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A tow-behind sprayer is a device for spraying liquids over large areas. It is generally used for farming and garden maintenance applications. They can be attached to any small or large maintenance vehicle for easy usage.

Tow-behind sprayers eliminate the need for spraying chemicals from small bottles or heavy tanks that need to be dragged around. If you are a proud owner of a lush green piece of land, you need a tow-behind sprayer to keep the area in top shape.

We have reviewed the top-performing models on the market, to see which ones give you best value for the money.

Best Tow Behind Sprayer

Best Overall: NorthStar Tow-Behind Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer “includes an additional spraying wand that can extend to a distance of 15 ft.”

Most Popular: Chapin Herbicide and Pesticide Sprayer 97600E “The sprayer’s pump comes with 0.5 GPM and a max pressure of 70 PSI”

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Best Budget Choice: Agri-Fab Tow Sprayer 45-0292 “few can outmatch it in terms of build quality and performance – especially at this price range”

Best for Larger Properties: SMV Industries Deluxe Trail Sprayer “deluxe sprayer features a 2 GMP pump that is fit for commercial spraying applications”

Best for Smaller Properties: Ironton Tow-Behind Trailer Sprayer “the tank features a drain so the tank can be easily emptied and cleaned”

Big Capacity: Precision Products Tow-Behind and Spot Sprayer TCT25 “The tank is crafted from heavy-duty, weather- and UV-resistant plastic”

Best Overall: NorthStar Tow-Behind Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer

Top 5 Best Tow Behind Sprayer 2023 | Unlock the Power of Effortless Lawn Care

The NorthStar Sprayer is another capable and budget-friendly sprayer from Northern Tools. The company has a long history of delivering great value for money with its reliable equipment and affordable prices. NorthStar is a 12V, 31-gallon electric sprayer ideal for small jobs.

NorthStar is a versatile piece of equipment that is light enough to be attached and towed by smaller garden maintenance vehicles such as gas riding mowers. This is beneficial if you have a small area to cover and still want the convenience of using a chemical sprayer.

The sprayer may be a bit complicated to assemble, especially when compared to some others on the market. But it is also more convenient to use than many, once properly assembled.

The sprayer comes with two booms that extend out on both sides of the tank with the help of spring hinges. A hinge pin holds both the booms out for spraying. The system also includes an additional spraying wand that can extend to a distance of 15 ft. The hand sprayer can be used to spray on higher or tighter areas that the primary sprayer may have difficulty in reaching.

The spray nozzle on the hand sprayer can be adjusted. It can be set to a wide setting for extended coverage and a narrow setting for concentrating the spray over a particular area. The sprayer is capable of spraying over a width of 12-inches from a single boom. The pump has an open flow of 2.2 GPM and a maximum pressure of 70 PSI.

Most Popular: Chapin Herbicide and Pesticide Sprayer 97600E

If you are in the market for a small and relatively affordable sprayer for home use with excellent build quality, you should look at the Chapin 97600. The 97600 is a smaller version of Chapin International’s more expensive sprayers but retains the same build quality.

There are a lot of things that we like about the 97600. Some of these are simple design choices that give it an edge over various other models. For instance, the tank, despite being a thick weather-resistant poly build, is still translucent enough to give the user an idea of how much liquid is left inside. This eliminates the need for the user to peek in and determine if it is time for a refill.

The 97600 comes with a tank capacity of 15 gallons and a top opening of 5 inches. Although not a very large tank capacity, 15 gallons are more than enough to cover an average-sized yard with your pesticide of choice. The tank can resist the action of almost all chemical products, so it can be used for a variety of pesticides and weed killers.

The sprayer’s pump comes with 0.5 GPM and a max pressure of 70 PSI. This is quite impressive as we have seen some more expensive and larger sprayers with less power. A pressure gauge is attached to the top of the tank so users can monitor the sprayer pressure. The included hand sprayer comes with a dripless shut-off mechanism and an ergonomic grip so that it can be used for longer without much effort. The hand sprayer comes with a 15 ft hose for easy usability.

Best Budget Choice: Agri-Fab Tow Sprayer 45-0292

Agri-Fab is an agricultural equipment manufacturer that has taken over a great amount of the market share since it first began operations in 1975. The company may have started as a lawn sweeper manufacturer, but it has grown into an agricultural solutions provider over the years.

