70 Best Decal IDs in Roblox (Working Image IDs). Chainsaw meme

Best Decal IDs in Roblox (Working Image IDs)

Whether it is the customization of their Roblox character or Roblox music codes, the online game platform offers its players a number of ways to express themselves. One such customization option is Roblox decals, which allow you to use almost any custom images within the game. Whether it is your favorite meme or brand new artwork, you can show it off to your friends in no time. And what’s even better is that we have collected some of the best decal IDs you can start using in Roblox. With that, let’s explore the top decal IDs spread across a variety of categories, including anime, memes, and more.

Best Decal IDs in Roblox (2023)

What is a Roblox Decal ID

Decals in Roblox are custom images uploaded by the community to the game’s servers. You can spray paint them around Roblox experiences and decorate the world. A decal can include any type of custom image, ranging anywhere from memes to user generated art. However, each image must meet the strict Roblox community guidelines and shouldn’t be provocative or inappropriate.

Unlike other custom items in the game, decals aren’t made for characters to use on themselves. Instead, they are mostly used by Roblox studio users. In that sense, they are similar to in-game textures that cover the faces of structures and items within Roblox’s worlds.

List of Roblox Decal IDs

We have listed dozens of Roblox decal IDs that you can use inside your game. You can find all of them listed below along with their codes and previews in separate categories.

Anime Decals

The following collection of Roblox decals is inspired by various popular anime, their characters, and their art styles. Here are the 20 best anime decal IDs for Roblox:

PreviewTitleDecal ID
Luffy 10511856020
Aesthetic anime girl 8652665149
Power (Chainsaw Man) 11778372953
Blank White Eyes OC 9794138570
Nezuko (Demon Slayer) 5444301611
Anya 9657394390
Satoru Gojo (JJK) 11486398809
L (Death Note) 5833222294
One Piece Logo 9933991033
Kawaii Cat 1076805417
Dark Aesthetic Girl 10341849885
Bachira (Blue Lock) 11636146039
Anime Boy 8592618675
Umaru Anime Decal 8598068650
Kokomi (Genshin Impact) 11761637789
Eren (Attack on Titan) 6479589870
Shrek the Anime 1025976477
Bunny with Peach 2222586071
Blue Mob 10218442298
Kawaii Anime Girl 11425468695

Funny Images Meme Decals

The decals below consist of viral memes and popular funny images that are well-known on the internet, around and beyond the Roblox community.

PreviewTitleDecal ID
Help me Rickroll 6403436082
Megamind 10180628714
Bongo Cat 2368504441
The Rock 11435555509
Skeleton Meme 10180536602
Windows XP Error 4519042263
Mike Bruh Meme Face 6090344677
One Piece All x Luffy 8964489645
Among Us Man Face 9180622670
Banana Cat 5009915812
Amazon Box Meme 4700049612
Cat Standing Meme 9142678957
Bing Chilling 9895184382
Sus Dog Meme 11648237431
Cheems Dog Minecraft 9676276958
Peter Griffin Voice Call 4632517063
Roblox Meme 1 7279137105
Saul Goodman Ad 10586142459
A Well Known Meme 1299973478
Round Penguin 5399142179

Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) Decals

Friday Night Funkin’ is one of the most iconic freestyle rhythmic battle games of the early 2010s. It is highly popular among Roblox players who have a bunch of iterations of the same. This set of Roblox decal IDs is inspired by the same.

PreviewTitleDecal ID
Marvelous 10386102050
Sick 10386104256
Trio in a Car Vibing 8146208773
.Good-” width=”150″ height=”150″ / Good 10386098900
Dave Bambi 8705972246
Unloaded Boy 9206925544
The Girl 6445989296
bad” width=”150″ height=”150″ / Bad 10393986425
Cuphead FNF 9340709670
Sonic The Hedgehog 6536394234
PhantomArcade Mario 10619210861
Frostbite 11491862692
Madotsuki 7980376963
Huggy Wuggy 7936191575
Ronald McDonald 6524922771
FNF Nikku 7440063531
Senpai 6744244201
Sarvente Had Enough 6723867507
Sarvente FNF 10277622363
Pico’s School 6962282598

Scary Decals

Most Roblox decal IDs are used to decorate the world or play a gag on your friends. But the following set of decals Ids only aims to trigger feelings of thrill and horror among players. They would fit perfectly well within the best Roblox scary games.

