Toys For Dogs Balls

Toys for dogs should be interesting and fun. In addition, they must meet first of all safety requirements. That is, any toy needs to be assessed: what material it is made of, how durable it is, does it have any parts that can be torn off / bitten off and swallowed, etc.

There are several categories of toys that you can talk about separately.

▪ Balls for dogs are usually made of thick rubber. They can be cast or hollow inside, as well as “mesh”; smooth, embossed or “spiked”; with and without beeper inside; size – very different. Selecting a ball for your pet, you should, first of all, pay attention to the size. The ball should not be small! Actually, the size of the ball should be such that, even catching it on the fly, the dog does not risk them choking. I may be too impressionable, but the stories about little balls stuck in dogs in the throat, forever bumped into my memory. Therefore, I am only for medium sized balls and more. Cast or hollow? The cast ball will clearly longer lasting hollow. But since the retrievers have a “soft mouth,” it seems that this moment does not matter much. But hollow balls are very often supplied with a squeaker inside, which makes them much more attractive to dogs. With or without spikes? It is also not particularly important. It can be assumed that balls with “thorns” massage the gums, which can be useful when the puppy has teeth cut. Buying a ball with "thorns" should pay attention to how easy it is for the dog to bite off and eat this part of the toy. And a little bit about color: bright balls are easier to find.

Toys For Dogs Balls

Balls for dogs

▪ Rope-broomstick toys. their main detail is a rope. On this rope knots can be tied, rubber toys or edible bones can be strung on it, any toy can be twisted from the rope. Rope toys are “broomstick” toys.

Toys For Dogs Balls

Rope Toy

Dogs really like to wear such toys and "waving" them. And here I would like to warn the owners a little: some specially gifted pets, after they thoroughly tousle the rope, manage to swallow the ropes of which it consists. But this, of course, is highly undesirable and may even be dangerous. If the dog has not been noticed for such actions – the rope toy-rope will serve for a long time and will be good entertainment.

▪ Toys for dogs made of latex and rubber come in a wide variety of types and varieties! Rings and dumbbells, little animals and birds, "chicken legs" and "big maki", etc. etc. Toys from latex (from my point of view) are very, very good. They are soft, light, almost not torn, inside contain a filler like a synthetic winterizer, and are quite durable in operation. Such toys really like puppies.

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Toys For Dogs Balls

Little Dana / Lammin Suo Azalea Indica / and bloodlines

Green crocodile (pictured above) – was purchased specifically for my Norah puppies. This was in February 2006. Now, 1.5 years later, the crocodile is “alive and well”, and Nora counts him as one of her most favorite toys.

▪ Rubber toys are also very popular in puppies and adult dogs. I myself really like rubber ducks, geese and roosters. Game, so to speak. This “game” is adorned separately by the fact that it can be of different sizes – both for very small puppies and for adult dogs.

Toys For Dogs Balls
Toys For Dogs Balls

Lammin Suo Lite A and game

Rubber toys almost always have a squeaker inside. With a properly made dog toy, a squeaker will be soldered inside the toy so that the dog cannot bite it.

Toys For Dogs Balls
Toys For Dogs Balls

If there is a squeaker in the toy. from the outside it should look like this

Caring for rubber toys and latex toys is simple – from time to time they are recommended to be washed with warm water and soap.

Toys For Dogs Balls

Toys for dogs should be interesting and fun. In addition, they must meet first of all safety requirements. That is, any toy needs to be assessed: what……

Toys For Dogs Balls

Artis and rat orange

First, the size. The size of the toy should be such that an adult dog can take it in its mouth and wear it. That is, giant mammoths – to anything, of course. But any toy, commensurate with the pheasant’s carcass – is fine.

Secondly, "fit." All the main parts of the toy should be very qualitatively attached to the main “carcass”, and it is better if they are “sewn”.

Third, additional details and decorations. They are inevitably on any soft toy, if you take the toy "human". There are two ways. You can go on the first one and try to find a toy, whose eyes, nose and smile will be embroidered or made in the form of a firmly stitched appliqué. This is not easy to do. Ideal in this regard, "Orange Rat" just from such a series. The second way assumes that the "eyes-buttons" and "nose-button" will have to be torn off / cut off immediately after the purchase of the toy. So as if to leave them – the dog will instantly make it for you. But unlike you, a puppy, for example, can swallow them, which we would not want. Of course, the "blinded" toy does not look very aesthetically pleasing. But she is safe. So do the decorations: bows – cut off, ribbons – untie, buttons – tear off.

