Adjusting The Carburetor Chainsaw Carver 52 18

Advantages of the Carver Promo psg 52-18 saw

  • The engine starts perfectly regardless of the season thanks to the quick start system.
  • QuickStart system compensates for kickback during start-up.
  • Excellent traction characteristics are maintained over a long period of operation.
  • Savings in fuel and lubrication consumption.
  • Spare parts and various parts are freely available.
  • Poor control of the amount of fuel and lubricant.
  • The weight of the chainsaw is heavy for long-term use.
  • Imperfect chain tensioning pattern.

Chainsaw features

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The Carver 52-18 chainsaw is designed for easy starting, and the chain is automatically lubricated. The internal mechanisms are assembled compactly and ergonomically, therefore the saw weight is 6.2 kg. Access to the filter, as well as to the fuel system, is as convenient as possible. It is also easy and simple to tension the chain and adjust the mechanism that sets it in motion.

Modern technical characteristics are perfectly combined with the classic design of the chainsaw, focused on ease of use.

Chainsaw Carver Promo psg 52-18 is intended for domestic use. With its help, you can easily cope with sawing trunks for firewood, cut down a tree, level the crown. The Carver brand is of Russian origin, but the production is carried out in China. However, Carver Promo chainsaws delight consumers with quality and long-term performance.

The Carver Promo psg 52-18 chain saw has a 2-stroke petrol engine with 3.3 hp. This strength is fully sufficient to quickly and efficiently cope with tree sawing and diagonal and longitudinal cutting of the trunk. The length of the tire is 45 cm, which gives additional comfort while working.

Technical characteristics of the Carver Promo PSG-52-18 chainsaw

Basic complete set of the Carver Promo PSG-52-18 chainsaw

  • chainsaw Carver Promo psg 52-18;
  • container for mixing oil and gasoline;
  • instruction;
  • the minimum required set of keys for the repair.


A special oil for 2-stroke gasoline engines is selected for lubrication. Gasoline is used with an octane rating of 92. It is advisable not to use low-quality gasoline, as this can lead to premature saw failure. The proportions in which the fuel mixture should be mixed is indicated on the oil packaging.

It is strictly forbidden to use the Carver 52-18 chainsaw:

  • On one gasoline, as due to insufficient lubrication, the engine will quickly fail.
  • Refuel with diesel fuel, as rubber and plastic parts can be damaged.
  • Fill in oil that is not intended for 2-stroke engines, because the exhaust opening can become clogged, the piston rings will jam.
  • Pour in mixtures that have reached the expiration date, i.e. prepared a month ago.
  • For the chainsaw, you can always use SAE 10W-30 oil, in the summer SAE 30-40, and in the winter SAE 20.

For more information on the operating instructions, please follow the link.

In this video review, the author shares his impressions of the saw after a short time of operation.

The main malfunctions of the chainsaw

Despite the fact that modern technology is complex in design, you can carry out repairs yourself. If you adhere to the rules of operation, then most breakdowns can be prevented. The most common breakdowns are:

  • The engine will not start. To eliminate this problem, you need to check or replace the spark plug with a new one, check the quality of the fuel fluid or replace it with a new one.
  • Weak power can occur due to poor-quality fuel mixture, clogged filters or poor carburetor adjustment.
  • The saw unit is not lubricated. It is necessary to check the lubrication channels and holes on the saw and bar.

Features of use

Be sure to read the safety manual for your Carver Promo PSG-52-18 chain saw before use. When working with it, you must wear special protective clothing and anti-vibration gloves.

The saw should be started at a distance of at least 3 m from the place of its refueling.

Check chain tension before operation. If everything is correct, then the chain is freely pulled by no more than 4-6 mm. After installing a new chain, it is advisable to check the tension before complete running-in. The manual describes in detail how to start a cold and warm engine.


