What Breeds Of Dogs Are The Largest, Largest And Strongest In The World?

Do you know which is the largest dog in the world and which large dog breeds differ from other representatives of the canine world by their huge mass? The list with the photo below includes only the strongest and largest breeds of dogs, famous for their size, unprecedented strength, loyalty and, of course, kindness. The place of the leader – the heavyweight will take only one! Knowing the average weight and height of the animal, as well as looking in the book of records, we can more accurately say what the biggest dogs in the world exist.

Have you ever heard someone say: “Wow, this is not a dog, but a real horse!” Of course, one of the few similarities that can be observed between huge dogs and horses lies in the size of their bodies, and also in the fact that children can use the most enormous breeds of dogs like a pack animal, riding them on strong backs. Photos of large breeds of dogs from the list below will prove not only the outward resemblance in size to a horse: the enormities depicted on them look like a lion or at least a large calf.

Criteria for determining the huge rocks.

What strikingly differ the largest breeds of dogs from their smaller relatives in body size?

Weight. To get into the list of the largest should have a weight of at least 45 kg.

Growth. Like horses, dogs are always measured at the withers, which is the highest point of their shoulders.

Terrible appearance. The dimensions of the animal themselves are capable of instilling fear into a person. Visually, the fluffy hair “increases” the dog, but also individuals with short hair, which emphasizes the structure of the muscles of the body, and with small eyes, cropped ears and / or tail instill in people no less fear.

Stoic character. Many of the largest breeds were bred to become a guard and protector of herds, their owner, family members and property, and many of the breeds represented have a strong, but calm, balanced character.

Drooling kisses. A large part of the breeds presented comes from the mastiff. one of the first types of dogs with saggy, drooling lips. If you are the owner of a large dog, then you probably know the feeling of a massive, wet tongue on your face, and you know well what it means to be met by her when she returns home.

Why do people want to have a large breed dog?

First, consider some complaints about the breed of large dogs. Large dogs take up more space, growing puppies cause more trouble and, if these troubles are expressed mainly in the form of more significant damage to your furniture or other things, then the problem is much more serious for an ill-mannered adult dog. Also, large dogs do not live as long as small dogs, and often suffer from hip dysplasia.

In addition, people are wary of large breeds, trying to bypass the owner with such a "baby" side, considering that a large dog means dangerous. But we dog lovers, we know that big dogs differ by a much kinder heart, and certainly do not pose a danger in the hands of rational owners.

So why is a big dog, despite some shortcomings, worth the time, effort and money resources invested in it?

Huge dog breeds (as a rule) are calmer, more appeasable and have a more stable psyche (how else to explain the absence of malice towards a child having fun with a dog tail?). Despite their size, they are surprisingly agile and will gladly make a company to the owner – an athlete, or at least approve, if not long but active games. In addition, with sufficient physical exertion, they will be able to live in the smallest apartments or a modest private house, while not feeling at all constrained in space.

Most importantly, the overwhelming majority of the large breeds presented will not hesitate to defend the owner and family members. Alas, even all the rage and courage of small dogs, which any big dog could envy, will not help the owner in a difficult moment.

Why are they so big?

Some of the largest breeds were originally bred, mainly to guard and guard. For a long time they have been following the property of their owners, defending the luxurious royal palaces and simple farms of ordinary peasants. Their impressive size and menacing barking are an excellent deterrent to any detractors, and if you are a brave man who tries to get into your abode, he is unlikely to envy him.

You have certainly seen many animals from the list more than once, but you probably hear about certain breeds for the first time.

TOP. 14: the biggest dogs in the world + photo.

Below to your attention the largest breeds of dogs with photos, in the amount of 14 representatives of the breeds. Making the ranking of the biggest was not an easy task. Representatives of the same breed may have a significant difference in height and weight, but this is normal, if provided for breed standards. Accordingly, the same Neapolitan mastiff may be larger in size than the rocks listed below. In general, enjoy reading the article and viewing photos of the largest dogs in the world in the amount of 14 pieces: only the largest, strongest and most powerful of the breeds of dogs.

