Adjusting The Carburetor Of The Chainsaw Ural 2 Electron Video

The Ural chainsaw is still in service The Ural chainsaw has been produced in Perm for over 70 years. Ural 2, replaced Ural 2T, then Ural 2T Electron. The model is in demand among lumberjacks for a low price, the ability to cut along the grain.

The Ural chainsaw is still in service

adjusting the carburetor of the chainsaw Ural 2 electron

For the first time the Ural chainsaw was released in 1935. In 2005, at the F.E. Dzerzhinsky in the city of Perm collected the 14 millionth copy of the legendary instrument. 80% of felling in the country is still carried out using the Ural chain saw. At the same time, a model for small work on farms. The Druzhba saw. Comes off the assembly line, but it is a class lower than its older brother.

Characteristics of the Soviet-era chainsaw

Initially, the Ural chainsaw was on the technical equipment of the army, and only in 1955 the plant switched to production for logging, giving the model the name Ural 2. The tool weighed 11.7 kg. At the same time, the engine power was 5.5 liters. From. The saw blade rotated at a right angle during operation, which facilitates the work of fellers. The chain had forced lubrication, a hydraulic wedge was included in the equipment of the unit.

The Soviet Union was in isolation, the equipment created was valued, and was distributed to the timber industry enterprises according to the order. The same distribution system did not allow private ownership of not only the Ural chainsaw, but also Druzhba.

Technical characteristics of the Ural 2 chainsaw:

  • Two-stroke engine, single-cylinder;
  • Power. 5 liters. From.;
  • Fuel tank. 1.6 l;
  • Saw unit lubrication tank. 0.24 l;
  • Tire length. 46 cm;
  • Chain, number of links. 64;
  • Link pitch. 0.404 inches;
  • Groove width. 1.6 mm.

An important condition for the long operation of the Ural chainsaw was its proper running-in. The initial start of the engine was carried out at idle with the use of an enriched fuel mixture. It was necessary to burn 4 full tanks of fuel. After 25 hours, work was prescribed in a gentle mode on the same enriched fuel mixture. After that, a working mixture was used in the composition of 20 liters of AI-72 gasoline 1 liter of oil.

Modern chainsaw Ural 2T Electron

The plant made some changes to the production of chainsaws, and the improved model was given a new name. The saw is still in service with forest workers and in private use. The 1997 model for sale attests to the trouble-free operation of the tool.

Chainsaw 2T Electron is designed to work in difficult conditions at any time of the year. It is made of high strength materials. The tool can be used in an aggressive environment and at any outdoor temperatures. Therefore, a detailed step-by-step instruction has been developed on how to independently repair complex mechanisms in the field.

A powerful chainsaw has one special property that makes you come to terms with the shortcomings of the mechanism. It handles both cross and longitudinal cuts with ease. In addition, the tool is reliable, high handles allow you not to hunch, to work at full height. On the other hand, having got acquainted with imported, professional equipment, experts see the shortcomings of the native model:

  • The engine works with increased gas production, the feller has to work in a gas-polluted environment;
  • A mixture that is 2 times more enriched with oil is used than on imported devices;
  • Saw maintenance requires experience and skill;
  • Increased fuel consumption;
  • There is no chain brake.

This is not a complete list of where the old technology is inferior to modern foreign models. The demand is supported by the low price of the Ural chainsaw. However, entrepreneurs prefer imported equipment. The plant announced the termination of production of the Ural 2E Electron chainsaw in 2013. Models are on sale from the manufacturer’s plant at the present time.

Chainsaw “Ural” 2T-Electron. Specifications, photo,

This chainsaw which is the “sister” of the equally legendary chainsaw “Friendship” was produced from 1955 to 2008 at a plant that worked for the needs of the defense industry. This plant bears the name of the legendary security officer Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky and is located in the city of Perm. Chainsaws released Ural there were more than 14,000,000 pieces, which allowed the entire logging industry of the USSR to reach truly industrial volumes.

Technical characteristics of the Ural 2T-Electron chainsaw

Engine gasoline single-cylinder two-stroke
Power, kW / h.P. 3.68 / 5.0
Rotation frequency, rpm 6200
The gap between the electrodes of the candle 0.6-0.7 mm
Sound level dBA 105
Fuel consumption, g / kWh 632
Fuel tank, volume 1.6 l
Grease consumption, cm³ / min 42252
Oil tank for chain lubrication, volume 0.24 l
Sawing device working length, cm 46
Chain pitch, mm 10.26
Weight, kg 11.7
Dimensions length / width / height 880/455/460 mm

The difference between the Ural chainsaw and the Druzhba chainsaw

  • Great power. 5 h.P. Against 4 at “Friendship”
  • Less weight. “Ural” weighs 11 kilograms, and “Druzhba” 12.5.
  • In the Urals, the gearbox allows the saw head to be rotated 90 degrees to facilitate felling.
  • The handles are brought up, just like, for example, on the “horned” Husqvarna. ” This greatly facilitates the work in deep snow and saved the fellers’ backs.
  • Also “Ural” is equipped with a chain lubrication system, but there was no such system at Druzhba.
  • The Ural was equipped with a hydraulic wedge. This is a device for dumping cut trees in the desired direction.

