A segment mower for a power tiller with their own hands

Before you buy a particular mower, check out the most popular and widespread choices. Compare their and main features. Consider the pros and cons. Only then make a specific choice. and more. Top manufacturers include:


Professional segment mower for power tillers Ghepard (MBK0012013) has a working width of 92 cm, which is suitable for personal use on a countryside plot. Powertrain (included) with long service life. The teeth are strong and made of high quality steel with a special coating. Whether used for decorative mowing or for making hay. Detailed parameters:

  • price: 23390 p.;
  • Specifications: working width. 92 cm, the height of mowed grass. up to 100 cm, cutting height. 25 mm, the working speed. 0,5-4 km / h, sizes. 92x50x50 cm, weight. 32 kg, 2-year warranty from the manufacturer;
  • Advantages: efficient, good quality cutting elements, long service life
  • disadvantages: not optimal for large areas.

Ghepard (MBK0012013) If you’re looking for a Ghepard power tiller attachment for commercial applications, look no further than MBK0012015. Its cutting teeth are also made of steel with a special coating. made in Germany. The unit leaves a perfectly even cut after mowing. Detailed parameters:

  • price: 37690 p.;
  • Specifications: working width. 107 cm, the height of mowed grass. up to 100 cm, cutting height. 25 mm, the working speed. 0,5-4 km/h, sizes. 107x50x50 cm, weight. 34 kg, 2-year warranty from the manufacturer;
  • Advantages: wide cutting width, good for large areas, efficiency, long service life;
  • disadvantages: costs expensive.



Eurosystems P 70 power tiller The Eurosystems P 70 power tiller helps you to mow dense vegetation and make hay. The model is equipped with a wide grip with a quality cutting element, capable of cutting thick stems of grass. It is an ideal helper if you have a large plot of several thousand square meters. The manufacturer of this unit is an Italian company. Detailed parameters:

  • price: 44250 p.;
  • Specifications: working width. 102 cm, working speed. 2-4 km/h, overall dimensions. 102x50x50 cm, weight. 55 kg, warranty. 1 year from the manufacturer;
  • Advantages: width of the mowing, efficiency, possibility to use on different areas;
  • disadvantages: high cost, heavier counterparts.

Eurosystems P 55 Segmental mower with power tiller Eurosystems P 55 is cheaper than its predecessor, but it already. Detailed parameters:

  • price: 20860 p.;
  • Specifications: working width. 87 cm, speed. 2-4 km / h, the overall dimensions. 87x50x50 cm, weight. 35 kg, 1 year warranty from the manufacturer;
  • pluses: reasonable price, mows thick vegetation well;
  • Cons: not the best choice for large areas.


The Celina CS: GO-850 segment mower is capable of mowing grass as close to the ground as possible. During mowing, the segments of the attachment lift the grass that has fallen out of the ground. They are very resistant to contact with branches, rocks and other objects.

  • price: 17390 p.;
  • Specifications: cutting width. 85 cm, maximum cutting height 20-40 mm, transmission type. belt drive, speed up to 360 rpm./minute., Dimensions. 135x66x91 cm, weight. 46 kg, suitable for power tillers. Celina, Neva, Kaskad, Luch, Crosser C-RM8E, Crosser C-RM10, etc.;
  • Advantages: reasonable price, works in difficult terrain, compatible with many power tillers;
  • disadvantages: the working width is narrower than for analogous mowers.

Celina CS mower: GO-850

Mobil K

The Mobil K G85 power tiller segmented tool is ideal for frequent use on large areas, including commercial use. This is made possible by a robust oil bath gearbox and high quality cutting tools. This mower is made in Italy. Detailed parameters:

  • price: 37690 p.;
  • Specifications: working width. 107 cm, working speed. 0,5-4 km/h, dimensions. 1070x500x500 mm, weight. 34 kg, warranty. 2 years from the manufacturer;
  • Pros: quality cutting tool, wide cut, suitable for volume work;
  • disadvantages: high cost.

Segmented finger equipment for power tiller Mobil K G85 An alternative and more budgetary option for power tiller Mobil K G85 will be equipment with a width of 92 cm. this model is also made in italy. Detailed parameters:

  • price: 23390 p.;
  • Specifications: working width. 92 cm, the working speed. 0,5-4 km / h, the dimensions. 920h500h500 mm, weight. 32 kg, a guarantee. 2 years from the manufacturer;
  • Advantages: quality cutting parts, optimal variant for medium-sized areas, less bulky in comparison with the analogue;
  • disadvantages: not the best choice for large areas.

