What Can Make A Dog 15 Ideas With Your Own Hands

Good day, dear needlewomen. You have already thought about New Year’s gifts. A dog do it yourself is a great option.

This gift has several advantages:

  • low costs, as many materials can be found in bins;
  • originality, handicrafts do not find their twin in one hundred percent similarity;
  • positive energy, a piece of soul will be put into each masterpiece.

Handwritten gifts will benefit their manufacturers. As the creative process develops hand motor skills and expands thinking.

Crafts for the New Year 2018 do it yourself

What to make puppies for the holiday? There are many variations. Surely every master has a favorite type of needlework. I love to bake beautiful treats, weave beads and sew from felt. Just all this is suitable for creating the character of the year.

The article will be able to find various workshops:

  1. products from improvised means (bottles, packages, etc.);
  2. cookies in the shape of the faces of dogs;
  3. clay products;
  4. felt toys.

Homemade doggies will be useful not only for gifts, but also for personal use. Decorate with them a Christmas tree, a table or use them as a keychain, magnet, home decor, etc.

Ideas for making handmade dogs for the New Year holidays

The symbol of 2018 is officially recognized by the Dog. According to the holiday custom, every home should have the image of the mistress of the year. It can be presented in different guises: a souvenir, a toy, a magnet, a key chain, a picture, a calendar, etc. However, one of the best choices is a handmade product.

What Can Make A Dog 15 Ideas With Your Own Hands

Crafts made of felt with patterns

Felt is a dense material, similar to felt in its texture. Available in rolls and sheets of various colors. Fabric is different in thickness. For the future little puppies better to buy a thin cloth.

Work with such raw materials will bring a lot of pleasure to the needlewoman. Felt does not require processing along the edges and is easily glued. From it you can cut any shape, and it does not take much time.

Master class for the production of scotch terrier

This toy is easy to manufacture. Even a child can handle it. Therefore, if you have children, feel free to connect them to the process. Any kind of needlework develops motility and thinking, instills taste.

  • light-colored felt;
  • glue gun;
  • threads of similar colors;
  • needle;
  • scissors;
  • ribbon bright colors;
  • a pen;
  • black beads;
  • safety pins;
  • paper;
  • filler (synthetic winterizer).
  1. Print templates according to the pattern and cut them. Fix the finished samples to the material with pins for more convenient cutting. On one dog will need to make 2 patterns of the side of the body and legs, as well as one piece for the ears and forehead.
  2. Attach a piece of fabric to each other and fasten together with pins to make it easier to sew. Do not forget to leave a small hole under the stuffing of the toy.
  3. Make the eyes of the black beads by attaching them with a needle thread or glue gun.
  4. Build a collar from the tape. Felt flower stick on the side of the neck girth.
  5. Only four steps will lead you to the creation of your masterpiece. The step-by-step instruction of all the felt puppies is similar to the steps above. Only patterns are different.

What Can Make A Dog 15 Ideas With Your Own Hands

Sample dog with a speck

To sew such a toy will need sheets of felt in contrasting colors.

The puppy’s mouth can be embroidered using black floss threads.

What Can Make A Dog 15 Ideas With Your Own Hands

Such small products are well suited for the manufacture of key chains and magnets. Simply insert a key ring or stick a tape.

Keychain Pug

The photo is signed, how much each part will need to be cut. The phased production of a pug-shaped keychain includes standard steps.

What Can Make A Dog 15 Ideas With Your Own Hands

What Can Make A Dog 15 Ideas With Your Own Hands

In the same way, you can make different versions of the symbols of 2018 on the patterns.

What Can Make A Dog 15 Ideas With Your Own Hands

What Can Make A Dog 15 Ideas With Your Own Hands

Arm yourself with all the necessary items, print out the patterns, select the appropriate material colors and create the masterpieces ahead.

Polymer clay figurines

Interesting solutions can be realized with the help of such a subject for creativity as plastic. It comes in a different structure:

  • liquid;
  • rubber;
  • translucent;
  • with the addition of sparkles;
  • able to glow under the rays of ultraviolet radiation;
  • mother of pearl;
  • for the production of dolls and removal of forms.
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The color scheme of the material is quite extensive. This will allow you to create puppies of any design.

Before proceeding to work with polymer clay, read the basic recommendations:

Prepare the work surface and the necessary tools:

  • stationery knife;
  • toothpicks;
  • rolling pin.
  1. Select dishes for baking, which will not be further used for baking products. It is advisable to cover it with baking paper.
  2. Take sandpaper for sharpening irregularities and plastic varnish so that the products retain their original appearance longer.
  3. If you want to make dogs in the form of jewelry or keychain, then stock up on accessories.
  4. In order to get the skills of the initial level and to understand whether you like to engage in modeling, look at the training lesson of Anna Oskina.