14. Neapolitan Mastiff.

What Breeds Of Dogs Are The Largest, Largest And Strongest In The World?

Neapolitan Mastiff – Kakndidat in the most powerful dog breeds. He is a born defender, whose protective qualities the careful hands of breeders have endured over centuries and millennia. The mastiff’s guard instincts feed on a strong attachment, even depending on their masters. The bond that is established between a dog and a man is strong and sincere, which makes the mastiffs great friends and defenders. Although the mastiffs are rather stubborn, but very clever, and they also say that they have the uncanny ability to read human emotions and cannot tolerate drunkers. This is very similar to the truth.

Neapolitan mastiffs require attention – it is very important for the owner to establish close contact with the pet. For this you need to communicate with him a lot. Training, joint games and walks will help keep the body and mind of this beast in order. The breed will feel great in the society of a lonely person, in a family with older children and active people, as well as those who have few square meters in the apartment. Of course, the animal should be walked.

The growth of the Neapolitan Mastiff dog is from 65 to 75 cm, the bough is from 60 to 68 cm. The weight of the dogs is from 60-70 kg, the bough from 50 – 60 kg. There are also large individuals whose weight is 90 kilograms or more.

Newfoundland – the true "gentle giant." Combining the strength of a large Pyrenean dog, as well as the kindness and ease of a Labrador, the Newfoundland is a friendly and cheerful dog, with extraordinary warmth, belonging to family members. Also, Newf is known for its positive attitude towards children and good-natured. to strangers. The character of Newf is the best fit for the purpose for which he was taken out, namely the rescue of drowning people from water and, in case of fires, even from fire! Well, and from many other troubles, as the Newfoundland has a real talent to keep people out of trouble.

Accustomed to working in different climatic conditions, the Newfoundlands will be an excellent companion for hikers or people who just love to walk. Do you like to swim? Well, you may have a potential companion who will make a company even to the most avid swimmer. The temperature of the water and the environment, for the dog, do not play a special role.

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Going to have a Newfoundland worth remembering about its considerable size. In a small apartment the dog will feel normal only on the condition of walking. Also, it is worth remembering that the wool of the beast requires regular care, and during shedding it is possible to knit clothes for even the whole family. In addition to brushes, necessary for the care of wool, paper towels are needed (to wipe the dog’s spittle in time).

Newfoundland’s dog weighs from 60 to 70 kg, female – from 50 to 65 kg. Growth stala from 69 to 74 cm, females – from 63 to 69 cm.

12. Irish Wolfhound.

What Breeds Of Dogs Are The Largest, Largest And Strongest In The World?

Irish Wolfhound. Judging from the name of the breed, you can guess its original purpose. In addition to fighting wolves, the Irish Wolfhound participated in the hunt, mainly for deer. Perhaps the breed was a fierce hunter a few centuries ago, at the same time, it perfectly copes with the role of a pet and loves to laze around, lying belly up on the couch and getting affection from pets. Calm and relaxed at home, the wolfhound will support you during your morning run without any problems.

One might think, looking at these giants, that the Irish wolfhounds are the biggest dogs, but they are not small, and also incredibly strong, but they are not the biggest. The breed, although it feels comfortable in the house, idling, but requires free space and must live in a spacious yard. They may feel sharpened in the apartment. Of course, it is necessary to take a daily walk, which will keep the dogs in their proper physical shape.

Slightly constrained in dealing with strangers, the Irish Wolfhound prefers to spend time playing or getting affection from people he knows – family members. But even in spite of their impressive size, they are not the best watchmen, and their life expectancy is approximately 8 years. The breed will wonderfully fit into the life of an active person or an experienced dog breeder, as well as families with children and attentive parents.

The minimum weight of a dog of the Irish Wolfhound should be 55 kg, bitch – 45 kg. The minimum height for a dog should be 79 cm, for bitches – 71 cm. The desired height for dogs at the withers is 80 to 86 cm.

What Breeds Of Dogs Are The Largest, Largest And Strongest In The World?

