2019 Miter Saws Review

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When processing building materials (wood, plastic, chipboard, fiberboard, plywood, aluminum, etc.) without a miter saw, it will be much harder to complete the tasks. With the advent of this tool, the time spent on creating stud joints, all kinds of cuts and grooves, oblique cuts, etc. Was significantly reduced. And the use of combined equipment allowed us to carry out almost the entire range of work on preparing materials based on wood or plastic.

The best miter saws in the budget category

In the budget segment there are a number of saws that are perfect for owners of cottages and private homes. With their help, you can make repairs in the house, build canopies, sheds, greenhouses and other buildings on the plot. To solve such problems, single-speed models with a power of 1000-1500 W, a disk rotation speed of 5000-5500 rpm, and a disk diameter of 210 mm are suitable.

4 Wert MS 1321

2019 Miter Saws Review

The Chinese-made miter saw was not in the budget category of our rating by chance. Despite the affordable price, Wert MS 1321 is of good quality, and is perfect for home or garden. The cut depth is 60 mm, and the angle of inclination of the disc is adjustable up to 45 °. The device can work on wood and its derivatives, plastic and other finishing materials.

3 Einhell TH-MS 2112

The miter saw from the famous Chinese manufacturer Einhell is characterized by high power and modern design. The Einhell TH-MS 2112 is designed for sawing wood products at an angle of up to 45 °. The tool can be rigidly fixed to the table or workbench using bolts. There are special holes in the base for this. The manufacturer equipped the saw with millimeter and degree markings, simplifying the precise installation of workpieces. Worker safety is ensured by a reliable guard on the saw blade.

2 Caliber PTE-1400 / 210M

Domestic manufacturer Caliber relies on an affordable and reliable tool. The interest from summer residents and homeowners in the products of this brand is constantly growing. Miter saw Caliber PTE-1400 / 210M is designed for straight and side cuts in wooden products. Engine power is enough to provide high performance. The model is equipped with a dust collector, a vertical clamp, two additional supports.

Users note the need for some refinement of the product, for example, fine-tuning sawing. But the lightness of the saw, its compact size and ease of use pleases. The good news is the availability of the brush assembly, which simplifies maintenance.

1 BISON ZPT-210-1400 L

The Chinese manufacturer managed to create a quality trimming with a large set of useful options. It is designed to work with wooden blocks and boards up to 60 mm thick. Different sawing methods are available. The tool is characterized by high precision cutting. Additional options such as a laser, a clamp, the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner or a bag for collecting sawdust, and safety locks facilitate the work.

Best mid-range miter saws

Many construction workers occasionally have to use miter saws. They work in a gentle mode, for example, when installing platbands on the door, or during installation work. For such purposes, devices from the middle price segment are suitable. Their technical parameters can vary significantly, it all depends on the functionality of the tool.


The ELITECH miter saw, designed for working with wood, has a number of technical advantages. For high accuracy, this model provides a laser pointer, which receives power directly from the network. If necessary, you can install additional cast supports for greater stability and lengthening the surface of the desktop.


Miter saw Bosch PCM 8 of the famous brand from Germany can safely be reckoned with the semi-professional class tool. It has a rigid, without backlash, fixation of the working surface of the table and the angle of inclination of the disk, which provides a clear cut of the workpiece (plastic, wood, etc.). Thanks to the base made of aluminum, the saw has a light weight (almost 8 kg). Together with the not the most powerful engine (1.2 kW) and a disk diameter of 216 mm, in any case, it can be positioned exclusively as a tool for the home, no more.

2019 Miter Saws Review

2 Kraton MS-1900/254

The mid-range tool in its configuration has an alignment laser, with the help of which the marking and the accuracy of cutting blanks increases significantly. In addition, there is a broach due to which the cut width is 310 mm. All settings nodes (tilt and rotation angle) are clearly and reliably fixed without the slightest hint of play.

1 Metabo KGS 216 M

The miter saw Metabo KGS 216 M pleasantly surprises users with its thoughtful design. The assembly is perfect, the instrument is able to perform any tasks associated with cutting a tree, plastic or metal. The case is cast from aluminum alloy, which makes the saw durable. Thanks to special clamps, reliable fixation of the workpiece is ensured. For high precision cutting, there is a laser pointer, and for comfort during operation, LED illumination is mounted and there is a soft handle.

