Why Do We Need Carriers For Dogs?

Why Do We Need Carriers For Dogs?

Why do we need dog carriers?

If you are going to travel or travel with your beloved dog, you need to think about its comfort. Despite the fact that many dog ​​breeders consider dog carriers or transport cages cruel and heartless way, they are indispensable in the ordinary life of every dogman.

It is important to understand that dog carrying bags – this is a secretive corner, a refuge for an animal during a trip from the outside world, where the pet will feel comfortable and protected.

Carrying bags may be needed at home. For example, if guests come to you, who suffer from allergies or fear of dogs, it is better to close the animal in a remote room or put it in a carrier. This also applies when workers come to the apartment (plumbing, electricians, etc.).

Carriers are used not only for dogs of small breeds, but also for medium-sized adult animals.

Do not buy a bag just because of the visual attractiveness. The most important thing is for the dog to feel comfortable and cozy in its temporary shelter.

Carrying should fit pet size and weight. In an oversized bag, a dog can “hang out” freely, thereby causing itself pain and discomfort, and a small carrying can simply not bear the weight of your pet.

Make sure that the bag was good breathability. Shortage of air will surely cause panic in the animal, fear, anxiety. In this case, calm and lightweight trains are definitely out of the question.

Required safety detail – inner short leash, which is fastened to the collar. The carabiner must be durable and reliable to keep the pet during a sharp jerk.

The dog should be comfortable, so be sure to make a soft mat. As a rule, a rug (or even two) come with a carry.

For homeowners of great importance are pens bagsdog carriers. They should be very strong, but at the same time soft enough to avoid rubbing and calluses on your hands.

Do not forget to carefully examine material, from which the carriage is made. It must be of high quality, stitched, without unnecessary halls, bends and other visible defects. If you choose a bag made of artificial leather, pay attention to the presence of foreign odors. There is? It is worth seeing a model from other materials.

Why Do We Need Carriers For Dogs?

Choose a bag worth proceeding from the seasons. Modern dog carriers are divided into three groups: demi-season, summer and winter. All bags can be made of a variety of materials: artificial leather or a combination of leather with genuine leather, thick cotton fabrics, velor and others.

Winter models are characterized by internal insulation, which does not allow the pet to freeze in frosty weather, summer bags – carrying are made of light breathable tissues, not allowing the pet to overheat inside. Therefore, it is better to purchase several transports according to weather conditions.

What are dog carriers?

Currently, there are several main types of carriers for animals:

  1. Tissue bags – carrying;
  2. Boxes;
  3. Backpack carrying;
  4. Sling for dogs.

Now a little more about each form.

Fabric bags are most popular among owners dogs of small breeds. For convenience of travel, they have short handles and a long strap, which allows you to carry it in your hands or on your shoulder.

Bags for small dogs are also made of velor, suede, artificial or genuine leather. They must be provided with a viewing window that allows the dog to breathe and observe your movements.

Boxes are designed for transporting medium sized dogs.. Boxes are small suitcases on wheels. Required the presence of a mesh window. Average dogs quite reluctantly agree to travel in the pits, so to teach your pet to such a "shelter" is from a young age. Adult pet can lure your favorite treats or toys that are previously hidden in the carrier.

Usually boxes are used to travel to the vet or on long journeys by train / plane.

Carrying backpack not very popular with dog lovers and love with pets. This means of transportation is suitable only for educated and balanced animals. As a rule, dogs in backpacks feel in danger because of a breakdown in communication with the owner. For the owner, on the contrary, a backpack can be a real salvation with large luggage or long-haul outings.

Relatively new way to transport animalsdog sling. Sling, like a backpack, allows you to remain hands free. However, this method of transportation is carried by animals much easier compared to the previous one. The pet always sees the owner, is in open space and, most importantly, in any owner can caress or feed the four-legged pet.

When choosing a carrier for your furry friend, pay attention to every little thing, do not hesitate to ask questions to consultants, because only a knowledgeable person will help you find the perfect carrier for your adored pet!

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