Domestic chainsaws of the times of the USSR had another significant difference from modern chainsaws. This is a need to run in! If any modern saw does not require running in as such, the only thing that is recommended is not to work at full speed (for more information about running modern chainsaws, read HERE), then Ural and Druzhba had to go through it before work.

What kind of carburetor is used in the Ural chainsaw

On the Ural 2 Electron chainsaws, the KMP-100U carburetor is installed, famous for its reliability and ease of adjustment. The body is completely metal, the jets are calibrated, and the membrane is made of a material that is resistant to a mixture of gasoline and oil.

For quick start of the chainsaw under negative temperatures, the carburetor is equipped with a cold start lever. As for adjusting the quality and quantity of the fuel mixture, the screws are responsible for this, which can be independently set to the desired position.

Carburetor repair:

Despite its high reliability, the carburetor of the Ural 2 Electron chainsaw (KMP-100U) may fail. As a rule, such problems are caused by untimely maintenance and neglect of the instrument. For information on how to correctly identify the cause of the malfunction and eliminate it yourself, see

Setting the maximum power

Power adjustment on the Ural 2 Electron chainsaw is carried out only after the run-in period has expired (it is 25 hours of operation) and after setting the idle speed.

Incomplete screwing in the screw means more air and less fuel. When the screw is unscrewed, everything happens the other way around, that is, the combustible mixture is enriched. The most preferred position of the screws can be determined exclusively by experiment.

In the process of tuning the Ural carburetor, you must remember the following principles for the correct operation of the chainsaw:

  1. The engine should always have good cutting performance and moderate smoke.
  2. The engine should always have excellent throttle response. At the same time, in the process of cutting wood, the chain should not stop, the saw should overheat, and the engine should automatically slow down.

If there was a complete misalignment of the carburetor and the engine stopped starting, it is recommended to perform the following actions:

  1. Screw No. 1 is completely turned up to the stop, and then turned out one turn, no more.
  2. Screw # 2 is turned to the limit and then turned out half a turn.

This will allow you to return the adjusting screws to their original position, and then correctly adjust the carburetor of the Ural chainsaw according to the standards described above.

Device and principle of operation

The carburetor of the Ural KMP-100U chainsaw is a membrane type. It does not have a float chamber and a floating float with a needle that cuts off the fuel flow as the chamber fills like older carburetors. This gives the advantage that the engine of the Ural 2t Electron chainsaw can operate in any position, even upside down. The float carburetor cannot operate in an inverted position.

The system of the KMP-100U carburetor can be considered complex, because it must ensure the operation of the engine in three modes:

  1. Launch.
  2. Idling.
  3. Maximum turns.

For each mode, special channels for the supply of fuel, air and the position of the dampers are involved.

The appearance of the new KMP-100U carburetor used on the Ural 2T Electron chainsaw

When starting a cold engine, the conditions for the formation of a working air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber are very unfavorable for the following reasons:

  • Low crankshaft revolutions with a manual jerk of the starter, weak compression of the fuel mixture in the combustion chamber;
  • Some of the fuel is lost on the cylinder walls;
  • Low temperature makes ignition difficult.

Therefore, to facilitate starting, the supply of a rich mixture is required. gasoline, less air. The air supply flap from the air filter in the cold start mode is closed, and the gas supply is increased due to pumping (suction) with a primer.

After starting the engine, a vacuum is created in the combustion chamber during the piston stroke, so the fuel mixture from the carburetor begins to be sucked in there. Air is required for oxygen supply and complete fuel burnout. The air damper opens.

When the throttle grip is pressed, the throttle valve opens fully, gasoline and air flow in full flow, the engine runs at full speed.

The flow of gasoline at this moment is regulated only by the calibrated orifice of the jet in the carburetor.

Lack of tightness

Other problems with the KMP-100U carburetor are loss of tightness. The gaskets between the carburetor and the engine casing, and between the parts of the carburetor, must not suck in air during operation and leak fuel when the engine is turned off.

The gaskets can deteriorate for the same reasons as the membrane, that is, dry out, become fragile over time.

Ural chainsaw carburetor: device, adjustment, repair, revision

All Ural chainsaws were equipped with standard KMP-100 carburetors and its modifications with minor changes. And it was the only carburetor for chainsaws produced in the USSR. Later, with the advent of the newest and last model in the USSR, the Ural 2t Electron, the KMP-100U carburetor began to be used. And it was the only one for chainsaws produced in the USSR, which stood on Druzhba gasoline chain saws.