What Toys To Choose For Chihuahua

What Toys To Choose For Chihuahua

For chihuahuas, toys are just as important a part of life as they are for children. They help build a close relationship between the owner and the dog, and also make any training interesting and fun. This means that the process of training will take place quickly and without any problems. In addition to proper development, toys can also relieve the Chihuahua of boredom during the absence of the owner. In this article we will talk about which toys can be given to a decorative dog, and which ones should be discarded.

What are they needed for

Toys perform many important functions in the life of a chihuahua.

While you are not at home, your cute pet can do many unpleasant things. For example, gnaw accidentally forgotten shoes, legs at the table or break a vase. After all, the dog is sad, boring and lonely without you. To avoid such problems, always leave chihuahua toys. She will be happy to play while waiting for you, instead of spoiling your property.

When a baby starts changing teeth, which usually occurs at the age of three to four months, he begins to gnaw everything. If you give the puppy adequate items on time, you will not only get rid of possible inconveniences, but also help speed up this natural process.

What Toys To Choose For Chihuahua

Dogs gradually accumulate energy, which can be eliminated with the help of active games. Such loads will help the proper physical development of the Chihuahua. Also during outdoor games, good friendships are established between you and the pet.

In the early days of the appearance of the puppy, the Chihuahua toys will help him adapt to the new conditions. During the first walks in the yard or on special sites, toys are simply indispensable for the timely socialization of the pet.

During training, some toys help in teaching dogs certain commands and tricks. For example, an order "aport" or overcoming small barriers.

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Security basics

That is why, if you have small children in your family, always make sure that they do not give their toys to a pet.

The materials from which toys for dogs are made should not have a specific toxic smell. Prefer latex, vinyl and rubber.

What Toys To Choose For Chihuahua

It is also necessary to periodically check each toy for its integrity. If you notice that any item is damaged – feel free to throw it away. A chihuahua can easily bite off and swallow a piece of a broken thing. And this often leads to disruption of the gastrointestinal tract.

You need to give your pet objects that are proportionate to the size of his jaws. With a toy that is too big, it will not be very interesting for him to play, and a small dog can swallow it or simply choke with it.

Never let your baby play with Christmas tinsel or rain. If he swallows such an object, then the case can go to surgery.

If your dog is allergic, then before you buy a suitable thing, consult your veterinarian. After inspection and diagnosis, he will tell you what items you can give the baby, and what you can not.

What Toys To Choose For Chihuahua

For chihuahuas, toys are just as important a part of life as they are for children. They help build a close relationship between the owner and the dog,……

A wealth of choice

Among the diverse assortment of toys for your chihuahua it is very easy to get confused. Do not buy the first available, approach the choice with full responsibility. Remember that a toy for a dog is a way to get to know the world around it, not just fun. During active games, the pet learns a lot, for example, to protect its territory.

Consider each type of toy separately to help you with your selection.

What Toys To Choose For Chihuahua

Interactive toys

With such items, Chihuahuas can play with you. They are divided into two types:

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The plate, after its launch, flies for a while, falls and remains in one place. The pet must run to her and bring you back.

Dogs love to play with balls, because they jump, and then also roll. This game helps the chihuahua to get rid of excess energy, as well as develop physically. Balls can be made of rubber or rubber. There are special balls for games in the water.

What Toys To Choose For Chihuahua

Entertaining toys

You can safely give them to your pet and go about your business – your participation in the game will not be needed.

You can give the dog rope, roller or rope. They differ in size and at the same time perform two important functions. First, they imitate the fight against prey; such a game will take the baby for a long time. Secondly, chaffing the cord, Chihuahua cleans its teeth from the remaining pieces of food. But before the change of teeth to give such items is not necessary, otherwise you can spoil the bite of the dog.

What Toys To Choose For Chihuahua

Also for self-play are perfect toys, chew. They not only clean the teeth of the pet, but also massage the gums, thereby relieving stress during the change of teeth. In order not to spoil the chihuahua bite, buy her latex or vinyl chewing pads.

Entertaining toys

This category includes products from Kong. They are made of rubber of a certain type, so that they can be easily gnawed. They have two openings, and inside there is a special container. There you can put some delicacy.

Thus, this type of toy performs several actions:

  • massage the pet’s gums;
  • develop jaw muscles;
  • form the behavior you need in a Chihuahua;
  • provide a great mood to the baby;
  • distracts the kid from your absence.

Dental toys

Such items can be safely given to a pet and not worried that he will eat them. After all, it is for this purpose that they are intended – there will be no harm to the dog. And still it is better to choose round chewing pads, so that the baby could not bite off too large a piece.

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Stuffed Toys

Despite the fact that chihuahuas simply adore soft toys, especially with squeal-makers inside, and love to sleep with them, you will have to watch the game with such objects all the time. Curious dogs can just gnaw a new thing, then to eat filler.

What Toys To Choose For Chihuahua

Educational toys

Such toys are created both for fun and for learning new skills:

  • development of attention;
  • the ability to make choices;
  • make decisions yourself.

With such items, the dog must play with you so that you can show it exactly what to do. Chihuahua gets new knowledge, and you notice what abilities your baby can possess.

Remember that giving a chihuahua a toy and just leaving is the wrong action. The baby first needs to be interested in the new thing, wait until he sniffs and gets used to it. And after that it is necessary to teach how to play with the object, so that the pet knows what to do. Only then can the toy give him pleasure, and you – calm.

Right choice

Determining the choice, it is best to look at your pet. His temperament will help you make a decision. Quiet dogs are unlikely to run after the balls, most likely they will fall asleep next to a soft toy. To active dogs, on the contrary, serve plates, balls, cords — they will be after them with great pleasure to run or carry with them.

What Toys To Choose For Chihuahua

If you still could not choose, then buy several different toys at once. Give your chihuahua one item per day and watch her behavior carefully. And a lot of toys will bring dogs only joy, because they are like children.

And the more your dog likes to play?

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