PreviewTitleDecal ID
Smile In The Dark 9182757592
Pentagram Symbol 464093673
Scary Image 52 7307851339
Scary Japan Aesthetic 6464695509
Noise Face 11539168339
Scary Black Cat 2752828722
Hisoka Scary 10694691145
Ghost Twins 314722698
Horror Face 2891891795
Asta and Demon 9030081191

How to Redeem Roblox Decal IDs

There are a variety of ways to use the Roblox decal IDs. Follow the steps below to learn the easiest method:

First, open your browser, go to Roblox’s official website, and log into your account. You can do so on any platform that connects with the internet.

Undertale AU Roblox Decal IDs Part 2

Next, like other in-game items, all decals are a part of the Roblox Marketplace. Because of that, the web address leading to decals usually looks like the following:


With that in mind, you simply need to replace RobloxDecalID in the URL with the Decal IDs listed above to find it in the marketplace. For example – www.roblox.com/library/6403436082/

Finally, click on the “Get” button when the URL opens to add the decal to your Roblox account. The decal is added to your inventory, and the best part is that almost all decals are free of cost.

Upload Your Own Decal to Roblox

While Roblox has thousands, if not millions of decal IDs, in its directory, they still might not be enough for all players. Luckily, you can easily counter this issue by uploading your own images as decals. Here’s how you can do that.

First, go to the Roblox Creator Dashboard using the link here.

Then, click on the “Decals” option under the “Development Items” tab.

Then, use the “Upload Asset” button to upload your own image. Make sure it meets the official community standards (read here).

Once the decal finishes uploading, it will show up right below. You can then modify it or even publish it on the marketplace.

Find and Use Decal IDs in Roblox

With that, you now have access to one of the most creative tools to express yourself within Roblox experiences. And the best place to show off the decals is within some of the best Roblox games to play with your friends. Though, as you might have noticed, you can’t wear any of your decal designs. But if you want custom clothing, we already have guides that help you utilize Roblox shirt templates and Roblox pants templates to make your own character skins. Feel free to get yourself as well as your world decorated. With that said, which decal from our list is your favorite? Tell us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below!

Chainsaw Man

Denji is robbed of a normal teenage life, left with nothing but his deadbeat father’s overwhelming debt. His only companion is his pet, the chainsaw devil Pochita, with whom he slays devils for money that inevitably ends up in the yakuza’s s. All Denji can do is dream of a good, simple life: one with delicious food and a beautiful girlfriend by his side. But an act of greedy betrayal by the yakuza leads to Denji’s brutal, untimely death, crushing all hope of him ever achieving happiness.

Remarkably, an old contract allows Pochita to merge with the deceased Denji and bestow devil powers on him, changing him into a hybrid able to transform his body parts into chainsaws. Because Denji’s new abilities pose a significant risk to society, the Public Safety Bureau’s elite devil hunter Makima takes him in, letting him live as long as he obeys her command. Guided by the promise of a content life alongside an attractive woman, Denji devotes everything and fights with all his might to make his naive dreams a reality.


Chainsaw Man was released in four volumes on Blu-ray and DVD from January 27, 2023 to April 28, 2023.

Characters Voice Actors


Imagine this. You are about to watch a series sold as a hectic action with unexpected twists and chaotic energy. You are about to watch a series that has been declared revolutionary in its genre, a series that manipulated tropes to create something unique and distinguishable. Captivating, emotional, intelligent, entertaining, juvenile. Then, when you are about to watch the show, you see a fraudulent cinematic attempt with a disgusting production, a derivative storyline, and pathetic comedic timing. Yes, this happened. Yes, this is Chainsaw Man.

Chainsoy Man is a story about a guy who comes from poverty and needs to learn how to adapt to the. luxuries he starts to experience, his new toys, and his new pleasures. The peculiar characters around him are the stimulus he keeps learning from, and he should realize the differences between desires and lifelong goals. He needs to adapt to complex and foreign socialization and grow as a person. Honestly, I expected differently. I agree with the concept, but it is simply nothing special without proper differentiation, and that inventiveness is not in this anime. Unless you have seen zero shows outside battle shonen, this concept has been exploited for eternity. Self-determination, dreams, frustrations. A manipulative girl that overpowers the main character and who is glorified by him. A girl with drug issues decides to use the main character because she struggles with love. Nothing of this is new. Where is the unexpected? The anime survives by aesthetical decisions that are just superfluous and vapid. Where is the twist?

