7 BEST Chainsaw Cases: STIHL, Husqvarna, Echo, Makita, DeWALT, And Universal…

BEST Chainsaw Cases: STIHL, Husqvarna, Echo, Makita, DeWALT, And Universal Boxes

To be honest, not everyone needs a chainsaw box or carry case, but for those who like everything to be well organized and stored, there are some benefits.

Personally, none of my chainsaws are in cases, but that could just be because I’ve been too lazy and cheap to get one. They are, of course, covered with a scabbard, at least!

Chainsaw cases can help keep your saw safer from damage, prevent them from leaking oil on your workshop floor and make them easier to carry around with all your other bits and pieces.

Here are the most popular and well-reviewed chainsaw cases on the market, and where you can compare to get the best deal.

Chainsaw Box And Case Reviews

Universal Chainsaw Case

Chainsaw bags act as reliable storage for your equipment, protecting it from unnecessary damage, though there are plenty of other chainsaw storage options.

They are also helpful in protecting you, your car, and furniture from the sharp chains. They also make it easier for you to carry your chainsaw and any other tools you might need.

Here are some general pros and cons to chainsaw carrying cases.

  • Help protects against injury from chains
  • Protects against water damage
  • Allows for safer storage of the chainsaw
  • Easier to transport
  • Allows you to carry multiple items in the one case
  • Prevents oil damage to surfaces if your saw leaks
  • Can look tidier in the workshop
  • They can add unwanted bulk to your chainsaw
  • Considered an unnecessary expense by many
  • Takes longer to get the saw out and going (by about 20 seconds!)

Best Chainsaw Cases

When shopping for a good chainsaw box or case, it’s always good to explore the different options available (or when you’re shopping for anything, right?!).

These 7 chainsaw carrying cases are the top-rated options available.

Generally speaking, they could all be considered universal chainsaw cases, as they’ll fit most brands of chainsaw.

The main limitation and thing to check is the length of the scabbard – most go up to 20 inches, but some are shorter.

Another thing to note is that they are mostly made for gas chainsaws rather than electric or cordless chainsaws.

STIHL Woodsman Chainsaw Carrying Case – Best For STIHL

This STIHL chainsaw case is multipurpose as it has a unique removable bar scabbard with an in-built tools holder as well.

One of its best features is the hard durable plastic with a secure latch. It also has some innovative features such as a wrench and file holders, along with leverless latches.

It’s the best STIHL chainsaw carry case and is suitable for holding the MS170 to MS460m with a max bar length of 20-inch.

You can see find out more about models in our post on the STIHL chainsaw production years.

If you have something like the MS440 saw or a wrap-handle saw, you’ll have to choose another case as this one is not compatible.

The case weighs 6.5 pounds and has package dimensions of 21.5 x 14 x 13.5 inches. However, it has little room and doesn’t have a separate chain holder.

That said, it’s one of the highest-priced options on the list, and one might expect it to have more features. However, it is STIHL brand so we can expect it to be well made.

The case holds well to tough work and should last many years making it a good investment.

Husqvarna Chainsaw Case – Best For Husky Saws

This Husqvarna chainsaw case is a heavy-duty option that can protect your saw when not in use and during transport.

It’s double-walled and has a padlock tab for extra security, making it the best Husqvarna chainsaw box.

The case fits almost all Husqvarna models, including the 372XP and 576XP.

In addition, it has a spacious compartment, making it good for also carrying a bunch of other accessories.

The Husqvarna case comes with a removable 18-20-inch scabbard – so it’s one of the large chainsaw cases out there.

The case weighs 9 pounds and has package dimensions 20.5 x 13.25 inches. It has an attractive design, but it looks slightly flimsy, and there are reports that the hinges break over time.

The case has a double wall and comes with a padlock tab to lock your saw and accessories. It’s also made of durable material

Chainsaw Carry Bag – Universal Chainsaw Case

This universal chainsaw carrying bag is made of thickened oxford fabric that’s durable and waterproof.

With this feature, it is the best universal chainsaw case suitable for STIHL and Husqvarna 12”/14”/16” chainsaws.

In addition, it can accommodate most chainsaws with 16-inch bars, from a Makita chainsaw to a DeWALT Chainsaw.

The bag features a 600D lined waterproof polyester with a zipper, small straps, and an adjustable carry strap.

The carry strap makes this soft chainsaw bag one of the easiest to carry as it eases the pressure on your hand. It is very light, measures 3.15 x 12.60 x 3.94 inches, and is one of the cheapest options.

