8 Best Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmers of 2023. Echo hedge trimmer gas

Best Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmers of 2023

Many homeowners have hedges to add privacy and style to their homes, but overgrown shrubbery leaves a blot on the landscape. When it comes to manicuring your hedges, you may wonder which hedge trimmer is best for your yard. So we researched and compiled a list of the best gas-powered hedge trimmers of 2023.

You can get the job done with a manual or electric trimmer if you have a small yard. However, homeowners with large hedges or many bushes usually prefer gas-powered trimmers. This is because gas-powered hedge trimmers are the most powerful and efficient.

Top 8 gas-powered hedge trimmers – reviews


Our top pick for gas-powered hedge trimmers is the DeWALT DXGHT22. It has dual-action 22-inch hardened steel blades that can cut branches up to one inch thick. But the magic happens in its powerful, 27 cc commercial-grade full-crank engine. Overall it is solid and able to cut thick branches.

The DXGHT2 is also great for taller hedges because it comes with an extension pole, giving it around a 12-foot reach. Additionally, it is compatible with TrimmerPlus attachments that turn your hedge trimmer into other yard equipment. TrimmerPlus attachments are sold separately and include an edger, blower, and brush cutter.

How does it handle? It has ergonomic overmold handles and includes a shoulder strap for extra support. Although it has a spring assist start button, some users still have difficulty starting it.


Blade material: Hardened steel

Engine displacement: 27 cc

Fuel Tank Capacity: 10 fl. Oz.


✓ Compatible with TrimmerPlus attachments

Poulan Pro PR2322

If you have tall hedges with thick branches, you will love the Poulan Pro PR2322. It smoothly cuts through branches up to 1 inch thick with its 22-inch dual-action stainless steel blades and 23 cc two-cycle, full-crank engine.

over, you can get the job done quickly without breaking the bank because the Poulan Pro PR2322 costs less than most gas-powered hedge trimmers.

How does it handle? It is lightweight, with comfortable grips and a rare rotating handle that allows you to cut from multiple angles. Additionally, Poulan Pro PR2322 comes equipped with anti-vibration dampeners, making it comfortable to use for extended periods.


Blade material: Stainless steel

Engine displacement: 23 cc

Fuel Tank Capacity: 14.3 fl. Oz.


✗ Some smaller users find it is difficult to handle

Best Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmer – All You Need To Know!

The best gas powered hedge trimmer is a hard-to-find product. as the buyer is almost always unsure about which brand to choose and which one fits their needs. If that’s the case, you have nothing to worry about, because we have here for you a list of the eight best gas-powered hedge trimmers that are bound to impress you in all aspects.

We’ll give you all the product details you need to make the decision, including a list of pros and cons along with the specifications, and after that, you’ll be able to make a conscious decision about your needs. We are sure you are curious to find out more, so let’s get to it!

The 8 Best Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmers Review

The best gas powered hedge trimmers are a very specific type of tool. You need to have all the facts before you make a decision. We have collected a list of the eight best trimmers for you. All you have to do is choose!

SENIX HT4QL-L 26.5 cc 4 Cycle Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer

The SENIX HT4QL-L hedge trimmer is a great choice for anyone who wants to get heavy tasks done. It is good for commercial use and also can be used by homeowners who are serious about landscaping and have larger, more established gardens. This device features a 26.5 cc 4QL 4-cycle engine. which is quite powerful and makes sure that you can get heavy tasks done without a problem.

This device also produces low vibrations. When using a hedge trimmer with high vibrations, the user experiences great fatigue and aches later on. This is because the vibrations from the machine tend to travel up the arm and eventually cause discomfort. But the engine on this trimmer produces low vibrations to avoid that issue. This makes sure that the user is comfortable throughout the usage, apart from no mixing of oil and gas.

best, gas-powered, hedge, trimmers, 2023

The SENIX hedge trimmer has twenty-two inches dual-action long blades with laser-cut abilities, which allow you to make precise and clean cuts. The dual blades are built of durable materials for better cutting and trimming and are undoubtedly the most important feature of a hedge trimmer, as poor quality blades result in poor quality cutting.

But with dual action, laser-cut blades like these, your garden is bound to look put-together, as with this tool you can cut up to 1 ⅛ inch of foliage. This cutting capacity aids the user to handle heavy foliage in their space.

It also features swivel handles that you can use to easily spin, turn, or rotate your hedge trimmer, making your cutting more efficient and enabling the user to cut in all directions and angles. And once you’re done with the cutting, you can cover the blade with the inclusive blade cover to ensure safety. Also, you don’t have to worry about your kids walking into the shed and hurting themselves.

This powered machine comes in the color blue and is 43 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 8 inches high. However, according to California’s Proposition 65, this product is not available in California nor can it be delivered to someone who might live in California.

However, this device isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Many customers have voiced their complaints regarding this product, as it is a bit challenging to start, unlike what is shown in the instructor video. Many users rely on video instruction and were sorely disappointed when they tried to start it themselves.

Also, there were complaints about the balance of this device, as the engine is very heavy compared to the other parts of this powered hedge trimmer. This makes balancing it with your arms a struggle, so if you’re an amateur landscaper, this device might not be the best for you because of its poor balance and heavy engine.

All in all, this gas hedge trimmer gets a 9 out of 10.


Despite the negative input of some customers, this gas hedge trimmer has a lot to offer, especially the powerful engine, laser-cut blades, efficient cutting capabilities, and the top-notch durable build. When all of this is combined, it makes this trimmer the perfect choice for you if you’re an avid landscaper!

