125 angle grinder with speed control

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Electric angle grinder, popularly called “angle grinder”, rightfully occupies one of the first places in the list of the most popular and widespread versatile handheld power tools. Compete with it in this regard can only be a cordless electric drill and cordless electric screwdriver. Indeed, if you need something metal or stone saw, clean up, grind, grind, polish, without having for this special expensive equipment, it will come to the rescue is an angle grinder (angle grinder Vitals), which can be bought incomparably cheaper.

The main design feature of this power tool is that the axis of rotation of the cutting tool. Cutting or deburring disc. is at right angles to the longitudinal axis of the body and motor of the grinder, which is why it is called an angle grinder. Such a layout was chosen because due to the length of the lever formed by the body and the rear handle in relation to the spindle, allows you to easily compensate for the torque arising from the friction of the abrasive disc against the material to be worked. This, in turn, makes it possible, firstly, to precisely control the position of the abrasive disc at work, and secondly, to use large-diameter discs to increase productivity.

Although the angle grinder and is a universal tool, still, when choosing a specific model, you need to consider many factors, and in the first place. for what kind of work it will be most often used. So, to cut a thin sheet metal contraindicated heavy grinder high-power. they will burn and deform the metal. Conversely. it will be very difficult to cut a massive channel with a low-powered angle grinder with a 115 mm wheel.

Technical data of angle grinders (angle grinder).

  • 230 V supply voltage, 50 Hz frequency.
  • Power output 650. 2300 W.
  • Idle speed 0. 11000 rpm.
  • Max. disc diameter 115. 230 mm.
  • Weight 1.7. 6.4 kg.

Whatever angle grinder TM Vitals you have chosen, you can be sure of its reliability, performance and durability, provided that you use abrasive wheels of good quality and comply with all the rules of operation of this power tool. Buy angle grinder can be not only in stores selling tools, but also in online stores, which is more profitable and convenient.

angle grinder (angle grinders)

angle grinders or, in professional terms, angle grinders, are special units, through which you can easily cut tin, stone and similar materials, as well as to grind any surface and remove the rust layer.

Main varieties of bolt cutters

Modern models of bolt cutters are commonly divided into two types:

Products are characterized by low power, productivity (leaves much to be desired), limited hours of continuous operation and the number of functions. So, during one hour of work, the unit should stop three, and even four times, otherwise it promises overheating. “Pros of the product is affordability in terms of cost.

Designed for continuous operation (continuous use). High quality materials are used in the production process. Professional machines are equipped with reliable electronics and are equipped with units with a higher capacity in comparison to household machines. Finds application mainly in the hands of a professional.

Main characteristics when choosing an angle grinder

125 and 230 millimeters. the most popular diameters. The choice is made depending on the scope of use. 125 mm for small jobs; 230 mm. suitable for cutting solid structures. The choice of the product according to the size of the disk. the only correct, because the main technical characteristics of the angle grinder in one way or another are related to its size.

The power capacity of the 125 mm is between 500 and 1000 watts. Power 230 mm. from 1700 to 2500 watts. The more powerful the design, the more its weight, size, noise during operation. over, such an angle grinder consumes more power.

This parameter depends on the diameter of the abrasive wheel. Often all angle grinder is created for maximum possible number of revolutions, so that the wheel under the influence of centrifugal force does not fly apart during rotation. For models 125 mm angle grinder, this parameter is 11000 rpm, while 230 mm. 6000 rpm.

The weight of the angle grinder depends on the motor power. The more powerful the machine, the heavier it is. Therefore, you should not buy an angle grinder under the drive more than 125 millimeters for home works.

Manufacturers. who to trust?

The choice of angle grinders is quite great, so every master can choose what he likes. Among well-tested and proven brands BlackDecker, Uralmash, Makita, DeWALT, Bosch, Uralmash and Maktec deserve a separate place.

Angle grinder (angle grinder) with adjustable speed in Almaty

Angle grinder (angle grinder, angle grinder). power tool for cutting and processing of bricks, concrete, slate, marble, steel pipes and other solid materials. When using optional attachments, they can be used for grinding and polishing surfaces.