A single axle tractor with a mower Mobil K G85

How to Mount a Rotary Mower on a Single Axle Tractor

How to make a mower for your mini-tractor? | Author of this topic: Seryoga

Gennady (Damiana) There are two options. Come up with something of your own craftsmanship as they call it make a copy of a standard tractor outboard mower.

Ivan (Dorrie) That’s right you can. I saw a man make a mower here. Mows at a good level than the factory one

Musavir (Eyulf) Seryoga, you’re a little out of place, our client is currently under the snow, but some photos.And be able to show. I have a belt driven rotary at the moment, I took it apart, preparing for the summer season, changing bearings, belt and.Т.D To articles if you take the sealed bearings have for a reason there is no LUBRICANT at the moment, I’ve gone rusty now I’m stuffing it myself.If you’re going to hang a mower in front of you, maybe a rotary one

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Gennady is right, it all depends on your wishes.

Musavir (Eyulf) Serega here are some details without which you can not do at the stage of production mowers-use a unique or homemade / Photo in the album DIY

Zhenya (Adalgisa) a couple of years ago, bought moss for the construction of the house, because the marsh had dried up and had to saw moss huskvarna saw that I liked the rumor that the idea was born based on a chain saw slightly improving it to make a mower for grass, but before the project had not come to realization ((( maybe someone has experience, experimented? Recommend?

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Kubota PEM. 140DI Power Tiller

Ivan (Dorrie) why not? rivet longish chain (I have from druzhba skuk 6 needlessly dragged old) band corresponding to the length is also out of two-plates, they have a gap for the chain. The main thing is to make the fingers so that the grass would gather in bunches when driving and the chain would cut it off. There is a variant to test simply on a chainsaw to put such fingers on a blade and to test the process. If it goes and then a huge mower is possible to perform))))))))))))

Viktor (Klementyna) I have doubts. Will it cut the grass, not tear it up? The saw chain, especially the hook one, is precisely designed for wood. It cuts chips from wood, deepening the kerf. And the grass can just rip and drag under the fingers.

Zhenya (Adalgisa) Chain though to take better druzhibovsky spur chain just change the angle of sharpening and lubricate the chain. On the subject of winding the grass try to run a saw over the grass at a huge rpm it cuts perfectly, and with segmented tines I think it will be even better t.К. There is a stop for the grass, and the rotary mowers cut the grass with the inertia of the blades. And of course all is learned by practical experience! ))

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Mounting the rotary mower on the MB-2 “Neva” power tiller

Homemade attachment for rigid mounting of the rotary

mower ZARIA to the mowing unit Neva MB-2.

Alexander (Cristoval) somewhere once on TV I saw this type of chain mower

However, this homemade or factory. I don’t know. But it was mowing just fine

Ivan (Dorrie) make a fingerless mower from the combine cutter, one blade is fixed, the second with the drive from the crank, there is even a version of the drive from the hydraulic motor to do

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MOTOBLOCKS | author of this topic: A

Lyud, advise what is the risk of high oil level in the crankcase engine Lifan-168? When I changed the oil, I poured about 800-850 ml., From experience last season, I remember that I had to refill, because while working with power tiller on a slope, when the engine stalled, today I decided at once to fill a little more. I tilted the single axle tractor a little bit and refilled a little bit more than just a level! Is there any danger or danger here??

A (Ryouko) Maybe better to fill the standard, and at a left slope, just turn off the level sensor? At a high level and slope to the side of the cylinder will always get a water hammer.

Ilya (Dieter) how the fuck hydra kick hydra is water a little above the norm is not creepy to check the oil is not comfortable

A (Ryouko) Hydro. It’s liquid. It comes in all kinds, even the type of oil.

A (Ryouko) Just pull the sensor wire going to the sensor relay connector. There sure is a square box, that’s what the oil level sensor relays are.

Ilya (Dieter) I had a Honda, when you perivarot oil fell on the air filter so the engine worked like in the beginning would not work then from the exhaust such a bluish smoke went like a locomotive

A (Ryouko) What remains to do our customer figured it out, thank you all!

Sergey (Tane) The most important threat is not said, it is fraught with failure of the crankshaft seals and crankcase ventilation.

Tagir (Brijmohan) when leaning to the left the engine stalls. However, starts on the fly do not understand what is the reason. Engine Lifan 6, 5.

A (Ryouko) better make a separate thread, not just answers will be. Most likely the oil level sensor is triggered, or turn it off or pour a little oil into the engine, 50 grams

Rotary mower

This equipment can be used for mowing lawns as well as cutting fresh grass for hay. However, it is worth taking into account that such a haymower cuts high vegetation, and low grass just finely crushes.