Poulan Pro PR2322 22-Inch 23 cc Gas 2 Cycle Powered Dual Sided Hedge Trimmer

Poulan Pro PR 2322 is another great product by this company. This brand has proven itself to be a top runner time and time again. And this powered hedge trimmer is another solid creation in their list of trustworthy and top-notch products. With this device, they have once again proven that a product can be high-quality and user-friendly at the same time.

It features a 23 cc powerful, full crank, and two-stroke cycle hedge trimmer engine that uses gas as a power source and ensures maximum cutting performance. This makes sure that the machine can deal with all sorts of shrubs and hedges around your yard and give your space a nice, well-trimmed, and polished look.

This device also features dual-sided serrated blades that can cut limbs up to 1 inch in diameter. The blades are dual actions and can cut up to 22 inches wide. They’re made of stainless steel to ensure the device is durable and long-lasting. Also, these high-quality blades will ensure that the device makes clean and precise cuts every time.

It doesn’t compromise the user’s comfort with this device, as this product features a rotating handle with a comfortable grip, which helps cut at different angles easily without the user having to change their posture.

A powered hedge trimmer can be a difficult device to use, especially when it comes to cutting at angles, but the rotating handle and comfort grips help the user stay right in their comfort zone.

This device also features an advanced anti-vibration technology through dampeners that absorb excess vibration and prevents these vibrations from traveling up the arm and causing strain and fatigue later on.

After a day of landscaping, people usually feel tired and sore all over, but with PR 2322, that won’t happen, as it weighs only 11.1 pounds. which makes it lightweight, easy to carry, and a delight to use. Also, this hedge trimmer is 44.75 inches in length, 9 inches wide, and 8.25 inches in height.

However, there are some drawbacks to using this device, as the action hedge trimmer isn’t great with heavy branches as a garden tool. It starts to lag when it comes face-to-face with heavy-duty work and thick branches, as the thicker the branch, the more time it tends to take. Hence, it is recommended for users to only use this hedge trimmer for light work and small yards.

Another issue is regarding the flimsy and low-quality choke lever. This device claims to be made using durable materials, but the choke lever is produced from low-quality plastic and it feels like it will get damaged in no time.

Overall, this device gets an 8 out of 10.


Despite this product not being able to deal with heavy-duty work and having a low-quality choke lever, it is still a decent hedge trimmer for homeowners and small yards.

If you have light work to get done around the yard, this device will be ideal for you, as it has a powerful engine, durable blades, a user-friendly and ergonomic build, and a rotating rear handle. If you’re an amateur landscaper or have a small garden, this will be a game changer!

Husqvarna 966532302 122HD45 Gas Hedge Trimmer

Husqvarna is a brand that has made its name in the world of landscaping by providing the best quality products and prioritizing the comfort of the user. We are sure all of us can agree on this, as this specifically powered hedge trimmer is no exception. This Husqvarna gas powered trimmer is a top-notch quality hedge trimmer that is ideal for you if you have a small yard.

It features a 21.7 cc, two-cycle engine which gives you enough power to get any job done. Also, it is capable of giving you enough power to cut any shrubs and twigs of up to ⅘ inches in thickness. This ensures that your space is always neat and clean, and you’re always on top of things, as its 18 inches blade length helps you trim faster and make clean cuts.

Since the brand always focuses on the comfort of the users. the same can be said about this device. It weighs around 10.36 pounds which is much lesser than many other powered trimmers on the list, making this device easy to carry around. Even after a whole day of work, you won’t feel sore, as the heavier the device, the more difficult and tiring the job will be.

This hedge trimmer also features a LowVib anti-vibration technology which helps avoid any stress on arms and hands. Unlike many other gas powered hedge trimmers, the Poulan Pro 122HD45 doesn’t allow any harmful vibrations to go up the arms and dampens them before they can have any negative effects. This helps avoid hours of sore muscles and fatigue afterward.

If you live in a neighborhood with small yards, your neighbors have a high probability of getting easily annoyed when your trimmer is making unnecessary noises. But with the Poulan Pro 122HD45, you can now avoid this inconvenience as well as any awkward encounters with them because this product offers a low noise engine design.

10 Best Gas Hedge Trimmers Of 2021 | Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer Reviews

Also, the 18 inches long blades of this device are made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is the most ideal material for hedge blades because it is strong and durable, so be sure that these blades will last you a long time. Plus, these are dual-action and are capable of cutting in either direction, allowing you to work more swiftly and efficiently.

However, many users claim that this powered hedge trimmer takes a long time to start, which can be an inconvenience, as it takes a longer time to warm up. And it’s also not ideal for heavy-duty work, as it doesn’t work on thick branches or heavy foliage but works perfectly fine with twigs and shrubs.

The Best Hedge Trimmer Ever: STILH HL91K Review!

Overall, this trimmer deserves an 8.5/10.


Although some customers have had some complaints, overall, this is a great gas hedge trimmer for you if you have a smaller yard and need a trimmer for shrugs and twigs. It’s lightweight and comfortable, making it ideal for home use.

Craftsman CMXGHAMD25HT 25cc 22-in Hedge Trimmer

This Craftsman trimmer has everything one can look for in a hedge trimmer. It will meet all your needs and work beyond your expectations, especially if you have a smaller yard. Its powerful 25cc two-cycle engine is a great power source and the trimmer is also extremely easy to use. What more can one want?

This trimmer features a multi-position adjustable handle which provides more control in the hands of the user of this powered hedge trimmer. Also, you don’t have to worry about bending into uncomfortable positions to trim the shrubs, as you can just position the handle in the way you want. This makes trimming comfortable for the user.