Well, the twist is that things happen out of nowhere, which isn’t a new turn. Dark shonens have been exploiting these shock elements forever, and somehow it keeps working. Yes, disposable characters die on screen. Yes, your main characters only die once their character arc finishes. Wow! So unexpected! Such a ride! The fact that the pace is horrible doesn’t add anything to it. You get horrendous long scenes where nothing occurs because that is cinematic, and the snail rhythm spoils these supposed unexpected developments. One entire minute watching people walk with its atrocious animation, two minutes watching people talk at slowpoke speed about obvious stuff, and a character being quirky to coronate the entire investment.

Oh, so deep. Oh, so profound. The storyline is not just derivative, but the dialogues are horrific. They explain directly to the viewer each character’s emotional state and motivation set in every moment. The script doesn’t make sense. Why would you do that when you are also trying to portray emotions through character acting? Example.

How do I tell the audience that I want to touch boobs? Easy, say, “I want to touch boobs.” Is this supposed to be comedic? How do I tell the audience that I don’t feel sad? Easy, say, “I don’t feel sad.” Can’t the audience tell with something less straight? How do you foreshadow Aki’s participation in Denji’s game against Katanaman? A cigarette that says easy revenge. Symbolism?

Maybe it is not that easy to portray feelings through non-verbal actions, but holy shit, at least have some respect. The anime reinforces dramatic backgrounds to explain the characters because why would we care about people having normal experiences? Oh, this kid is emo and sad because his entire family died, so he wants revenge. Just the 1000 times that this concept has been done. Oh, this girl doesn’t want to work here, so she is a scaredy cat that can’t be self-determined and would sabotage the entire mission. Wow, so human. Again, where is the twist? This is the typical exploitable background that every single shonen uses. Why can’t people be weird because they are simply weird? Why can’t people have simple experiences that extrapolate into their actions? Are we robots programmed to be subjects of our circumstances?

The fact that the voice actors are making soulless lifeless attempts to emulate seriousness makes this even worse. I’m not too fond of dub anime, and the dub voice actors make me feel more than these guys. Who thought saying Denji lines with a straight face was a good decision? Who thought that giving Makima an archetypal evil soothing voice was a good decision? Well, this all goes in one direction; all the fingers point there.

The cinematic attempt of this anime is dishonest. You have an anime this season that attempts it successfully (Arknights), you have an anime this season that ditches it and goes full creativity (Bocchi), and you also have a ton of entries from the past that thinks outside the box and create authentic experiences like Monogatari or FLCL (I name this two because this anime OBVIOUSLY has been inspired by them). This cinematic attempt is pretentious garbage; if you like it, you should feel ashamed. It breaks the pace. It breaks the comedic timing. It makes the action feel out of place. It simply doesn’t work. It strains an already fucked production because they try to use creative camera movements that don’t even work. It isn’t good.

And I can go on and on about it, collaging every single out-of-place moment. The color palette is fucking boring to watch, depressing, and looks like a worse version of Modern Warfare 3. Yes, the Call of Duty game. The CGI is atrocious and only forgivable because the industry keeps sucking at making them good. The movements of the characters are incredibly choppy. The characters change their facial shapes constantly (Aki and his ten chins, Kobeni and her deformed head). The anime doesn’t even know how to animate people walking. The backgrounds don’t fit. The characters are stiff. It is just a robotic mess. It is the opposite of what the animation medium offers: freedom. Freedom to do whatever you want. The animation is just a chaotic production where the animators felt an increasing burden by fucking dumb requirements that constrain expression.