Polymer clay dog: step by step with a photo

We will need the following items:

  • polymer clay of different colors;
  • board or other working surface for modeling;
  • instruments.
  1. In order for the clay to become softer, you need a warm temperature. Your hands will do. Remember it a bit, and it will become supple.
    First of all, mold the body to the future polymer puppy. Roll a piece into a ball and form a drop shape.
    Form the legs. To give them the fingers, use the stack.
  2. Gather the details together: torso, legs.
  3. Take the black matter and give it an outline of the ears, eye and spout. Attach them to the face.
    Attach a pink collar and plant a head on it.
  4. Blind handles and attach them to the base.
  5. From a red ball, form a skate with wheels of yellow clay.
  6. Combining the dog with a sports attribute, you get a finished toy.

What Can Make A Dog 15 Ideas With Your Own Hands

Good day, dear needlewomen. You have already thought about New Year’s gifts. A dog do it yourself is a great option. This gift has several advantages:……

Knowing the basics of working with matter, it is possible to understand the stages of making figurines from pictures. The image depicts the production of Dalmatians.

As we see, here you need only two colors of plastic: black and white. imaging magazine: Porcelana Fria

A more complicated option is a puppy in a basket. Color clay, toothpicks and a stack will be needed.

What Can Make A Dog 15 Ideas With Your Own Hands

Cute white dogs made of polymer clay are easy to manufacture. Their step-by-step instruction is displayed on the photo.

They can be made in different poses and put on the shelf as a talisman for 2018.

What Can Make A Dog 15 Ideas With Your Own Hands

Want to be able to sculpt any puppies, including cartoon characters? Pro with a master class.

Phased technique of weaving dachshund beads

  1. The color scheme is not limited. Decide on her own. The photo shows a dachshund of brown beads.
  2. The technology of weaving is divided into two levels: lower and upper. This can be seen along the line of the junction in the picture. The wire is taken 2-3 mm thick, depending on the size of the beads.
  3. Take one bead of black color, a couple of pieces of brown and stretch it. The length of the wire will be one and a half meters.
  4. Second row: the upper tier consists of three beads. Pull the second end of the wire through them and fasten it so that you get two rows.
  5. Further weaving occurs in the same way.
  6. The third row should contain 4 and 5 beads, the fourth – 5 and 7.
  7. Fifth row: in the upper tier a black bead is strung after every two brown, in the lower level five monophonic.
  8. More dark beads are not required. In the sixth row it is necessary to leave a residual cut under the ears. The upper level – 10 pcs., The lower – 5 pcs.
  9. In the seventh row of 10 beads, in which the second end is pulled and does not tighten too much. An extra length for the ears goes through the six beads in the center. In the lower tier at this stage there will be 4 beads.
  10. Weaving ears with the usual flat canvas.
  11. The eighth row contains nine and six parts, the ninth – seven and nine, the tenth – six, eleven.
  12. Six beads are strung on the upper tier, on the bottom 13. Here the second end of the wire is threaded with the remainder of a thirty-centimeter length for the legs.
  13. The twelfth and thirteenth rows consist of the same amount of beads as the previous one. Here it is necessary to hold a second tip without paws for the foot.
  14. 14 row: 6 and 13; 15 row: 6, 12; 16 row: 6, 11; 17-18 rows: 6 and 10 pcs .; 19 row: 6, 9.
  15. In the twentieth row, which contains 6 and 8 beads, it is necessary to carry out a residual cut to form the hind legs.
  16. 21 row: 6 and 8 beads.
  17. In a 22 row, a tail is formed from 11 beads in the upper level. Below will be 6 details.
  18. In the 23rd row, the base of the body is completed. Here 2 and 1 beads are gathered.
  19. From the remaining wire weave hind legs with bulky technique.
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What Can Make A Dog 15 Ideas With Your Own Hands

This toy can be hung on the Christmas tree or on the front door as a guard in the coming year of the dog.

Dogs for the New Year from scrap materials

Do you want to please loved ones with special gifts, while not splurging on purchases? You can create wonderful little things with the symbol of the year with your own hands. It is not necessary to spend a lot on accessories for creativity, as many objects are usually found in almost every home.

Toy for the year of the dog from plastic bottles

Surely in every home there is an unnecessary container from under the drinks. Do not rush to throw away. Of these, you can make various crafts, including gifts by 2018.

Detailed master class doggy in the photo from the city of masters can be viewed on the video.

The symbol of the coming year of plastic bottles can be of different sizes, colors and shapes. It all depends on the source materials and your imagination.

For the manufacture of crafts we will need the following materials:

  • bottle,
  • glue or double sided tape,
  • colored paper
  • covers (4 pieces),
  • cocktail tubes (2 pieces).