Machines like hedge trimmers and chainsaws are usually hard to start, as the operator has to perform pull after pull just to get the device running. This is a long, tedious, and trying process, which can be avoided by the easy start technology of this product.

The Craftsman hedge trimmer can be started easily by simpler pulls using the electric start. So no need to fuss over manual pull starts when you can simply invest in an electric start drill bit, unlike other hedge trimmers. However, the drill bit and drill have to be bought separately, adding to the overall cost.

Trimming isn’t an easy job and this is a fact known to every landscaper, as you have to make sure every edge is trimmed to perfection to get a neat and polished space. Sometimes there is no room for error.

But covering every spot and angle can be a hassle when you don’t have the right tool. However, this Craftsman hedge trimmer has a large span with 135 degrees of movement which allows the operator to trim at all angles. It has 22 inches, dual-action blades which ensure clean cuts and premium hedging.

Plus, this device can easily be transformed into other lawn care products by purchasing the attachments sold separately. This trimmer is compatible with the TrimmerPlus multi-yard tool system, giving you a choice to save space and money by investing in this lawn care system. Plus, it comes with a two-year warranty as well!

However, this device does have its flaws, as this device is nearly not as light as it claims to be. It has a heavy engine which can be a pain to hold. especially when doing lengthy jobs.

The heavier the machinery, the more sore muscles and fatigue the user has to endure after the job. So if you think you might not have the core strength to handle a piece of equipment this heavy, you better not invest in it.

Also, another concern is regarding the inability of this trimmer to work with heavier material. It’s great for small jobs. but anything a little tough will have this device bogging, so it won’t be good for you if you have a huge hedge to take care of with thick branches and heavy foliage.

However, if you have a small lawn, this device will be great for you because only by using a few attachments, you can easily use this trimmer as a multi purpose lawn care tool. It’s best for someone who’s looking for a whole lawn care system for a small lawn and for that, this device gets an 8.5/10.


This gas hedge trimmer has a lot to say for itself. It has a good quality engine, durable blades, and the ability to function as a whole lawn care system by just using adding sold-separately attachments. It can work at different angles and has an easy start system and is great for light, detailed, and intricate hedging.

HUYOSEN Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Huyosen devices are known for their power and efficiency, and this product is no different from the rest of the crowd. This Huyosen gas hedge trimmer has a powerful 25 cc engine that ensures a job is done well and right, and a lawn is well-trimmed and polished. If you’re someone who likes their lawn to stay proper at all times, this device might be the one for you.

It has a cutting ability to cut through ⅔ inches thick bushes and hedges and some customers even claim that it can cut through branches of up to an inch in thickness. This makes this hedge trimmer ideal for people with bigger lawns and gardens.

Also, the powerful engines give this hedge trimmer enough backup to maintain your large space. It can also be categorized as the best commercial hedge trimmer but it’s great for home use too.

Landscaping isn’t an easy job, as there’s always a lot to consider. If every corner and angle isn’t trimmed to perfection, the whole look might not be able to come together. That is why this tool is a winner. It has a multi position adjustable handlebar which makes cutting at different angles easier for the operator, so no need to get into awkward positions anymore!

The blades are made from steel. They’re sharp, strong, and durable. Unlike many other hedge trimmers, this one doesn’t have blades that need regular sharpening or which get blunt every other day, no!

The blades in Huyosen Cordless Hedge Trimmer have a long service life so you don’t have to worry about sharpening the blades as they do not get blunt after a day of work.

The stronger and sharper the blades, the cleaner cuts you get. With a high-quality blade such as this one, you can achieve a much neater lawn, making it among the best gas hedge trimmers for thick branches.

If you’re an avid trimmer or someone who does lawn work quite often, you must know how hectic and draining it can be. All lawn devices are usually very heavy and vibrate during the whole job. This might end up giving a shock to your muscles and can cause arm and back pain later on.

But with this device’s shock-absorbing design you don’t have to worry about any of that. The ergonomic design will prevent shock during trimming, so say goodbye to aching arms and fatigue!

This device even features an ergonomic D-type auxiliary handle that helps reduce the stain on the arms and backs. It is user-friendly and ensures the comfort of the operator.

Plus, the user’s safety is ensured by its unique start switches, where you need to open both the switches to start the device but releasing only one switch will turn it off. When all of this is summed up, this product is a solid 9/10 for being one of the best gas hedge trimmer out there.

However, the device is quite heavy. leading to back aches and fatigue after use because of it. If you’re someone who doesn’t have the muscle strength to handle such a big piece of equipment, it might be best to not invest in it. Also, the user manual can be quite confusing for some as well.


This product isn’t flawless, but it’s an excellent choice for you if you have a larger garden. It has a strong engine, durable blades, ergonomic design, well-thought safety features, and high shredding capacity, making it a strong contender against other hedge trimmers.

EASYG Gas Hedge Trimmer

EasyG Gas Hedge Trimmer might just be the one for you. It has a 23.6 cc, two-cycle recoil gas powered engine that is powerful enough to meet all your needs, as it comes equipped with a SmartStart technology that allows the device to start right up, preventing the user from wasting any time trying to start it.

Many trimmers take pull after pull to just start up which is a huge waste of time but with this excellent trimmer, you can get a job done right away. This might be the best professional gas hedge trimmer. as this double-sided trimmer also features a throttle lock tool which makes it easy to use.