Top Premium Miter Saws

The most stringent requirements apply to premium miter saws. This is because professional furniture makers, joiners, carpenters, who constantly use trimming, buy expensive models. These products have high power (from 1600 W), a large cutting disc, and there are a number of important options (laser pointer, backlight, broach, dust collector).

4 DeWALT DW713

The American development of DeWALT DW713 is a powerful, durable, versatile tool. The saw is compact and light enough to carry in a small workshop. The presence of 11 grooves allows you to fix the trimming in any position. The cut height reaches 89 mm with a width of 162 mm. The model is equipped with an engine braking system, dust collector, spindle lock. It is also possible to connect a vacuum cleaner.

Consumers note a good table, reasonable price, decent build quality. Of the shortcomings, the lack of a smooth ride is often mentioned. A sharp start of the motor over time leads to accelerated wear of the gearbox.

3 Evolution RAGE3-S

Popular among hobbyists and woodworking professionals, this miter saw has pretty good specifications. With the same disc, she perfectly cuts wood, derivatives, plastic and even aluminum. But it is better not to process steel material. Although the disc can withstand it, the reliability of the vice to fix the workpiece may not be enough. The pulling mechanism expands the capabilities of the tool for processing workpieces, significantly increasing the length of the cut.

2 Metabo KGS 315 Plus

The most powerful miter saw in our review was the Metabo KGS 315 Plus. It is equipped with a 2200 W electric motor, which develops 4100 rpm. The tool has a laser marker, a dust collector, a smooth speed control system. The manufacturer provided for the possibility of expanding the table, equipped the product with a device for fixing blanks and installed an adapter for connecting a vacuum cleaner.

Consumers note the high build quality, super power, quiet operation of the saw. With this tool you can saw any wood, synthetic materials and non-ferrous metal.

1 Makita LH1040F

A distinctive feature of the Japanese miter saw Makita LH1040F is the ability to work without grounding. Thanks to the double protective insulation, the tool is completely electrical safe for the operator. With the help of powerful trimming, you can saw both different types of wood, as well as plastic, laminate, aluminum profile. Good lighting of the working area was achieved by the manufacturer by installing a fluorescent lamp.

The best combined miter saws

The main advantage of the combined equipment is the possibility of using a miter saw as a circular saw. If you need to carry out a wide range of woodwork for your home or for commercial purposes, the best option would be to opt for multifunctional devices.


The universal combined model DeWALT DW743N is a professional tool and, when working with various types of materials, shows high quality processing. The high power of the electric motor of 2000 W allows this tool to cope perfectly with plastic, soft metal, wood, laminated parquet and other materials. Convenience in management and additional protection became possible thanks to the introduction of a new mechanism by which the disk casing automatically switches to the required position when using a miter saw.

2 Metabo KGT 501

The miter saw was developed by German engineers and compares favorably with analogs to an asynchronous motor with increased power (2000W), which is designed specifically for intensive work, and due to the high quality of its parts, practically does not require additional maintenance. The use of a disc with a diameter of 250 mm only improves the cleanliness of the cut. Despite its power, the Metabo KGT 501 operates with a low noise level, and the design provides all the necessary protective equipment.

1 Makita LF1000

Makita LF1000 is a combined lightweight motor unit that with a simple movement turns from a sawing machine into a miter saw. Convenience of transportation and storage due to the presence of folding legs on a lightweight aluminum table. All manipulations with wood or other material are performed by a disk with a diameter of 260 mm, which makes it possible to obtain a cutting depth of up to 68 mm in the cutting mode.

This tool has an inclined saw mechanism that allows you to cut the workpiece at an angle of up to 45 ° both to the left and to the right. The powerful engine (1600 W) is equipped with protection systems necessary for user safety. This is an accidental start lock, emergency shutdown mode and, of course, a protective cover. The quality of the brand’s products has been said enough to dispel even the slightest doubt about the reliability of the equipment. It is traditionally at the highest level, and even compared with its closest competitors, the owners still consider the Makita LF1000 to be the best tool in its category.