Yes. Attacking the production is not attacking the animators. If you have never worked a day in your life, then I can explain it to you. People don’t agree with all the decisions. Workplace politics exists, and we are talking about Japan. The people in charge of that ugly ass walking that defies the law of perspective and makes the doors size change constantly? They probably thought that the idea was ridiculous in the schedule that they had. It is not their fault. Whoever decided this disaster pretended they could pull off something they couldn’t. Simple and to the bone, it was a dumb decision. You are not attacking animators. The animators know when they fuck up and when their technical abilities go to waste. That is why you don’t praise this shit because positive reinforcement over this scum is the last thing the medium needs. Dumb.

I could go on, but I will stop at the most fraudulent part of anything, the marketing. This anime started with MAPPA saying that they would be the production committee because they wanted to avoid getting external pressure. They make a bland and uninspired adaptation that doesn’t elevate a single inch of the original medium, ruining what is special about the manga. They said that Fujimoto was heavily involved, which is just false. The anime then uses an opening with one hundred movie references, so people talk about it. These movie references are just fluff. They exist for NPCs to not talk about the bland first episode but the opening references and how this is authentic cinema because of Tarantino reference. Then they decide to create 12 endings, one for each episode. The tunes just exist to get funding from Sony and keep the discussion going. The songs are forgettable and skippable. They exist to consume and dispatch, fitting for the quality of this adaptation. There is no emotional attachment at all. Compare this to how Monogatari, Bocchi, or K-On use their songs, night and day.

The sound design is cool, and the OST is forgettable but adds some tension. One point for that.

This anime is just unmemorable. It is nothing. It is dust. It lacks any ounce of touch with the intangibles of its original manga. It is entertainment for people who consider smoking, sex, and violence synonymous with quality. The only thing that made me feel was Himeno sleeping with Denji, and that was because it was horny, and I like horny stuff. Chainsaw Man did nothing that any other lame dark anime hasn’t done before during all these years. Will it get better? The plot could, but the other elements probably won’t. If the next season is the same, then the dialogues will keep being corny, the voice actors’ delivery undesirable, and the animation will still be ugly. Not subjectively ugly, objectively ugly. Like this adaptation. So let’s pray for common sense to win here.

Nice 0

Love it 0

Funny 0

Confusing 0

Informative 0

Well-written 0

Creative 0

Chainsaw Man is not overhyped, not in the slightest. I’ll repeat it again for the people in the back. Chainsaw Man deserves the hype and is every bit as good as it’s made out to be. Maybe it doesn’t have as many universally appealing ideas as Demon Slayer or Jujutsu Kaisen. And its much more prickly exterior might serve as a barrier to entry for fans that have grown accustomed to the generic shounen-type stories that are regurgitated every season like that once-cute now-tiresome Christmas ornament that your family brings out every year. But I believe that it is exactly that prickly exterior derived from. its damaged characters that makes this series so endearing and beloved by fans (including myself). It is the struggles, tantalizing aspirations, and challenges that the characters go through that make Chainsaw Man the emotional masterpiece it is.

Early disclaimer, I will be touching upon a couple of character traits, noteworthy aspirations, and backstory details, but nothing that I would consider spoilers as they are either described really early in the series or are minor details that are negligible to the plot. But if you want to experience Chainsaw Man completely fresh without a preconceived perspective, just know that I am giving this a 10/10 and would recommend this to you over your Epipen if you were suffering from an allergic reaction. Even just catching the OP as you’re fading in and out of consciousness is worth it.

The characters of Chainsaw Man are extremely misunderstood, but this is precisely the reason why I believe Chainsaw Man is worth your time. Behind their infamous personalities lies compelling well-thought-out characters that are driven by personalized goals. While these aren’t always the most virtuous, once you find out why they have these goals to begin with and their pitiful outlook on life; how society has beaten each character to become who they are and what little they want, it’s heartbreaking. And none of this is more prevalent than in the titular character the Chainsaw Man himself, Denji.

Denji is not the one-track mind breast-obsessing pervert you’re told he is. After the untimely passing of his debt-ridden father, he is offloaded with an insurmountable debt that he is forced to pay off. Pushing the juvenile Denji to work odd jobs and even sell his organs to try to cover. After some unforeseen circumstances and an impressive display of his powers, he gets recruited by Makima to join the public safety bureau, specifically, special division 4: an experimental unit that consists of expendable devils-hybrids and fiends. The classic, Suicide Squad fighting-fire-with-fire type of unit. It is here where he meets his coworkers and where we get to see how Denji truly views himself.