Lawn mowers, gas trimmers, and chainsaws are devices known to make a lot of noise. Has it ever happened to you that a noisy next-door neighbor has annoyed you while trimming their lawn to a point where you weren’t able to get a thing done? If not, consider yourself lucky, because it’s the worst!

But you will make someone feel the same way if you get a noisy gas trimmer. With this EasyG hedge trimmer, you can avoid creating loads of noise and disturbing others, as its noiseless technology makes it ideal for you if your next-door neighbors are a little fussy, you are looking for a gas hedge trimmer for an office lawn, or your kids are homeschooled, etc.

Plus, its ingenious design makes it comfortable for the operator. This gas hedge trimmer features shock absorbers that absorb any excess vibration. If these vibrations were to go up your arm, they would result in a lot of pressure on your arms, hands, and shoulder, resulting in fatigue and soreness afterward.

But why feel uncomfortable when a trimmer like this one is here to make your life smoother and easier? This anti-vibration technology makes this device user-friendly.

Lawn devices are known for being high maintenance. From oiling to cleaning, everything can be a burden to someone who has a busy routine. But this trimmer is different, as it features zero-type grease nipples and filter covers that make maintenance of this hedge trimmer quite easy. This trimmer deserves a solid 8/10 for being outstanding among a long list of others.

However, despite all the positives, there are some negatives one must consider. This description of this device says it doesn’t need an assembly, but when it comes to your doorstep, it seems to be only 3/4 of its way to being fully assembled.

There are still parts left you’ll have to put together. In cases like these, a manual might come to your rescue, but that is not the case here as well, because the manual is poorly written and executed.


Yes, this trimmer doesn’t come assembled and even the manual is lacking, but there is still so much good in it. It’s quiet, comfortable, user-friendly, easy to use, start, clean, etc. So, it’s one option you should consider.

SALEM MASTER Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer

Salem Master has come out with a gas-powered hedge trimmer and has left us all impressed. It has a 25.4cc, two-cycle engine which is powerful enough to get the job done in no time. You won’t have to worry about your lawn and garden getting out of shape again because with an engine this powerful, you’ll easily be able to get the toughest tasks done.

No one can even imagine a hedge trimmer that will effortlessly cut through bushes and bayberries, but this tool exceeds all expectations. It is one of the most powerful gas hedge trimmers and makes cleaning the yard very simple and easy.

best, gas-powered, hedge, trimmers, 2023

Plus, this isn’t a huge burden to start. Hedge trimmers take pulls and pulls to just start, but this one starts right away. And cleaning and maintaining it is also as easy as pie!

This device features dual-sided serrated blades that are capable of cutting through swaths up to 22 inches in width and any limbs up to 1 inch in diameter. This makes this device amazing for heavy-duty tasks.

Trimmers can barely manage small shrubs but this one will make sure that all the thick branches are taken care of, and your garden remains well-maintained. What else can one ask for?

These 22 inch blades are made of stainless steel. which is one of the most durable materials out there, meaning your blades won’t need to get sharpened every now and then, they won’t go blunt, and will last you a very long time.

The dual blades can cut in both directions. That can be very helpful as it makes the device more efficient and productive. If you’re working on a larger bush, these blades will come in handy, as they are long enough to reach out across the bush and can even cut through the thicker branches.

If you’re someone who lives in a fussy neighborhood, you must know how frustrating neighbors can be at times. Even the slightest of noises can seem to annoy them.

Encounters like these can be awkward and honestly, who has the time for bickering with neighbors? So avoid that by using this hedge trimmer which makes minimum noise with a noise level of 109 dB. For that and many other reasons, this one ge ts a solid 7.5 out of 10.

Not only will this trimmer be comfortable for your neighbors, but also for you. With its Low Vib anti-vibration technology. you will now be able to reduce any stress and strain on your arms, hands, and shoulders. Say goodbye to aching arms and fatigue!

However, this device has its drawbacks. Many customers feel that despite its anti-vibration technology, this gas trimmer’s weight does put a lot of stress on the arms and can result in back pains after a job.

Honestly, that’s a big problem, especially if you don’t have the arm strength. Secondly, many users have had issues with the build of the device. Users claim that the materials of this device aren’t durable enough and feel flimsy. That’s a big red flag!


This might be the hedge trimmer for you if you have a bigger garden and a small budget, as you’ll be able to do heavy-duty tasks frequently without having to worry about a big expenditure, so this one is a good option to consider.

Echo Hedge Trimmer

If you’re looking for a gas powered trimmer with the longest warranty, consider this one as it gives you a 5-year-long warranty. Echo is a well-established brand as is, but their long warranty only showcases their confidence in the product.

It shows that they know the product is so well made that they’re willing to bet their money on it, unlike many other gas hedge trimmers. A long warranty is just a sign in favor of any product.

Apart from this outstanding warranty, the Echo hedge trimmer has a lot to offer with its professional-grade features. It has a twenty inches blade length which ensures clean cuts, well-trimmed yards, and premium cutting.

This blade gives the customer twice as many cutting edges as any other trimmer that stands in the competition and is of extremely high quality which only guarantees a flawless yard.

This gas hedge trimmer won’t be a burden on you, quite literally, as it is lightweight and easy to carry. If you have weak arms, why worry, when this trimmer can be a lifesaver?

Plus, it features a zero-type grease fitting and a toolless air filter. Both features make the product easy to maintain. Trimmers and garden equipment can be a pain to maintain, but with features like these, we can say that this device barely requires any care.