Advantages and disadvantages

Carver chainsaws have a number of advantages over similar tools from other brands, the main one being the low cost of both the saws themselves and their spare parts. In addition, the advantages of the unit include:

  • the ability to work at low temperatures;
  • simplicity of design, allowing even an inexperienced user to cope with repairs;
  • case made of high-quality plastic;
  • high-quality and affordable service throughout Russia;
  • no problems for users with the replacement of defective products.

Some modifications of the “Carver” chainsaw provide for the use of additional attachments, which expand the capabilities of the tool, allowing it to be used as:

  • boat engine;
  • wood splitter;
  • pump for pumping liquids;
  • ice ax;
  • winch.

However, the models of this brand also have disadvantages.

In pursuit of a cheaper tool, the manufacturing company saves on the quality of component parts, balancing on the verge between ensuring the acceptable quality of the tool, the level of its reliability and durability, and affordable cost.

For this reason, the percentage of tools that quickly fail is quite large.


The model belongs to the class of household and is suitable for ancillary work, minor repairs and work on a personal plot. Engine power is 1.4 kW, volume. 38 cm³, tire length. 40 cm. The chainsaw is equipped with a traditional set of options that does not differ from the previous model.

The ergonomic rubberized handle contributes to a better grip on the tool, making work more comfortable and safer. There is a special protective cover for the air filter, which can be easily removed and installed if necessary. Users note that the design allows for quick and easy carburetor adjustment. The advantages of this model include its excellent balancing and low weight (4.6 kg).


The semi-professional chainsaw Carver RSG-252 has more powerful technical characteristics and can be used both for work in the garden and in construction, during repairs, and in logging. The unit is adapted to working conditions at low temperatures. Metal crankcase extends saw blade life.

Design features allow for maintenance and repair of the tool without the help of a specialist: easy access to all parts and assemblies allows you to easily adjust the operation of mechanisms, flush them or replace worn parts. Additional assistance in saw maintenance is provided by a large selection of screwdrivers and spare parts included in the package.

The engine has a power of 2 kW and a volume of 52 cm³. The length of the tire is 50 cm, the weight of the unit in the equipment is 7.4 kg.


The Carver Promo PSG-52-18 model, like the previous model, belongs to the household class, but is a more powerful tool: its power is 1.9 kW, the engine volume is 52 cm³, and the tire is 450 mm long. This modification is able to cope with more complex types of work. The Promo 52-18 model is equipped with a number of options that increase the comfort and safety of operation:

  • a quick start system that ensures uninterrupted start at all temperatures;
  • automatic chain lubrication system;
  • vibration damping system;
  • automatic emergency chain braking system;
  • serrated stop for precise cutting process.
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The Carver Promo PS-45-15 model belongs to the household class and is designed for work on a personal plot, in a garden, as well as for use in construction. Unit power is 1.8 kW, engine volume. 45 cm³, tire length. 380 mm.

The emergency chain brake system guarantees safety. Comfort is ensured by an anti-vibration system, excellent balancing and well-thought-out ergonomics. The chain saw is easy to start thanks to the quick start system and can work at all temperatures. Design features allow unaided carburetor adjustment and easy access to air filter.

The kit includes:

  • a screwdriver for adjusting the carburetor;
  • hex wrench;
  • screwdriver key;
  • toothed stop with fastening system.


The chainsaw of this modification belongs to the household class, but it is the most powerful of all of the above: its power is 2.4 kW, engine volume is 52 cm³, tire length is 50 cm, weight is 7.8 kg. This machine is suitable for everything from garden maintenance to large-scale construction or logging. The device is equipped with:

  • primer;
  • semi-automatic carburetor;
  • automatic chain lubrication system;
  • chain brake.

How to adjust the carburetor

If the chainsaw does not start, or starts, but immediately stalls, then one of the reasons for this phenomenon may be a poorly adjusted carburetor. But the reason may be different, so it is better to contact the service center. However, during operation, you can adjust the carburetor yourself: the process is so simplified that a beginner can also handle it.

