Abrasive Grinding Disc For Angle Grinder Steel

Cleaning circle (grinding) for metal Titanium 125 x 6.0 x 22.23 (10pcs / pack). Up TO 10 PCS.

Grinding disc Titanium Abrasive 125 x 6.0 x 22.23. It is a professional abrasive tool made of high-quality European raw materials, designed for grinding and cleaning surfaces of all types of metals. It is characterized by high performance, wear resistance, has first-class grinding characteristics, maximum safety and ease of work. Provides maximum safety during work. It is used for machining parts and structures of ferrous and alloy steels, pipes, sheet metal, thin-walled profiles, rods and various rolled products, as well as for cutting non-ferrous metals using manual angle grinders (angle grinder) (angle grinders) with a spindle diameter of 22.23 mm.

The diameter of the circle is 125 mm and the height (h) = 6.0 mm. This circle consists of mixtures of normal electrocorundum (14A) with a grain size of 24. The basis of the bakelite binder is phenol-formaldehyde resin powder (SFP) and liquid (BZ). Inorganic fillers, such as cryolite, pyrite, are additionally used in the mixture. The disk is reinforced with a special bakelite fiberglass mesh with a density of 220. On grinding (grinding) wheels for greater strength, reliability, the number of arm grids used increases up to 3-4 x in one circle.

A cleaning circle for metal undergoes the process of reinforcing a bakelite fiberglass mesh, the density of which is 220 g / m2. Thanks to the technology used in the production of fiberglass mesh, it was possible to achieve a high linear speed of up to 80 m / s. Due to this advantage, the efficiency, accuracy and grinding speed of various metal surfaces are increased significantly.

Grinding discs “Titan Abrasive” is produced in Ukraine, in the city of Kharkov. The production uses high-quality European, Belarusian, Slovak and Ukrainian materials and raw materials. This allows you to create a product that meets European standards, has high performance, as well as decent performance characteristics of wear resistance.

Application: various types and alloys of metals.Tool: angle grinder-angle grinder (angle grinder).

Attention! Observe safety precautions. Use personal protective equipment. During operation, do not exceed the maximum permissible revolutions (MAX PRM 🙂 indicated on the front side of each abrasive disc. Using a metal disc requires increased attention and caution. Take CARE OF YOURSELF.

Abrasive Grinding Disc For Angle Grinder Steel

All manufactured wiper discs go through several stages of quality control during production to fully comply with acceptable norms and standards.

Compliance with DSTU GOST 21963: 2003. Compliance with European quality standards

Metal cutting and grinding discs are the most demanded product in the segment of abrasive consumable tools. On sales circles for an angle grinder (angle grinder), occupy 80-90% of the total amount of abrasive sold. The massive use of TITAN ABRAZIV circles is promoted by the low price, high productivity, ease of use, obtaining the desired result as soon as possible.

Circles for metal TITAN ABRAZIV are produced on the basis of electrocorundum (aluminum oxide) and a bakelite binder, which includes phenol-formaldehyde resin (SPF 12A). Bakelite base is also used for the production of such well-known brands as: Meadows abrasive, ZAK (Zaporizhzhya abrasive plant), Norton (Norton), Klingspor Kronenflex (Klingspor Kronenfleks), Bosch (Bosch), 3m (3m), Ataman (Ataman), Hilti ( Hilti) and others.

Abrasive Grinding Disc For Angle Grinder Steel

Production and specifications

Grinding wheels are made in furnaces at a temperature of 120-200 ° C using specialized presses under pressure from 3 to 5 tons / force. The cleaning and cutting wheel reinforced with fiberglass mesh on both sides. Application in the production of bakelite base in combination with a reinforcing mesh, can withstand strong mechanical loads. Abrasive for metal on an angle grinder (angle grinder), has a rotation speed of up to 12,200 rpm (80 m / s).


The new composition of the binder components of the bakelite base made it possible to make changes in the relief of the lateral surface, due to this, the formation of vortex flows decreased, and as a result the aerodynamic properties improved.

The aerodynamics of abrasive discs significantly affect the wear of power tools and energy savings, which allows enterprises to significantly reduce production costs.

Testing on bench tests showed that the performance of the cleaning dikes increased by 9.5%, and the cutting disc became more efficient by 8.8%.

The basis of bakelite ligament. It is phenol-formaldehyde powder resin (SFP 12A).

The composition of the abrasive wheel TM Titan includes:

  • Electrocorundum “white” (aluminum oxide) (production Ukraine);
  • Electrocorundum “normal” (production Ukraine);
  • Fiberglass mesh with mesh size from 2.5×2.5 to 4.5×4.5 mm. And with a density of 100-320 g / m2 (OJSC Polotsk-Fiberglass Belarus);
  • Powdered Phenol-Formaldehyde Resin “SFP 12A” (producer Slovakia);
  • Liquid Bakelite “BZ 3” (production Ukraine).

Characteristics of the grinding wheels Abrasive 125 x 6.0 x 22.23:

All products are mandatory tested for compliance with the following standards: Compliance with cut and grinding ratios Tensile Testing. Safety and Reliability of Cutting Wheels Check imbalance, stability circle Wear testThe circles correspond to DSTU GOST 21963: 2003, GOST 21963-2002, GOST 2424-83, EN12413.

The instructions for safe operation and pleasant work are intended for cutting wheels of type 41 (for metal and stone) and grinding wheels of types 1 and 27:

Attention! Always use protective equipment when working with circles!

Before work.

Make sure that the right size wheel is selected for the angle grinder (angle grinder). Also, read the instructions for the angle grinder. It is forbidden to use the circle at revolutions exceeding the maximum permissible (see circle label). Carefully inspect the disc for chips and cracks. Do not use a damaged circle! Make sure that no unauthorized persons or flammable materials are present at the work site. Check the date of manufacture.

Storage, transportation.

Store carefully in a dry place, do not expose to temperature or mechanical stress (carry carefully, do not put anything on top of a circle).

Installation on an angle grinder.

Do not twist the nut, the disc must be fastened tightly enough, but excessive force during mounting can damage the circle. Before starting work, let the wheel run without load at the maximum allowable speed for 1 minute. Also make sure that the material for cutting and grinding is fixed securely.


Order abrasive cleaners circles for metal TITAN Abrasive 125 x 6.0 x 22.23 at a bargain price in Kharkov.

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