Toy Dog ​​In The Carrier

Dog in the city. known irritant. Despite the ridiculous amount of harm done by dogs, the public degree of discontent is very high.

Any deputy will speak with a “dog” initiative, or the fact that someone has bitten a dog’s bite digs up and is ready. will discuss the "dogmakers" and throw mud at their defenders, without being distracted by other news.

Dogs. a good reason for a citizen to throw out all the accumulated negativity, because, for once, he is right and can call someone to account, to protect his rights, which is another place has pinned him.

That is, on both sides, not settling the “dog” the issue is beneficial, only “ dog lovers” suffer, forced to listen to tons of shit from others for no reason whatsoever.

At the same time, dogs are such an insignificant element of city risks that lawmakers do not even want to get involved with it, the rules for keeping dogs from the federal level are left to the local authorities, the law in the Duma has been gathering dust for years, and it will not be passed. there are a lot of resource-intensive things and a huge corruption component.

If dogs represented a danger to the population, then the laws would quickly be passed, and order in this area imposed. For example, a car. it is a real danger. Therefore traffic rules have been created; service has been created that monitors the implementation of these rules and penalties for violations have been developed. Or a weapon.

And since the rules should concern not only “ dog lovers” but also other citizens who are in public places (by analogy motorists-pedestrians), then add them with two points:

– if you see a dog that inspires fear in you or there are doubts about its control of a walker. bypass her, miss, wait for her to leave, but by no means run, no


CHI CHI LOVE Plush stuffed toy Dog Chihuahua clockwork. plush dog CHI CHI LOVE Chihuahua with a clockwork. If you start a dog with a smart key, it starts walking. The dog is white and brown. Delivered in stock. Included: cute scarfDog size (cm): 13

Toy Dog ​​In The Carrier

CHI CHI LOVE Interactive plush soft toy Puppy West Highland Terrier. Interactive plush dog CHI CHI LOVE is controlled by the control panel, made in the form of a leash. Upon commands from the control panel, the dog can walk and bark. Dog size (cm): 20

CHI CHI LOVE Plush Stuffed Toy Poodle. plush dog CHI CHI LOVE Poodle with flexible legs. Included: carrying bag. Dog size (cm): 15

CHI CHI LOVE A plush toy Chihuahua with a scarf. Plush doggy CHI CHI LOVE Chihuahua with flexible legs. Included: a handbag for dogs. Dog size (cm): 14

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CHI CHI LOVE Interactive plush soft toy Chihuahua Dog. Interactive plush dog CHI CHI LOVE Chihuahua controlled by remote control, made in the form of a leash. On commands from the remote control, the dog can walk and bark. Dog size (cm): 13

Game set mini dog Chi Chi Love with interchangeable accessories in stock. The game set includes one dog, Chi Chi Love and interchangeable accessories for it. Dog size (cm): 6 Packing size (cm): 22 x 16 x 5

CHI CHI LOVE Plush stuffed toy Dog Pomeranian. plush dog CHI CHI LOVE Pomeranian spitz-dog with flexible legs. The set includes a red dress and a stylish handbag for carrying a dog. Dog size (cm): 20

CHI CHI LOVE Plush soft toy Chihuahua dog in a down jacket with skis. plush dog CHI CHI LOVE Chihuahua with flexible legs. Included

Everything about pets – feeding, treatment, care

What documents are needed for a dog?

We live in the civilized world. Therefore, it is not surprising that the passport should be not only with us but also with our pet. Today we invite you to dive into the legal aspects of a veterinary nature and learn about what documents are needed for the dog, what they are generally needed for, where they can be obtained and what is needed for that. We will also consider the situation when you are planning to go abroad and want to take your pet, are planning to participate in an exhibition or mating. How will the paperwork, which will be the admission to all these activities?

Toy Dog ​​In The Carrier

Dog in the city. known irritant. Despite the ridiculous amount of harm done by dogs, the public degree of discontent is very high. Any deputy will speak……

Basic documents for dogs

So here is a veterinary passport is a pet health document, and its pedigree is a document about the dog’s origin (if you are buying a teenage puppy), and also a puppy document (dog breeders call it "puppy" – necessary for dogs that do not have a pedigree yet ). True, in some cases, the task of obtaining a pedigree is already on the shoulders of new puppy owners. In this case, they will need to contact the local

Dog in a carry, 20 cm.

Chihuahua, a plush beige doggie of the breed, has bending legs and can be carried in a stylish, transparent, plastic carrying with a lock and a small mirror.