On the body of the unit, there are 3 screws marked with the letters L, H, T or S, which are used to adjust the carburetor. Using the L screw, they regulate the operation of the engine at low speeds, with the H screw. at high speeds, with the T (S) screw. at idle.

Before adjusting the chainsaw, the engine must be warmed up (let it run for 10 minutes), rinse the filter and, turning the screw T (S) clockwise until it stops, fix the chain.

Now you need to adjust the acceleration. The engine should pick up speed easily and quickly with light pressure on the accelerator. If this does not happen, then it is necessary to slowly turn the screw L counterclockwise (no more than 1/8 of a circle).

By turning screw H clockwise or counterclockwise, you can respectively increase or decrease the number of revolutions, which should not exceed 15,000 per minute, otherwise the engine will quickly wear out. The correct number of revolutions is at which the ignition system works flawlessly.

Setting Fuel Mixture to Factory Settings, Chainsaw

Other modifications

There are other modifications of the Carver chainsaw, for example, Carver RSG-241 and RSG-41-16K. Both models have a power of 1.8 kW and a weight of 5.8 kg. They are also similar in some other technical characteristics: the presence of a special engine design that allows you to save fuel and at the same time increase its power, air cooling systems, automatic chain lubrication and vibration damping. Distinctive features of the latest model are the presence of devices for quick start and protection against accidental start.

Adjustment and troubleshooting in the operation of the chainsaw carburetor

The functioning of the internal combustion engine (ICE) of a chainsaw is based on the combustion of a fuel-air-oil mixture. To mix the gasoline-oil mixture with air, and then feed it in portions into the combustion chamber, a rather complex device is installed on the engines. a carburetor. When buying a new chainsaw, the carburetor already has factory settings, but over time they get lost, and the device that controls the fuel supply needs to be adjusted again. Not knowing how the carburetor works, and not understanding the principle of operation of this module, it will be problematic to correctly configure it.

Carburetor tuning rules

You should be aware that the carburetor can only be adjusted correctly if:

  • cleaning filters (gasoline and air) are not contaminated;
  • the jets and the channels that fit them are clean;
  • membranes are not damaged;
  • the needle valve is in good working order and the required volume of the fuel mixture enters the float chamber.

To adjust the carburetor of imported chainsaws, you must adhere to the following rules.

  • Before adjusting, if possible, warm up the engine at idle or minimum speed for about 10-15 minutes.
  • By rotating the “L” regulator, the engine is operated so that it produces at idle one and a half to two thousand revolutions per minute. But you should pay attention to how the engine picks up speed. When pressing the throttle lever, acceleration should go quickly and evenly. If a “dip” of revolutions is detected, the screw should be slightly unscrewed until this phenomenon is eliminated, since it is caused by insufficient enrichment of the fuel mixture.
  • When the mixture is adjusted at low speed, start tightening the “T” screw until you notice the saw chain turning. After that, the screw should be unscrewed by half or a third of a turn, observing the behavior of the clutch mechanism. Normally, the saw should not rotate at idle speed.

The screw “H” compensates for the underestimated or overestimated speed due to the change of the type of fuel, changes in the concentration of oil or humidity of the ambient air.

Also, the “upper” setting can fail if the low speed is incorrectly adjusted with the corresponding screw.

Screw “H”, not having enough experience, it is better not to adjust. If the tuning of the carburetor of the chainsaw is carried out by an incompetent person, there is a great danger that a too lean mixture will enter the combustion chamber at high speeds, especially under load. Such operation of the engine will inevitably lead to rapid wear of its piston system and to a failure in the ignition system.

It is possible to start adjusting high speeds if the person who will perform the tuning has the knowledge and skills in adjusting carburetor engines. The master-tuner must have a special device. a tachometer or a multimeter with an oscilloscope function.

Setting up the carburetor of a chainsaw, namely, high engine speed, follows a simple scheme.