Tosa Inu. Also known as Japanese Mastiff, Tosa Inu has many similarities with dogmas. Bred for fighting with other dogs, the breed is still involved in battles. With a weight of about 90 KG Tosa is a formidable rival, but lovers of the breed claim that Tosa Inu is an excellent companion, a true friend for every family member, who has an amazing ability to anticipate the desires of his master.

Tosa Inu. The strongest breed of dog in Japan. It is recommended to bring this powerful, self-confident large dog to active people who are positively related to sports, as well as to dog breeders who have experience in training. But this is only because the breed is very large and strong. Tosa Inu is well known for its tolerant, even warm attitude towards children, but it is better not to leave the child alone with any dog, even if it is a tiny York.

The weight of the dog Tosa-inu from 55 to 90 KG, height from 60 CM and above. Bitches weight from 50 to 70 KG, height from 55 cm.

What Breeds Of Dogs Are The Largest, Largest And Strongest In The World?

Boerboel is famous in its homeland (in Africa) for its excellent guard qualities, even though the breed itself is not at all vicious. Boerboel is a very kind, affectionate home companion, loving is near his family, enjoying active games or a peaceful sleep among his masters. Being a very perceptive animal, the Boerboel feels subtly the mood of his master and is especially alarmed when strangers are near. If the dog is correct to present to his friends who have decided to visit you, at subsequent meetings the dog will be much more friendly. Guests are not a problem for this dog, because they are potential partners for games.

Burbuley has few health problems and they live, as for representatives of huge breeds, relatively many – 13 years. It is simple to care for the fur of the boerboel, and the dog itself is not difficult to bring up. It is unlikely that the dog of this breed will be happy to live in an apartment, but a spacious yard for him. perfect habitat. Boerboel will be a good choice for active people who are able to keep the mind and body of a dog in proper condition with daily walks and training, families with older children, lonely people and is absolutely not recommended to lazy people.

What Breeds Of Dogs Are The Largest, Largest And Strongest In The World?

Do you know which is the largest dog in the world and which large dog breeds differ from other representatives of the canine world by their huge mass?……

The weight of a bull dog from 68 to 90 kg, bitches – from 50 to 75 kg. Growth stala from 60 to 70 cm, bitches – from 55 to 65 cm.

What Breeds Of Dogs Are The Largest, Largest And Strongest In The World?

Caucasian Shepherd Dog. The original purpose of this ancient and one of the largest breeds, bred in the Caucasus and existing over a couple of thousand years, is the protection of herds of sheep from the attacks of wolves (by the way, that is why they stopped their ears). The Caucasian grazing sheep, merged with the herd, is remotely reminiscent of a large lamb, which allows it to deceive wolves who scurry nearby. But the Caucasian Shepherd Dog will protect its owner no worse than any sheep or even a whole flock! Hidden in the wilds of your yard or lounging on the floor in a small apartment among children’s toys, a Caucasian shepherd will deal with any wolf encroaching on your life values.

The growth of males starts from 65 cm, the bough is from 62 cm, the desired height for males is from 72 to 75 cm, and for bitches from 66.70 cm. The upper limit is not set. Dog weight from 55 to 86 kg, females weigh from 50 to 65 kg. Of course, the dog must be harmoniously and proportionally folded. In general, information about height and weight is very contradictory, but I hope you already have an idea about this monster.

The Americans, in which the breed is distributed very slightly, in the comments to the article about the breed could not get enough of the dog and puppies, which they showered with laudatory comments and almost deified. However, anyone who likes this fluffy bear should understand that a puppy of this breed requires a serious owner, who will be equally serious in raising and training, otherwise the grown-up dog will protect the family as the leader of the pack.

What Breeds Of Dogs Are The Largest, Largest And Strongest In The World?

Leonberger loves everyone, and everyone loves Leonberger. Due to the soft, livable nature of these "gentle lions" can be a patient nurse for children, reliable protection for the family and a nightmare for the enemy. The breed is really kind, which does not prevent it from serving in the police and helps with excellent results to fulfill the duty of a lifeguard, pulling people out of avalanches, water and other troubles. However, it should be remembered about raising an animal, because without it, even the smallest breed of chihuahua will become an ardent aggressor, embittered by all living things.