TriLink Chainsaw Case – Great Functionality

The TriLink CSB001TL2 chainsaw case from Home Depot perfectly fits most 20-inch chainsaws.

The case is spacious and, for example, if you have an electric chainsaw, it has enough room for two spare batteries.

It is durable and meets all OEM specifications.

The bottom part of the bag is made of hard plastic to collect any oil leaks from your equipment. With these features, it qualifies as the most functional chainsaw carry bag.

It features multiple storage s for items like chainsaw gloves and comes with a 14’’ to 20’’ bar scabbard. It also has two handles and a shoulder strap to make it easy for you to carry your chainsaw.

best, chainsaw, cases, stihl

The case weighs 3.08 pounds and measures 2.36 x 20.08 x 12.60 inches.

Jonsered Chain Saw Box – Best Value

The Jonsered black chainsaw carrying case is made of high-density polyethylene double-wall material, making it one of the hardest cases.

It has plenty of room for holding your other accessories such as spark plug, filing equipment, scrench, 2-stroke oil bar, and chain oil. It also features a leash system to fit the chainsaw securely inside.

It is designed to fit most Jonsered chainsaws of up to 20 inches, however, you can see in the picture they’ve chosen to feature a STIHL saw!

You’ll be fine using this as a universal chainsaw box with the likes of the Poulan Pro PP5020AV or the Ryobi chainsaw range.

The case comes with a removable 18” to 20” scabbard. It weighs 9.68 pounds and measures 24 x 20.8 x 4.5 inches. The case is sturdy and is said to be very easy to assemble.

Echo Chainsaw Case – Best Small Case

This Echo chainsaw case is made of durable double-walled plastic.

The case is spacious enough to hold your saw and some other items like extra chains, bar oil, etc.

In addition, it has secure latches and a convenient carrying handle, making it the best Echo chainsaw case and easiest to carry.

It’s suitable for homeowners and arborists alike and comes with a removable 18-inch scabbard. It weighs 4.84 pounds and measures 20.88 x 13.88 x 12.5 inches.

In addition to being lightweight, this carrying case comes with a handle that makes it easy to carry your chainsaw from the vehicle to the cutting site.

Husqvarna Chainsaw Box – Best Husqvarna Alternative

If you’re looking for an alternative Husky case, this option is another model from Husqvarna that is worth eyeballing.

It’s constructed of a durable double-plastic wall to provide extra protection to your chainsaw, similar to many other cases. However, it’s got the Husqvarna brand logo on it, of course!

While these features also make it the most sturdy chainsaw case, it’s also a little more expensive than the previous Hasqvarna case. It is suitable for carrying most Husqvarna chainsaws, including some XP and Rancher chainsaws.

It weighs 6.7 pounds and measures 23 x 14.25 x 12 inches.

DIY Chainsaw Case

You can make a cheap DIY Chainsaw Box out of a toolbox if you can’t find one that perfectly fits your saw or if you want to save some money.

The video above is helpful, but all you need is:

Simply using a chainsaw scabbard is a good alternative to a case, box, or bag. Most chainsaws are sold with them, but you can pick them up cheaply online if yours didn’t or has been lost or damaged.

You’ve just got to make sure it’s a good fit for both the length and width of your chainsaw bar. Measure your chainsaw bar before buying.

A well-fitting scabbard also protects your chainsaw from dust and rust. Alternatively, you can opt to hang it with a chainsaw wall hanger. Just like the sheath, the wall hanger is affordable and is a safe way to store your chainsaw.

The Best Chainsaw Storage Box

If you believe a chainsaw box is best for storing your chainsaw, try to get the brand that matches your saw, unless one of these options stands out to you.

The STIHL Woodsman Case has a lot of great features and is available at an affordable price.

The Husqvarna Powerbox Case takes the second position as it can accommodate several chainsaw models, is durable, and has an attractive design.

When making a choice, make sure you consider essential features such as durability, weight, material, and accessory storage requirements. Some people will prefer a soft chainsaw case, while others will go for a hard box.

Stihl and Echo Chainsaw Review- Which is Better?

Choosing a suitable case can not only protect you from chainsaw injuries but can also extend the life of your equipment.

Toolbox Into Chainsaw Case

About: I tinker and build things at random or if a need arises. Prefer metal working and dabble in woods only if its used for building something structural. I know a fair amount of home repair stuff (installing new… About Sparky_911 »

Being the proud new owner of a chainsaw (my first!) I looked into getting a case to go with for storing extra chains, sharpening kit, bar oil, mix oil, manual, tools, etc. The local hardware stores all had purpose built cases from different saw manufacturers (STIHL, Husqvarna, Oregon) that ranged from 40 to 70 dollars. The cases were completely molded plastic, including the hinges for the lid, which wear out very easily. I wanted something heavier and could not find one so I built my own FOR 25 DOLLARS.