The company’s 45-0292 is a 15 gallon tow-behind sprayer. Agri-Fab markets it to a segment of homeowners and casual users who appreciate quality and durability.

This tow sprayer may be on the smaller side when it comes to capacity and, therefore, is only fit for use on medium-sized lawns and backyards. However, few can outmatch it in terms of build quality and performance – especially at this price range.

The quality of the sprayer’s housing is truly incredible. There are a number of good quality sprayers out there. However, we have come across only a few others that provide the level of construction Agri-Fab does at this price. The poly tank is robust and suitable for use with all kinds of pesticides and other chemical products. The tank rests on an equally durable steel frame.

The sprayer’s compatibility with almost all kinds of chemical products means that it can be used all year round for different purposes. You can use it to spray protective chemicals in order to prevent crabgrass, grubs and weeds.

For homeowners, it also acts are a great fertilizer sprayer so you can keep your lawn looking lush and healthy with minimal effort.

With the booms completely extended, the sprayer has a maximum coverage of 7 ft. Agri-Fab also includes a hand sprayer that can disperse chemicals up to a maximum distance of 30 ft. This is ideal for spraying on bushes and trees.

The 10-inch flat-free tires make maneuverability a breeze. Moving the sprayer around the lawn does not require a lot of effort, regardless of what’s pulling the frame.

Best for Larger Properties: SMV Industries Deluxe Trail Sprayer

Are you are looking for something with a bit more power for a larger piece of land than just your front yard? This industrial-grade sprayer from SMV Industries is certainly worth a consideration. SMV Industries has been in the business of manufacturing farming equipment for a better part of six decades.

Their equipment may have evolved over the years, but the company continues to provide the same quality that thousands of customers have come to expect. This 25-gallon sprayer is a testament to SMV’s commitment to superior quality and performance. The sprayer comes with a bunch of additional accessories so you can use it for a variety of spraying tasks.

This deluxe sprayer features a 2 GMP pump that is fit for commercial spraying applications. The large yellow tank has been built to be compatible with a number of agricultural chemicals. The sprayer, however, is not meant solely for agricultural use. A few Smart design choices make this a versatile sprayer that will give just as much utility when used in a yard or garden.

The sprayer comes with a 2-nozzle boom capable of spraying over a wide area. It also has a large storage capacity of 25 gallons. These qualities make this sprayer ideal for use on large properties, small farms, and for other commercial usages. The additional side wand enhances the device’s versatility. By using the hand wand, users can spray over trees and other areas at height. The sprayer’s large 13-inch wheels allow for easier maneuverability when it’s attached to a UTV, ATV, or any other vehicle.

Best for Smaller Properties: Ironton Tow-Behind Trailer Sprayer

The Ironton Spot Sprayer is an interesting and cost-effective offering from the popular manufacturer Northern Tools. The Ironton is a small-job sprayer great for use on small- to mid-sized areas such as lawn, gardens and yards.

This may be a compact sprayer, but don’t underestimate its capability as it features a 13-gallon sprayer. At this capacity, it is capable of covering an average-sized orchard. The smaller size, in fact, is beneficial as that means the tool can be attached to smaller garden tractors for easy maneuverability in smaller spaces. It can be used to spray on weeds, bushes, fence-lines and trees.

Despite being a small-job sprayer for personal use, the Ironton delivers sufficient pumping power of 1 GPM. The pump is built for durability so it can withstand consistent usage as well as effects of weather and stronger chemical products. Gallon marks are also a nice addition to the otherwise opaque tank. They make it easier to keep fluid levels in check and know when its time for a refill.

Filling and emptying the tank is also an easy process. Ironton has a large 7.5-inch opening on top that the chemicals will be poured in. At the bottom, the tank features a drain so the tank can be easily emptied and cleaned.

The sprayer can be used in two modes. The regular broadcast spraying mode allows the sprayer to cover a wide area of 40-inches. This is great when you have to spray the yard with a fertilizer spray or other protective chemicals. If the objective is to spray a specific area thoroughly or spray areas at a height, the included hand-gun can be used to spray to a maximum vertical distance of 12 ft.

