Adapter to a power tiller Zubr with your own hands

Making the adapter to the Tillers with their hands!

Overview of motor-block adapters that are aggregated to the Oka

The design of the motoblock adapter is very simple:

There are several varieties of these adapters:

The power tiller can be operated by pedals or levers.

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The following brands of adapters are aggregated to the Oka power tiller:

Let’s look at each construction more closely.

Universal adapter AMPK-500

The manufacturer of this trailed equipment is the native KaDvi, which produces the Oka motoblocks. In a coupling with a heavy motor-block AMPK-500 turns into a four-wheel drive unit with a trailer, the load capacity of which is about 500 kg. The torque is transmitted to the adapter drive through the PTO on the power tiller.

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The resulting minitractor has more pulling power than a single-axle tractor of the same brand. The versatility of the model AMPK-500 is that the adapter can be used both with and without the body, attaching such functional equipment as a plow, ogee, all kinds of planters and diggers.

Specifications AMPK-500:


Forza front adapter to Oka power tiller

This mounted unit is the brainchild of Forza brand, it is aggregated with various power tillers, including Oka. Attachment is made to the front of the power tiller, turning it into a mini tractor.

The design is completely collapsible, for steering is a steering wheel of the car type. For the convenience of the operator, the hitch is equipped with a headlight, allowing to work in the evening. The weight of the collapsible front adapter is 65 kg.

Characteristics of the adapterForza:

Mark: Forza
Adapter type Front
Working speed: 5 km/h (with equipment)
Transport speed: 15 km/h
Track width: 750 mm
Ground clearance: 30 cm
Seat: Single-seat
Steering: car-type steering wheel
Minimum turning radius: 1.5 м
Construction weight: 65 kg (without power tiller)
Paid options: Headlight, hinge bracket, visor
Aggregation: Forza, Neva, Oka, Celina, Luch, Kaskad
Dimensions (L×Wh×V) 1900×810×1400 mm
Country-manufacturer: Russia
Warranty period: 12 months
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EMK module

This is a simpler design from KaDvi, equipped with a seat, which allows not only to ride on the motoblock, but also to attach various attachments to it. Riding module is characterized by high ergonomics, controls are conveniently located in close proximity to the operator of power tiller.


Characteristics of EMK:

For those who are interested in how to make an adapter on a single axle tractor Oka themselves, we offer some drawings and

We suggest that you look at the video how the plowing takes place with a power tiller Oka with an adapter:

We make our own adapter for single axle tractor Kentavr

Nowadays power tillers are not uncommon. With their help, you can perform many tasks, but the factory version does not allow to do all the work for which they are designed. In order to expand the capabilities of the power tiller, you need a special adapter for Kentavr engine blocks, which, fortunately, can be made with your own hands. Thanks to this, your helper can turn into a miniature tractor, the possibilities of which will be limitless.

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Let’s give a drawing of the adapter to the motor-block, in order to clearly understand its structure and general view. The standard device includes such nodes and mechanisms:

Self-made adapter to a motorblock must have the necessary level of reliability, so that you can safely sit in it and perform all the necessary manipulations.

The constituent elements that will be required to create a design with their own hands, as shown in the photo:

  • tools;
  • equipment for the work;
  • comfortable seat;
  • welding machine;
  • steel materials;
  • wheels (2 pcs.). can be used from an ordinary cart for the garden and vegetable garden.