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The breed is relatively young: bred in the area of ​​the city of Leonberg (Germany) in the 19th century, by crossing St. Bernard and Newfoundland. Also, a little later, a large Pyrenean dog participated in the appearance of the breed. Voila, the breeders managed to combine the best features of all breeds in one dog! Originally derived for the purpose of demonstrating to others the status of the owner, the talent of the rescuer Leonberger, which he inherited by blood, could soon be appreciated by rescuers. By the way, only 8 specimens of the breed managed to survive the Second World War. The careful hands of the breeders managed to stop the extinction of the breed, which is on the verge of death.

The weight of a dog of Leonberger is from 60 to 80 kg, growth from 72 to 80 cm. Growth of a female from 65 to 75 cm, weight from 50 to 70 kg. The dog looks so huge also due to its abundant, thick, long hair, which forms a collar on his neck – a mane, making these dogs look like lions. Nevertheless, despite its very impressive dimensions, the breed is very nimble. Leonberger is too big to live in an apartment, it will feel much better in a spacious courtyard, in a cool climate. At the same time, the breed does not require significant physical exertion: a daily walk with the ability to run properly in free space will allow you to maintain physical health at the level and the mind to be “clean”.

7. Tibetan Mastiff

What Breeds Of Dogs Are The Largest, Largest And Strongest In The World?

Tibetan mastiff. The photo above is not a lion, as you might think at first glance, but a beautiful dog, well known for its mane around the head. Bred breed was to protect the temples. The largest Tibetan mastiff, they say, weighed more than 120 kg, but nowadays the weight of these monsters is on average 60 to 82 kg, growth from 72 to -85 cm. Preference is given not as high as to large individuals.

According to one legend, the Tibetan Mastiff dog belonged to the Buddha himself, and the great conqueror Genghis Khan, again, according to legend, also harbored weakness for them. The monks of the Tibetan monasteries knew about their first-class skills as guards and watchmen, and the nomads used this powerful breed not only for their own safety, but also as pack animals, who helped drag weights. The wealthy Chinese have long turned their attention to Tibetan mastiffs, which are not only a symbol of wealth and wealth, but can also bring good dividends to their owners when breeding dogs and selling puppies.

How much does a tibetan mastiff cost? The cost of pedigree puppies in China is hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the most expensive dog in the world, nicknamed Hong Dong ("Big Splash"), was sold for as much as $ 1.5 million! At 11 months, his weight exceeded 80 kg, and height over a meter! In our area, the cost of a pedigree puppy starts from $ 2,000, and reaches 10,000 euros. The price is impressive, right? But much more impressive is the content of such a beast. Caring breeders do not regret the quality products to feed the animal.

6. Central Asian Shepherd Dog

What Breeds Of Dogs Are The Largest, Largest And Strongest In The World?

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is originally from the same region as the Caucasian Shepherd Dog, and its very working qualities have been used by people to protect herds or property for thousands of years. Life with alabai is like life with a bodyguard. As if the very sheep from the herd, the family falls under the vigilant control of the dog, which makes it very suspicious of strangers and extremely vigilant.

Independent, proud, mysterious and slightly sullen, but independent and self-confident Asians are reliable, unpretentious friends attached to their master and sensitive to his mood. The breed is perfect for people living in a private house with a spacious yard, but as you know, there will not be enough size for walking the yard, and therefore walking with short active games is necessary. Alabai is not the easiest breed to bring up, before you take a puppy or dog, think about whether you will be able to give proper attention to raising and training. The breed will be suitable for a family with children, but it is imperative that you follow their communication, as well as its relationship with other animals living with you.

The growth of the dog of the Central Asian Shepherd Dog varies from 75 to 85 cm, the bough is from 62 to 75 cm. The weight of the dog is from 60 to 85 kg, the bough is from 50 to 75 kg. Coat length from 0.5 cm to 7-8 cm. It may seem that the difference in weight and height is too significant – this is all because there are different variations of the breed.