Big Capacity: Precision Products Tow-Behind and Spot Sprayer TCT25

best, tow-behind, sprayers, reviews

Another great tow-behind sprayer that we tested is the TCT25 from Precision Products. The manufacturer has released two variants of this sprayer, both of which offer tremendous value. This variant, which is priced a bit higher than the base model, comes with a larger tank capacity of 25 gallons.

The TCT25 is a 12V sprayer that can be connected to all types of garden maintenance and farm vehicles. The device can be attached as easily to a tractor as it can be to a much smaller gas lawnmower. The sprayer comes with two spraying booms on either side of the tank. These booms have a fixed coverage area of 7 ft on both sides.

The Shurflo pump, which the TCT25 boasts, can discharge at a rate of 1.8 GPM and at a pressure of 60 PSI. Although this isn’t the most powerful pump we have reviewed, it is sufficient to meet commercial usage requirements. It is also sufficiently powerful compared to other sprayers in its price range. For increased application, the sprayer comes with a 15 ft long spraying wand for spot spraying.

The TCT25 is built for long-lasting performance. This is evident from the build quality of the tank itself, the pump and the sturdy frame. The tank is crafted from heavy-duty, weather- and UV-resistant plastic that stands up quite well through extended usage and changes in weather. The solid metal frame that it sits on is made from 0.75-inch steel tubing, which is powder-coated for durability.

How to Choose the Best Tow Sprayer for You

Tow-behind sprayers come in several sizes and at different price points. It is important to determine what you need the sprayer for. Assessing your requirements will tell you whether you need a small sprayer or a larger one that costs considerably more.

Other factors to consider include the space you will be using the sprayer on. You might have the budget for a large heavy-duty sprayer, but the area you will be using it on might not be large enough to merit the purchase of an expensive sprayer. A large sprayer on a small property will become a nightmare to maneuver.

If you are new to garden maintenance, you might find yourself overwhelmed with the variety of options available on the market. However, buying the right sprayer is not as difficult as it seems. All you need to do is assess the individual characteristics of any sprayer and match them with your requirements. We have covered some of the more important considerations in the buying guide below.

Tank Material

The spray tank is the largest component of the sprayer. It is also among the most important. You don’t want to buy a very cheap sprayer that comes with a low-quality tank. If the tank corrodes easily or is ruined by the action of chemicals or weather, the sprayer will be rendered useless.

Even if you are not buying a cheap sprayer, you still need to consider the materials the tank is built out of. This is important because some materials last longer in certain climates than others. This consideration will vary depending on the area you are in. We will look at some of the most common materials tanks are built from so you can have a better idea of which material will suit you well.


Poly tanks are the most common, especially on budget-friendly models. They are lightweight, considerably durable and very affordable. They may not be as durable as some other materials we will be discussing later on, but they are sufficiently weather-resistant. They are also built to resist the action of stronger chemical products. These tanks generally have thick walls layered with UV protection to enhance longevity. However, you should not leave them in the sunlight for an extended period.

Stainless Steel

This is the most durable material that spray tanks are made from. Stainless steel tanks are resistant to corrosion, and they are incredibly sturdy. They can resist significant impacts and will last longer in different kinds of climates. They can be left outside exposed to the elements longer without any harmful effects. Stainless steel tanks are probably among the most expensive sprayers you can buy. They are also very heavy. If you need a sprayer for light usage, you should consider more affordable alternatives.


Fiberglass tanks possess the best qualities of both the two material types discussed above. They are more durable than poly tanks and much lighter than stainless steel tanks. They are rustproof and can also hold their own against the elements. Even with consistent usage, they will last longer. The only drawback of fiberglass tanks is that you have to be very careful with what you leave inside them and the temperature you leave them in. At temperatures below 0-degree Celsius, any liquids left inside the tank may cause it to explode.


The second most important consideration is the capacity of the tank. The tank capacity will determine how much area the sprayer can cover before it requires a refill. You will have to assess the area that you are purchasing the sprayer for.

If you intend to maintain a small lawn or yard, consider a tank with a smaller capacity of 13 to 15 gallons. For larger areas, buy a tank with a higher capacity of 25 to 30 gallons. There are also larger sprayers up to a hundred gallons that are fit for industrial usage.