  • It is necessary to tighten or unscrew the screw “H” until at maximum gas the engine develops about 15 thousand revolutions per minute (according to the tachometer) or the value indicated in the manual for this unit.
  • When using an oscilloscope, the spark discharge frequency should be between 230 and 250 Hz. It should be borne in mind that under load, the frequency can decrease by approximately 10-15%.

It can be concluded that for safety, the internal combustion engine should be tuned to slightly lower revs.

The carburetor of a Chinese chainsaw should be adjusted in the same way as described above. There are holes on its body, into which, in order to adjust the engine speed, you need to insert a flat screwdriver. Each hole is labeled with one of the three letters. As a rule, you can see the letter “T” near the upper hole, and the letters “L” and “H” near the lower ones (shown by arrows).

The Chinese chainsaw Carver (CARVER) has the same arrangement of screws. The following figure shows what a Chinese chainsaw carburetor looks like outside the unit body.

The design and principle of operation of the chainsaw carburetor

The chainsaw carburetor also consists of the following main components:

  • one-piece body made of lightweight aluminum alloy;
  • a diffuser located at the entrance to the carburetor;
  • nozzles, special valves designed to regulate the supply of a combustible mixture;
  • sprayer;
  • float chamber.

Below is a diagram of a Walbro carburetor, which is very often equipped with chainsaws. Using this scheme, you can study in more detail the internal structure of the chainsaw carburetor.

The carburetor can have 2 or 3 adjusting screws with springs. The adjusting screws are designed so that there are needles (cones) at their ends. The screws have a right-hand thread, that is, they turn clockwise.

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The work of the chainsaw carburetor is as follows.

  • After starting the internal combustion engine, the air damper opens.
  • In the diffuser (16), where there is a constriction, the air flow is accelerated and mixed with gasoline. The latter enters through the nozzles (15) and (12), and the air purified by the air filter through the damper (7) located at the diffuser inlet.
  • The damper (8), located behind the diffuser, regulates how much of the prepared mixture enters the combustion chamber.
  • The volume of gasoline passing through the jets is regulated by screws (17) and (10). these are, respectively, screws L and H on the chainsaw.
  • The needle valve (11) determines the volume of the fuel mixture in the float chamber (14). The functioning of the needle valve is controlled by a diaphragm (13).
  • The membrane (4) controls the flow of the fuel mixture into the combustion chamber, and this depends on the number of revolutions of the internal combustion engine. Gasoline is cleaned through a filter (6).

When adjustment is needed

As already mentioned, the new chainsaw already has standard fuel settings. But for proper break-in, it is recommended to limit the maximum engine speed, and this is done using the adjusting screws located on the carburetor body. Also, after running in, it will be necessary to again make a more accurate adjustment of the supply of the combustible mixture.

In addition, you will have to adjust the carburetor in the following cases:

  • due to strong vibration, the factory settings are lost;
  • The internal combustion engine does not start well and immediately stalls;
  • The internal combustion engine starts up, but the speed does not develop, and it stalls;
  • the piston group is worn out. in this case, adjusting the carburetor of the chainsaw is possible as a temporary measure;
  • the engine does not function at idle;
  • increased gasoline consumption, due to which the unit emits a lot of smoke, the muffler and spark plugs become dirty with carbon deposits, the engine power decreases.

How to troubleshoot a carburetor

The main malfunctions of the chainsaw carburetor may be as follows.

