What Are Carriers For Dogs

What Are Carriers For Dogs

This is a must-have accessory, even if the need for it is very rare. The fact is that borrowing such a thing from friends of cat owners and dog breeders is unhygienic. In addition, strange smells irritate pets, and transportation to some of them already causes them great excitement. Why aggravate stress? It is much better for you and for your pet if it has its own “mobile house”, especially since it is inexpensive to carry for small and medium-sized dogs – about as much as ordinary human bags. As for the design (which is important for us, the two-legs, and not for our four-legged friends), there are a great many options in this regard. Let’s consider the proposed range.

Textile dog carriers

Conditionally subdivided into summer ones from light “breathing” tissues and winter ones, respectively, dense and warm. As for the forms, they are as follows:

Travel bags with small handles and a long strap for carrying over the shoulder;

Luggage on wheels with retractable handle;

Handbags for “pocket” dogs;

Slings (yes, like those in which slingomas carry their human cubs).

What Are Carriers For Dogs

Transformers are also found among these types – such carriers for dogs, if necessary, are transformed into a bed. This is very convenient for travelers: the functionality of the two necessary accessories for a pet is combined in one thing.

When buying, it is important to pay attention to the fact that textile carriers for dogs must have a bottom:

Durable, so that the pet could not scratch and gnaw its way to freedom;

Hard, otherwise the animal will worry even more without feeling “firm ground” under their feet;

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Insulated (on the road there will probably be situations when you have to put the carrier on a cold floor tile or the ground – the dog inside should not be cold).

Plastic containers

If you have a large dog (one that an average person cannot physically carry for a long time in a bag on his shoulders or in his hands), then a large plastic box on wheels is not just the best, but actually the only choice. Textile carriers for dogs are designed for pets of small and medium size up to 5-8 kg of live weight, no more – otherwise the product will not withstand the load and break.


A very strong and tough bottom (why this is important, we spoke a little higher in the text);

Ventilation windows in sufficient quantity so that the animal does not suffer inside from the lack of air and overheating.

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