Before getting to the steps here is the breakdown of items that are currently in this box:

Echo CS590 Timber wolf 60cc chainsaw with 20 inch bar

4 quarts of 50:1 fuel premix in separate 1 quart bottles (tall black cylinder cans)

STIHL roll up chainsaw hand sharpening kit

2 quarts of bar/chain oil (short square plastic bottle)

2.5oz 2 cycle oil (for mixing fuel on site if the premixed fuel runs out)

best, chainsaw, cases, stihl

Owners and maintenance manuals in sealed plastic bag

Step 1: The Box

For this case I used a Stanley FAT MAX 28 inch toolbox purchased from Lowes, they are well built, have metal pin hinges and are very durable (I have 3 and beat them up pretty good) outer dimensions are 28inches wide by 12inches tall by 11inches deep. Any box of the above dimensions would probably work.

This box came with a tool tray that would not fit with the saw so I set it aside to use in my truck bed tool box.

Step 2: Make a Bar/blade Hole

First step is to make a slot in the side of the box/case for the blade/bar to go through. In this situation the slot was made in the left end of the case using the blade sheath as a guide. To make the hole a dremel and utility knife were the tools used.

Some trial and error was needed in cutting out the case side and each saw may differ. When complete the slot measured 6inches tall by 1 inch wide, and was approximately.25inch from the bottom of the case floor and.5inch in from the case back wall. If you have a smaller blade sheath then the slot may not need to be as big.

Step 3: Make a Handle Hole

Once you have the blade/bar slot complete insert the saw as if you are stowing it. Leave about 2-3 inches of space between the saw and case end wall. This will serve as a guide to cut the case lid support structure out so the handle will clear and the lid will close completely.

Again some trial and error is needed here as each saw will differ. In some instances you may not need to cut at all. In this case I needed to cut support grid parts and make a hole in the lid so the safety handle would clear to allow the lid to close.

The hole here was 1.5inches wide by 5inches long front to back on the lid. I then covered the hole with gorilla brand duct tape to keep water at bay.

Step 4: Load It Up

Insert the saw and other paraphernalia. You should be able to fit all the necessary items for a full day of use only stopping to refuel or sharpen the blade.

The pictures here indicate how my case is loaded. There is also room for extra fuel on top of the sharpening kit.

I estimate the overall weight loaded to be about 25-30 pounds.

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I have one of these for a STIHL MS194T climbing saw and it fits without cutting with a 14″ bar. I have trimmed 1/4 of the upper tray to clear the chain brake, but that still fits and hangs on the tabs. Looking to do this for my bigger saw also, but need to ensure its tall enough before I go cutting a hole. Good stuff!

Great suggestions. I just bought my first chainsaw and ordered a Fatmax toolbox from Sears with some of their Freecash, getting it essentially for 15. These tips are great for me. thanks!

This is a great idea. Those store bought boxes are nowhere worth what they charge for them.

Top 10 Best Chainsaw Case Tested for 2023 – For Protection

As a chainsaw owner myself, I know the importance of keeping the tool safe and organized enough!

A good quality chainsaw carrying case helps you protect your equipment from damage, allows for easier transport, and also provides the necessary space for your accessories.

Keeping that in mind, I have put in the hard work to find the best chainsaw cases for you. I have selected these cases after extensive research and hands-on testing.

Best Battery Powered Chainsaw Brand (ROUND 2)? Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Oregon, DeWalt

Find the perfect solution for the protection and transportation problems you are facing with your chainsaw. Every single case has been selected after rigorous testing which was based on durability, material, construction, and ease of use.

best, chainsaw, cases, stihl

Let’s dive into our list of top-rated chainsaw cases of 2023.

Top 10 Best Chainsaw Cases Compared and Tested in 2023

Genuine Parts 49MACASE953—Overall the “Best Chainsaw Case” in 2023

Case Type: Hard Plastic | Compatible Bar Length: Up to 20 Inch| Accessory Slots: Yes | Scabbard Included: Yes

best, chainsaw, cases, stihl

The ultimate solution for chainsaw protection and safety! Keep your cutting tool safe and secure during transportation, storage, or transit with the amazing Genuine Parts case.

This heavy-duty case is designed specifically for gas chainsaws and is compatible with most chainsaw brands. If your tool comes with a bar length of up to 20 inches, it will certainly fit in this box.