  • The engine starts with difficulty and stalls a few seconds after starting. This is often caused by an incorrect low speed setting. The fuel-air mixture is poorly enriched. It is necessary to unscrew the screw “L” by half a turn, after which the adjustment should be completed with the screw “T”.
  • The engine power is noticeably reduced under load. This means that the carburetor is over-oxygenating the mixture. Therefore screw “H” needs to be tightened slightly, about 1/8 of a turn. If, after such actions, the engine power is still insufficient, but there has been some improvement in its operation, then the regulator can be tightened a little more.
  • The engine at maximum speed and without load begins to “sing”. This malfunction of the unit is caused by a lean mixture and overestimated speed. Adjustment takes place with the same screw “H”.
  • No gasoline enters the combustion chamber. Breakage can be caused by clogged fuel filter, carburetor passages and jets. To eliminate the malfunction, you need to completely disassemble this chainsaw module and purge its channels with compressed air (you need a compressor). To properly clean the fuel channels, you can use a special carburetor flushing fluid. Also, the lack of fuel flow into the engine cylinder may be due to improper adjustment. How to do it yourself, was discussed above.
  • Overflows the carburetor. In 90% of cases, fuel overflow is caused by a dry and hardened membrane, which presses on the rocker arm associated with the needle. To change it, you will need to remove and disassemble the carburetor.
  • The engine picks up speed poorly, runs intermittently, and power decreases. These problems are often caused by a clogged air filter. You will need to remove the cover that covers the filter and clean it, which consists in washing with detergent.

In general, timely adjustment, as well as timely repair of the chainsaw carburetor, can significantly extend the life of the entire piston system of the engine. Therefore, the tuning of this component of the fuel system must be treated with great attention.

Analogues on the market

In the model range of inexpensive chainsaws, Carver RSG 238 takes one of the first positions in the price / quality ratio. However, there are other chainsaws on the market that compete with the Carver brand. The comparison can be made with several models that are closest in characteristics.

Chainsaw model Power Bus length The weight Price
MaxCut MC 146 2.2 kW. 40 cm. 6.0 kg. From 3750 rub.
Soyuz PTS-99371 2.7 kW. 40 cm. 5.1 kg. From 3550 rub.
Champion 120-14 2.0 kW. 35 cm. 3.8 kg. From 3700 rub.
Patriot PT 445 2.2 kW. 40 cm. 4.8 kg. From 4750 rub.
Forward FGS-4504 2.1 kW. 45 cm. 6.5KG. From 3700 rub.
Energomash PC 40 2.6 kW. 40 cm. 4.9 kg. From 4000 rub.
Caliber BP-1500 1.5 kW. 40 cm. 6.7 kg. From 3500 rub.

Each of the above models has its own pros and cons. In general, their performance corresponds to the price category in which they are located.

Device and operating instructions

Particular attention should be paid to the chain during operation, since it tends to lengthen over time. In this regard, its tension should be regularly checked in order to avoid moments when the chain unexpectedly falls off the tire and can injure the operator.

Fuel and oil are poured exclusively into the cooled tool. The fuel mixture is prepared in strict compliance with the ratio of oil and AI-92 gasoline. Special oil must be used for two-stroke engines.

First start-up and running-in of Carver chainsaws

As with any equipment, the chain saw must be run in. Before starting the engine for the first time, make sure that the emergency stop is disabled. After starting the saw according to the instructions, set the speed to medium and check the functioning of the lubrication system. To make sure it works, hold the saw over the paper. If spots appear, the system is working properly.

Running-in is carried out with a chain, because this is how you can make sure that the saw is in good condition. In time, the whole procedure takes several hours. Do not run in only at idle, as premature failure will occur. To achieve good results, it is necessary to run in under gentle loads.

Chainsaw purpose

Chainsaw Carver RSG-38-16K belongs to the group of saws, the main direction of which is the mechanization of ancillary work on a site, a summer residence, rural areas associated with the processing of wood or wood materials. The functionality of the chainsaw is quite enough for such operations as:

  • preparation of firewood;
  • sawing unnecessary wood, wood structures, garbage;
  • pruning branches of trees and shrubs in the garden;
  • assistance in the construction of lumber.

The cutting depth is sufficient for smooth felling of medium-sized trees. As indicated in the instructions, the chainsaw is not suitable for professional use and work for a long time at maximum load.