Denji has simplistic desires because he’s never had the self-confidence or understanding of what the world can offer. He is enticed into the dangerous profession of being a public safety devil hunter through the promise of basic provisions such as food and shelter. Initially, he accepts this offer because he thinks that that is all there is to life. In that sense, he is no different to a dog. He is complacent with what little he has been given and will fight tooth and nail if anyone or anything threatens to take it away from him. That easily misguided tenacity is ultimately what demonstrates his vulnerability but also his value. We see this when Makima starts teasing him with any sort of affection, he’s infatuated. He’s raring to do whatever she wants because she shows him that there is more to life than he knows. But she also engrains the idea that she’s the only one that can and will provide it to him. With this, you come to realize that the reason why he has this perverted obsession with breasts is because he has never had any truly meaningful relationships with anyone, romantically or platonically. From this, we ultimately realize that what he truly wants is not to cop a feel, but to love and be loved.

Many people in the anime community believe that Denji is dumb or stupid by nature which just isn’t the case. Due to his cruel upbringing and lack of human interaction, once he’s brought into the city, he shows himself to be both naive and gullible which people mistake for pure stupidity. He’s constantly played like a fiddle and led on by things everyone watching can easily recognize to be traps. Worst of all he’s also easily preyed on emotionally and taken advantage of by the sheer mention of an attractive female. But that’s not his fault, it’s his childhood. Shounen anime has conditioned people to have this perfect idolized main character in mind. Where characters with similar backstories as Denji, miraculously become these cunning, all-knowing, and unnaturally righteous protagonists once they switch into another environment or gain powers. It’s so unrealistic it’s obscene. Why would these characters suddenly become society’s most upstanding do-gooders after they’ve been oppressed and treated like shit for their whole lives. They’re much more likely to become what Denji is, a guy that puts himself first and only looks for his own happiness. And it is that growth beyond this mindset as he begins to care for others on an emotional level that makes him such a great character. Through Denji, Fujimoto expertly tackles 2 shounen fallacies. The first being that: omnipotence does not equate to virtue or righteousness. The second being: sheer increases in power level does not equate to actual character growth.

Aki Hayakawa is the admirable older brother that makes you feel ok. Aki is the complete opposite of Denji in appearance and the way he conducts himself. His uniform is neat and ironed compared to Denji’s disheveled one, his hair is tied compared to the scruffy one of Denji’s. Even in personality, Aki is relatively calm and collected compared to the easily riled Denji. Aki is realistic, he knows his limits, he knows what it takes and knows what he needs to give up to achieve what he wants. Initially in the series, his aloof and stoic demeanor clashes heavily with Denji’s because of his disdain for Devils and how animalistic Denji is at the start. This is only exacerbated by their subsequent living arrangement that forces them to constantly interact. Once we get more screen time of him through this, we come to find he does feel. In fact, he’s probably the most emotional character of the series. He wallows in his own pain and suffering because he believes that showing it is a sign of weakness, especially in front of Denji. But even worse, deep down he’s afraid if he opened up about his feelings, no one would care. As the series progresses, we see them warm up to each other. They try to fight the bromance at first, but they really can’t. They learn and grow from each other, both of them learn that the other one cares for them and they are not alone in this world. This blossoming relationship is heartwarming to watch and a definitive strong point for anyone who wants to see a well done hybrid of a mentor-mentee/sibling relationship form.

Power is the mentally deranged sister that ticks you off but you also can’t help but want to protect. Power serves as the main comedic relief of the show; she’s brash, belligerent, and comes to some hilariously stupid conclusions. She also shows no mental fortitude or backbone and folds whenever something becomes too difficult. She’s introduced in the show much to the displeasure of both Denji and Aki. With her joining the household only adding even more chaos. Indirectly, serving as a catalyst for both Aki and Denji to bond over their mutual disapproval of her actions. Similarly, she also individually benefits from this relationship as in the trio, specifically with Denji. She learns from this trio how to work together and that the summation of efforts can accomplish what she individually can’t. As a side note, one of the scenes I can talk about as the anime didn’t adapt it for some reason is the Operation Super Smart panel. It is a very cute panel that any anime-only watchers should check out.