The creative process itself takes a little time and includes the following steps:

  1. Measure the girth of the bottle and cut out two strips of the desired length from paper of different colors.
  2. We make 2 ears, tongue, nose, eyes, tail and four small hearts to decorate the future legs of the dog.
  3. Glue to both ends of the cap tubes.
  4. We dress the torso from plastic with the prepared parts and get a pretty toy.
  5. You can simplify the manufacture of crafts and make it without cutting and gluing additional parts. Need only paint. Beads for the eyes and nose are used as desired. Everything can be drawn. At the same time, owning artistic talents is not required.
  6. Take two bottoms from the bottles and seal them together with glue. Then take the paint and paint the plastic base.
  7. A beverage container can be sheathed with a cloth, and then you get an interesting option for the image of the hostess of the year.

What Can Make A Dog 15 Ideas With Your Own Hands

Step by step instructions piggy bank

A plastic bottle product can not only decorate a shelf as a toy or souvenir, but also perform useful functions. For example, to keep cash.

  • two-liter containers, washed after the drink;
  • four skeins of sewing thread;
  • paint;
  • glue gun and adhesive tape;
  • newspaper;
  • flour diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1;
  • paper bags;
  • hole puncher;
  • black marker;
  • decoupage;
  • red, black paper;
  • felt;
  • traffic jams;
  • file;
  • patterns for the bottom (1), ears (7.8), nose (6), eyes (4.5), tongue (2);
  • grinding tool.
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What Can Make A Dog 15 Ideas With Your Own Hands

  1. Glue the coil to the body of the thread. They will serve as legs. Attach figurines made of transparent material (file, food bag) to the ears. Mark the center line with a marker.
  2. Fasten the paper and form the tail. For its stability we wrap a part with adhesive tape.
  3. Glue the base with newspapers using flour with water. After drying, the first layer is laid next. In total, there should be 3 layers. For convenience, the newspaper is recommended to cut into strips. To dry the layers faster, you can resort to using a hair dryer.
  4. We cut a hole under the coins, put a decoupage and paint the product.
  5. In the preparation for the nose we make holes using a hole punch. If the device is not at hand, then cut them yourself.
  6. We decorate the edges of the paws with black felt, put dots imitating the whiskers, eyes, nose and tongue on the muzzle.

What Can Make A Dog 15 Ideas With Your Own Hands

Thus, we get a beautiful handmade piggy bank.

Plastic bag toy

From simple, accessible to everyone, household objects quite good things turn out.

The following items will be required:

  • packages (the amount depends on the size of the dog);
  • foam rubber;
  • threads, needles;
  • the cloth.

Such a dog is done as follows:

  1. Sheathe foam with a cloth. You should have a torso with head, paws and tail. Patterns are not needed here.
  2. We make wool from packages. Cut them into strips and sew to the woven base. Should proceed from the tail.
  3. Eyes and nose can be cut from both fabric and paper.
  4. Spread the "hairs" crafts and decorate it with a bow, collar, etc.

What Can Make A Dog 15 Ideas With Your Own Hands

If such products are sewn into small sizes and tied with laces, then they will perfectly serve as Christmas-tree toys.

Festive Cookies

Treats in the form of dog muzzles will decorate your New Year’s table and fit as a gift to relatives.

To bake such creations, you will need:

  • flour (3 tbsp.);
  • two eggs;
  • butter (100 g.);
  • vanilla sugar (1 tsp);
  • baking powder dough (1 bag);
  • sugar (0.5 tbsp);
  • two tablespoons of sour cream and cocoa.
  1. Chop the butter into small crumb and rub it with sugar.
  2. Add sour cream, eggs and whisk the contents with a mixer.
  3. Mix the flour with a baking powder and form a slide, in the center of which you will mix the whipped mixture.
  4. Knead the dough and divide it into two parts, one of which is colored dark with cocoa. Then put it in the fridge for half an hour.
  5. Cut out of the dough a few hearts of dark and light color. In order to get the ears, cut the figure in half.
  6. Put the products on a baking sheet and place the bake in the oven preheated to 180-200 degrees. Cooking time is 15 – 20 minutes.

Detailed instructions for Christmas baking are described in the video.

Handmade dogs can be made using any kind of needlework. Here everyone chooses a method to his liking.

Sobachki do it yourself at home: video master classes

The first video will reveal all the steps of making a dog step by step from the ordinary twine.

The second is from satin ribbons. A small souvenir of ribbons can be mounted on a hairpin. And you can glue a magnet to the finished craftwork made from satin ribbons on the back side, and settle the four-legged friend on the refrigerator door.

The original symbol of the New Year is obtained from waste material, for example, tights. We’ll have to stock up on tights of different colors, filler, Christmas toys, glue, paints on the fabric. How to make a symbol of 2018 with eyes, cilia, look at the video.

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