The blades of this trimmer are double-sided. which means they can trim both backward and forward. If you’re an avid trimmer, you’ll know a double-sided blade ensures cleaner cuts and neater hedging.

It makes gardening and yarding a smooth process. Also, the blades are double reciprocating razor edge blades, which gives the customer another benefit. For these reasons, this one gets a 7/10.

However, as good as this device must sound, it does have some drawbacks. Before using, the blades do need some lubrication to smooth them up and relieve any friction. Despite this being a common issue in many gardening and yard equipment, it can slow the task down and can be a tad bit tedious to oil every single time.


Despite everything, this product is a great choice for anyone looking for a longer warranty. Many people seek out devices with longer warranties, and as trimmers are a pricey purchase, this brand is the only one that offers something like this. Also, it does have excellent blades and is lightweight.

best, gas-powered, hedge, trimmers, 2023


To wrap it all up, there’s no right or wrong gas hedge trimmer, it all depends on what your trimming needs are and what you want for your yard, for example, if you want a noiseless experience, EASYG Gas Hedge Trimmer must be the one for you and if you want a longer warranty, the Echo hedge trimmer might do wonders, as it all depends on what you want.

So before getting yourself a trimmer, ask yourself about your wants and needs, your requirements and desires, whether you want a commercial trimmer or just one for home use, do you prefer corded electric hedge trimmers or gas-powered hedge trimmers, would a battery powered hedge trimmer work best, what is the ideal trimmer weight for you, and then take a look at the above trimmer list again, and hopefully, you will be able to find an answer to all your questions in the hedge trimmer review.

Hopefully, this review helped you out in your journey to find your new gas-powered hedge trimmer. We do advise you to be vigilant during your buying process, and take a look at all the details, the specs, the hedge trimmer blades. the safety tips and precautions, and the warranty, before making the purchase. Don’t leave a stone unturned!

It’s noisy and heavy, but the Echo HC-152 hedge trimmer is a mighty gas-powered trimmer perfect for large gardens and more heavy-duty tasks.

Top Ten Reviews Verdict

This gas hedge trimmer has a powerful engine and durable blades suited to midsize and large areas.


Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

The Echo HC-152 is one of the best hedge trimmers money can buy. It features a powerful engine and sharp, durable blades that allow you to tackle the majority of trimming tasks. Although this gas trimmer is suited to midsize and large areas, the relatively short blade makes tasks somewhat time-consuming.

As with all gas hedge trimmers, the Echo HC-152 will cost more than an electric, battery-powered hedge trimmer such as the Kobalt KHT 240-07. However, you’ll get far more power and no need to recharge with a gas model.

Echo HC-152 hedge trimmer: What you need to know

The 21.2 cc engine requires 50 parts gas to one part two-stroke oil. It holds 15.6 fluid ounces in the clear fuel tank, which allows you to easily see when you need to refill it, and its substantial capacity lets you work in the yard for long periods before you have to refuel.

Weighing in at 11.7 pounds, not counting the added weight of fuel, the Echo HC-152 is heavy compared to electric hedge trimmers. As a result, it may be challenging and tiring to use this hedge trimmer above shoulder height, particularly if you need to trim for a long time.

The engine has a muffler that reduces noise and directs emissions away from you while the hedge trimmer is in use. The bulb on top of the engine, when activated, forces air out of the carburetor and draws fresh fuel into the engine for quick startup with the engine pull cord.

The Echo HC-152 has 20-inch sharp steel reciprocating blades that are laser cut for increased precision and durability, making clean, even cuts on each stroke so you can groom shrubs, bushes and hedges to the exact size and style you want. Despite their sharp precision, the relatively short blades mean that cutting takes longer than it would with 24-inch blades. However, the shorter blade gives more balance to the hedge trimmer and reduces the overall weight. Additionally, short blades give you greater control, making this model a good option for topiary and formal landscaping.

This gas hedge trimmer has an extra-large hoop-style front handle and an ergonomic rear handle, letting you maneuver the trimmer and providing considerable comfort for your hands, wrists and arms. However, the rear handle does not rotate or adjust, which makes working at differing angles rather awkward. At the base of the blade is a hand guard and debris shield that gives you added safety.

Should you buy the Echo HC-152 hedge trimmer?

One thing missing from this gas hedge trimmer is a shoulder harness that would ease the burden of the machine’s weight. Another obvious omission is vibration reduction, something you would generally see on a high-end hedge trimmer like this one. With nothing to dampen the vibrations, the machine can be somewhat difficult to control, and muscle fatigue can set in quickly, particularly when you trim tough material.

The Echo HC-152 offers a quiet, powerful engine for precision cutting. It’s missing vibration reduction and a shoulder harness, but it’s otherwise a good fit for most trimming tasks in average-sized and larger yards.

The 8 Best Gas Hedge Trimmer in 2023

The Best Gas Hedge Trimmer in 2023 – Overgrown hedges and bushes are eyesores as well as a nuisance, but they are essential to any home’s landscaping because of the privacy they provide around patios and along property lines. Manual hedge clippers are one option for this task, but a gas hedge trimmer will finish the job much more quickly.

These landscaping implements feature gas-powered blades (typically double-edged) up to 24 inches in length, allowing for quick work when trimming overgrown boxwoods and bushes. The best models have user-friendly features like engine vibration dampening, rotating handles and wraparound bars for better maneuverability, and quick-start mechanisms to save the operator’s back from multiple pulls.

This article will review some of the best gas hedge trimmers on the market and discuss the features and characteristics you should look for when making your purchase.