The trio of Denji, Aki, and Power in this dysfunctional household and their interactions is the driving force that makes Chainsaw Man so emotionally charged. They fight, they bicker, it feels so real and relatable. You recognize the habitual responses each of these characters have towards one another. When Power shows her lack of hygiene or says something so out of that everyone shakes their head in disapproval. Or when Denji gets too revved up over something childish. You’re always waiting for Aki to rear them back in line. While I appreciate these moments in and of themselves, their nuances in delivery shape the tone of many of the scenes. Especially important, these little idiosyncrasies each character has serves as horrifying indicators when you realize one of them isn’t ok. When the humor stops or when the characters have a slight shift in expression, you realize the characters are hurt and they are feeling something that they can’t muster up the courage to say. This makes it all the more poignant when something happens to them. In addition, the growth in each character also feels well drawn out and actually stays in effect later on in the show. That’s why I believe this trio of characters alone makes this show worth your time.

I don’t want to talk about the other characters as I don’t believe I can divulge into any meaningful discussions of them without any spoilers of the anime and manga. Just know I also hold them in really high regard and that some of these other characters have some of the strongest emotional moments in the season.

The devils in the series are another strong point of Chainsaw Man that adds creative freedom. Chainsaw Man is set in a world where any kind of human fears spawn devils, they take forms and have powers resembling those fears. With the more people fearing a fear the stronger its corresponding devil becomes. However the devils aren’t as binary in good or evil as one would imagine. Humans can form contracts with these devils to gain certain powers in exchange for sacrifices that can come in many forms (quite literally the “deal with the devil”). Even further, some devils are willing to lend powers to humans to take down other devils. The devil’s act as their own separate entities and function with a level of autonomy that makes each of them feel unique.

Another positive for people that are looking for a narrative-driven anime. Chainsaw Man has a story that also feels extremely logical and flows well. As each episode progresses you genuinely feel the story is progressing. There also isn’t that sort of serendipity you’re used to in typical shounen where the power of friendship rules all and somehow no one on either side dies. The outcomes of each battle are unclear and vary in complexity due to the diversity of devils present. Leading to some very suspenseful showdowns. It’s also not only the fights themselves that show serious tact. The human drama and careful writing really shine in these showdowns and you can see how each of these characters unravel as the battles progress. Most of these arcs span multiple episodes and once you start, you can’t really stop thinking about what happened and speculating what could happen next until you finish that arc. This anime pushed me to pick up the manga because I couldn’t wait.

To the manga readers that were wondering whether the anime is worth a watch. I believe it’s worth a try but the anime is very faithful to the manga and you wouldn’t be missing out if you didn’t. There are some merits and faults of the anime regarding the animation and music I would consider before making your decision.

The animation in Chainsaw Man is absolutely stunning, it adds a sense of realism that really excels at showing different facial expressions. In the case of background art, Fujimoto saves himself in the manga and doesn’t go all out with the background art except for certain scenes that add to the shock-value of a panel but loses potential immersion. Conversely, the anime fills in everything, which is expected and it’s done rather well. Both have their own advantages and I could see arguments for both.

The OST is really one of a kind and complements the show extremely well. The visuals in the opening contain many western film references that will be appreciated by some. The actual opening released by Kenshi Yonezu fully embraces the unpredictable and erratic nature of Denji. The soundtracks composed by Kensuke Ushio also play perfectly into the fight scenes. Additionally, the eeriness of some of the other tracks in his soundtrack leaves the audience unsettled and pushes them to think if there is more to the scenes than meets eye. The 12 different ending themes was an original idea that were delightful touches to end an episode off on. The abstract visuals in the endings were also solid inclusion that referenced what happened in the episode nicely.

Overall, Chainsaw Man impresses on so many levels I think it’s safe to say it delivers on the hype it got. From its extraordinary characters to its technical brilliance, Chainsaw Man is really a cut above any recent shounen that’s easily become one of my favorites. As someone who has recently read part 1 of the Chainsaw Man manga, I can definitively say this is only the beginning of something exceptional and I’m really excited to see how they animate the upcoming arcs.