Angle grinder (angle grinder) Resanta angle grinder-125/1200E

Angle grinder (angle grinder) Vortex angle grinder-125/1100E

Bosch GWX 19-125 S angle grinder

Bosch GWX 17-125 S Professional angle grinder

angle grinder (angle grinder) ENCOR 1300/150E 50161

Bosch GWS 26-180 LVI angle grinder (angle grinder)

HITACHI G15VANA angle grinder

Angle grinder Fiolent MSHU2-9-125E

DeWALT DWE4119-KS angle grinder

Cordless angle grinder ALTECO CAG 18-125 Li

Metabo angle grinder WEV 850-125

Interskol angle grinder angle grinder-125/1400EL

angle grinder (angle grinder) with adjustable speed

Detailed terms and conditions can be found here.

Maintenance of constant speed under load: yes

Constant speed under load: yes

detailed terms and conditions can be found here.

Constant speed under load: yes

For detailed terms and conditions, please refer to the following link.

Maintenance of constant speed under load: yes

Constant RPM under load: no

Constant speed under load: none

RPM holding at load: no

Constant RPMs with load: yes

RPM holding at load: no

Keeps RPM under load: yes

Constant RPM under load: yes

Maintaining constant load RPMs: yes

Constant RPM on load: no

RPM holding at load: no

RPM holding at load: no

RPM holding at load: no

Constant RPM under load: yes

Constant RPMs with load: yes

Maintaining constant load RPMs: yes

RPM holding at load: no

angle, grinder, speed, control

Constant RPM under load: no

Free tool return and free shipping from repair

Repair cost limit: The repair cost is always no more than 35% of the price quoted on the manufacturer’s website

No maintenance fee period after repair: up to 3 months

Factory warranty for the lifetime of the tool

Registration is required at www.hilti.Call for repair service on 8-800-700-52-52

Constant RPM under load: none

Constant RPM on load: no

Constant RPM under load: no

Constant RPM under load: yes

Constant RPM under load: yes

Constant RPM under load: yes

Constant RPM under load: yes

Constant RPM under load: yes

Constant RPM under load: yes

Constant RPM under load: yes

Constant RPM under load: no

Constant RPM under load: no

Constant RPM under load: none

Constant speed under load: yes

angle grinder with variable speed control. a tool with the function of setting a specific number of RPM of the grinding, cutting or polishing disc for choosing the optimum speed for the specific material.

When an angle grinder with adjustable speed is useful

Main purpose. machining of different materials. Grind metal at 2000. 3000 rpm, cut stone at about 6000 rpm, for metal cutting set from 7000 to 10 000 rpm. Wood grinding is performed at minimum speeds. from 2000 to 4000, depending on its density. If you try to work with wood at 6000 rpm, the part will turn black, and the nozzles will be worthless. But to cut a bolt 15 mm in diameter you already need 8000 rpm.

  • Adjustment range of rotation. primarily depends on the maximum diameter of the nozzle. The smaller the disk, the faster it rotates. For angle grinder 115 and 125 mm with adjustable speed this parameter ranges from 2800 to 10 000. 12 000 rpm. angle grinder with 150 mm disc has a narrow range from 2300 to 9000 rpm. The majority of grinders with a disc 180 mm can change the number of revolutions from 3000 to 8000 rpm.
  • Power. household angle grinder with adjustable speed no more than 1200 watts can work with discs 115. 125mm. Excellent for work not more than 30. 40 minutes a day: cut parts from metal, wood, plastic to a thickness of about 50. 60 mm, depending on the diameter of the body itself angle grinder. Professional models are most often used with discs of large diameters (150, 180, 200 mm) and work for 4. 6 hours without interruption with high power 2000. 3000 W. By the way, the price for such tools is much higher than for domestic ones.
  • Smooth start system. will increase labor safety, especially if you set the maximum speed, and allow you to accurately start the work. The constant RPM function is important for hard materials so that the productivity does not drop when the disc collides with the material.

Have already decided which angle grinder with adjustable rotation to buy? If not, a specialist in our online store will advise you and place your order.

So, there is a distinction between

As for the angle grinder with speed control, they can be, as a professional, and household.

Choosing a variant for themselves, you must decide what amount of work to be done, and how often the tool will be used.

For this it is worth evaluating the characteristics.

