Why Do We Need Toys For Dogs

Why Do We Need Toys For Dogs

Dog owners often compare pets with children. And there is a certain similarity. If only because both kids and tail friends need toys. For dogs, gnawing on something is an innate need. Therefore, it is simply illogical to scold and punish the dog for the gnawed leg of the chair or the ragged upholstery of the sofa. Instead of censures, make your dog a happy toy. And it does not matter, your dog is still very small or has already grown. There are toys for both adult quadrupeds and puppies. Why get so much fun for a pet? So:

  • when you leave home, the dog begins to grieve terribly. Whether you are the owner of a formidable and huge canoe Corso or a defenseless squirrel, in any case, a pet without you feels vulnerable. Sometimes this leads to spoiled things. Toys help animals survive stress — and that is a fact;
  • pet trinkets form the correct bite, clean the teeth from plaque and strengthen the gums. Many quadrupeds are subject to serious problems with teeth and gums, so toys are the key to a pet’s health;
  • If you make a company in your game, you will notice how a little dog produces a quick reaction and a tenacious grip. In addition, pet trinkets allow you to develop intelligence. Often they are used in the process of training.

How to understand that your chosen toy liked pet? To notice it is very simple: he will not part with the new fun. And so that the purchase was successful, we offer to get acquainted with the types of toys for dogs.

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What are toys for dogs?

Over the past few decades, the market for toys for quadrupeds has expanded significantly. Today you can find a toy for your pet for all occasions. Entertainment can be divided into the following types:

  • toys for the street;
  • products for the home;
  • toys for dog training;
  • toys for fun;
  • intellectual toys;
  • toys with additional effect.

And to choose exactly what suits your dog, you need to understand them well. What is the difference between home and street toys? What are the trinkets for fun? What is special about developing toys for dogs?

Toys for home

Why Do We Need Toys For Dogs

How to occupy a puppy while you are washing dishes or how to entertain an adult dog during your working hours? To the aid will come products that are suitable for domestic dog games. Among them:

Why Do We Need Toys For Dogs

Dog owners often compare pets with children. And there is a certain similarity. If only because both kids and tail friends need toys. For dogs, gnawing……

  • rubber dog food toys. The beauty of such fun is that the pet can have fun with it on their own. The product makes funny sounds that excite the dog’s imagination. The only minus of toy squeakers for dogs: they quickly wear out;
  • chewing toys for teeth. Such a trinket should be in every dog. As a rule, the product is made of offal and may resemble a normal stone from the outside. But, alas, the toy will live until the little dog … eats it;
  • soft toys for dogs. It looks like ordinary teddy bears and fur hares. Dog stuffed toys resemble children’s trinkets. But these products are sewn from durable fabric;
  • interactive dog toys. From such a fun dog will be delighted. The product is embedded in the product, causing the pet to get excited. He must perform certain actions with a toy with a treat inside, in order to get the lint. This is a sure way to divert the attention of a four-legged creature;
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For the street

Why Do We Need Toys For Dogs

Want to diversify workouts or entertain your favorite creature in nature? Does your pet have an inquiring mind and he loves variety? Boring trainings have no effect, but does the dog lose its head from the games? Take a closer look at the street toys. Among them there are options such as:

  • frisbee. What hyperactive dogs need. They love to chase after flying saucers and bring them to their master;
  • rope toy. For dogs, this is an excellent jaw simulator. As a rule, the products are made of rope, with rubber or plastic hooks attached to the ends. But playing dragging is possible only when a bite is formed in the dog;
  • dog pullers. An indispensable thing if you want to do self-training dogs. The ring, made of dense and at the same time soft material helps to learn the team, to develop a strong grip, lightning reaction, to adapt to the animal on the water;
  • balls for dogs. For fun, like a rubber ball, and the usual ball for tennis. The product should have a bright color to make it easier for the animal to find it in the grass.

If the dog does not react to a new knickknack, this does not mean that it does not like toys at all. Most likely, you simply did not guess with the choice of the product.

How to choose toys for dogs?

Why Do We Need Toys For Dogs

When choosing entertainment for your four-legged friend, consider the quality of the product. Of course, it is important that it be attractive. But it is not less important that the product does not pose a threat to the dog. If it is a rubber trinket, it should not smell like something chemical. After all, the real rubber does not have a sharp smell. Cheap latex dog toys can have a toxic smell. Silicone toys should have neat joints and perfect shape, which will indicate their quality.

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Choose a product that matches the size of the dog. Hardly a Yorkshire terrier can cope with a puller – a toy for big dogs. And the giant shepherd will swallow and will not notice a miniature chewing bone for small dogs. When buying a product with a squeaker and other small items, make sure that they are well fixed. Otherwise, the animal may swallow them. Fabrics should have strong seams. This is at least a guarantee that it will last a long time.

Do not forget that the dog is the same child. But he can’t talk. And if you do not have time to be always near, then make your leisure mutually bright and interesting.

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