What Carrier For Dogs

What are carriers for dogs

Unlike cats, dogs become attached to a person, not to a house or to a place. Therefore, if you like to travel, but do not want to part with your pet, you just can not do without a special carrying.

What Carrier For Dogs

Carriers for dogs are different. Some are designed for long-distance trips – flights, traveling by train, car, etc., others are only suitable for short trips to the vet, others – for home use, visiting exhibitions or photo shoots.

The variety of assortment of devices for transportation can confuse even an experienced dogman. We will show you how to choose the right carrier for the animal, so that the owner and the dog feel comfortable.

What Carrier For Dogs

What is important

  1. The size. The animal should be comfortable and spacious. Ideally, the dog should be able to turn 360 degrees inside the product.
  2. Material. It is advisable to choose high-quality, hypoallergenic materials.
  3. Air access. Good ventilation will help the animal to easily overcome long distance crossings.
  4. Hard bottom. The dog should have a solid support under its paws, and not hang like a hammock.
  5. Mounts and fittings. Must be durable and serviceable, so that the animal does not run away.

What are the carriers

Today the market offers a huge range of various accessories for animals. And carrying is no exception. These can be: backpacks, slings, bags, containers, baskets, cages, etc.

Let us dwell on each of the species.

What Carrier For Dogs

Tissue carrying

A favorite among dog lovers. Such carrying is convenient not only for the animal, but also for the owner. It is convenient to carry it both in the hands and on the shoulder, to be transported over long distances.

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Textile carrier is suitable for frequent use, but it has one significant disadvantage – it is difficult to wash it. If there was a nuisance on the road, it would be difficult to erode the smell of textile fabric.

Plastic container

Spacious and reliable device for transportation of dogs. Durable material will survive even a large animal, will not suffer from claws and teeth.

Plastic container is allowed to carry in the plane, train, convenient to install in the car.

Suitable for long distances, easy to clean and hygienic. If desired, you can install a dog feeder or toilet tray in the container.

Trolley bag

Suitable for stress-resistant dogs, which will not be frightened by the sound of wheels and the legs of strangers that flash before your eyes.

It is convenient to use when hands are busy or the animal is too heavy to carry in a standard hand carry.

What Carrier For Dogs

Metal cells

They are mainly used to transport large animals. Cells come in different shapes and sizes. It can be installed in the trunk of a car, fixed on board an aircraft or in a train compartment.

Backpack or sling

Suitable for small dogs weighing not more than 8 kg. Carriers of this kind are suitable for cyclists, lovers of hiking or hiking, who go on vacation with their pets.

One of the drawbacks of the backpack is the limited movement of the animal. A dog may take only a sitting posture inside the product, so do not keep it in a backpack for too long.

In a sling, a dog can lie down.

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What Carrier For Dogs

Bag for small dogs

Accessory is not so important for a dog, but for its owner. Bags come in different shapes, colors and sizes, so you can pick it up for any look.

The bag will reliably protect your pet from cold, wind, will help to hide from the rain or the scorching sun.

A dog in such a bag can be taken in a cafe, at a social event and just for a walk in the park.

Wicker baskets

More suitable as a demonstration option for exhibitions and photo shoots. But not convenient for walking and transportation. They do not protect the animal from snow, rain and wind. It is hot in the basket in summer and cold in winter.

In addition, it is the most unhygienic version of the carrying. Plexus rods hard to remove wool and remove the unpleasant smell.

Let’s sum up

Approach the choice of carrying responsibly, but do not overdo it with the search for the ideal option.

Remember that the dog does not need excesses. Enough to have warm, dry and comfortable inside.

We advise you to purchase a carrier in advance so that the animal can get used to a new place. And, going on a trip, do not forget to bring your favorite toy or treat to your four-legged friend. He will certainly appreciate your care and attention.

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