Rules For Transporting Dogs On The Plane

Rules For Transporting Dogs On The Plane
Rules For Transporting Dogs On The Plane

Rules For Transporting Dogs On The Plane
Rules For Transporting Dogs On The Plane

The question of transporting a dog on a train or on an airplane always raises many doubts and nerves. It’s not even how you will carry out the flight of your pet, but how the dog will react to the flight. In addition to the fact that for the airline company it is necessary to prepare certain documents, the dog itself, also, it is necessary to set it up for further travel. So, here are the rules for transporting dogs in an airplane.

How to carry a dog on the plane

First of all, I want to say that if the plane transports animals, then it must have a well-heated compartment for that, but often such compartments are not heated, or there may be gaps in them. Companies load such compartments with luggage, and therefore no one pays proper attention to its covering. A dog can be both cold and hot. In order to prevent such a situation, it is best to drive up to the airport in advance and “proterrarizirovat” a representative of aeroline about due attention to your pet.

As for the documents, it will be enough to present the pet passport with mandatory vaccinations to the airline company. In most cases, only a rabies vaccination is sufficient. Problems may arise if you do not have this passport, if there is no record and seal of the veterinarian about this vaccine, or if it was done more than 8 months ago.

In addition to documents, it is worth preparing your animal both physically and morally. Before you take the dog on the plane, it is worth preparing the animal for a long flight.

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Since dogs are more sensitive to changes in atmospheric pressure, they can begin a real tantrum. Be sure to teach the dog to boxing, because in the plane he will be in it for a long time.

Just put your favorite pet treat in the box, and when he goes there, close the box for 5 minutes. While the dog will be happy to gnaw his treat, he will not even notice the limited space, you just need to increase the time span in the box all the time.

7 hours before departure do not feed the dog, and do not water it for 3 hours. If the animal has stress, it will be bad, and there is the likelihood of gagging. If you find out at the airport that the compartment is hot, you can give the dog a couple of sips, but no more.

It is best to walk your dog before leaving. Not only so that he went to the toilet, but also so that he was tired of physical exertion, then half the way, and maybe the whole way, he would sleep.

When buying a box, pay attention to the tightness of the door snapping, because the dog may make attempts to get out of the box all the way, and the flimsy latches will break, allowing the box to open.

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