Pressure Gauge

A pressure gauge determines the pressure that is produced by the liquid within the tank. All tow-behind sprayers come with a pressure gauge. However, not all come with one that is placed intelligently so it’s always within your line of sight.

It is important for you to monitor the pressure in order to ensure that you are using the right amount when spraying. A pressure gauge that is affixed to the tank at a position where it is easily visible will make a lot of difference during your spraying job. The easier it is for you to see the current pressure, the better you can adjust it, and achieve the ideal pressure for maximum spraying efficiency.


The tow-behind sprayer is a garden maintenance tool. This means that it will have to be moved around over large areas. Some of these yards and areas may not be completely even and may be layered with bumps and troughs. You need a sprayer that can efficiently maneuver the uneven landscape.

Pneumatic wheels are the most effective when it comes to traversing uneven areas. However, you should pay attention to the size of the wheels. If you own a piece of land that is relatively uneven, look for a sprayer with larger wheels. For an even landscape, smaller wheels will do just fine.


Some of the best tow-behind sprayers for small jobs come at affordable prices. A majority of homeowners don’t need more expensive sprayers as they are generally meant for farming and other professional applications.

In this review and guide, we assessed some of the best poly tow-behind sprayers that you can purchase for your lawn, yard or orchard. Any of these 6 recommendations will serve you well for a number of spraying applications. However, we hope that our buying guide has left you more capable of assessing other options as well.

For homeowners with an average-sized yard, the Agri-Fab 15-gallon is probably a top choice. It is a durable and efficient sprayer that delivers tremendous value for money. However, for larger areas, we recommend the NorthStar which comes with a 31-gallon capacity for extended coverage.

Fatherly advice

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Best Tow-Behind Sprayers – [Reviews Guide 2023]

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Owning or looking after a garden or a farm can seem challenging. You have to spray herbicides or pesticides and other fertilizers over a wide area, which can be a very time-consuming task.

Sure, you can always try to do this with your bare hands. However, pesticides and other chemicals sprayed in farms and gardens are often harmful to the human skin and can cause irritation.

This is why you man wants a tow-behind sprayer. With the different types of tow-behind sprayers available, it can get confusing to know what’s right for you.

How do you decide if you need a mist sprayer, a boom sprayer, boomless sprayer nozzles, or a truck bed sprayer? For that, you need first to figure out why and where you would like to use the sprayer—understanding how the different sprayers work will help you find out which sprayer best serves your purpose.

The equipment will protect you from hazardous chemicals and save you time by allowing you to spay a large area in a figuratively shorter amount of time. This gives a tow- behind sprayer an edge over manual sprayers.

Tow-behind sprayers, although a little expensive, are worth the investment.

If you’re looking to buy one, this guide will give you an idea of which sprayer can be right for you.

  • Best Fertilizer Sprayer:NorthStar Tow-Behind Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer
  • Best for Chemical Resistance:Ironton Tow-Behind Broadcast and Spot Sprayer
  • Best for Stability:Chapin 97600
  • Best Value for Money:Precision Products TCT25
  • Best for Lawn:Agri-Fab 45-0292

Factors to consider before you make any purchase

A tow behind sprayer is used to spray chemicals intended mainly for farmlands and yards. So when you are purchasing one, it is very important to take your time and think about its maintenance, how you are going to use it, and where you are going to use it.

Today in the market, especially in the online community, there are different tow behind sprayers to pick from and to someone who just started using a pull behind sprayer or one who is planning to get his first real one, getting to pick the right product can be so much of a headache.

This is where we come into play. I am ready to assist you in ways that can help you save time as well as money so you won’t end up buying a product you don’t love. The first thing we would look into is the basic components that make a towable sprayer a great one. This is because the size, material, and quality of these products determine the price most times.

Let’s look into some of the factors you need to look into before purchasing the best tow behind sprayer.

The Size of the Tank

The size and the capacity of the tank is a very important factor when it comes to picking out the best tow behind sprayer. If you also want to own one, consider the area on which you will use this device on. Tank sizes vary on towable sprayers and they can range from about 13 gallons to more than 25 gallons. Make sure you calculate your acreage so you can determine the type of sprayer you want to get. Also, this is important so you won’t leave a lot of chemicals in the tank after spraying or it won’t finish quickly before you complete your task at hand.