On the Linquip website, among the many options available to you, you will find all the information you need to know about the Gas Hedge Trimmer, as well as information regarding this marketplace. You can count on Linquip to provide you with as much general and reliable information about this topic, whether you’re a professional or a customer looking for a proper company. We recommend you review a list of all Gas Hedge Trimmer available in Linquip.

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The Best Gas Hedge Trimmer in 2023


Product Description

Redmax is a less popular brand than the others we looked at, therefore we didn’t include it in our reviews. Even though this brand isn’t as well-known as others, the quality of its items is unmatched. The Redmax CHT220L hedge trimmer is another great option for those looking for the finest gas hedge trimmers.

The cutting blade of this gas-powered hedge trimmer is 24 inches in length, and the engine has a displacement of 21.7cc.

The longer reach is provided by the 23-inch blade. The extended blade makes it much simpler to shape tall, out-of-reach shrubs and hedges. In addition, the cutter bar has two cutting edges so that it can be used from either side. You’ll be able to cut with greater precision.

You should be very careful with it because of the long, sharp blade and the fact that it may be used on both sides.

The engine is reliable, but it lacks the power necessary to operate the lengthy cutting blade. The Redmax brand might benefit from a more powerful motor and a longer cutting blade.

The Redmax CHT220L trimmer’s adjustable rear handle is another strong point. There are three locations for the back handle, allowing for a variety of uses and approaches. This trimmer has adjustable settings, so you may use it as it works best for you.

Redmax products now have a protective bar for added peace of mind. Even though there are safeguards in place, the product should still be handled with care. In addition, the machine generates 0.8 horsepower.


Brand Husqvarna
Power Source Gas Powered
Color Orange
Item Dimensions LxWxH 38.5 x 10.1 x 9.8 inches
Item Weight 12.5 Pounds

Product Description

A further gas hedge trimmer of merit from Husqvarna is the 122HD45 model. The trimmer 122HD45 shares an engine with the 122HD60, which was the subject of a previous study. Having a 21.7cc 2-cycle engine helps it perform better.

This motor is quieter and lighter than others of its kind. This trimmer is low-noise and lightweight, so cleaning will be a pleasure. It doesn’t make too much noise while you cut, so it won’t distract you from your task.

best, gas-powered, hedge, trimmers, 2023

It’s a lot easier to handle the 12.5 pound weight of this hedge trimmer. Weight-wise, the 122HD45 is far ahead of competing for gas hedge trimmers. This device may be moved and stored with ease due to its light weight and small footprint.

In addition, the Husqvarna 122HD45 trimmer, like previous models, includes a vibration dampener. When using hedge clippers, the vibration dampener prevents operator fatigue and discomfort.

The 122HD45 trimmer has a strong blade, which is another factor to think about. This two-sided blade is sharpened to an exceptional degree. Trimming may be done in either direction thanks to the tool’s dual-action function. You may trim hedges and bushes of varying heights with the 18-inch blade at your disposal.

The stainless steel blade is long-lasting and effective at cutting down thick hedges. It can cut through hedges and bushes as thick as 4 and a half inches.

This gasoline hedge trimmer has an easy-starting mechanism, much like other high-quality trimmers. This device can be quickly and easily turned on thanks to its quick start feature. The 122HD45 from Husqvarna, like the 122HD60, includes an air purge function. This function will make sucking the air out very simple for you.


Brand Husqvarna
Power Source Gas Powered
Item Dimensions LxWxH 1.85 x 1.85 x 1.85 inches
Item Weight 16 Pounds
Blade Length 24 Inches

Product Description

Hedge clippers are a top seller for Husqvarna. Just like the rest of Husqvarna’s tools, the 122HD60 hedge trimmer delivers exceptional results. A 21.7cc gas-powered engine provides propulsion for this device. The engine is really strong, yet it doesn’t make much noise.

The Husqvarna 122HD60 can help you out, whether you’re trimming a large area or just a tiny hedge. In addition, at roughly 16.2 pounds, it is a lightweight trimmer. This trimmer is designed to be portable, so you can take it with you everywhere you go.

The Husqvarna 122HD60’s quick-start technology is an added bonus. There is a Smart start function, as well as a unique auto-return stop switch. It will be much simpler to use this device thanks to this function. In order to get this gas hedge trimmer going, you won’t need to use a lot of power.

The length of the blade utilized in this apparatus is likewise increased. Its length of 23.7 inches is deliberate since it facilitates use in demanding cutting tasks. The use of this blade makes cutting easier and faster. The cutting blade, in addition to its length, is remarkable for its acuteness. Upgraded sharpness will make it simpler to prune thorny hedges and shrubs.

As an added bonus, the gas-powered bush trimmer has a flexible rear handle for optimal control. The trimmer’s rear handle is adjustable, so you may use it at different angles. The sturdy grips ensure that your hands don’t shake as you work.

The lower vibration means that users won’t experience the same strain as they would with conventional hedge clippers. The anti-vibration dampeners used in this apparatus are responsible for the much reduced vibrational noise. The equipment dampens noise and makes cleaning a breeze.


Product Description

The Echo HC-2020 is a great trimmer for anybody, from inexperienced gardeners to seasoned professionals. This hedge trimmer is far less of a chore to use than its heavier counterpart, thanks to its compact build and twin handles. Echo HC-2020 trimmer’s lightweight design makes it convenient to transport over long distances. The convenience of portability is a major selling point for this device.