The main working elements of the device are knives, which are mounted on the working discs by means of a bar. The mower is driven by the PTO and sliding is done by the rotation of the lower discs.

To make the rotary mower frame with your own hands, you can use old metal corners or scrap metal, which probably has at home every handyman. In order to save time for the blades, a tractor rotor can be used. However, in this case, to improve traction and efficiency, it is desirable to reduce the length of the rotor from two to four centimeters, depending on the power of the unit used.

To make the rotor you need to make two round plates with a diameter of 390 mm from a sheet of metal or use the bottom of an unnecessary tin barrel for machine oil for this purpose. Exactly in the middle of these circles, weld the legs with which the rotation will take place. The welded joints must be strong.

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For the lower bearing you can take the disc from the husker, but its diameter should not exceed 450 mm. For the axial shaft you can use a tube of no more than 30mm in diameter, and you need 80, 106 bearings. Make a hole on it for the lower bearing, and mount the second bearing on the pulley. To put a device with blades on the axle, and then weld the pulley to the shaft. Working discs’ rotation is achieved by means of two bearings.

This modification has a capacity of 1100-1150 mm and a rotation speed of 1500 rpm./min. The entire mower design needs to be mounted on a chassis welded from a steel angle. For safe operation it is essential to install a protective cover on the homemade device. To simplify construction, lower disks of rotary mower can be attached to the frame by welding.

segment, mower, power, tiller, their, hands

This self-made mower is capable of cutting vegetation at a speed of 8-12 km/h. At high speed the grass is shredded more, and at low speed. more solid. Such equipment of rotary type can cut vegetation of 60-80mm and is used not only for grass mowing, but also for removing weeds from the garden plot.

Homemade rotary mower on a single axle tractor

Use a homemade rotary mower on a single-axle tractor for mowing grass for hay and for mowing the lawn. If the grass is fine, the mower will just chop it, and tall grass will mow.

Consider the model made for the motor-block “Neva” and similar models. We use two disks from the grain planter, and a chain and gears from the chainsaw. Four knives are needed per disk. They are made of hardened metal. To install them, holes six millimeters in diameter are drilled on each disc with a carbide drill. Using a splint, attach the knives to the discs. Also keep the gap between the blade and the bar, which is 1-2 mm thicker than the blade itself.

Because of this, the centrifugal force, as it rotates, will spread the blades from the disc, and they will mow the grass. The knives should still be able to rotate 360 degrees, which is done to keep the knives more secure when they collide with something hard.

Strong carbon steel is used for the axle, on which blades will be fixed. The diameter of the axle should not be less than eight millimeters. To make the blades run freely, it is necessary to tighten the axle with a disc until it stops.

These two discs are mounted on a welded frame and establish a connection with the PTO drive. The rotation of the discs should be towards each other, which will allow you to stack the mowed grass in rows.

Homemade mower for power tiller (rotary, segmental)

When assembling such a mower, the most important thing is to get a safe and high-quality model. For the manufacture of mowers for the motor-block with their own hands are usually used improvised parts from agricultural machinery. After all, the main goal pursued by the creators of self-made mower is to save money and achieve maximum results. Some models, which are invented by ordinary gardeners, often surprise professionals with their thoughtfulness and simplicity of design.

Construction types

Mowers for power tillers are not diverse. There are 3 main varieties, each has its own characteristics, so it is worth to understand them, to select the option for yourself. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the complexity of the assembly, if there is little experience, it is best to choose what is easiest to do at home.

Segmented models

One of the easiest solutions. They are distinguished by their compact size, which simplifies installation, removal from the tiller, one person can do the job. Put it both in the front and in the back. As practice shows, the forward mounting is much more convenient and safe, you don’t need to look under your feet all the time. Features such as:

  • Two metal bars are installed on the frame. On them are fixed triangular teeth, for better work at the edges are made fine notches.
  • Only upper bar moves when the mower is switched on, the lower bar is rigidly fixed. Mowing is based on the scissor principle, since the blades of grass move from right to left.
  • Small size makes it manoeuvrable. It is convenient to work on areas with difficult terrain, on slopes, near buildings.
  • Can be based on castors or simple metal skids, fixed at the edges. They need to be adjustable to fit the terrain, to change the height of mowing.
  • The system copes well even with thick weed stems and tall deadwood. It is suitable for cutting grass in haymaking, because it does not damage the stalks, they are gently laid on the ground. But it’s not the best solution for working on low, soft grass.
  • The system is quite reliable, hardly ever breaks down, and requires minimal maintenance. The only thing to watch out for is the sharpness of the blades, which largely determines the quality of work.

