Transportation Of Dogs In The Train

Transportation Of Dogs In The Train

For various reasons, for example, a trip, a change of residence, owners of dogs face a problem: how should the transportation of dogs in a train be organized? After all, the transportation of dogs on the train itself is a stress for both the dog and the owner. Therefore, we will help you with tips, how to transport a dog on a train, how to prepare and organize a trip.

In order to minimize discomfort on a trip, you need to prepare for it in advance, prepare all the necessary documents, create a pet with the right living conditions and then you will not have any unforeseen circumstances. So, transportation of animals in the train. If you have a small breed of dogs, then under the law you are obliged to transport them in a container with a rigid frame. If the dog is large, then regardless of the breed, the dog must be muzzled, the owner must keep the dog on the leash.

Before the trip, be sure to consult with the veterinarian how a dog of your breed transfers transportation, what needs to be done for a comfortable trip. Also, a visit to the veterinarian is necessary if you have not done or did not have time to make the necessary vaccinations. The vaccination mark must be in your pet’s passport. In addition, which is very important, three days before the trip you need to get a certificate of your dog’s health from the State Veterinary Service.

For a four-way friend, you must purchase a baggage ticket. A small dog can safely be placed in the car. A large dog, as already mentioned above, must be kept in a muzzle, on a leash, next to the owner. If you have a fighting breed dog, it is also transported only in the vestibule. Therefore, you should take a folding chair with you over long distances and purchase a ticket to the first or last car, where fewer people will go from one car to another. Of course, you need to teach the dog to the muzzle in advance. If your pet is not accustomed to it, and you decide only to adapt it to the muzzle before the trip, then this is not an easy task, the pet will constantly dodge, bark, make noise, try to take it off.

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Just before boarding, in a few hours, walk the dog well, so that it is well tired, went to the toilet, so that on the train she did not need to move, so that she behaved calmly in the carriage. There are times when dogs are not accustomed to the toilet. Then you need to stock up on absorbent diapers.

Hour three hours before departure, feed the pet, so that on the trip it is not very ukachalo. Feed light food.

So that the dog is accustomed to the situation of the car, you need an hour before departure (if this is the first station of departure) will be located in the car. If you carry a small breed of dogs, then in the container lay the litter on which the dog sleeps at home. With a native home smell, the road is easier to transfer. If the dog starts to get nervous, then give (do not forget to take from the house) her favorite toy. It will distract her and she will calm down.

Do not interfere, and dry food. At the train stops, walk the dog, but do not lose vigilance, so as not to be late for departure. While the train is moving, prohibit the pet from walking around the car. Walking a dog can scare passengers, and a dog can panic from unfamiliar surroundings and a large number of people. Optimally, it is better to take tickets not in a reserved seat, but in a coupe. You will have less problems with the dog.

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If you need to cross the border, then surely in the embassy of the country where you are going, find out what documents you need to have with you. Different countries have different rules. But for all states there is the same requirement – chipping dogs. After all, the dog will receive an international passport only after this procedure.

If your dog is a long-haired breed, and you move in the summer and the trip is long, then a haircut will help ease the pet’s condition. Well, do not forget about timely vaccination.

Transportation Of Dogs In The Train

How to transport a dog in a train

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