A hitch for a power tiller with your own hands dimensions

Coupling for power tiller with his own hands is the most important, indispensable node in the design. Without it, you can’t use a huge amount of attachments. To make a coupler with your own hands, you need to carefully approach the entire process, so that the node turned out to be of high quality and able to cope with the loads.

The basis of the coupling for power tillers is a U-shaped attachment. To make it, you need a channel of suitable size and thickness. It is placed under the steering wheel.

To make the hitch mount, you need to drill a hole to secure the mounting pin and the bracket in them. Each hole must have the required diameter. The pin is made from high tensile steel.

To attach it to a single-axle tractor, additional attachments in the form of a bracket are used. Its long end is positioned either down or up so as not to interfere with connected equipment. The end of the bracket must not touch the ground to be worked. to the menu

1.1 How to attach the drawbar hitch to the tiller?

The hitch brackets are mounted to the power harvester brackets with pins. To ensure secure attachment, it is best secured with M14 bolts. In order to install additional equipment to the bracket you must mount the hitch axle.

After that, the axis is inserted into the outer hole. Align the holes on the equipment rack body and tighten the bolt. Next, secure the contact with an M 12 bolt and nut.

Universal hitch is designed to equip machinery with attachments: potato planter, potato digger, hoe, plow. If there is a hitch, you can fine-tune the attachment. Thanks to the fine-tuning of equipment, facilitates the work of the operator. to the menu

Necessary tools and materials

Before proceeding to the manufacture of the trailer, you should prepare the materials and tools needed to assemble the product.

  • Square profile pipe (40x40mm or 50x50mm, to assemble the frame);
  • Metal corner (thickness. 3 mm, width of the shelf. 30-40 mm);
  • 2 wheels. (with pneumatic tires). Usually take the wheels from a motorcycle, as well as from a car “Zhiguli” or “Moskvich”. Such a design will have a good passability;
  • Bridge or steel pipe to make the axle;
  • Plywood, plastic or sheet of iron 1-2 mm (to make the body);
  • Bolts, nuts and other fasteners;
  • paint.

When making a homemade trailer for a power tiller, you need to use the construction drawings.

Tips for assembling an adapter

Special equipment for a power tiller can safely be made by almost any craftsman. To create the adapter, you need to take a tube that has a straight section, its length should be 1.7 m.

To one of the ends perpendicularly have to be welded a tube, whose length will be 0.5 m. This part will be the base to hold the racks under the wheels. The height of the uprights from the axis to the top will be 0,3 m. At the new stage, you need to attach the struts to the center tube and the hub of the wheels and fix them. The length of the workpiece depends on the slope and angle.

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The square frame can be any size. Our variant will have the following dimensions: 0,4×0,4 m. If you are going to make such a hitch for a power tiller yourself, you need to attach a channel to the rear end of the frame, the length of which will be 0.4 m. To assemble the side tubes into one structure you can use bolts.

In order for you to have the possibility of adjustment, it is worth attaching a lever, which should have 3 knees, their length will be as follows: 20, 30 and 50 centimeters respectively.

In order to increase the applied forces, it is worth supplementing the lever with a 75-centimeter lever. You can buy a hitch or make one yourself.

The quality of the coupling determines the duration of use of our equipment. A seat should be attached to a metal support that attaches to the center tube. After these steps, you can consider that you have created a great equipment for the power tiller. Its advantages are low price and ease of construction.

Tips for making a hitch

If you want to make this equipment with their own hands, then you should work more with the instructions to create a coupling unit. The lightest design would be a 15-centimeter pin that is placed in the towbar hitch hole of the unit. The disadvantage of this feature is a very fast wear and tear, because under the influence of a spinning trailer, the hitch holes are broken.

How to make a hitch for a power tiller

If you have a large plot of land at your disposal, you actively use it to grow crops or vegetables, then sooner or later you will need a miniature tractor. a single axle tractor. This small, two-wheeled machine frees up time and increases productivity. But its efficiency depends on the attachment or trailed equipment used. To install it, you need a hitch for the power tiller, and there is a high probability that you will have to do it with your own hands. Why? The reason is that this element is not part of the main components of a power tiller, but it is essential in operation. Couplings come in several varieties. The choice depends on the type of tractor itself and the work to be done with it.

First of all, you should have the necessary arsenal of tools. To make a homemade hitch on a single-axle tractor, you will need:

Before you begin making a hitch, you should make sure that the billet is very strong and check all the dimensions (drill diameters, towbar and hitch mounting dimensions, etc.). д.). If all these nuances will be taken into account beforehand. it will take less time to produce a hitch and prolong its service life.