Most average tow behind sprayers have a tank size of about 15 gallons and that is perfect enough for most homeowners or small farmlands.

There are also bigger products too. 100-gallon tow behind sprayers can also be found in the market but this industrial-sized machine is not suitable for your small piece of land.

Also if your farmland or the land in which you want to make use of the pull behind sprayer is too small for it, consider going for the backpack type of sprayers. These are much more convenient for users who feel the need that towable equipment is too big for their lawn.

Also, if you own a large expanse of land and the idea is to get a tow behind sprayer which is too small for your expanse piece of land with the idea of refilling it when it finishes, you would end up wasting your precious time.

Tow behind sprayers does come with marks on the tank to indicate to the user the point at which the chemical is in the tank without actually looking into the tank itself.

The Material of the Tank

The tank of the sprayer is found directly above the pump meaning that another factor you have to think about before making a selection is the material used in making the tank and its resistance to corrosion. Slow are some of the materials that are used to manufacture a tow behind sprayer tank:

Fiberglass – this material on its own end is very durable and it is used to manufacture tow behind sprayer tanks. It is rust proves to mean that it won’t in any way rust and it is also very light making it be easily mounted on top of an ATV anytime. The downside falls on storage, users need to know that if they store liquids in temperatures of about 0 degrees Celsius in this fiberglass tank, this may cause the tank to explode.

Stainless Steel – this is unarguably the most durable type of material used to produce tow behind sprayer tanks. It is both corrosion and impact resistant meaning that users can be able to leave their device even under harsh weather. But this is also the most expensive type of tow behind sprayers because stainless steel as a material is so expensive in the market and also you would need extra help due to the weight to move the device across from your storage to your field.

Polyethylene – probably the cheapest and the lightest material, tow behind sprayer tanks made out of polyethylene is fairly resistant to impact. Manufacturers who use this material to produce a tow behind sprayer resulted in making the walls of these devices much thicker to prolong the life of the tank. Also, they implement the tanks with ultraviolet protection so that the tank doesn’t crack or dry out. This doesn’t make it be completely immune to direct sunlight because excessive heat may still damage this material.

To be on the safe side, I will show you the type of tank not to buy when the material comes into play and the reasons not to buy it.

Make sure you do not purchase tow behind sprayer with the tank is made out of aluminum, steel, or galvanized tanks. This is because when you pour or mix your chemicals inside these types of tanks, these chemicals tend to react with the interior of the tank causing possibly rust and corrosion making the chemical you want to spray inactive or impure.

The Pressure Gauge

This part of the tow behind sprayer acts as a measurement tool that tells the user of the product the pressure produced by the quantity of the liquid which is found in the tank.

This factor is a very important one because you need it beside you so you can be sure that you are spraying your backyard with the right pressure. Also, adjusting the pressure gauge to the required settings can improve the results for the farmland you are spraying.

You can also be sure that you are making use of your pressure gauge the best way you can.

Sprayer Booms

Setting the right coverage for your sprayer also depends on the booms of the sprayer as well. This part of tow behind sprayer has the function of spreading tiny droplets of chemicals on your plants thus protecting them from any harm. They come in different varieties and we would look into each of them and what they are used for:

Dripless Booms – these booms are spectacular because they can be easily stored and taken to where ever the user wants to take them.

Dry Booms – these are powerful components that are used to support hoses that are hung over the turf giving you good coverage of where you are applying your chemicals.

Wet Booms – these types of booms are very common. They carry liquids to the spray tip once it is being attached to the tow-behind sprayer because they are hollow in shape. They can spray chemicals in all directions, not only left and right but up and down too. These types of nozzles have a wide capacity for good coverage.

Well, this depends on the type of spraying or the requirements are. Personally, I would advise that you have a good mix between each spraying type and go for both options too. Some sprayers can attach both boomless and boom nozzles and you can use any of them anytime you want. It is the best choice you have for a versatile chemical sprayer. It would save your s from falling in too deep. With that said, if you are just doing one specific type of spraying, you can select any of the products I recommended above to suit your needs.