RPM adjustment function in the angle grinder is not invented by chance, it increases productivity and functionality.

It is easier to buy in the Internet store, and then you will save time and money.

Angle grinder. electric tool, which in professional parlance is called an angle grinder. Sometimes you can find the abbreviation angle grinder on the boxes with the device, and in the world it is called “flex”. after the name of the first company that developed the device. Our name came from the name of the country of Bulgaria, where the first samples were brought back in the Soviet Union. It is used for grinding, sanding and cutting stone, wood and metal. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” tells about the best angle grinder for the home, which can be found on sale in 2022.

Rating of top-10 according to KP

Makita GA5030 (from 3.4 ths. rubles)

The device is in high demand, and you can find it on the shelves of most major construction stores and equipment centers. Japanese manufacturer, but production is located in China. Sometimes there are models from Romania. It is famous for its tools in the medium price segment. Thanks largely to the good price, it managed to win the lion’s share of the market. This angle grinder is used for deburring and grinding surfaces, as well as cutting various parts and materials. 720 watt motor. not a record, but it will cut off anything at home and while repairing the house. There is a side handle. indispensable attribute for precision work. The diameter of the housing can safely be called compact. The spindle lock is available. at the touch of a button the mechanism stops and the disc can be replaced without disconnecting the device from the mains. The manufacturer has added a trigger lock, which means that there is no need to constantly squeeze it out during operation. On the plus side we can mention the system of protection of bearings, so as not to clog construction debris, double insulation of the housing. for the sake of safety.


Despite the rather democratic price of this angle grinder for home, it has a lever to regulate the frequency of rotation. In 2022, manufacturers of more expensive models often save on this function, but the German company did not skimp on the additional mechanism. The angle grinder differs from competitors by its slim body. only 19 centimeters. In the reviews, the customers praise the device for this feature. It weighs a little less than two kilograms and in comparison with others it seems a fluff. Like other grinders in this class will take wood, ceramic and metal. The main thing is to choose the drive. Spindle lock for quick tool change, comfortable grip and casing to protect the user. However, it is better to wear glasses. By the way, unlike the previous participant of our rating of the best, here the shroud is adjustable without a wrench. Several ventilation holes on the chassis, through which the heat is removed. Judging by the reviews, it is a necessary thing, but not quite finished, because there are a lot of complaints about overheating during long hours of work. Claimed power of 900 watts is a worthy indicator.


For some reason the manufacturers of the angle grinder loved the color of the sea wave, so in our ranking again the device in this range. This time from another German tool manufacturer. This model has all the qualities of a good grinder: quick disc change due to the locking mechanism, additional handle, which in addition can be located on the left and right. By the way, it is possible to insert a tool for marking, the so-called scribe. But you have to buy it separately. The power button can be fixed without having to keep your finger on it. The mechanism integrates nodes that are responsible for a soft start. an important nuance for grinders, which has not been presented in the mentioned samples before. Electronic filling of this device is praised: in case of emergency situations, it simply turns off and then quietly resumes its work. Number of revolutions per minute is adjustable, in order to adapt to different materials. The housing rotates at the slightest movement of the fingers, without the need for a screwdriver.


Let’s say at once that you don’t need the declared power of 1100 W, you can save 1000 W and take a model of the same company with 200 W less. It is almost identical, except for this indicator. A tool from a Russian company promises its owner a long service life. Exactly how much. in the technical papers this angle grinder could not find. But among the reviews of users of complaints about the overheating have not found. There is adjustable speed and smooth flavor. A cool feature. the maintenance of revolutions under load. For those who have worked with an angle grinder at least a little bit, the situation is familiar when during long grinding on hard material the RPMs start to sag. The tool simply can not cope. Theoretically, this should not be the case with this tool. The additional handle can be repositioned in two positions. The housing rotates without a wrench. The manufacturer recommends using this product for cleaning of welding seams, abrasive metal cutting, when working with paddle circles and scratchers (rust removal).