Technical data RGS 52-20K

The chainsaw is powered by a gasoline engine that delivers 2.8 horsepower (or 2.0 kW) with a nominal cylinder capacity of 52 cc. In the design of the internal combustion engine, Carver’s own developments are used. these are AfterCharge and Clean2 systems, thanks to which fuel savings are achieved up to 18%, an increase in power up to 4% and an increase in torque by 18% (when compared with other well-known engines). The inner surface of the cylinders and pistons is chrome-plated, due to which the wear resistance characteristics are increased by 3-5 times.

The saw is equipped with a 50 cm (20 in.) Bar for comfort when cutting thick tree trunks. The groove in the tire is 1.5 mm (0.058 in) wide. There is an automatic lubrication of the saw headset, as well as an emergency brake system.

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User’s manual

The Carver RSG 262 manual contains the following highlights:

  • a detailed description of the chainsaw device;
  • appointment and packaging;
  • recommendations for repair and maintenance;
  • describes in detail how to install the bar and chain;
  • how to mix fuels and lubricants for work;
  • how to start the engine in summer and winter;
  • recommendations for adjusting the carburetor and chain brake, for working with the saw in different conditions.

Separately, there is a table for sharpening the chain and eliminating possible malfunctions on your own. In addition, the instructions contain the manufacturer’s warranty obligations. You can download the Carver RSG 262 manual in our catalog.

User’s manual

The Carver RSG-41-16K chainsaw comes with a detailed and simple instruction in Russian. After reviewing it, you can clarify all the necessary information about the model:

  • the purpose of the chainsaw;
  • technical specifications;
  • recommendations for operation and maintenance;
  • typical malfunctions and ways to eliminate them;
  • features of the recommended fuel and oil;
  • safety precautions when working with a chainsaw;
  • manufacturer’s warranty.

The instruction contains 28 pages. All comprehensive data are clearly presented in tables and diagrams. Navigation is simplified by a short one. presented on the first page.

Chainsaws Carver RSG. improved quality.

A huge selection of models in the series makes it possible to choose a chainsaw for the desired needs and manner of use.

The chrome-plated engine with the patented AfterCharge and Clean2 technology has a 2-3 times increased service life.

Fuel consumption reduced by 20% and power increased by 5%.

High-quality plastic case and rubber bands of the mechanism as a whole.

Professional saw headset of the related brand REZER.

Easy start (Quick Start) and side chain tension.

The ability to work in the cold.

Ease of maintenance and repair.

cost compared to other series, but average among competitors.

Typical Chain Lubricant Leakage Problem.

No significant deficiencies were identified, apart from small “sores” typical for Chinese saws.

Difference from the Carver RSG-52-20K chainsaw

Carver RSG-52-20K differs from PSG-52-18 and belongs to semi-professional level instruments.

The engine power of the Carver RSG-52-20K is exactly the same as that of the 52-18. 3.3 hp. Engine displacement. 52 cubic meters. cm.Despite the large volume of the engine, the saw is quite economical in terms of fuel consumption.

The weight of the chainsaw is 7.8 kg (with a bar and chain. 8.2 kg), which makes it much heavier and not more convenient for small, garden work. The length of the bar is 50 cm, which increases the ability to cut larger diameter wood.

Chainsaw features

Saw Carver Promo 52-18 has a good value for money. Often, having worked for a long time and having justified at times its cost, even its repair becomes inappropriate. In order to reduce costs, you can simply purchase a new Carver Promo PSG 52-18 chainsaw. For a small amount, the consumer gets a good, reliable helper with many positive characteristics. In addition to the above indicators, the chainsaw is equipped with a Quick Start system, which allows for easy starting even at low temperatures.

The serrated bumper on the saw ensures a smooth and precise cut, the tool is perfectly balanced and the body is made with maximum protection of parts from dust and dirt.

