Team Aport!

With the help of the command "Aport!" The owner can force the dog to bring him one or another object. Usually, an aporting is necessary for those dogs that are planned to be used to search the area or for other special purposes.

How to train a dog team "Aport!"

It is best to start training a dog at the age of 5-6 months. During this period, puppies are ready to train the team "Aport!". It is worth noting that up to 6 months, the puppy can be presented as a fun game – in this case it is recommended to use different sticks or toys. The training can serve to teach the puppy to carry objects in the mouth, as well as provoking him to run for toys.
Train your pet to this team only when he is already well performing the commands "Sit!" And "Ko me!". And remember, the dog must choose to do the sorting itself, otherwise you will not get anything useful from the training.

Instructions for training dogs team "Aport!"

  1. Plant the dog near your left foot, commanding "Sit!". Take a special item in your hand. In most cases, a stick of sufficient thickness is used for aporting.
  2. At first, the dog must be trained on a long leash until it gets used to the execution of the command. Show the dog a stick or other object that you are going to throw. Then bring it to her face, but she should not take an aportizing object into her mouth. Throw the stick 3-4 meters forward, while the dog should remain near your foot.
  3. Wait a few seconds – this will help train the shutter speed. Then point your hand forward and command “Aport!”. Lead the dog so that the dog can freely reach the desired object.
  4. When the dog takes a stick or a toy with his teeth, say “Aport!” Again and gently pull the leash over so that she understands that she needs to return. Show your pet that he must go around you and sit down again near your left foot. It is important to note that all this time the dog must keep the object in its mouth. Aportirovaniya can be taken away from a dog in exchange for a small delicacy.
  5. Acting gradually, you must ensure that the dog returns to you itself, without your help. Be sure to praise her if everything works out right. One approach should include no more than three executions of this command.
  6. When the dog is already well remember the team, you can begin to train it without a leash. In addition, it is necessary to gradually increase not only the exposure time near the foot, but also the distance that you throw an aport.
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Team Aport!

With the help of the command Aport! The owner can force the dog to bring him one or another object. Usually, an aporting is necessary for those dogs that……

Problems in teaching the team "Aport!"

If you do not have time to give a command, but the dog has already moved to run after the object, pull it slightly by the leash and sit it in place. Only after the pet calms down, again command "Aport!".
When the dog brings you an object, but does not want to give it away, in no case do not pull it out of its mouth. You need to wait until she voluntarily gives it to you (re-command “Give!”). You can also exchange a stick for a treat. Do not forget to praise the dog when it gives you the item. It also happens that the dog does not want to take into his mouth an aportirovochny object. Most likely, the problem will be successfully resolved when you change the projectile.

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