This is quite a quality and reliable device, which is actually positioned not as a tool for home, but with a serious application for professional use. Just look at the engine power of 1.3 kW! The number of revolutions per minute, in comparison with other participants of the top, it grinder did not add. But it has a noticeable impact on the comfort of work. Can cut bricks, rebar and concrete up to 40mm deep. When you pick one up, you realize that the engineers put a lot of work into this tool. Everything is clear, butt to butt, the plastic is firm. The handle has been equipped with vibration protection. Equipped with overheat protection, which shuts down the device at critical temperatures without consequences for machinery, as well as speed control. Four-meter long cable is a dream for many handymen. It’s not uncommon for customers to have to make their own replacements. No need to take any more chances with this model.


If you do not spare money, then you can consider buying this model, which, incidentally, is assembled in Russia. If you compare its characteristics with other participants in the rating of the best grinders, then nothing is outstanding. Same number of revolutions, power of 900 watts, adjustable handle position and revolutions. But let’s take a closer look at the nuances. First, the grip is excellent. Works for a long time without overheating. Complaints about the rapid exit of the angle grinder from failure have not been found. Those who have been in the construction industry for a long time can remember this tool from the earliest times. However, the motor in the 2021 model has been changed: the efficiency has increased, the winding has been improved. Redesigned safety system. Six speeds are available to the operator. On the first you can go over the walls to remove paint or treat the part from rust. On the last one, it is easy to cut fittings. Local carbon brushes have a long service life. If you need the grinder only occasionally in the home, then about the replacement of this consumable can generally forget about.

Description Angle grinder Grand MSHU-125-1250SE (speed control, electronic stabilizer)

Angle grinder Grand MSHU-125-1250SE has a high quality of assembly on the basis of highly reliable components. Balanced body allows you to easily control the tool during operation.

Angle grinder is based on a brand-name armature with a copper winding, the high power of 1250 W ensures stable operation and allows you to perform the assigned task efficiently. The presence of the speed control system in the range from 4000 to 11000 rpm ensures high quality and accuracy of cutting works.

Angle grinder is designed to work with a cutting disc diameter of 125 mm, the presence of electronic speed stabilizer allows you to save the speed of the disc under load.

Features of Grand MSHU-125-1250SE angle grinder (speed regulation, electronic stabilizer):

  • The proprietary system for regulating the rotation speed;
  • Protection against blocking the disk;
  • RPM support under load;
  • Metal gears;
  • Improved ventilation system;
  • Ergonomic shape of the body;
  • Ability to work with one hand;

Features Angle grinder Grand MSHU-125-1250SE (speed control, electronic stabilizer):

  • 220V voltage
  • Power. 1250W
  • Speed control. available
  • Revolutions. 4000-11000 rpm
  • Spindle diameter. 125 mm
  • Spindle lock. is available
  • Spindle thread. M14
  • Weight 1.9 kg

Buy a reliable angle grinder Grand MSHU-125-1250SE (RPM control, electronic regulator) for the best price in the online store TechnoLeader!

Feedback for Angle grinder Grand MSHU-125-1250SE (RPM control, electronic regulator)

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Rugged 125mm RPM adjustable angle grinder from German company Metabo

New for 2019. Equipped with accidental start protection. This electric tool is ideal for cutting wood, steel, masonry, sanding and deburring different types of surfaces. The universal cut-off machine (angle grinder) is one of the most popular tools for construction or renovation. The ergonomic grinder has a powerful motor and an impressive idle speed. Motor overload protection and overload guard provide additional safety for the tool.

  • Armored motor winding.
  • New high performance motor with good overload capability.
  • Protection against restarting, will not let the vehicle turn on when power is interrupted.
  • Vario-Constamatic (VC) variable speed wheel with constant speed under load.
  • Soft start and inrush current limitation.
  • Overheat protection.
  • Securely fastened by means of a retaining screw.
  • Improved cooling system, even more efficient.
  • Front handle, with the possibility of installation on both sides.
  • Spindle lock button, allows easy and quick tooling changes.
  • Carbon brushes with firing system when worn.
  • Small size and light weight, but at the same time high resistance to high loads.

Package Contents:

  • Metabo angle grinder WEV 850-125;
  • Additional handle;
  • Protective hood;
  • Clamping nut and flange nut;
  • Key;
  • Cardboard box.

Where to buy a grinder at a budget price?

