What Toys Do Puppies Need?

Buying a puppy you need to take care of the necessary things for him, and toys are some of those things that help the pet to grow and cope with boredom. Toys for puppies and adult dogs are similar, but still there are some differences.

Why do puppies need toys

In puppies during the period of changing teeth, between the ages of 2.5-3 months, there is a tendency to constantly nibble something, so that the kids do not gnaw on shoes, furniture and other objects not intended for this, their attention should be switched to toys. The tendency to gnaw is associated not only with the change of milk teeth, but also with the natural feature of dogs. When puppies gnaw, they get pleasure, feel joy, so they study the world around them, trying things on taste and tooth.

Toys are the link between the puppy and the owner, because through joint games there is communication, building relationships between the puppy and the owner.

They need puppies in the learning process, which should begin as soon as possible. The process of training should be interesting and should be associated with a pet with something pleasant, good. It is toys that can cause positive associations in a puppy, turning the learning process into an interesting and exciting game.

Types of puppy toys

Edible, such as rawhide, satisfy the puppy’s need to chew and help clean the teeth. The kid breaks them, gradually eating. It is necessary to choose edible toys carefully, since some can be treated with substances hazardous to the health of the pet. In addition, it is better not to give the puppy hard edible toys, such as hooves, rough bones that can damage the pet’s teeth. The animal will experience pain, and the owner can know about it only after a few weeks.

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Balls and plates are most loved by many dogs. Active ball games (for example, for tennis) strengthen the baby physically. However, it is better to choose balls and plates for active breeds.

Rollers or cords can be given to puppies who have already had tooth changes, otherwise the bite will be broken. They are designed to develop grip on certain breeds, and such toys may be needed for puppies of the German shepherd, as well as they gently clean their teeth.

What Toys Do Puppies Need?

Puppy toys with squeakers are very popular. Dogs love to play with them, but having shown the cunning and quick-wittedness of a dog, having understood how to extract a squeaker, quickly lose interest. To choose toys with a squeaker you need such that they make a not too loud sound.

What Toys Do Puppies Need?

Buying a puppy you need to take care of the necessary things for him, and toys are some of those things that help the pet to grow and cope with boredom…….

Interactive toys for puppies take toddlers when they are left alone at home. The dog will spend a lot of time, like Kong, trying to get a treat out of him.

For dogs who like to play in the water, you can buy floating toys, including inflatable balloons.

Soft toys made of wool, plush, absorb the smell of a dog, and puppies like to play with them, sleep, carry with them. They can act as hot-water bottles, warming the puppy who was weaned from the mother. Feeling warm, the baby will sleep better at night, but soft toys can be dangerous. The danger lies in the fact that there is a filler inside, which the puppy can swallow by tearing the outer fabric, therefore, the pet must be supervised. In addition, having become accustomed to them, the puppy may also accept pillows for them, other soft objects not intended for the dog.

What Toys Do Puppies Need?

How to choose a toy for a puppy

The main selection criterion is safety. The toy should be made of non-toxic materials that are not hazardous to a pet, so that the animal can chew and gnaw without harm to health. They should not have an unpleasant smell, and dyes should be non-toxic.

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If we talk about materials, then the most safe, durable and durable are latex, such as Kong and Nylabone, silicone, rubber and textile (cords) toys. Rubber do not differ in durability, but it is better to choose from soft rubber, because the hard rubber pieces of toys, getting into the stomach, harden, clog the intestines, and will have to be removed surgically.

It is better to choose cast models that do not have extra parts. Small puppies often prefer soft toys, but buying such, you need to pay attention to the length of the pile. It is better to buy with short fur, after removing the loose parts, such as eyes, nose, ears, tail, ribbons. It is important that other types of toys are soft for the teeth, since hard can injure the gums and teeth of the pet.

Choosing toys for a puppy you need to consider whether the dog will show interest in them, and not because they like the owner. After all, a toy that seems boring to a person can become the best and most attractive for a dog. The choice depends on the size, game behavior of the dog.

If the dog has already gnawed and disassembled the toy into parts, then the next one, it will gnaw faster, because it will already know how it works. Therefore, better to buy different options. It is not necessary to buy many identical models for the first time, because the puppy may not show interest in them, then the money will be wasted.

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It is necessary to choose toys for puppies such that they serve for a long time, because frequent replacement can hit the wallet a lot and be practical, for example, so that you can easily wash off the stuck dirt.

It is known that dogs distinguish between yellow and blue color, the rest of the colors they see in various shades of gray, as well as in black and white. Therefore, you can give preference to toys of yellow and blue color, so the puppy will pay more attention to them and this can help in the training.

What toys are forbidden to give puppies

You can not give play Christmas rain or tinsel, which the puppy can swallow and pull them will be difficult. There are cases when surgery was required.

Worn, torn toys should be replaced in a timely manner, otherwise there is a risk that the pet will accidentally swallow the particles, which in turn can lead to intestinal blockage.

Old sneakers, shoes and other clothes are not suitable for games, since as a puppy matures, the puppy will understand that the shoes standing at the door are also his toys and they can be nibbled.

It should be remembered that it is not correct to simply offer the puppy a toy and leave, leaving him alone. You need to teach your pet to play, so that he becomes interested and understand what he needs to do.

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