Such a dog is a new game for little princesses who like to play with Chi-Chi plush dogs. After all, they can safely take with you on a trip, play at home or in nature.

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With a chihuahua beige puppy, you can come up with many exciting plot-role-playing games, which mostly like the little ones who will take care of the puppy (feed, arrange to sleep, stroll and regret). After all, a small puppy is the same as a small child who needs care and understanding.

Beige plush dog Chihuahua is designed to play for girls aged three years. And do not be surprised that this dog from the first days will become your daughter’s favourite toy. But, it is worth noting that this dog is a real dude, as he is wearing a stylish bright suit with a beautiful, fashionable collar, which means he will often look in the mirror, which is also included in the game kit.

Also in the game set includes a transparent carrying case with a closing key, which converts into a real dog house. The bottom of the carrier has a delicate pink shade, and the top and sides of the house are completely transparent so that your pet can see what surrounds it. Sideways the design has a special opening for an entrance. Also carrying is equipped with a durable handle, which na

Chinese Crested Dog

3) naked dogs (absolutely bare body; there may be a slight hulling closer to the shoulder blades or the upper part of the hind limbs).

General breed description, character

This dog has good manners in blood, and she will never upset you with whims or empty barking. Also, Chinese Crested is smart, clever and easy to train. Add to this the mystical past and the supernatural abilities of the “ home healer” often attributed to it. And you get a real treasure, a magic talisman that will surely bring good luck.

By the way, in China the crested dog still bears the status of a national symbol of happiness and love. But scientists still do not know how exactly she came to China.

The history of this breed has more than 5 thousand years. It is known that such crested dogs were a totem animal of an ancient Toltec tribe living in North America.

A beautiful legend tells how once a Chinese crested dog rescued a human cub in the forest, dropping its fluffy coat on it, and it remained forever naked. Since then, the Chinese Crested is considered one of the ten symbols of goodness belonging to the Kingdom of the god Ketsakoatl the best.

It is known that individual members of the breed served in the temples. It is also known that when the owner died, his dog was buried with him. The ancient tribe believed that the spirit of the animal follows its owner, and when the owner appears before the highest court, the dog will testify in his favour.

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Toltec-replaced Aztecs

Modern Maltese: toy lapdog

Representatives of this breed are curious, gentle and friendly. Despite its glamorous appearance, it is quite intelligent and active companions. Maltese (alternative name. "Maltese") is a decorative dog, part of the FCI section "Breeds and related breeds".

Short dossier:


Height at withers. 20-25 centimeters, weight – 3-4 kilograms. The desire of some breeders to miniaturize led to the emergence of a mini Maltese, whose weight does not exceed 2.5 kilograms. Such weight hurts health. Besides, it is not sufficient for the bitch to produce healthy puppies without surgery. Therefore, choosing a puppy, it is better to pay attention to those that are larger. if his state of health interests you more than fashion.

In Maltese there are two directions of breeding: American (on the left) and European. “ Americans” are smaller, their body is shorter, they look like toys, and “ Europeans” are taller, stronger, the body is more extended.

Representatives of the European type of Maltese lapdogs fully comply with the description of the modern breed standard, which requires that the ratio of body length and height at withers by 4: 3.

Such proportions meet the requirements of common sense, allow you to get stronger animals that do not have problems when carrying puppies and during childbirth. Breeders " Americans" by contrast, are regularly faced with the need to conduct a cesarean section during childbirth.

Representatives of the American type do not meet the requirements of FCI, their use in breeding is highly undesirable.

Toy Dog ​​In The Carrier

According to the description of the breed, the Maltese coat is silky, smooth and heavy. From the outside, it seems that the fluffy animals look like a white, fluffy cloud. However, such a coat is not only

Toy Terrier. Dog or toy?

That terrier is a little more than a chihuahua. According to the standard, the height of the toy terrier is 20-28 cm. Weight up to 3 kg. At the moment, the average height of a toy terrier is 23-24 cm. If a chihuahua is more like a little sturdy, then that terrier is very graceful and graceful. That terrier is similar to a little fawn. Just like Chihuahuas, toy terriers come in two varieties: long-haired toy terriers that have adorned hair on ears, tail, and legs, and smooth-haired toy terriers with short, tight-fitting hair. The standard strictly specifies the colour of the terrier. That terrier can be read in any shade, with a black or brown patina or without; black and tan, brown and tan, blue and tan. In this terrier, small white markings on the chest and fingers are allowed.

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