Crypto Memes: Unraveling The Past 7 Days In Web3

by Tom Mitchelhill. by Dale Warburton and by Jie Yee Ong November 4, 2022 March 30, 2023 6 min read

Disclaimer This article is for general information purposes only and isn’t intended to be financial product advice. You should always obtain your own independent advice before making any financial decisions. The Chainsaw and its contributors aren’t liable for any decisions based on this content.

Crypto memes are keeping the world turning, so hang in there through this week’s weekly wrap and you will see them at the end. Otherwise, it has been another freakishly busy week in the non-stop hustle and bustle of Web3. Let’s not waste another minute and jump right into this edition of The Chainsaw Weekly Wrap. LFG.

News Roundup (with crypto memes at the end)

DOGE out here acting like a greyhound

You’re probably sick to death of seeing Ol’ Musky in the headlines but there’s no denying the dude has a way of pumping up crypto markets, particularly when it comes to everyone’s favourite memecoin: DOGE.

The pooch-inspired token underwent an absurd rally over the past week, closing up nearly 90% higher than this time last Friday, which isn’t too shabby for a token that literally trades on the back of Elon’s tweets. Aussie crypto exchange Swyftx reported that trading volume for DOGE was up more than 1500% making it the fourth most traded token on their platform…

Giving ’em pumpkin to talk about

Markets surged over the Halloween weekend, leading to a good deal of debate about whether or not something called “The Halloween Effect” is legit or not. Oh yeah and we used the spooky holiday to revisit some of the most vicious, hair-raising tales of crypto over the last year. If you missed it, definitely go check it out.

Bitcoin miners… are you guys ok?

The energy crisis combined with Bitcoin’s mostly stagnant price action saw some of the biggest Bitcoin miners in the game land themselves in a spot of trouble. The share price of Core Scientific (CORE) — one of the largest publicly traded Bitcoin miners — plummeted more than 35% as the firm started discussions with lawyers about potentially declaring bankruptcy. Ouch.

Another major BTC mining firm, Argo wasn’t faring much better, in fact it fared much, much worse. Things went sour quickly for Argo after a strategic investment deal worth £35 million went entirely tits up, sending its share price tumbling a touch over 70%. Double ouch.

Nikolai Mushegian – drowned or was he “suicided” by the CIA?

Midway through this week the crypto community was hit with some heartbreaking news. Nikolai Mushegian, the co-founder of MakerDAO (MKR) and decentralised stablecoin DAI, was found dead floating in the waters of Condado Beach in Puerto Rico.

According to local news sources he died from drowning, but troubling tweets from an account linked to Mushegian suggest that foul play may have been at work.

Just hours before his untimely passing, Mushegian claimed that the CIA, Mossad and the “pedo elite” were running a “sex trafficking blackmail ring” out of Puerto Rico and planned to “torture him to death”.

What makes things even more concerning is that nearly two months ago, he actually predicted that his most likely cause of death would be from getting “suicided” by the CIA. While there’s still no clear reporting as to exactly the circumstances surrounding Mushegian death, it certainly paints an eerie picture.

(Nearly at the crypto memes) Binance continues its quest for total crypto domination

Over the past few days Binance has been making some serious moves to expand its reach beyond just being the world’s largest crypto exchange by daily trading volume. The company’s CEO Changpeng Zhao threw a cool US500 million to Elon to help him finance his acquisition of. with Zhao saying he’d be stoked with a seat on ’s board.

While Zhao told attendees of Portugal’s Web Summit that he’s still “pretty busy” with Binance, he says he could probably find some spare time to help integrate crypto payments into the platform. Adding fuel to the “’s going to add in crypto payments” fire here, Binance even introduced a new financial product called ‘The Bluebird Index’ comprised of BNB, DOGE and MASK (Metamask’s native token).

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All of these things considered together make it clear that Zhao is seriously vying for a seat at the table when it comes to launching crypto on the bird app.

Show me the money

And next on The Chainsaw Weekly Wrap, news on all things venture capital and fundraising. To be fair, it’s a tough market out there, but the flow of capital just keeps on coming.

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Chainsaw Man: 9 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Series

Chainsaw Man is one of the most popular anime of the season, and the series has some moments that are pretty meme-able.

Chainsaw Man has quickly established itself as one of the most popular shonen anime of the year and arguably has the potential to be one of the most beloved shows in the entire genre.