Advantages and disadvantages

Considering the above, we can highlight the main advantages of the CARVER PSG 52-18 chainsaw:

  • easy start;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • unpretentiousness;
  • safety (the tool is equipped with an emergency brake);
  • the ability to use at any critical temperatures;
  • automatic chain lubrication during operation;
  • the presence of a toothed stop;
  • availability of components and consumables;
  • low price.


After purchase, you must check the contents for components and the absence of visible damage. Carver 52-18, in addition to the saw itself, is equipped with the following components:

  • chain and bus;
  • protective cover for the tire;
  • screwdriver key;
  • an adjusting screwdriver for adjusting the carburetor;
  • hex key;
  • fuel tank;
  • spiked bumper with fasteners.

The complete set includes an instruction, which indicates the completeness of the chainsaw, describes its assembly, purpose, operating rules and safety measures. It is important to study the instructions before using the saw and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in order to avoid injury and damage to the tool.


Chainsaw Carver Promo PSG-52-18 is equipped with a 2-stroke air-cooled engine. Main characteristics:

  • saw power. 3.3 hp;
  • tool weight. 6.2 kg;
  • cylinder volume. 52 cm3;
  • tire length. 45 cm;
  • busbar groove thickness. 1.5 mm;
  • chain pitch. 8.25 mm;
  • leading chain links. 72 pieces.

The CARVER chainsaw, due to its characteristics, is perfect for cutting branches, building timber and can cope with a tree diameter up to 40 cm. The body and plastic inserts are made of high-quality material, it fits comfortably in the hands. The design is made taking into account the maximum absorption of vibration during operation, which significantly reduces the load and reduces fatigue when working with the saw.

Gasoline AI-92 is used for power supply, which is mixed with special oil in certain proportions (1:50). It is important to use only the recommended oil that meets its quality. The use of cheap options and testing is prohibited in order to prevent a quick failure of the chainsaw. In this case, a certain increased load is created not only on the engine, but also on the tire with the chain, because during operation the oil pump automatically lubricates the parts, preventing them from overheating.


Review from Nikolay:

I bought a Carver chainsaw for a long time and am very pleased with the tool. I don’t use much, I only work in the garden. An excellent Russian chainsaw, it starts well in cold weather too. It is convenient to hold, the button is conveniently pressed, handy. I change the candles and filter in a timely manner. All consumables are available, always in stock, and can be changed without problems. It used to be Troilus, but the reason turned out to be bad gasoline, so I will say that the quality at such a low price is quite excellent.

Review from Maxim:

We purchased chainsaws Carver promo 52-18 for an organization serving the adjacent territories of residential buildings. There are a lot of objects, there is enough work. Less in winter, more in summer. The hard workers are happy with the tool, they are praised. I like the relaxed start-up, easy maintenance, reliability. We had to take it in for repair, but did not foresee that this saw is not for large volumes. But as a result, consumables and spare parts are not expensive, so we are not going to change them yet, we will squeeze everything we can from the chainsaws.

Tire and chain

Chainsaw Carver Promo 52-18 is equipped with a 45 cm long bar and a chain with 72 leading teeth. The tire is branded CARVER to distinguish it from analog and counterfeit instruments.

The quality of the steel is high, the parts are designed for a long time. The key to long-term work is their correct installation. The instructions show in detail the order and sequence of assembling the chainsaw.

You can watch a video that explains the details, technical specifications of the CARVER saw, assembly, refueling and first start-up.

It is important to know that a new chain will stretch over time, so it is recommended to adjust it periodically. A loose chain can come off during operation and cause injury.

It must be remembered that a weakly tensioned chain wears out faster, because there is an increased load and friction between the chain and the wood.


The CARVER chainsaw is ideal for home, household and garden use. Used for sawing wood, will be an assistant in building a house and preparing firewood. The saw is not intended for professional use and continuous, long work. In order to prevent the threat of harm to health, it is strictly forbidden to work with the chainsaw in closed rooms.