Online shop Megatool has a well-deserved reputation as a reliable supplier of tools and equipment. On the site of the Odessa company you can see a huge range of products and order tools Metabo, Bosch, DeWALT, hitachi, Makita, etc.д. At the lowest price and longest service life. Megatool takes care to provide the domestic buyer with quality and reliable products that are sure to benefit and will not let you down even in the most difficult situation.

Tips and tricks for buying an angle grinder

Before you make the purchase of any tool, such as an angle grinder Makita 9555hn, you should familiarize yourself with its characteristics. Why our experts recommend buying a Makita angle grinder? The products are of high quality and durability, and the price of a Makita angle grinder strikes its affordability.

Disc size is an indicator of the working power and speed of the motor. The bigger the tool’s disc, the more power it has, and vice versa. We suggest choosing a Makita angle grinder, whose price is listed on the website, specifically for your needs. Small-sized angle grinder, as a rule, are used for work at home, in a garage, as well as for work in hard-to-reach places. They are quite light and manoeuvrable. Large and medium-sized angle grinder. a tool for professionals. Such powerful angle grinders find their application, not only for cutting metal, but also for long grinding surfaces, because it is grinding significantly loads the tool.

The choice of a Makita angle grinder is yours

Makita angle grinder is represented by Makita in a wide range of products:

  • Angle grinder (angle grinder) Makita 125, the price presented on the website of the store. a tool for the amateur, its main purpose. household repairs. Its power from 800 to 1400 watts, with a weight of about 2 kilograms. Thanks to its low weight and compactness, the Makita 125 mm angle grinder, whose price is listed on the site, successfully copes with its work in hard-to-reach places. For example, to clean and grind seams after welding on metal pipe. It will not be difficult to buy a Makita 125 angle grinder, just visit our online store and choose the right model for you.
  • Makita 230 angle grinder. This model is ready to work with concrete and hard stone. Smooth operation without jerks ensures a special coupling in the drive communication of the tool, which protects the cutting surface from breakage and jamming. The Makita 230 angle grinder has a power rating from 2000 W, with a rated motor speed of 6600 per minute. Diameter of disc used is 230 mm. Angle grinder Makita 230, whose price is acceptable and affordable to everyone, is waiting just for you on the pages of our online store This model is very popular, convenient and reliable in operation, with high power (2.2 kW) has an excellent performance. Special design of the tool prevents dust and debris from getting into the engine. For ease of operation, the side handle can be attached on either side, and the main handle design allows you to hold the angle grinder firmly in your hands. Easily cuts mthall and stone with the proper disc. You can buy a Makita angle grinder at a profit only here!
  • Makita 9055 angle grinder. Because of its small weight (only 1.4 kg), this tool is convenient to use at home. It is easy to hold with one hand. Power is low (710 W), but you can solve your daily problems at home, in the garage or in the country house. We recommend buying an angle grinder Makita home or novice craftsman.
  • angle grinder 9565. This power tool is designed exclusively for professionals in their industrial activities. The powerful motor of 1400 W, with built-in dust and debris protection, allows you to work in extreme conditions. Small and handy body diameter allows you to work with one hand in hard-to-reach places. Soft-start and variable speed control ensure precise and safe working conditions. All in all, the benefits are very clear. Angle grinder Makita 9565, the price of which is listed on the site, waiting for its customers!
  • angle grinder 9558. Versatile tool for professionals and amateurs alike. Engine power 840W, weight about 2kg. Easy to use and reliable in operation. Buy a Makita 9558 at an affordable price in our online Makita store.
  • Makita GA 5030 angle grinder. A number of these models in the rating take one of the first places. Powerful motor. 720 W, equipped with dust protection, handy body, light weight. these advantages create a comfortable working environment. If you are interested in Makita GA 5030, you can buy it in our online store price is listed on our website, designed for professional work. No need to advertise this model, t.к. every craftsman knows its exceptional capabilities.

Angle grinder 125 mm with adjustable speed and soft start: rating of the best models. Which one to choose?

Angle grinder or simply “angle grinder”. one of the most popular and indispensable tools in the home. It can be used for cutting or surface treatment of different materials: brick or ceramic tiles, concrete products, stone and even iron. Plotting a home repair, it is advisable to stock up on this tool in advance.

