Teach Your Dog To Bring A Stick In 3 Easy Steps.

Most puppies and adult dogs, this is something between a master of destruction and an ideal service animal, in which direction the scales lean, depends on the owner. Adequate perception of the world, obedience and mental health of a dog directly depend on the quality of walks. One of the ways to diversify walks and increase the physical load of a pet is to carry abandoned objects, the Aport team. Behind the game form of execution there is a serious logical chain that teaches the pet a number of skills. There are several techniques for teaching a dog how to bring a stick, if you’re interested – see the details below!

Teach Your Dog To Bring A Stick In 3 Easy Steps.

Many people shake their heads with sympathy and fear, listening to another “fable” about the killer dog, but only a few people wonder whether that unfortunate dog lived on a chain or in a permanently closed aviary, whether the pet walked on the street, or played with him . So, the more you actively play with your pet, the more balanced, more adequate and self-sufficient his character.

Team "Aport" – a game or service

Immediately make a reservation, the team is not included in the list of mandatory – to learn or not, it’s up to you. If your pet will be busy in search, rescue and other types of work – be sure to teach! (included in the regulations) When executing a command, the dog must find, bring and give to the owner an abandoned object. There are a number of breeds that do not perform “useless” commands – “If you need a stick, you don’t need to throw it,” they think. However, puppies walking in the company of "relatives" will never refuse to frolic with a stick or a ball. Teaching a puppy to the team "Aport", you are engaged in a diversified development of dog skills, namely:

  • Search and orientation on the terrain – to find an abandoned object, the dog needs to use sight and smell.
  • Building logical connections is the host team and a certain action has a positive effect.
  • Learning excerpt, the team "Aport" in conjunction with the "Place" – the dog runs for a stick only with the permission of the owner.
  • Control of emotions – no matter how fascinating the game is, the stick must be returned to the owner.
  • The ability to build relationships, dominate, obey – group games of puppies with a stick are always accompanied by a roar, barking and fumbling. In the future, the ability to defend themselves or to give in on time will save the pet from unnecessary conflicts.
  • Not really a skill, but an important aspect is the full physical development and maximum quality of the walk.
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Teach Your Dog To Bring A Stick In 3 Easy Steps.

Teach Your Dog To Bring A Stick In 3 Easy Steps.

Most puppies and adult dogs, this is something between a master of destruction and an ideal service animal, in which direction the scales lean, depends……

Note! Owners of many active puppies who show emotion and aggression are recommended to tie the pet’s attention to an aportable subject. In the future, an adult dog experiencing nervous overexcitement, but not receiving the command to attack, will gnaw a stick or a ball, and not the hand or paw of a hypothetical offender.

We teach a dog to the team "Aport"

The easiest way to teach a dog to bring a stick is to take advantage of age-related weakness – changing teeth and itching gums, that is, starting classes at the age of 3.5–4 months. In fact, training can be started sooner or later, as long as the dog likes it. Regulatory, the command is as follows:

  • The dog sits at the left leg of the trainer.
  • The trainer throws an aportable object, the dog does not move.
  • The trainer gives the command "Aport", the dog runs behind the stick.
  • Further, without commands and gestures, the animal picks up a stick and returns to the starting position, bypassing the trainer behind his back.
  • The stick is given to the coach or falls to the ground on command.

Teach Your Dog To Bring A Stick In 3 Easy Steps.

Bored and a little like fun, is not it? The training option is viable; for those employed in the service, using a stick as a toy does not require such rigor. In everyday life, the dog must be able to: go on a search for an abandoned object on command, pick up, bring and give the stick or ball to the owner, perform the action on the leash and without it. Consider in blocks how to teach a dog a command to bring a stick.

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Stage # 1 – teach your pet to look for a stick

The easiest stage, which is under the force and monthly puppy. All you need is an aportable item that pleases the dog and a good mood.

  • In the street, working on a leash.
  • Tease your pet, but do not let grab a stick with his teeth.
  • We throw an aport close to the feet, up to 2 meters.
  • If the pet ran after the stick himself – well. If necessary, playing, we pull up the baby for a leash and run to the aport together.
  • We provoke a dog to pick up a stick or wait until it does it itself and give the command "Aport!".

At the first stage of exercise, the dog must understand that the word “Aport” and the action “grab a piece that can be chewed” is one and the same.

Stage 2 and 3 – learn to bring and give aportirovochny subject

Two stages are merged into one for a reason. You only need to work as a complex, otherwise, you risk to teach your pet to grab a stick and run away from you, provoking the game of catch-up. We work on the street, the dog is fastened to the leash. If you are comfortable, change the leash to a long thin rope – and the dog is on a leash, and you can throw the stick further.

  • The starting position at the foot, face to face, from the position occupied by the “Place” command.
  • We throw a stick and give the command "Aport!". Decide initially whether the dog should remain in place until the voice command or can immediately run after the abandoned object.
  • As soon as the pet picked up a stick from the ground, begin to tighten the leash. Do not use the "To me" command.
  • If desired, we sit the dog on the left foot or in front of you and grab the stick with your free hand.
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Be careful! Played pet can pull the stick out of your hands and start running, do not give in to provocations, do not give the command "To me", act only with a leash.

The most difficult part of the command is that the dog must give up an aport, and the “Fu” command cannot be used! The two most effective ones to achieve the return of an aport are:

  • Use a treat as a stick exchange. Not all pets will consider the exchange equivalent and will give the "subject of dispute."
  • Hold the stick firmly and slightly raise the dog’s face. Use your other hand to lightly pat the chin (lower jaw). The manipulation brings discomfort to the pet and he throws the stick.

Happened? Praise, stroke, reward and continue to play!

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