An intriguing feature is the usage of a 21.2cc engine. This motor requires a mixture of 50 parts gasoline to 1 part motor oil to function. However, for optimal performance, blend two-stroke oil with the fuel.

so, being able to see the gasoline tank from the outside makes it much easier to refuel. This transparent tank makes it easy to monitor your supply and knows exactly when it needs to be refilled. The tank can hold 13 ounces of liquid. It has a larger tank capacity and hence can transport more fuel.

Additionally, the blade is long enough to be used for cutting hedges of varying sizes. The blade is 20 inches long and manufactured of sturdy stainless steel. The stainless steel construction ensures that the knife’s edge won’t dull quickly. You’ll be able to maintain considerably more steady and precise control of the machine because of the longer length of the blade. You may easily do topiary and formal landscaping with the help of the Echo HC-2020 trimmer.

The handle is also a crucial component of this product. A hoop-shaped front handle and a longer, straighter handle are included. Both grips are comfortable and simple to use.

One drawback, though, is that their grips aren’t adjustable. You may find it challenging to utilize them at various angles because they do not have adjustable handles. One of the things that sets this gas-powered bush trimmer apart is the fact that it has a muffler. To reduce noise and pollution, install this muffler. This device is environmentally beneficial since it reduces harmful gas emissions.


Product Description

Do you want to take better care of your yard and lawn without breaking the bank? If so, a hedge trimmer may be just what you need. Then the Huyosen cordless hedge trimmer is a good option for you. This hedge trimmer is less costly than similar models, yet it still offers many of the same functions.

It has a powerful 25cc engine, making it an excellent choice. This motor is far stronger than those found in competing hedge clippers. It has a strong enough motor to trim thick hedges and thick branches with ease.

Additionally, the Huyosen hedge trimmer stands out due to its ergonomic design. The ease with which you can operate this device will be much improved. Thanks to its innovative construction, this Huyosen trimmer allows for uninterrupted trimming sessions.

The product’s two ergonomic handles greatly improve its use. The D shape of one of the grips makes it easier to hold onto the tool. As a result, less stress is placed on the arms during prolonged trimmer use. There is a handle-adjuster switch built into the handle itself.

This switch allows the handle to be turned through a full 180 degrees.

Protect yourself and your hedges with the safety shield and plastic guard that come standard on this lightweight gas hedge trimmer. The hedge trimmer’s protective shield is far larger than those seen on competing products. Users will be protected from flying items and debris. While cutting bushes and trees, you won’t have to worry as much about pebbles and sticks falling on you.


Product Description

Looking for a robust tool capable of cutting through thickets of hedges and branches? Then the SENIX HT4QL-L hedge trimmer is perfect for you. It’s a high-quality Canadian landscaping tool made by SENIX, a business with a solid reputation for producing user-friendly tools.

The engine is 26.5cc, which gives the device a lot of power. Using the two-crank four-stroke motor, chopping through thick bushes and branches will seem like second nature. This tool features a strong 26.5cc engine and a 22-inch laser-cut blade that sets it apart from the competition. The 22-inch blade is equipped with a dual-action mechanism that allows for quick and accurate cutting. It can make quick work of branches up to 1.1 inches in diameter.

Furthermore, some customers worry that this powerful equipment would be difficult to manage, but this is not the case. With its simple pull-cord starting mechanism, the SENIX HT4QL-L gas-powered hedge trimmer is a breeze to get going compared to its counterparts. The robust performance of this hedge trimmer makes it an excellent option for cutting down bushes and shrubs.

In addition, the SENIX HT4QL-L is an excellent option because it does not make a lot of noise when running, making it ideal for those who reside in quieter environments. This gasoline-powered hedge trimmer is far quieter and less vibrational than its predecessor. Users of hedge trimmers will experience fewer tiredness thanks to the anti-vibration technology.

The HT4QL-L model’s swiveling rear handle is another convenient addition. This swiveling grip allows for multidirectional application. over, it weighs roughly 13 pounds and measures 43 by 10 by 8 inches.

The machine’s size and weight make it practical for transport and storage. The fuel tank holds 9.6 fl oz, which is less than that of several competing gas-powered hedge clippers.


Brand Poulan Pro
Power Source Gas Powered
Item Dimensions LxWxH 44.75 x 9 x 8.25 inches
Item Weight 11.1 Pounds
Material Stainless Steel

Product Description

Poulan Pro PR2322 is an affordable hedge trimmer that arrives with various top-class features. It debuts a robust two-cycle, 23cc motor. It is useful for reshaping and trimming dense hedges and brushes. The strong 23cc engine makes this trimmer far more capable of clearing thorny bushes.

The Poulan Pro PR2322 has serrated blades, another important component. These serrated blades may be used from either side, and they cut quite effectively. A limb with a diameter of an inch is no match for it. This premium performance is due to the 22-inch length and very sharp blade.

Besides, some novice users struggle to turn on the gas hedge trimmers. But with this trimmer from the Poulan Pro brand, you will not encounter such a concern. Both novices and seasoned pros will appreciate the machine’s simple beginning process.

The PR2322 is a very portable option in terms of size and weight. Its lightweight (11.1 pounds) design and compact size (44.75 x 9 x 8.25 inches) make it simple to transport.

As you raise PR2322 throughout the trimming work for an extended duration, you won’t grow weary. Anti-vibration technology is also a notable feature of this device. It’s easier to keep a firm grasp thanks to the technology that dampens vibrations. The PR2322 is completely vibration-free while in your possession.

The device also features a rotating handle that may be used to set the machine at an optimal position for use. You can trim with less discomfort because of the revolving handle and the anti-vibration function. In addition, there is sufficient fuel capacity in this machine. Its fuel capacity of around a third of a gallon is sufficient for cleaning bigger areas. The PR2322 model’s engine is also known for its low fuel consumption.