There are more and more manufacturers of such equipment in the world. And every brand seeks to make their models as convenient and functional for users. That is why it is often very difficult to stop at the choice of a particular model. Consider the best, according to buyers, angle grinder 125 with adjustable speed and soft start.

The “angle grinder”. an excellent assistant to the owner during repairs at home, in the garage or in the country house. And for it to serve him as long as possible, you need not only to use it correctly, but, above all, to choose a quality tool, proven in practice and proven itself from the very good side. So, the 10 best angle grinders, based on reviews of users who tested them in work.


Convenient and inexpensive angle grinder with a disc diameter of 125 mm and the ability to regulate the speed. Despite its very small dimensions, it impresses with its power (900 watts). Is fast and hassle-free in its working tasks, whether sanding or cutting.

Ergonomic handle provides safe operation of the angle grinder. discs can be easily removed or clamped on the machine. It has variable speed control. The tool does not overheat. Cord length of 2.5 meters.

Bort BWS-905-R

Compact 125 mm angle grinder that attracts low cost and high power. Low weight (1 kg).8 kg) allows you to work undistractedly and for long periods without resting or pausing.

Variable speed, spindle can be set. angle grinder is equipped with a protective cover, additional brushes and a handle, as well as a key for replacing the saw blade. There is a button on the body, designed to lock the power on if accidentally pressed.

Hammer USM 1200 E

High-power angle grinder with the ability to install discs up to 125 mm in diameter. It has a high performance, the user can easily perform both cutting and grinding work. RPM adjustment allows you to set the angle grinder to a mode that suits the operator.

The special feature of the grinder is the handle, which can be fixed in two positions. on the left or right, making it more convenient to use. Also, the spindle lock is especially attractive, making it easy to change accessories.

Zubr angle grinder-125-1100 TM3

The perfect angle grinder for a soft start at an affordable price. Its power (1100 watts) allows even hard and time-consuming work. The model has an ergonomic housing that is simple and easy to operate. The additional handle that comes with it can be fixed in two positions, which makes its operation even more convenient.

angle, grinder, speed, control

In addition to speed regulation of the disc, the device is equipped with a button to block accidental start-up, as well as protection against overload.

Sturm! AG9512P

Easy-to-operate 125 mm angle grinder with variable speed at an attractive price. It will be indispensable assistant to the owner in carrying out a variety of works: stripping or grinding surfaces, trimming metal and other materials.

The tool is equipped with a removable auxiliary handle that can be mounted in three different positions on the machine body. It is also equipped with a protective cover that prevents dust, debris, and sparks from getting on the operator and spreading over long distances. Locking button on the angle grinder protects the whole family from injury if the button is pressed accidentally.

Bosch GWS 850 CE

Simple and robust angle grinder with 125 mm disc, attractive because of its low price and high productivity. It easily handles all surfaces and cuts through different materials. Disks and brushes are easy to remove and install.

the angle grinder is equipped with an ergonomic handle, which makes operation even easier and more comfortable, as well as a safety guard, which prevents sparks from spraying out over long distances.

AEG WS 13-125 XE

Excellent compact size tool. It is characterized by its moderate price and high power. The angle grinder copes superbly with its tasks, it is equally at home when sanding surfaces and cutting materials.

the model is characterized by an easy change of accessories (discs, brushes) and adjustment of the housing, without the use of keys and other additional tools. Included handle is easy to grip, does not vibrate and locks securely to the housing.

angle, grinder, speed, control

Metabo WEV 15-125 Quick

Reliable in operation, functional unit. Its price may slightly confuse the buyer. But it is well worth the money. The user will never regret a choice made over a long period of operation.

Model is characterized by high performance, due to an incredible motor power of 1550 watts. The angle grinder fits snugly in the hand, because of its small dimensions. It is easy to operate, thanks to the comfortable body and ergonomic removable two-position handle.


One of the best angle grinder 125 according to reviews of owners, which also has adjustable speed and soft start. In addition to its original appearance, it is distinguished by its excellent power, which provides the tool with high performance. It cuts and grinds quickly and efficiently on all surfaces and materials.

angle grinder is equipped with active dust extraction, a reinforced gearbox design and unique graphite brushes. It has an accidental button lock feature, overload protection. The kit also includes an additional detachable two-position handle, a key, a protective cover.