For all its simplicity and compactness, this variant is difficult to produce. If you don’t have experience in metalwork, assembling equipment in the workshop, it’s easier to find another solution.

Due to the independent mounting of the work is easy to stop, turn off the equipment in any dangerous situation. During use, the vibration from the mower is not transmitted to the single axle tractor, it is comfortable and easy to use because of its low weight.

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Rotary variants

This type is used on various models of power tillers. Sometimes it is sold as a set with the machine, but often you have to buy it separately, and the price is not the cheapest. The models are called disc models, because the main working elements are shaped like this, the size depends on the width of processing. Features:

  • Two discs with several blades each are mounted on the frame. They are not visible when the equipment is not running, but when they rotate, under the action of centrifugal force, they extend.
  • Due to the fact that the discs move towards each other, the mowed grass or weeds are folded into a neat swath. This option is convenient for preparing feed for the animals.
  • According to the type of attachment of the rotary mower to the power tiller, they distinguish between mounted, semi-mounted, trailed. The first option usually weighs a little, the others are an order of magnitude heavier.
  • Can be positioned in front, behind or on the side of the tiller. It depends on the model and the construction that transmits the power from the engine to the mower.
  • When choosing, consider the motor power, the area to be treated. The bigger it is, the wider the working part should be.

Rotary mowers are easy to maintain, just lubricate moving joints from time to time, replace blades as they wear out. It is important to inspect the area beforehand to make sure there are no stones or metal objects. Discs rotate very quickly, can be badly damaged if struck by such elements.

Rotary mowers

Discs are differentiated by the fact that they are mounted on wheels. You can sit while working, which makes the process much easier. This variant is called mower-mulcher, because the equipment not only mows the grass and weeds, but also shreds the green mass, so that there is no need to remove the remains afterwards. The features are as follows:

  • Attaches from behind. It is a single-axle construction with a seat, the working part should rise and fall, so you can move up to the site without risk of damaging the blade or other components.
  • The body is closed so that shredded debris does not fly around. It has a protective function, because if a stone hits it, it flies out at high speed and can cause injury.
  • Operating element. a double-sided blade mounted on an axle, rotating at high speed.
  • It is easiest to connect through the belt, but sometimes use a PTO shaft.

Homemade rotary and segmental mower for power tiller. making with our own hands according to the drawings, the stages of assembly and proper mowing with a power tiller

The addition to the motor-block in the form of it is easily removable, easy to maintain and quite productive. It is also convenient that most modern models can not only cut vegetation, but also stack it in neat rows or collect it in containers.

The basics for building a mower

Do not rush to throw away equipment that is no longer expected to be used at home, as it can be used for other fronts of work.

This is how mowers are built from old vacuum cleaners, adding special blades, and even from cumbersome and clumsy washing machines.

The main thing is to understand the essence of this technique for mowing grass, and there are many ideas of what it can be made of. If you improve an angle grinder, you can turn it into a device for mowing grass.

How to make a rotary mower: step by step instructions

Homemade haymakers have been very popular lately.

If you have the desire and time, you can make a good machine yourself. We suggest you read the instructions for the construction of a rotary haymower.

Necessary materials and tools

Before you begin making a lawn mower, you need to prepare the following materials and parts of the future apparatus:

  • disc from a grain planter. 2 pcs;
  • chain from the gasoline reducer. 1 pc;
  • knives made of hardened metal. 8 pieces
  • tire;
  • coulter.

Among the tools you may need:

Did you know? Because of its design the mower carriage is known among the locals as the “mounted mower”.

After all the materials and tools have been prepared, you can now start the actual assembly.

Process Description

First you will need to drill a hole on the discs using a 6 mm carbide drill bit. Then you must attach the bar to the coulter bar and the knives to the bar.

Note that the distance between the guide bar and the knife must be a few mm larger than the thickness of the knife. This moment is very important and necessary, so that with the help of centrifugal force the blades of disc would spread, which would provide the performance of the main function. mowing the grass. 360° rotation of the blade is mandatory. This will keep it from being damaged in collisions with rocks or hard objects.

To make the axes of the blade fasteners you will need carbon steel, which should be at least 8 mm in diameter. It is necessary to tighten the axis to the stop with the disc.

There will be no difficulties with the assembly of the rotary mower, if you clearly adhere to the recommendations.