Transportation Of Dogs On The Plane

So, the dates of the exhibition became known, or you just packed up with the dog on a journey. A few tips for a good trip.
First, it must be remembered that all airlines have different requirements for transporting animals, so you need to clarify whether it is possible to bring an animal in the cabin or only in the cargo hold.
Secondly, it is necessary to book tickets when traveling with a dog in advance so that there is enough time for the airline to confirm the transfer of your pet.

Transportation Of Dogs On The Plane

A dog is transported in the cabin if the weight of the dog with the container does not exceed 5-8 kg. And the airline allows transportation of a dog in the cabin, or in the cargo hold.

It is forbidden to transport fighting dog breeds such as mastiff, pit bull, etc.

How much is the transportation of a dog in an airplane?

Transportation of a dog is paid separately and most often as excess baggage., the cost is determined by the actual weight of the animal along with the container, but some airlines, such as AirBerlin, set a fixed amount for transporting a dog in the cabin.

The necessary documents for transporting dogs in an airplane can be found in the section Transporting Animals in an Airplane. There is a general list of documents, so it is strongly recommended in each particular case to receive information at the consulates and representative offices of the countries where you go with the dog, because the rules of entry with animals may change.

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Container Requirements

When transporting dogs in an airplane, the animal must be in a special container that must meet the requirements of the International Association of Air Carriers (IATA).
Approximately the height of the container must be equal to the height of the dog, the width is twice as thick as the dog, the length is equal to the length of the animal plus a distance equal to half a paw.

In the container the dog should be comfortable. The container must be with openings so that nothing will hinder the breathing of the animal. The floor of the container must be with absorbent material or covered with absorbent material.

The size of containers for dogs with a shorter nose should be larger in order to avoid breathing problems.

The container must be equipped with at least one sticker labeled “Live animal” and two labels labeled “top”. Also on the container should attach a label with the name, contact phone number and address of the passenger. Many airlines require that a copy of the animal’s passport and veterinary declaration be attached to the cage, so take care of their availability in advance.

The container must have a handle, that the airport staff had the opportunity to carry the container without touching the cage directly with the hands.

The container must be locked, the use of padlocks is prohibited.

A few tips to facilitate the flight for the dog

First of all, the animal should get used to the container so that it does not feel uncomfortable there, should try to accustom the dog to him at home the day before, using the container as a house for playing or for sleeping, so that the dog feels safe there.
Secondly, Before the flight, the dog should be well walked. It is not recommended to give dogs to drink 4 hours before departure, and also it is not recommended to feed the animal 12 hours before departure.

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Many planes give animals sedatives before transporting dogs, but for this it is necessary to consult a veterinarian who, depending on the time of the flight and the physical condition of your animal, will prescribe the necessary medication.

The dog in the container should be without a leash and a muzzle. The leash and the muzzle should not be in the cage.

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