The Rope And Other Favorite Toys Of Your Dog

Dogs are nice because they can always find entertainment to their liking. We emphasize – to your liking. Not always the tastes of the pet and its owner are the same! However, the game "bring" refers to one of the favorite dog fun. Dogs often carry something in their mouth – also a kind of entertainment. A piece of strong rope with knots? The same rope? Notice how the four-legged friends selflessly torment him? Let’s try to understand – where do dogs get their love for ropes, cables and other “grasping-pulling” toys. A word to colleagues from the UK!

A riot of warlike instincts. Let’s start with common truths. Let’s list three favorite canine entertainment. Only three verbs: "dig", "chew" and "chase (camping)." Right? And now let us pay attention to how dogs play with a rope. Yes, they use all their skills! Draw, growling, throw into the air, grab by mouth, drag from place to place and pull again. Nothing like?

This is how dogs get their food in the wild. They catch prey, immobilize, forcefully close their jaws, kill them, and – further, depending on the situation. You can eat here, you can pull to a safe place. In this regard, the rope can be compared with the famous toy with a built-in squeaker. With the help of these usually hunt hunting dogs that literally go crazy trying to find and neutralize the squeaking. The rope helps dogs realize natural instincts. The dog lets off steam, hones his hunting skills and all this, we note, without prejudice to nature.

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Games with other dogs. Here priorities are shared. There are dogs, "owners" who are not used to sharing with anyone. Rope for them is a favorite “personal” entertainment. But many dogs are not averse to playing tug-of-war – a game that requires the presence of at least two participants.

What’s better? Not bad, if your dog loves the rope. Well, if he is not greedy and enjoys playing with other animals. Often, when you come to a dog’s playground, you can find a friendly "bunch of little ones." No one is in conflict – the whole “mob” plays with one ball, which they are trying to get hold of. The game of tug of war refers to exactly the same type of game. It’s funny to watch how assorted dogs try to approach the rope, grab from the ends, by the knots or the middle.

The Rope And Other Favorite Toys Of Your Dog

Dogs are nice because they can always find entertainment to their liking. We emphasize – to your liking. Not always the tastes of the pet and its owner……

In the wild, dogs are usually competitors. Attempts to "snatch", "snatch" and "press" are quite natural. The game is interactive, the number of participants is unlimited. The dogs before your eyes turn into a "pack." Hierarchical relationships are established almost instantly. Among other things, dogs communicate, actively contact with each other. Watching the game, you will learn a lot about your pet, understand the true limits of its capabilities. Finally, find out what can and should be demanded of him and what is not.

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The game of tug of war and people. Should I play this game with dogs myself? Yes, they will support this initiative! The game, no doubt, will benefit all. The relationship between the owner and the pet will be strengthened – this time. During the game you can learn a lot from your dog – that’s two. For example, time to stop or retreat on command. This skill is worth a lot! Finally, rope pulling is an excellent physical exercise. And just fun for both of you.

The Rope And Other Favorite Toys Of Your Dog

Potential problems. Without a fly in the ointment, alas, can not do. And the rope as a toy, we recommend not all animals.

So, we definitely do not recommend such toys and games to dogs prone to dominant behavior, stubborn and wayward pets. The fact is that as a result of such games, their negative qualities gain additional development, and in the future it becomes difficult to work with a dog. In this case, we do not recommend including yourself into the game – in fact, it will turn into a battle for dominance.

Extremely caution advised to play with the workers, as well as hunting dogs. It all depends on the tasks that will have to perform a hunting dog. Remember that we talked about "time to stop"? Note – the line is very thin. At the slightest mistake of the owner, the dog will absorb negative behaviors, and a bad helper will come out of it. Often dogs are confused and cannot distinguish the game from the “combat situation”. that is, hunting.

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In conclusion of the article a few words about security. Be careful and careful when playing with ropes, ropes and cables. Do not pull with force: remember, it is so easy to break the dog’s jaws or damage the muscles of the neck.

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