One of the standout features of this case is the interior slots that are designed for storing all chainsaw accessories. The slots have specified space for storing bar and chain oil, replacement chains, and other accessories.

Hence, you can access everything you need in one convenient-to-use box. No need for separate bags to store things. Keep everything organized in one place.

Genuine Parts cases are also designed with security in mind. The security feature allows your equipment and accessories to remain safe while in transit. You can add padlocks on the case to keep your tool and equipment secure.

Both the case and the scabbard are made from high-quality durable materials which take a perfect snugly fit on the tool and bar. Hence, your tool or bar won’t be shifting or moving inside the case.

On the downside, some users might consider it a bit bulky and difficult to always carry around with you. A small price to pay to keep your equipment safe and secure.

What We Like

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Compatible with Most Brands
  • Internal Slots for Accessory Storage
  • Padlock Support for Security
  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • Scabbard Included
  • Sturdy and Rigid Design

Why Consider Genuine Parts 49MACASE953?

Overall, the Genuine parts carrying case can be considered the best chainsaw case for the money. It comes with heavy-duty construction and internal slots that allow you to keep your tool safe and your accessories organized.

Husqvarna Powerbox Carrying Case—Best Chainsaw Case by Husqvarna [2023]

Case Type: Hard Plastic | Compatible Bar Length: 20 inches | Accessory Slots: Yes | Scabbard Included: Yes

If you have the best Husqvarna chainsaw, then you can’t settle for any other option than the Husqvarna Powerbox chainsaw case.

A strong and sturdy box to keep your chainsaw safe and protected. The case is designed to meet your professional needs and is best for anyone who owns a professional Husqvarna chainsaw.

The Husqvarna box has got a heavy-duty HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) build that comes in double-wall construction. Hence, there are no doubts about the protection of the tool and equipment.

Adding to this, the material of the box also ensures that the equipment remains protected even in the toughest of conditions and doesn’t suffer from any damage.

You will be surprised to know that this particular case is compatible with all Husqvarna models, including the most powerful 372xp, 460 Rancher, 575xp, 455 Rancher, and 435 models. So, regardless of which Husqvarna chainsaw you have, as long as the bar size is 20 inches, you can fit it in.

over, the case also features a husky leash system which ensures a secure fit and ultimate protection for your tool.

The included scabbard takes a snug fit on the bar and chain of the tool and ensures that it doesn’t move around while in transit.

On the downside, the case is specifically designed for Husqvarna models. So, if you have any other tool, you will have to check the dimensions and compatibility before purchasing it.

What We Like

  • HDPE Construction
  • Compatible with all Husqvarna Models
  • Exclusive Space for Accessories
  • Husky Leash Design for Secure Fit
  • Snug Fit Scabbard
  • Ultimate Protection for Chainsaw

Why Consider Husqvarna Powerbox Carrying Case?

If you are looking for a top-notch case for your Husqvarna chainsaw, then this Powerbox carrying case is an ideal choice for you. You won’t find a better box for any Husqvarna chainsaw.

SAMDEW Carrying Case—Best Chainsaw Case for the Money

Case Type: Nylon Fabric | Compatible Bar Length: 14 inch – 18 inches | Accessory Slots: Yes| Scabbard Included: No

While our above two picks are definitely the best option for the protection of your chainsaw, they are a bit heavy and bulky. Users who are looking for lightweight fabric bags do not prefer this option.

The SAMDEW chainsaw case is one of the best portable solutions for your equipment which is usually preferred for an electric tool. The case is durable enough to hold a 16-inch chainsaw.

To ensure the durability of the case, a foldable sturdy wooden pad is installed which increases the load-bearing capacity of the bag. So, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your tool while traveling.

Adding to this, the bag comes with various inner s and compartments that allow you to conveniently store batteries and other accessories. Some various unfolded s and loops can be used to store other repair tools as well.

Don’t worry about dropping the bag while traveling. It comes with fastener straps, shoulder straps, and padded handles that keep the tool securely in place while you are traveling.

over, the bag is made from water-resistant and high-quality material, with extra padding around the case to protect your chainsaw from scratches and any other kind of damage.

On the downside, the bag is not generally preferred for gas-powered machines because of their heavy weight. I highly recommend that you check the dimensions and size of the bag before purchasing it to ensure it matches the size of your tool and bar.

What We Like

  • Ideal for Electric Chainsaws
  • Sturdy Wooden Pad
  • Impressive Load Bearing Capacity
  • Multiple s for Accessories
  • Water Resistant Fabric
  • Extra Padding for Protection
  • Detachable Shoulder Straps and Padded Handles