The function of the nozzle is to adjust the rate of spray and also the pressure of the sprayer’s tank. I am going to briefly explain what I mean by that.

For users to set their sprayers coverage to adequate, they have to carefully pick out the nozzle on which the spray pattern depends. Also, getting the right tool would give your yard coverage that would result in a professional job.

Conventional Nozzle – When using this nozzle, make sure you use a nozzle with higher pressure so that the patterns would form nicely. If users use a sprayer with low pressure, the pattern of spray falls. Consider using one in which the pressure is above 40 PSI.

Pre-orifice Nozzle – when this type of nozzle is set at below 40 psi there is less drift but if you go too low, you might not get the right pattern. Regardless of how, once this nozzle is used at high pressure, it becomes prone to drift off.

Lo-pres air-induced Nozzle – this nozzle functions just as the Pre-orifice Nozzle but it contains a vent at the center to make the spray much coarser. This nozzle, however, uses a pressure of more than 40 psi. When users use about 50 – 60 psi, the spray coverage, and pattern of this nozzle are clean and you won’t have any problems with the drift.

High-pres air-induced Nozzle – the higher the pressure, the more the drift potential increases. Just as the name implies, this type of nozzle is designed for high pressures such as 60-80 psi and when it is used with low pressure, the pattern does disappear.


A tow behind sprayer is normally pulled by an ATV, UTV tractors, or other types of vehicles therefore users have to pay attention to the wheels of their products. Each product has its own different wheel type and size.

I recommend that you should go for pneumatic tires of the right size. You should also KNOW that the wheel takes all the pressure exacted by the full tank of chemicals.

Make sure you use the right size of wheels, the more demanding the terrain is, the bigger the wheels of your tow behind sprayer should actually be. There are products that come with about 12 inches tires which can hold up to 25 gallons of chemicals on rough roads. With that, small wheels are better for smaller and much more smooth surfaces.

The Top 5 Tow-Behind Sprayers You Can Buy

If you are confused about picking the right tow-behind sprayer, it is alright because I am here to help you with that.

Here is a list of the five best tow-behind sprayers that I have reviewed in detail to make it easier for you to make the decision. I hope it helps you keep your lawn, garden, or farm free from pests and other insects.

NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer

Key Features and My Experience

This versatile yet powerful tow-behind sprayer not only provides you with a wide coverage area but also offers spot-on precision. This sprayer works well even in harsh environments and does not get eroded by corrosive chemicals.

What makes it stand out from other tow-behind sprayers is its continuous duty rating that requires no cool down. Would it not be nice to get all the work done without the hassle of waiting for minutes at a stretch for a machine to cool down so that you can resume your work? Well, that hassle remains no more with the NorthStar tow-behind trailer boom broadcast.

This continuous duty rating 21-gallon sprayer will become your ultimate friend for spraying the fertilizers on your farm. The sprayer comes with a boom which delivers a spray with an approximate width of 120 inches.

The NorthStar sprayer comes with an NSQ Series pump. This makes it suitable for commercial use.

The item has foldable boom arms, a retractable tow-bar, and a removable axle and wheels. This is why the sprayer is easy to store after using it.

This yard sprayer automatically switches off when no flow is required. This saves and conserves a lot of battery power.

The NorthStar Sprayer has DXS-3 valves. These valves are made up of chemical-resistant Viton. Because they are chemical resistant, they allow faster priming and better performance.

This device also has a left and right boom nozzle to control the valves. The functionality of the sprayer couldn’t get easier than this. I liked the fact that this sprayer also has a 15-ft. PVC hose, which makes it easier to control and monitor the chemical flow.

The Santoprene diaphragm and Viton valves provide reliability and resistance to chemicals.

The tank of the NorthStar sprayer is designed with extra-thick walls, which offer resistance from the harmful UV rays and make the sprayer compatible with all types of pesticides.

For proper equipment maintenance, you can add a few gallons of clean water and start the pump. Then, flush the spray nozzles. You can completely drain the tank and store the sprayer – this will keep the sprayer clean and ensure its durability.