Product Description

To that list, I would add the Echo HC-155 hedge trimmer. New to the market is the gasoline-powered Echo HC-155, which offers a number of advantages over competing models. This expert-grade solution is just what you need to get those plants under control. Help yourself to the 21.2cc 2-stroke gas engine that powers this tool and go to work trimming those hated hedges.

The HC-155 is preferable since it produces a cleaner cut. When you use this method, you may quickly get the clean cut you’re after. This hedge trimmer weighs 11.5 pounds and features a double-edged blade. The 24 inch length of its two-sided blade makes it ideal for cleaning in tight spaces.

The HC-155 from the Echo brand is built to last and features a sturdy body, powerful engine, and sharp blade made from the highest quality materials. This machine will last for a long time due to its sturdy build.

In addition, safety guards are installed for the user’s protection. Since this safety feature is so little, it is not a good choice. Like other common gas hedge trimmers, the Echo HC-155 features a pair of handles. These ergonomically designed handles make holding the trimmer a breeze.

It’s possible, nevertheless, that this product will vibrate ever-so-slightly when you use it. To lessen the impact of the vibration, you might use a pair of gloves. Also, gloves will shield your hands from any projectiles. In addition to the usual safety gear, hearing protection is highly recommended when using this hedge trimmer.

The HC-155 looks the same as other Echo hedge trimmers. This device is not for you if you are hoping to find anything truly original. In spite of its unattractive exterior, it is a competent tool for trimming hedges.

What to Look for in a Quality Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmer

Blade length, teeth spacing, and weight all play significant roles in a hedge trimmer’s performance, alongside the engine speed and power. Read on to find out more about these and other crucial aspects of a hedge trimmer.

Width of the Blade and Distance Between the Teeth

To get a clean cut, a trimmer’s user just waves the tool back and forth, as the trimmer’s teeth are on both sides.

The length of a trimmer blade can be anything from 18 to 20 inches. Because of the larger length of the longer blade, more vegetation may be trimmed in one motion. In addition, it facilitates more consistent slicing, which is essential for shaping boxwood hedges. Longer trimmers are more difficult to control than their shorter counterparts due to their greater length. Another disadvantage is that they are more difficult to steer in confined locations, such as around the base of a bush or shrub. Most gardeners may get by with an 18-inch trimmer, but those who tend to huge hedges will want to invest in a lengthier unit.

Cut branches that fall into the space between the blade’s scissor-like teeth. How thick of a branch the trimmer can cut depends on the distance between the blade’s teeth. Typically, the blade separation on professional-grade hedge clippers is one inch or more, allowing them to easily slice through thicker branches and gnaw through more solid matter. Gardeners often use trimmers with cutting diameters between 3/8 inch and 3/4 inch.

Velocity and Force of the Engine

A gas-powered hedge trimmer has more power than its electric counterpart and can trim larger areas of hedge and vegetation more quickly.

The speed of the engine in a gas trimmer determines how much work it can do, and this is quantified in terms of the volume of air and fuel that the engine is able to displace each minute. The larger the engine’s ccs rating, the more forceful it will be. The typical size of the engine in a gas-powered trimmer is between 21 and 25 cc. When powered by more potent motors, longer blades can swiftly slash through thicker foliage and trim branches with greater diameters.

The cutting power of a trimmer depends on a number of factors beyond the engine speed alone. With longer blades, more power is needed to move the cutters. A trimmer with a 23-inch blade and a 23.7-cc engine may not be as effective as one with an 18-inch blade and a 21.7-cc motor.

Fuel Capacity

The length of time a trimmer may operate before needing a fuel refill is directly related to the volume of the fuel tank. Larger yard maintenance projects need greater capacity to avoid delays caused by the need to refuel. Trimmers typically feature a 13-ounce tank, which provides around an hour of run time. Remember that bigger engines consume fuel at a faster rate than their smaller counterparts.

Lightness and Convenience of Use

The trimmer’s portability is greatly affected by its weight. While a heavy trimmer may be cumbersome to lift and move around, a light one will be easy to work with and won’t wear out the user as soon. The typical weight of a gas-powered trimmer is between 10 and 14 pounds.

Not only does trimmer weight have an impact on how simple it is to use, but there are other considerations as well. Gas trimmers feature pull starters just like gas lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and chainsaws. Many companies now provide options for their products that make it less difficult to start the engine from a cold start.

Vibration from gas trimmer engines is also a major contributor to tired arms and hands. Vibration dampening devices are included in certain hedge trimmers, making them more pleasant to use for longer periods of time.

The trimmer’s handles can also make a significant impact. The trigger and primary control for a trimmer are located on its back handle, which is also where the device’s blade is stored. Wraparound handles near the blades make many trimmers easier to control and more versatile, as the user may adjust their grip to achieve varied cutting angles. Having a trimmer with a rotating trigger handle makes it much simpler to make cuts at an angle.

Safety Features

Hedge trimmers are inherently hazardous because of their numerous sharp teeth designed to chop through branches. Many are built with safeguards to protect the user from harm. Generally, a trimmer’s blade will not activate unless the operator depresses a button or lever on the device’s handle. If the trimmer is dropped, it will immediately stop cutting, protecting the user from injury.

The thick guards that sit between the blade and the handle of most trimmers serve two purposes: they protect the user’s hands from the blade, and they keep the user’s grasp on the trimmer free of obstructions like plants.

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