Rugs For Dogs In The Carrier

Rugs For Dogs In The Carrier

Transporting a dog is always stressful for the animal. To make the pet feel as comfortable as possible during the trip, choose comfortable bedding for carrying – soft and cozy accessories for dog-luggage and cages.

Choose size and shape

The mats for dogs in the carrier serve as an additional reinforcement and compaction of the bottom of the bag, therefore their choice depends on the model of the carrier itself.

  • The most popular type is a flat rectangle. But there are also oval and round variants.
  • The size should be commensurate with the size of the dog – a small product will fit a compact product, and medium and large dogs should choose a more spacious version.

Lightweight bedding – a simple and practical solution.

Thin, but strong carriers in the carrier – this is a practical multifunctional accessory that is useful to every dog ​​lover.

  • On sale are bilateral models of colorful flowers.
  • The litter compactly folds or folds into a tube, does not take up much space during storage and easily fits into a bag.
  • The carrying mat can also be used at home or in the car – it will protect furniture or car seats from wool and dirty paws.
  • Keeping such dog accessories clean is very simple – they can be washed in a conventional washing machine at low temperatures.

Dense mattresses – extra softness and comfort

In addition to thin bedding during the transportation of animals used beds and mattresses. They can be either as an addition to dog carriers or as a complete accessory for a pet at home.

  • The bed-carrier has a filling of foam rubber, padding polyester, modern synthetic fillers. Top cover is a textile cover made of plush, cotton and other fabrics. And the strength of the product provides a rigid edging on the sides.
  • When sewing textile using bright colors – this accessory is not only convenient, but also attractive in appearance.
  • In dog houses, the bedding carrier serves as a place to sleep.
  • A variety of sizes allows you to choose a suitable mattress for representatives of small breeds and for large dogs.
Rugs For Dogs In The Carrier

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