By the way, the world’s largest Alabai (pictured above) weighs as much as 125 kg, eats about 10 liters of cereal per day and at least 5 kg of meat.

What Breeds Of Dogs Are The Largest, Largest And Strongest In The World?

Great Dane – the largest and tallest dog, the brightest representative of which was 111 cm tall! To be precise, the minimum growth of males should be 80 cm, females. 72 cm. The weight of the dog is of Great Dane from 55 to 90 kg, and the bough is from 45 to 65 kg.

Great Dane is an exquisite combination of strength, incredible self-esteem and sophisticated elegance. Amazingly smart and physically powerful, the dogs of this breed, however, remain gentle giants who will gladly spend their free time with the owner and his family, quietly resting on the couch. Loyal and brave, great dogs become good watchdogs, despite the fact that they do not bark a lot. Be sure that an intruder entering your house will not have time and chances to wait for help in the form of peace officers.

Not particularly aggressive and not prone to domination, the Great Dane gets along great with children, although it needs strict upbringing (strict, but not cruel) simply because its size requires high responsibility from the owner. Bred dog is a mentally stable and reliable pet. Being a late-maturing dog, he remains a child who loves to fool around from time to time, and therefore will be great to join the family of active people or lovers of the morning jog, that is, suitable for people who do not have problems bringing a pet for a walk.

Great dogs live, on average, 9 years. But if the owner is caring, then 13 years is not the limit.

4. Pyrenean Mastiff

Pyrenean Mastiff. The breed originated in the region of the Pyrenean Mountains of Spain, it was bred specifically for the protection of herds, and therefore the extraction instinct of the Pyrenean mastiff is poorly developed, but the herd instinct is well developed. They are obedient, albeit somewhat lazy, but exactly until it is time to work. The breed protected herds from bears and wolves in the Pyrenees, and the size of the dog and the innate guard qualities provided almost absolute protection for the herd. Despite this, the Pyrenean Mastiff is usually a very good-natured and calm dog, which rarely barks and shows aggression only when it is really necessary.

A dog of this breed is excellent for children and animals living with it under the same roof. Let the Pyrenean Mastiff and a good breed with a loving character, but he is too serious about his duties, and therefore requires an experienced, strong owner. If the owner is too passive, the dog is unlikely to respect him. Of course, this large breed should be brought up from an early age, it should bring confidence and remember that in the nature of the mastiff – suspicion of strangers.

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The height of the dog of the Pyrenean Mastiff is 77 to 81 cm, females – from 72 to 75 cm. The weight of the dog is from 70 to 85 kg, females from 60 to 75 kg. Sometimes you can find "horses" weighing over a hundred kilograms! The dimensions are impressive, but even if the dog is not a born athlete, the walk, with the ability to run and explore the territory of their possessions, will definitely like it.

What Breeds Of Dogs Are The Largest, Largest And Strongest In The World?

St. Bernards are friendly, convivial, healthy people with a stable character, in whose eyes lies age-old wisdom. Powerful enough to feel confident, dogs of this breed are surprisingly soft, which makes them excellent playmates for children. None of the normal representatives of the breed will miss the opportunity to frolic properly, especially in the winter in the snow.

St. Bernards – the strongest dog in the world, and you are hardly surprised to see this strongman in the list. The 80 – kilogram representative of the breed managed in 1978 to move a load, the weight of which was equal to almost 3000 kilogram, to a distance of 4.5 meters in just a minute and a half!

Let the good-natured appearance not deceive you: these dogs are betrayed and, if circumstances so require. stand up for family members. In their youth, the St. Bernards are rather stubborn, but they are easily trained and their nature is inherent in the desire to please their master. In order to manage a growing animal without problems, the scale of the personality of which grows with it itself, it is necessary to be engaged in education since its appearance in the house.