My Overall Impression

I think it is surprising how useful and precise this sprayer is. The sprayer is of great help for spraying insecticides and fertilizers. You can avoid the difficult technicalities with it. Plus, it is fairly easy to use and operate. Although assembling the parts of the NorthStar Boom Sprayer can initially be challenging, once you get an idea of it, it becomes easier to operate.

Make sure that you tighten all the spray heads to avoid any leakages.

You can separately use the sprayer’s wand to water plants and trees in your garden, so it is a win-win. I suggest that you fix the adjustments of the pressure of the sprayer before you get started.

All that said, I do think that this is one of the best tow-behind sprayers available out there.

Standard Models

CropCare standard models are economically-priced from the ground up. When you manage a farm, having an efficient spraying and fertilizing system is vital to meeting your goals and keeping your crops healthy. Trailer sprayers from CropCare help you meet or exceed your expectations for good crop yield and long-term success.

400 Gallon

Our Large Acreage Sprayers Get the Job Done

Our CropCare standard model trailer sprayers are value-optimized to give you beneficial features at an economical price. Our standard trailer models range between 60 and 750 gallons.

With folding hydraulic booms from 45 to 60 feet, our standard models offer extensive spray coverage on the field. Three-, five- and seven-section controls give you complete command over flow rate for advanced spraying and fertilization techniques.

These models connect a centrifugal pump to your tractor’s power take-off (PTO) to deliver exceptional flow for efficiency throughout the day. Features like the wheel speed sensor give you further data for control over distribution of spray material around the field.

Rinse packages ensure your trailer sprayer and boom are clean and contaminant-free when you move to a new fluid. Our separate CropCare accessory kits add extra capabilities to our field, vegetable crop, and pasture sprayers, like foam markers and electric fence row nozzles.

CropCare foam markers help you complete the correct number of passes for comprehensive spraying and fertilization, and electric fence row nozzles ensure full spray coverage to the edges of your field.

Control options, like electric panels, allow operators to change flow rates from inside the cab as they work. CropCare sprayers have the features you need for efficient farm maintenance.

Find a Sprayer Dealer Near You

CropCare started building sprayers for our neighbors many years ago, and the tradition continues to this day. Our standard model sprayers give you beneficial features at an economical price.

CropCare standard model trailer sprayers have been optimized for today’s farm — yours.

The 3 Best Pull Behind Yard Sprayers On Market Today

Anyone who uses a sprayer frequently knows that no two spraying jobs are exactly the same. For that reason it is important to have the best sprayer for multiple spraying needs especially when it comes to tow sprayers.

We have picked the top 3 pull behind yard sprayers for lawn tractor use and reviewed them below.

  • NorthStar 55 Gal. Best large pull behind yard sprayer
  • Tank Spray Coverage
  • Boomless Nozzles
  • Spot Spray Hose
  • Engine
  • 4 Roller Pump
  • Pneumatic Wheels
  • Quick Overview
  • Tank Spray Coverage
  • Spot Spray Hose
  • 7 Amp Pump
  • Pneumatic Wheels
  • Quick Overview
  • Tank Spray Coverage
  • Spot Spray Hose
  • Pump
  • Wheels

NorthStar 55 Gal. Best large pull behind yard sprayer

For those who need a large sprayer the Northstar pull behind lawn mower sprayer is a great option.

Fits most garden vehicles due to its adjustable tongue type hitch designed for different hitch heights.

Tank Spray Coverage

With a large 55 gallon tank this Northstar sprayer is designed to cover a large area without requiring a refill.

The tank is UV-stabilized and comes with thick walls. The thick walls prevents the tank from bulging or sagging if it is filled with chemicals that are known to attack the integrity of sprayer tanks.

Filling the tank is easy because of the large 6″ tank lid provided.

Designed with a special polymer, this tank is able to withstand different chemicals and has handy liter fill-gauge markings.

Boomless Nozzles

The boomless nozzles come with a generous 32 foot broadcast spray width.

There are no boom arms to store or break which is a great feature. The spray is directly ejected from the back of sprayer and gives are very even spread.

Spot Spray Hose

The hose provided is made of a clear reinforced poly vinyl chloride and measures 20 feet in length for easy manual use if required.

It has a spot spray distance of 30 feet.

This clear hose feature also makes it possible for the chemical flow to be monitored easily.


