Transportation Of A Dog Or Cat On The Plane

You decided to travel by plane with your four-legged pet and started wondering what is needed for that? Hotel for dogs "Trezor" has prepared 15 useful tips for travelers with animals.

Buying tickets

1. If you have a small breed dog or cat, then there is a chance that the company will allow transportation in the cabin. But before you decide on one or another airline, familiarize yourself with the conditions of transportation of dogs and cats of each of the carriers: most companies are allowed to take a pet to the salon, provided that the maximum weight of the animal along with carrying is from 5 to 8 kg. The most convenient airline for the transportation of dogs and cats is Yuteir. On flights of this company, animals weighing up to 10 kg are allowed in the salon.

Hotel for dogs "Trezor" warns that the greatest risks are associated with flying on Yamal’s airplanes, since not all aircraft in the carrier’s fleet are equipped with a warm luggage compartment, therefore, be prepared for the fact that the airline may refuse to transport your pet weighing over 8 kg.

Attention! Buying tickets a / k Yamal when traveling with an animal is carried out only at the box office!

Transportation Of A Dog Or Cat On The Plane

For your convenience, a hotel for dogs "Trezor" gathered together links to the rules of animal transportation in the aircraft of the largest Russian airlines:

2. For traveling business class. If you fly business class and want to take your pet to the salon, be sure to check with the airline if this is possible in principle. Some companies prohibit the transportation of animals in the business class cabin. Such carriers include, for example, Yamal and Vim-avi.

3. After purchasing the ticket, be sure to notify the carrier about the four-legged passenger. The most convenient way to do this is by calling the company’s hotline. Before calling, keep on hand the following information: the ticket number, the weight of the animal and the size of the carrier in the amount of three dimensions.

4. Notify the airline about the dog or cat as soon as possible. Each carrier has restrictions on the allowable number of animals in the cabin. For example, it may be that in all respects the dog is allowed to fly in the cabin, but you are already ahead and the dog will have to travel in the cargo hold.

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5. Do not forget about the financial side of the issue: your pet will be paid for as excess baggage in accordance with the airline fare. Tariffs for different carriers differ from each other.

For example, a dog with carrying weighs 6 kg. Let’s fly with her to Germany. The cost of travel with her will be:

Aeroflot. 100EUR (4700 rub.) (Tyumen – Moscow 50EUR Moscow – Munich 50EUR) The price is fixed and does not depend on the weight of your pet.

UTair. 3195 rub. (Tyumen – Moscow 200rub6kg Moscow – Dresden 332.5rub6kg) The price depends on the weight of the dog and the route.

S7. 4980 rub. (Tyumen – Moscow 360rub6kg Moscow – Munich 10EUR6kg) In addition to the weight of the animal and the route, the price per kilogram also depends on the date of departure.

In any case, so that the price for a dog should not be a surprise, call the airline’s call center and find out how much you can count on. If you do not like to wait for the operator to answer, call early in the morning, for example, at 7 am Moscow time. At this time, there are very few people who want to call and the operators pick up the phone instantly. (Prices in the examples are valid on 08.08.14)

6. If you are flying to another state, in addition to points 1-5, find out whether the import of a dog or cat of this breed to the country where you are going to go is not prohibited. To help you a site with information about the rules of import of animals from other countries:

Attention! A certificate from the dog club that your animal does not represent breeding value is not required! But! In order to avoid misunderstandings at customs, it is still better to get this certificate in the cynological club of your city. So calmer.

Flight preparation

7. Prepare all necessary documents in advance: a veterinary certificate (Form No. 1) – issued at state veterinary clinics no earlier than 5 days before the departure date. The animal must be made all vaccinations by age.

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When traveling abroad, in the veterinary service of the airport it is necessary to exchange form No. 1 for an international veterinary certificate.

Attention! Not at all airports the veterinary service works 24 hours a day! Need to know in advance the schedule. If your flight is early in the morning and at that time the wind service is not working, then you should definitely visit it the day before.

8. For international transport chipping is required. Chipping service is provided in veterinary clinics. The procedure is painless and takes just a couple of seconds.

9. The container must comply with the standards of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). It is important that the dog or cat is spacious in the container: it should be free to turn, stand and sit straight, lie in a natural position. The container should be ventilated from three sides, mostly at the top.

IATA draws attention to the fact that it does not certify containers. Therefore, it is not necessary to blindly trust the sellers who assure that the container complies with the standards of the International Air Transport Association! Hotel for dogs "Trezor" suggests that you study these norms yourself.

During the flight the dog in the container should be without a leash and a muzzle. Secure the container with a bowl of drinking water attached to the cage door. Such stringent requirements are placed on travel containers in the cargo hold. If you take a dog to the salon – the container may not be so spacious in order to conform to the size of the company. During the flight you will have the opportunity to pull the dog out of the carry. "Mash your bones".

(Photo from the personal archive. Airport Zagreb, Croatia. Flight Moscow – Zagreb, June 2007. The main events of that time were EuropeDogShow and the Russia-Croatia football match. Accordingly, the showroom was full "maniacs". Half – dog lovers, the other half – the fans. On that flight, a respected national carrier went against his own rules and allowed more than 10 (!) Dogs to be transported in the cabin! And the luggage compartment was bursting with containers :))

10. It is better to teach a dog or a cat to the container – carrying in advance. Hotel for dogs "Trezor" recommends turning the carrier into a place to sleep a few days before the flight. Let the pet get used is one in a closed container.

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Before flight

11. You should not feed your pet 4 hours before departure and during the flight, no matter what time it takes – light starvation will never hurt your pet.

12. Walk your pet before the flight. Bring absorbent diapers and wet wipes. Do not be alarmed if your pet didn’t go to the toilet all the way – this behavior of the animal during travel is normal. On arrival, do not forget to walk with your dog and take the cat to the toilet first.

In the airport

Transportation Of A Dog Or Cat On The Plane

13. Do not put a container with an animal on the Introscope tape (apparatus for checking luggage and carry-on baggage) – this is dangerous for the health of the four-legged friend! Release the dog with the collar on a leash from the container (if the dog is a large breed, do not forget about the muzzle) and go through the metal detector together, and pass the empty container through the tape. Cat take on your hands.

If it so happens that a dog or cat still passed through the X-ray machine, then upon arrival it will be necessary "to drink" animal milk. And get ready for the fact that the animal may have increased hair loss.

In airplane

14. If you are flying with a dog or cat in the cabin, then warn flight attendants about it. Based on the experience of the staff of the hotel for dogs "Trezor" They treat animals with passengers loyally and can offer you a free line at the end of the cabin. (Naturally, if the flight loading is not 100%) There you can get your pet out of the carrier and it can carry out the entire flight on your lap.

15. Do not be nervous and do not worry 🙂 After all, pets feel all the experiences of the owner.

If you do decide that transporting a dog by plane is too troublesome, you can always leave your pet in our hotel for dogs. "Trezor", Tyumen or in any hotel for animals of your city.

ZoHotel "Trezor" wish you a pleasant flight!

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