Transportation Dogs In The Plane

If you are going to transport a dog in an airplane, you should first of all familiarize yourself with the rules of the airline that provides the flight. Certain difficulties may arise here, but if it is not possible to leave your pet at home, you can cope with them. Most airlines allow dogs to fly. Basically, they have general requirements, but depending on the specific carrier, they may vary. In addition, the animal must be prepared for flight. Everything should be thought out in advance.

General requirements for transportation

Transportation Dogs In The Plane

Dog on the plane

Before you transport the dog on the plane, you must inform the dispatcher of your desire before purchasing the ticket. This should be done at least 36 hours before the expected date of flight. The fact is that some companies do not always agree, or a certain number of places are allocated for transporting animals. If the airline representatives gave permission, then you can safely buy a ticket.

The dog must be accompanied by an adult. Transportation of dogs is mainly carried out in the luggage compartment in specially designated areas. However, there may be exceptions, and the animal can fly in the cabin with its owner. This applies to dogs that are guides and to small pets whose weight does not exceed 8 kg. In this case, the passenger with the dog must be close to the additional exits, the kitchen or the toilet. In addition, the accompanying person should have a veterinary first aid kit.

Transportation of a dog in the luggage compartment

Transportation Dogs In The Plane

Transportation of a dog in the luggage compartment

Transportation of a dog in the luggage compartment is completely safe for animals. Here are all the conditions that are necessary for the pet. The flight to another country can be long, so it is important that the dog feels comfortable. Especially seriously you need to approach the choice of the container in which the dog will be located. It is bought by the passengers themselves. Certain requirements are imposed on such a container.

  1. The height and width of the container for transporting dogs must be sufficient so that the dog in it can turn around and also extend the front legs in the supine state. The optimum height is 10 cm higher than the head of the dog. This will be most convenient for the animal.
  2. Only one animal is allowed in one container. In addition, many airlines do not allow passengers to carry more than two dogs at a time.
  3. The bottom of the container must be paved with a moisture-proof material, covered with an absorbent layer on top.
  4. The container should have good openings for free access of air.
  5. In some cases it is required to have a drinking trough inside. Basically this requirement applies to large containers. For carriers that can be taken in the cabin, it is not necessary.
  6. On the container itself must be attached tag with full information about the dog. The inscription is in English.
  7. The dog must have a collar around his neck, as well as a leash that falls on the floor of the carrier. In no case should not fasten the animal to the container.
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Dog shipping containers

Documents required for transportation

To transport a dog on the plane, you need documents for it. It is necessary to make a veterinary passport and an information about the state of health of the animal (form number 1). You can get such a certificate in any veterinary clinic. It should be taken immediately before departure, as it is valid for 3 days. The certificate contains all the necessary vaccinations that were given to the dog. Without this, fly to another country with a pet will not work.

In addition, some countries may request other additional documents. In some cases, a certificate from the club is also required, which states that the dog has no breeding value. At the same time, it is better to make such documents in SCOR or RKF, because They do not cause issues at customs.

With a dog at the airport

Transportation Dogs In The Plane

With a dog at the airport

At the airport you need to arrive two hours before departure in order to have time to pass the veterinary control. This is where the presentation of all documents will be required. At vetkontrol will be issued an international certificate with the seal, which serves as an admission to the aircraft. After that, you can go to the reception, where the queue needs to be informed that a place is reserved for the dog. There will be issued a receipt for payment "dog ticket." With it you can go to the cashier and pay for transportation of the dog. Most often, the animal is paid as an extra weight of baggage. With this, rates are considered first class. However, you need to know the exact cost in advance, because each airline has its own rates and rules. After payment you need to return to the reception. Here the dog is sent for loading to the luggage compartment, accompanied by an airport employee, if it is large or follows with a passenger in the carrier, if it is small.

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Preparing a dog for flight

Before the flight, the dog must be prepared. First of all, the dog should try to teach the container. For this, you should use it as a house for play and sleep for several days. If the dog gets used, it will feel more comfortable during the flight.

Before the flight, the dog must be well walked. You should not feed her 6-8 hours before departure and water in less than 4 hours. If the dog is restless, you can give it a sedative, but before that you should definitely consult with a veterinarian and look in advance at the reaction of the dog. It is better to give sedatives for several days before the flight, rather than in front of it.

Thus, if you follow all the rules, then problems with the flight of the animal will not arise. Some airlines allow owners to visit their pets in the luggage compartment and check them out. However, this is not allowed everywhere and is extremely rare. Of course, it’s better for the dog to stay at home, because even a long flight will not be stressful for it. If there is an opportunity to leave the dog with relatives or friends while traveling to another country, it is better to use it.

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