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Any soft toys can be easily washed in a washing machine. From time to time they need to conduct a review on the subject of loose seams and filler crawling out of different holes, and so on. If the toy is initially of good quality, then it can last for quite a long time.

Toys For Dogs Balls

Excellent soft toys in the form of different animals, with squeakers inside

Frisbee for dogs

"Frisbee" (amer. "Frisbee") or "flying saucer" (rus.). This is a fairly simple plastic object that can describe in the air, after a throw, incredible trajectories. Thanks to the appearance of frisbee, about a dozen new sports games were born. And among them – DogFrisbee.

It all started with the fact that: “… Once on a warm summer evening, an agile Whippet presented the audience with an unexpected performance in the national baseball game shown on TV. The canine athlete was Whippet Ashley, the place is the stadium in Los Angeles, the date. August 4, 1974. Such advertising was carefully planned by the owner of Ashley Alex Stein. The dog was very worried about the crowd, but still showed a speed of over 35 miles per hour (56 km per hour) and jumped 9 feet (2.7 meters) in height to catch the disc thrown by Stein.

The trick lasted exactly 8 minutes and put Stein in jail (as he showed this show during the match), but the new sport was announced. One of the 50,000 spectators sitting on the podium that evening was Yves Lander, a man passionate about animal welfare. He was deeply impressed by the distance from Ashley and the reaction of the crowd, made a pledge for Stein to be released from prison, and began to help the development of a dog frisbee in every possible way. The following year were launched dog frisbee championships. The Lander Cup was equated to the World Championship and became the most desired reward in this sport. "(Http://

Currently, there are 2 types of disciplines DogFrisbee, which are held competitions – throws at a distance (distance) and a kind of freestyle, where the dog is evaluated for certain tricks performed in the process of catching the disc. But even if you do not plan to seriously engage in "dog frisbee" as a sport – you can make this affordable entertainment playing with your dog for walks. This makes your walks more diversified and will definitely entertain your dog.

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Toys For Dogs Balls

Dog Frisbee Plate

Subjects for training

The subjects “for training” include those with which dogs are taught, for example, the art of aportirovka.

Toys For Dogs Balls

Nika / Lammin Suo Arnica Montana / and first aport

Some of them are those that do not sink. can be used to test their supply from the water. In this case, it is advisable to purchase dumbbells of bright colors. so that the dog is easier to learn, and the owner. find these dumbbells, if for some reason the dog refused to work.

▪ Dummy / dammis /. Special aport for training Nataske retrievers. These are aporty of a cylindrical form, from dense fabric, stuffed with sand or some other filler. Sometimes plastic is used as a material (for work on water). And some types of dummy are made in the form of a bird.

Toys For Dogs Balls

Dummy for dogs / fabric, for work on land /

Dummy is very useful and convenient for teaching retrievers to search and retrieve, including from the water.

Toys For Dogs Balls

Artis is ready to serve damies everywhere – both in the street and at home.


▪ offal with a natural taste, as well as various parts of animals (ears, legs, hooves, tails, etc.)

▪ chewing sticks and delicious “bones” with different tastes, as well as “bones” from bovine veins

▪ biscuits and biscuits with vitamin and mineral supplements

▪ special training kits

▪ and much more

It is very difficult to cover the whole range of treats for dogs and comment on it somehow. Can only emphasize some basic points.

"Long-playing" bones from the veins can be a salvation if only one young retriever is left at home, and behind him there are already known cases of chewing the boredom of the master’s things. Busy with a deliciously smelling bone, he will most likely not be distracted by anything else. Beef leg also takes him a lot of time.

Bones from veins for dogs

Special bones and sticks, designed to clean the teeth and remove tartar, sometimes quite well cope with this task.

Cookies and biscuits with different vitamin and mineral supplements can be used as a treat for learning. In this case, the benefits of them will be double.

Owners purchasing delicacies for their pets should:

▪ first, when buying, always look at the shelf life of these products,

▪ and, secondly, not to abuse the giving of dogs of all these treats *

* There are many cases of allergic reactions, as well as cases of gastrointestinal disorders in dogs – as a response of the body to the cottage of various delicacies.

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