The Size Of The Container For Transporting The Animal In The Plane

If the owners have the need to take your pet on the flight, it should be properly prepared. The main rule concerns "tare" for transportation. According to the requirements of the airlines, special containers or properly equipped cells should be used to transport animals to the aircraft.

Can I take a pet in the cabin

You can take a cage into the cabin only if its weight with a pet does not exceed 8 kilograms. That is, only small animals can travel with the owner in the cabin.

In this case, even a miniature dog will not be able to carry on his hands or in an open carrying. No one will allow passengers to navigate through the cabin with animals or birds, not closed in cages, and create a mess.

A large animal in any case will have to pass in the luggage compartment. But do not worry! The airline staff will make sure that the pet is as comfortable as possible on the plane.

The Size Of The Container For Transporting The Animal In The Plane

What should be the container for transporting animals in the cabin

It does not matter whether the animal is transported in the cabin or in the luggage compartment, the size of the container must comply with the standards adopted in air travel. For the carriage for a four-legged friend without stress, he must be able to stand up, turn around freely and lie in his carry.

If you need to translate several puppies or kittens, they can be placed in one cage (but no more than three pieces!). In order for an animal to feel comfortable, its head and ears must not touch the carrying ceiling. Compliance with the size of the cell standard can be checked according to the table:

  • If the pet weighs up to 6 kg, it will fit a container with the parameters 48x32x31 cm;
  • Up to 8 kg – 55x36x35;
  • Up to 12 kg – 61x40x38;
  • Up to 18 kg – 71x51x50;
  • Up to 30 kg – 81x61x60;
  • Up to 40 kg – 92x64x66;
  • Up to 50 kg – 102x72x76.
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It is important not only the requirement for the size of the containers. The materials from which it is made, must also meet the standards. You can transport pets in plastic, wooden or steel tanks with side ventilation holes.

Doors, grilles and latches must be metal and securely locked (but without code and key locks!). Regardless of how long the plane is in the air, the beast needs food and water. Drinkers and feeders should be well secured and accessible from the outside of the container.

Prohibited items

In the cage to the cat, dog and other animals can not be put:

  • Thick blankets;
  • Toxic and flammable litter (hay, sawdust, etc.);
  • Medicines;
  • Toys
The Size Of The Container For Transporting The Animal In The Plane

Since all airlines are engaged in the transportation of pets, these rules apply everywhere. Fulfilling them, you can comfortably transport the animal on a plane to any part of the world.

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