Rules For The Transport Of Dogs Abroad

Carriage of dogs abroad is a process that is not simple and can cause a lot of problems and experiences, both in the owner and in his pet. As for the types of transport that are available for this purpose, it is for the most part an airplane, a car, a bus, a train, and others.

However, if we talk about comfort, then traveling with your own car with your pet is more comfortable, because unlike air transport, where the dog must be in tight carrying, the dog can accommodate in the car as it is convenient and demand a stop when it wants.

Transportation of pets abroad

In order to transport a pet outside the country, it is necessary to take care that it is chipped or branded. This can be done in a veterinary clinic, after which all data is entered into the veterinary passport of the animal.

The dog must have all the vaccinations, as well as be treated for worms. All this information should also be noted in the passport.

What is very important to note is that all vaccinations must be made before the pet chip, This is one of the main conditions for the importation of a pet into the territory of the European Union.

After all appropriate measures have been taken, special attention should be paid to such an action as transportation, as provided by law.

Basic documentation

In order for the animal to accompany you during your visit to another country, it is necessary to take care of the availability of all necessary documents and permits. Thus, the most basic list of these securities is as follows:

  • International passport. This document contains all the necessary information about the pet, its owner, the stamp number, as well as the serial numbers of the vaccines that were made to the animal. This paper must be secured with the personal signature of the veterinarian and the seal of the state clinic.
  • Veterinary certificate prescribed by law №1. In order for a pet to travel with you outside the country, all documents should be issued exclusively in state institutions. Only such documentation is valid when exporting a dog. Thus, in order to issue this certificate, it is necessary to have a properly issued veterinary passport, as well as the pet itself. It is also very important to take into account the fact that all vaccinations should be made no later than one month before all travel documents are issued. The customs certificate is not issued immediately, but it should be foreseen that it must be received no later than five days before the dog is taken out of the country.
  • In the event that your puppy will travel to EU countries, you should take care to arrange for it an international certificate of form 5a. However, here upon receipt it is worthwhile to simply exchange the already existing certificate No. 1 for this document. In the event that you travel by plane, you can provide this document directly at the airport while passing through the control.
  • The dog must have a veterinarian’s opinion that there are currently no outbreaks and quarantines in the territory where the dog lives. For example, rabies is considered such a dangerous disease.
Rules For The Transport Of Dogs Abroad

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Thus, the transportation of different sizes of dogs in an airplane or car abroad requires mandatory documentation, which is established by international rules.

Accompanying a pet across the border of the European Union

In order to overcome the border point of the European Union together with the pet, it is necessary to pre-arrange all the above documents and then this process will not be particularly difficult.

Rules For The Transport Of Dogs Abroad

In the event that you have everything in order with the documentation, you can safely go through the green corridor, designed for transporting animals. There, the inspector will examine the animal, take an interest in the chip and all the accompanying papers, after which he will issue you a permit for exporting the dog, having previously recorded permission in his journal.

During the transport of the pet, it must be wearing a collar and leash, which is simply a prerequisite.

You should also make sure that your dog doesn’t jump out to meet border guard dogs when crossing the border, as this may cause an ambiguous situation.

What must be considered in order to effectively take the dog to the limits of the Russian Federation

Before you start processing the proper documents, you should get acquainted with all the necessary information on the official website of the veterinary and phytosanitary control of the Russian Federation. You must carefully read all the information so that the transportation of the correct dogs from abroad also does not pose any problems.

An animal cannot stay on the territory of another country for more than ninety days without re-passing the examination and de-worming. This period is established by the state phytosanitary control service and is mandatory for breeders who cross the border with their pets.

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Also, when leaving the other state, it is necessary to put a stamp at the vet, indicating that where the dog was there are no outbreaks of infectious diseases and epidemics. The cost of such a document in each country is set individually.

Traveling with a pet car

In addition, it is necessary to issue all the appropriate certificates and permits for transporting the pet out of the country, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the state culture, as well as to make a map of hotels where accommodation with four-legged friends is allowed.

Thus, today a large number of Internet services are presented that search for adequate housing in the territory of a particular country. Thanks to this service, you can easily find and book a room in the hotel where dogs are allowed.

It is also very important to take into account the fact that some hotels accept only small animals, while others are ready to accommodate large breeds of dogs. Therefore, in order to avoid ambiguous situations, it is necessary to discuss this issue in advance when booking a room with a hotel representative.

Once you have settled in the hotel, you should not leave the animal for a long time alone in a room unattended. This is due to the fact that when cleaning the maid may accidentally release the dog and then it will be very difficult to find. The best option is to leave the dog in the room after the cleaning is done.

A pet, like any other traveler, needs his own baggage. Collecting his suitcase is to provide absorbent diapers, in case the animal is trained. In addition, it is necessary to clearly calculate the amount of feed that your pet will need for the entire duration of the trip. It is also very important that the dog has constant access to drinking water.

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In order that the pet did not feel discomfort during the night in an unusual new place, it would be good to grab its usual bedding or bed.

In order to avoid losing the dog, it is necessary to attach a special capsule on his collar, which contains all the contact information of the pet’s owner.

To keep your pet from getting hurt or hurt when moving, you need to place it in the back seat and, if possible, fasten it with a seat belt. It is also worth considering that it is not necessary to fully open the windows of the car in the process of driving. This is due to the fact that the pet can stick its head out of the window, and the stones that fly away from the wheels of other cars can injure the dog or be fatal.

Also, under no circumstances should the dog stay in the car itself, where the windows are completely closed. This is especially true of the summer season. Heat, even after a short period of time can adversely affect the health of the dog.

In the event that the pet was frightened by an unfamiliar environment and got stressed, you should not walk it without a leash. This is because the dog can jump on the road and get under the wheels of the car.

Based on all the above, we can conclude that traveling with a four-legged friend, although it has many nuances, is a very pleasant and exciting process. Therefore, with all the necessary documents and permits, your trip will be remembered for a long time and will cause only positive emotions.

However, so that the rest does not darken, it is necessary to ensure in time that the animal receives all the necessary vaccinations in a timely manner, as well as that they are recorded in an international sanitary document that allows taking the dog out of the country.

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