Toy Dog ​​Do It Yourself – Patterns

We decided to surprise and please our acquaintances with a hand-made article in the form of a four-legged friend, done independently, then our article will help to cope with this task. In the text you will find tips on how to make a toy dog ​​made with your own hands, look natural, and be very similar to the desired breed.

Consider the various techniques of implementation and possible materials for the harmonious performance.

Variety of choices

Handmade products are amazing – a cotton pillow-animal, Christmas tree pet, whistle-dog, puppy-tack – this is a small part of the possible crafts.

There are many techniques for making fun. Consider the main areas:


This type of toy release originated in Japan. It consists in the skill of knitting funny items on knitting needles or using a hook. Weaving is used in a simple way, in a spiral, tight enough, without any gaps.

Produced with the help of this technique cute dolls, funny animals. A distinctive feature of amigurumi in the manufacture of soft pets is a rather large head and small limbs. Tying a funny dog ​​is not so easy, but the result is worth it.


We watched on the Internet a video lesson of fun made with the help of this technique, and I also wanted to get such a pet, not surprising. Felting is characterized by the creation of wool toys for felting. There are two types:

  • dry felting (a special needle is used in the process, which pierces the material, thereby connecting parts of the product).
  • wet (with the help of a soap solution, which is moistened with a woolen ball, in friction forming the desired parts of the toy).
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Felted pet is surprisingly similar to the prototype of a dog. This technique allows you to accurately reproduce the details of the animal. Such pets will delight children, amuse dogs, look great in cars.

A Christmas tree will become unique if you hang a self-made dog, made in this technique, on it.


Weaving methods quite a lot, namely:

Types of loops in the manufacture of knitted products:


When creating self-made fun, you can use a sewing machine, which will speed up the process, or create a unique toy by hand with thread stitches.

One of the directions of this technique is embroidery, which will give a unique thing. Colored thread will add brightness to your pet.

Clay products

Works from faience arose before our era. Dolls, animals, figurines still delight and decorate the interior of the house. Famous representatives of this species is the Dymkovo method.

Toy Dog ​​Do It Yourself – Patterns

We decided to surprise and please our acquaintances with a hand-made article in the form of a four-legged friend, done independently, then our article……

Toy Dog ​​Do It Yourself - Patterns

The old technique, which appeared in the XV century near the modern city of Kirov, is distinguished by the combination of the process of modeling and painting.

Dymkovo horse, dog, duck, sheep are striking in their originality and uniqueness. Whistles are made from local bright red clay mixed with fine river sand.


Funny paper pets will amuse the gift-holder. The Japanese method does not require scissors and glue. Perfectly develops finger motor skills.

Crafts from salt dough

Christmas toy on the Christmas tree in the form of a dog made from a flour mixture will be a wonderful decoration of the green beauty. Often interactive dough is produced from the test.

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Attic toys

These products are so called because of the brown color. The technique is distinguished by a special method of aging the fabric from which the item is made.

Toy Dog ​​Do It Yourself - Patterns

Unusual solution

Sewing a funny toy dog ​​is not an easy process, you will need to be patient and skillful. There are many photos and workshops for beginners on the Internet with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to make funny little dogs.

For example, blogger Anna Magic has many lessons on the skill of creating toys for four-legged friends. It is possible to find instructive videos on the Internet, how a wonderful fleece dachshund or a merry feckled pekingese masterfully stitched together.

The first thing you need to do is decide what material the pet will be stitched from. Basic fabrics for making fun:

Used for finishing – leather, tape, felt, rope, oilcloth. The nose and eyes are reproduced from the stylish accessories, and also use buttons and beads.

The pet will be filled with foam rubber, sintepon, cotton wool, holofiber. For the base you may need a cardboard, a template, a template, a drawing, a drawing of a desired animal.

Consider a step-by-step felting scheme of the Yorkshire Terrier:

  1. Prepare a fleece of several colors that you want to translate into a pet. Usually 5 types are used – black, light and dark-red, gray-haired, gray.
  2. Two needles size 38.36, foam sponge and felting mat.
  3. Twist the little dog figure.
  4. Stick wool 10 cm long on the paws. Starting from the bottom, push the material in a circle, 1 centimeter away. After attaching, lower the wool.
  5. Complete the mane with black coloring.
  6. On the chest is required to roll the fur from top to bottom.
  7. On the sides it is necessary to apply the material from the bottom up, it will turn out 2-3 rows.
  8. Spine fur over the entire length of the ridge.
  9. We process the head starting from the chin and ending with the neck.
  10. Around the mouth, nose, pupils required to pile hairs longer.
  11. We attach the eyes, the scent.
  12. For originality, grab curls on your head with a bright bow.
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Regardless of what technique you decide to make your pet, for certain, the owner of such a gift will be pleasantly excited and happy, because the dog created with his own hands is unique and carries warmth and sincerity.

And if you decide to have fun at a children’s holiday, having arranged a competition for the production of cute dogs, in this case the process will be not only fun, but also useful.

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