For universal U-shaped hitch manufacture select metal channel of appropriate size and thickness. According to the drawings we make holes in the right places, through which the bracket and pin will be attached. In order to attach the attachment easily and conveniently, the bracket must face either up or down. In doing so, it should not reach to the ground.

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The drawings below show the drawings for making universal hitch, which is suitable for most models of power tillers (such as Neva MB 2, Agro, MTZ, Farmer, Favorit, etc.). п.). This hitch is designed for coupling a power tiller, plow, mower, digger, planter, etc. д. We suggest you also read the video, which shows how to improve the hitch for a motor-block Weima 1100D on your own:

The design of a cart for a power tiller

Before you build a cart for a motor-block, it is necessary to find out what is a single-axle tractor itself. This is a transport device that is able to move on the surface by its own internal combustion engine, which is started by pulling a cord. Power of the power unit of the power tiller ranges from 3.5 hp.с. up to 12.0 liters.с. The undercarriage is single-axle (most often) or double-axle.

Single axle tractor

Between the engine and the undercarriage is a transmission mechanism that allows you to switch gears and change direction. The control system allows the operator to control the modes of movement.

A single-axle tractor can work in combination with various agricultural and municipal equipment: for tillage, grass mowing, snow removal, short hauling of small loads. In the latter case, a cart is hitched to the power tiller. Since the leading wheels of the device are lightly loaded, it will not pull a large load on difficult roads. The power tiller is especially handy for tilling rows and working in greenhouses.

Controls are mounted on two long handles. With their help the operator maintains the balance of the machine, which requires considerable physical effort. This disadvantage is absent in two-axle tractors, but they are much more expensive and consume more fuel.

What is the best single-axle tractor: prices, reviews. In the article, we will find out which device is better after getting acquainted with the design, types of devices, the potential capabilities of modern models, reviews of owners, average and additional recommendations.

Linkage for a motorized tractor with their own hands

Some owners of small agricultural machinery buy it, initially counting on the versatility of the unit, while others buy it with one specific purpose, and over time can expand the range of tasks that can power a power tiller. But in any case, the majority of functions in the arable or yard plot is provided by various attachments, which is connected by such a part as a coupling on a single axle tractor, and serves, in fact, the key to its multi-functionality.

How to make a Cultivator Mini Tiller with 49cc 2-Stroke Engine

Often owners of agricultural machines find that the factory equipment is far from perfect, the hitch design is not suitable for the current needs of the land or simply not reliable enough. Fortunately, it is always possible to equip your single-axle tractor with such a hitch, which will provide the maximum efficiency of the device.

The coupler can be made by yourself

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Assembling a coupling for a motor-block with your own hands involves the use of drawings. Available quite a lot of all kinds of options, but it is optimal to take as a basis the most suitable and adjust with the parameters of your technique. The drawing should show the following parts:

  • two U-shaped components, identical in all parameters, but with a different number of holes. in one. 6, in the other. 8;
  • Body including two threads of diameter M12 and M16 and equipped with a connecting structure for attachment to one of the assemblies;
  • Adjustment component. a lever placed on the body of the part, its design consists of a screw connected to the bracket and for convenience having a handle; it is important to provide the correct direction of the bracket. only up or down and so that it does not interfere with the work of the motoblock;
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Since the machine has to be connected to the hitch in any case, the details of the connection can be found in its standard manual.

How to make a hitch on a single axle tractor with your own hands?

Trailer device for a power tiller is quite easy to make with your own hands. Nevertheless, before the work, you will need to prepare carefully, namely to choose a reliable material and equipment, as well as study the schemes.

It is best to make a quality hitch for the used power tiller out of strong metal. As a reliable basis can act channel bars, made according to the factory technology, and with sufficient power reserve. You will need to make a couple of holes in the used channels, as a result of which the homemade hitch will be almost half-ready.

Steel or cast-iron parts will be needed to refine the workpiece you have made. But, since the parts made of these materials are quite difficult to process, you can look for and buy suitable blanks, which will be easier to finish with your own hands. As blanks for the coupling mechanism can be used some spare parts from the car. For example, a PTO shaft can play the role of a reliable hitch for a trailer to a power tiller.

Assembling a homemade hitch should be performed using the following parts:

  • metal plates, steel channels, which will need to be used when welding the base of the connecting unit;
  • steel bolts and enlarged studs are used for movable and fixed attachment of coupling mechanisms;
  • Regulating body with its role cope peculiar lever, which, when used, will change the position of the coupling.

It is only possible to assemble a reliable coupling mechanism for a power tiller with the help of certain equipment.

For the work you need to prepare:

Homemade hitch can have any dimensions. It should be taken into account that the bigger the hitch, the bigger and stronger the connecting element should be.