In preparation for the emergence of a St. Bernard puppy (or taking an animal from a shelter), you should be ready to live in a house with a large dog. They need space, and therefore it will be more difficult to move around the house. This, of course, is a bit exaggerated. But you can say with full confidence that the St. Bernard is perfect for active people, experienced dog breeders, families with children, as well as those who are calm about snoring, drooling and wool. Breed will not be the best choice for those who live in an apartment, but will be able to live there, with the condition of daily walking and the ability to run, which will allow the dog to lift restrictions in space.

The height of the male St. Bernard is from 70 to 90 cm, females – from 65 to 80 cm. The weight of males is from 70 to 90 kg (and higher), the bough is from 55 to 75 kg.

2. Spanish Mastiff

What Breeds Of Dogs Are The Largest, Largest And Strongest In The World?

Spanish Mastiff is the largest breed of dogs at number two, famous for its excellent guard qualities and courage: the dog will rush into battle with even a wolf, even with a boar or a bear. This courage, at one time, was very useful to farmers. As is the case with many other breeds in the list, there is no upper limit to the size of the animal in the breed standard; dogs of Spanish mastiff weigh from 65 to 80 kg, the weight of bitches is 55 – 70 kg. There are also real stalls, whose weight reaches 100 kg or more. The minimum height of males is 77 cm, bitches – 72 cm.

With proper training and relying socialization, the Spanish Mastiff will be a great family companion. They are calm, but mistrustful to strangers and can be aggressive towards their own kind, especially if they feel threatened with “their herd” (the word “herd” means family). Like some rocks in the list, the mastiff looks a bit awkward when it moves. Do not let this mislead you: the Spanish Mastiff gains unprecedented dexterity when it comes to protecting the sheep of your flock (or family members).

The Spanish Mastiff is quite independent of nature, as are most of the breeds bred to protect livestock. If you are looking for a dog that will constantly spin around you like a gentle cat or a young terrier will run behind an abandoned frisbee plate, then you should look for another pet. Spanish mastiffs, above all, working dogs. If you want to live under the same roof with a massive, noble, reliable guard dog that does not take much trouble, the Spanish Mastiff is your choice. But remember that the owner of the breed requires tolerance to snoring and dog saliva.

1. English Mastiff.

What Breeds Of Dogs Are The Largest, Largest And Strongest In The World?

The English Mastiff is the hardest breed, reaching an impressive size. English mastiffs have sad eyes and dangling cheeks – these traits that some breeders love so much, often depicted by caricaturists in their work. The largest dog in the world (photo above). Male Zorbro, weighing as much as 156 kg! Although some believe that the dog was simply overweight. On average, the weight of the English Mastiff dog is from 75 kg and higher, bitches – from 70 kg. Growing males from 75 cm, bitches. from 70 cm

When you come home, you will most likely find a dog stretched out on a sofa, slightly lifting its head in your direction and lazily wagging its tail. Some individuals can be very lazy, but do not allow the mastiff to lie on the sides for days on end, because physical activity is simply necessary! The breed is suitable for single people, families with older children, seasoned dog breeders, or just responsible people.

Whatever breed you want – you can get it or take some of the represented individuals in the shelter. In addition to the fact that you have to rely on funds and living space for the maintenance of the dog, you should always remember to pay special attention to education and training, to walk fully. Of course, if you do not want a monster to grow out of your teddy bear. By the way, what breed do you want yourself? Do you think you can handle it?

I hope you liked the photos of big dogs and now you have an idea about the largest representatives of the canine. Be sure to follow on the largest and smallest rocks. Dedicated to dog lovers;)

Not everyone likes small dogs, but most of those who are indifferent to small creatures, simply never had experience with them. The ability to find an approach to his master, the desire to please and the thirst for attention makes the miniature breeds magnificent, the most devoted companions.

Are there any fighting dog breeds, and why do some breeds have such a bad reputation? Are dogs called fighting dogs dangerous? If you are a fan of serious breeds, then what should you know before becoming the owner of such a dog?

Choosing a dog in your apartment? Or are you a resident of a private house, and want to sleep more calmly at night, knowing that the peace of the family is protected by a serious dog? The article will help you with the choice of breed and tell you what will be most appropriate to your living conditions!

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