While the story has its dark and depressing moments, it’s also highly meme-able and has some very ridiculous plot elements. Fans on social media have captured these moments beautifully in some hilarious memes that are fitting for such a wild anime. These are the memes that sum up the anime series the best.

Tragic Door-Related Backstories

Anime villains are often more terrifying than villains from Disney and other western media. However, there’s a gag in the Chainsaw Man community that the greatest villain in the show is just doors.

It feels like every time a character opens or closes a door in Chainsaw Man, something truly traumatic happens. Fans of the anime who were recently exposed to Aki’s backstory for the first time may be familiar with the beginning of a long line of tragic door-related incidents.

Kobeni’s Tragic Story

Guts in Berserk has one of the most well-known tragic stories of anyone in anime and is constantly used as a meme to describe a character going through absurd hardships.

Along with a cameo from Zoro to use as an example of great pain, the three-franchise meme centers around Kobeni: a character recently introduced in the anime. Kobeni goes through some difficult situations that are oftentimes more ridiculous than anything, and the meme successfully displays her wild responses to the odd situations she finds herself in.

Aki’s Family

From the Forgers to the Zoldycks, great anime families are often some of the most unconventional. Case in point, the found family of Aki, Power, and Denji makes for one of the most wholesome yet tragic families in fiction.

Each member of the trio has been through a great deal of tragedy in their lives, which is part of what makes their bond so special to the community. While other anime trios like Team 7 may be a bit more popular, it’s arguable that no group of three anime characters can match the dynamic of the Hayakawa family. Every manga reader and anime watcher alike has treasured the simple moments of domestic happiness that the tragic trio finds together.

Everyone Has a Different Favorite

Everyone has a favorite character from Chainsaw Man, and everyone has their least favorite as well. For the vast majority of the community, their least favorite is the incredibly manipulative Makima.

The beloved Power and Reze, who has yet to be introduced in the anime, are many viewers’ preferences, both as love interests for Denji and as characters, overall. However, some fans prefer the timid Kobeni to the other main love interests for Denji, and the Kobeni fanbase is incredibly loud and proud of their favorites.

‘Why were chainsaws invented?’ meme explained: users in shock over real reason

Have you ever wondered why chainsaws were invented? No, neither have we. It’s not really the type of thing you think about as you go about your daily life – until it pops up on

The ‘why were chainsaws invented’ meme goes viral

If you’ve been on or TikTok recently, you may have noticed the phrase ‘why were chainsaws invented?’ circling the social media platforms, and here’s why.

A popular new trend sees social media users simply asking their followers to search the question ‘why were chainsaws invented?’ The trend seems a little strange at first… until you actually search it.

The question is going viral online because of it’s very chilling answer. So why were chainsaws invented? Let’s find out.

Why were chainsaws invented?

If you Google ‘why were chainsaws invented?’ you’ll find out that the tool was actually developed to be used in childbirth, which is a terrifying piece of information many social media users are wishing they’d never found out.

The chainsaw was developed by John Aitken and James Jeffray, two Scottish doctors in the late 18th century to help with symphysiotomy, which simply means to widen the pelvis when there are complications in childbirth.

This was before doctors discovered C-sections, and doctors would remove bits of bone and cartilage using the chainsaw like device to essentially create more space for the baby to come out when it was stuck in the pelvis.

Whilst it sounds scary, believe it or not, this was actually designed to make childbirth a lot safer, and the chainsaw wasn’t anything like the power tool we know today.

However, you’ll be glad to know that symphysiotomies are no longer performed, and the chainsaw is now used for other less terrifying purposes, like cutting down trees.

best, decal, roblox, working, image, chainsaw

How to Get Image ID in Roblox. Copy Decal ID

users warn others not to Google the question

After falling for the meme, lots of users are warning others not to search the question ‘why were chainsaws invented?’, arguing they wish they’d never found out the true reason.

One user said: “Whatever you do in this autumn Monday morning, don’t Google ‘Why were chainsaws invented’.”

Another person said: “Never the same after I found out why chainsaws were invented.”

“NEVER, EVER, EVER google ‘why were chainsaws invented’. EVER! Nope. NEVER!” said another.

Now you’ll never look at chainsaws the same way again!