The Northstar is the only sprayer on our list that has its own power source for powering the pump.

This 55 gallon pull behind lawn mower yard sprayer has an impressive 160cc Honda engine that delivers the type of power and dependability you’d expect from Honda.

best, tow-behind, sprayers, reviews

The engine is quiet and easy to maintain.

Despite its lightweight design it delivers real power and smooth, uninterrupted performance for very even spread of liquid.

4 Roller Pump

The pump has the capability of delivering 7 GPM.

best, tow-behind, sprayers, reviews

The alloy housing stainless steel shaft comes with Viton seals and is corrosion resistant for durability and a long life.

Pneumatic Wheels

Pneumatic wheels are a big plus on any garden vehicle equipment.

You can easily cover any type of terrain with pneumatic tires, even on very rough uneven ground.

The 18″ pneumatic wheels of the Northstar are designed to provide maximum support over very challenging terrain to provide a smooth ride (and thus even spread) even with a full tank.

Some other features which you get are an adjustable pitch tongue capable of handling different hitch heights and a remote switch for turning the boom on and off directly from the driver’s seat.

This is a great commercial grade pull yard behind sprayer that will fit any standard garden vehicle from a lawn tractor and zero turn mower to an ATV or tractor.

Agri-Fab 45-0293 25 Gal. Best mid-range pull behind yard sprayer

If the Northstar sprayer is a bit more than you need then the Argi-fab 45-0293 pull behind yard sprayer is a great mid-level alternative option.

This is a great medium sized sprayer for herbicides, insecticides, liquid fertilizers or just water.

Tank Spray Coverage

The 25 gallon pull behind lawn mower sprayer from Agri-fab provides a 1.8 gallon per minute output.

The boom has 4 spray tips that can cover a broadcast spread width of up to 7 feet when the boom is fully extended.

Spot Spray Hose

You can cover a lot of ground using the 15 foot spot spray.

It comes with a wand and is capable of spraying up to a distance of 30 feet.

Its flexibility allows a user to adjust the spray from a fine mist to reach up to 30 feet with a jet stream, which is great for trees and shrubs.

7 Amp Pump

This pump is designed to support the discharge of liquid lawn products at a rate of 1.8 gallons per minute.

It also allows for the pressure to be adjusted up to 70 psi.

The capacity of this sprayer is five times more than you could expect with a hand-held sprayer.

This durable product holds as much as 25 gallons of lawn products without the need for a clog spray nozzle.

Pneumatic Wheels

The pneumatic rib-tread wheels of this pull behind lawn mowersprayer measure 14″ by 14″.

They allow for smooth movement across all types of terrain while maintaining an even spread even on very uneven or challenging ground.

The steel axle measures three-quarter of an inch while the pin-type universal hitch provided measures half an inch.

The hitch will connect to all types of lawn tractors, zero turn mowers, ATVs and tractors regardless of make.

Agri-Fab 15 Gallon. Best small pull behind yard sprayer

This is the cheapest option of our 3 picks and the smallest pull behind lawn mower sprayer on our list.

This 15 gallon broadcast and spot sprayer is fantastic for residential users.

The Agri-Fab 45-0292 tow sprayer can be attached to any lawn tractor to spray weed killer, liquid fertilizers, liquid pest control or simply water.

It has a boom with 4 spray tips and a self coiling wand with hose for spot spraying.

Tank Spray Coverage

The 15 gallon tank has a large fill opening and drain hole for easy emptying and cleaning.

The boom can broadcast spray to a width of 7 feet with an nice even spread.

The Poly tank is securely fitted over a steel frame that has been built to last.

The large screw cap makes it easy for filing and for the mixing of chemicals.

Spot Spray Hose

The spot sprayer can spray up to an impressive 30 feet.


This pull-behind sprayer comes with an electric pump that must be hooked up to the battery of the towing vehicle.


The Agri-Fab 45-0292 has f lat air-free ties for easy rolling and dependable performance.

The wheels are not pneumatic so this sprayer may struggle to perform if you have very challenging ground to treat.

The universal hitch means this sprayer will attach to most lawn tractors, zero-turn mowers and ATVs.

This is a great entry-level pull behind broadcast and spot sprayer.