you want it to go without problems, and the training was given to you with the least amount of time, effort and nerves, contact specialized organizations.

We help our clients to go through all the necessary formalities and collect documents as soon as possible. Do not endanger yourself when you are at the airport, find out that something important was missed, some document is missing, and as a result, the dog cannot travel with you.

An exemplary list of what needs to be done in preparation for exporting a dog abroad

One. Contact the embassy countries of destination and find out whether it is forbidden to bring in representatives of this breed. In all states there are different lists of breeds and their mestizos prohibited from being imported. If you are interested in exporting a dog to Germany, then when clarifying the rules, name the land to which you plan to go: for each German land there are different lists. Travelers need to find out the rules of each of the countries in transit.

2. Make the necessary vaccinations, treat against parasites and get rid of worms. For export from the territory of the Russian Federation only a vaccination against rabies is needed. Check with the embassy of the country in which you are traveling, what vaccinations are needed for importation. The dog must be vaccinated no later than 30 days before the date of the trip, but not earlier than 11 months.

3. Fill out veterinary passport international sample. It should contain marks about vaccinations and treatment for parasites. It is impossible to vaccinate a dog yourself, non-certified vaccines are not valid. A mark about this procedure must be confirmed by a document from the state veterinary clinic.

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4. If the dog does not Chipped, do this before vaccination is performed. For some countries, this is a matter of principle. Mark about chipping should be in vetpasport and pedigree, if any. The microchip must comply with ISO 11784.

5. Get veterinary certificate (Form number 1) in the state veterinary station. Issue it right before the trip, since it is valid for 3 days. This document is necessary for the presentation of the veterinary control service at the border and its exchange for an international veterinary certificate.

6. At the RKF or SCOR department you will receive permission to temporarily export a dog abroad. Here, take certificate of lack of breeding value, it may also be required.

7. At the entrance to some countries need veterinary book of international standard. Specify the rules of entry into the country of your destination. Make sure that the veterinary book is properly filled. Those who wish to show their dog at an international exhibition abroad, this document is necessary. It contains all the information about the animal and its owner.

Transportation of dogs in Russia

To transport a dog on the territory of Russia is required veterinary passport and veterinary certificate (Form number 1). Also animal need to chip, A note about this should be in the vetpasport.

Transportation of dogs in the plane

Removal Of A Dog Abroad, Transportation In An Airplane

Increasingly, people who go on vacation or for a long stay abroad prefer to travel by plane. But what to do with your favorite dog? Can a man’s best friend fly with his master?

Many airlines offer the possibility of transporting dogs. Some of them are allowed to take the animal to the salon, accompanied by the owner. But the weight of the pet in this case should not exceed 10 kg (specify the requirements of the selected airline). During the entire flight in the cabin, the dog, as a rule, is required to be kept in a special cage for transportation, the size of which should not be larger than the maximum allowable amount of a given hand carrier. This is approximately 55x40x20cm. Do not forget to bring replaceable bedding.

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Some carriers take animals on board only with accommodation in the luggage compartment. During the flight, they must be in shipping boxes. The maximum dog weight is practically unlimited. Carriage in the luggage compartment is suitable for large breeds. Other dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and birds can be neighbors of your pet.

It is important to reserve a place for a pet in advance, as the number of animals taken on board is limited!

The prospect of transporting a dog in an airplane for many owners who are faced with this for the first time is a matter of great concern. For long flights, we recommend choosing a night flight. From experience we can say that the flight is given to animals quite easily. Much harder they tolerate separation from the owner. It is necessary to teach the dog to stay at home alone.

You also need to accustom the dog to the cage. Make sure that staying in her brings her positive emotions, this will minimize the stress in flight. If you think that it is necessary to make sure that your pet perceives the shipping box as his own home and shelter, he himself gladly climbed into it, contact the trainer for help. The specialist will also help you to teach the dog to noise and sharp sounds.

Holidays with a dog

Removal Of A Dog Abroad, Transportation In An Airplane

What could be more pleasant than a joint outdoor recreation or even on the beach? On the territory of Russia, as well as in other countries, there are a lot of proposals for hotels, which provide accommodation with animals.

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Before planning your vacation, take time to study the climate of the region you are going to go to. Pay attention to the conditions so that they are suitable not only for you, but also for your four-legged friend. Then nothing will prevent to spend unforgettable and happy days together!

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