AL-KO self-propelled lawn mower is not going. How are the knives of the lawn mowers

AL-KO service center

The 1st Specialized Service Center “AgroTechService”, which is an official dealer for the repair and maintenance of gasoline garden equipment of the AL-KO brand, is ready to offer you warranty and after-warranty repairs as a shortest possible time.

Warranty repair of AL-KO technology involves the elimination of disadvantages that may occur during the operation of the equipment due to the fault of the manufacturer, subject to the compliance with the operating rules established by the manufacturer of the al-q. The complex of post-warranty repair services of AL-CO equipment is eliminated at the expense of the client and is provided after the end of the warranty period or as a result of incorrect handling of technology due to the fault of the owner.

Our specialized workshop for repairing AL-KO equipment provides an official guarantee for all types of work during both warranty and post-warranty repair, as well as a guarantee for all replaced nodes and spare parts on the period established by the supplier of Al-Ko Kobert LLC.

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We take only AL-KO gasoline equipment for repair, with the following brands: Briggsstratton, Honda, Kohler, Kawasaki, Robin Subaru, Lifan, as well as engines of other brands installed by the manufacturer.

After passing AL-KO equipment to our service center for warranty repairs or post-warranty service, you will receive an application, which indicates the terms of diagnostics and repair.

Additional information about the work of our service: the conditions of warranty and post-warranty repairs, for work and spare parts, delivery and transportation of equipment, as well as a list of served models, you can find out by choosing an interest of the AL-CO garden equipment below:

The design of the lawn mower

Now we will analyze the “anatomy” of this device. So, the gas mowing on a gasoline course is a four.wheeled device with a plastic or metal body in which the engine is enclosed. In simple and light models, he drives only cutting blades, so he has to roll a “four.wheeled friend” manually. However, it is not so difficult to move 12-15 kg from a place of 12-15 kg.

massive units are made by self.propelled. Their wheels rotate at the expense of the drive (chain or belt), and the user can only direct the lawn mower in the right direction. To make the work as comfortable as possible, manufacturers equip their models even with a speed switch (from 2.4 to 5 km/h).

As for the mowing process directly, almost all gasoline devices are rotary. The knives are installed in them parallel to the plane of the Earth, and during operation they create a strong air flow, which in turn draws out cut grass into the grass collector or throws it to the lawn, forward or to the side.

As we see, the device is quite simple. But, trying to raise the demand for their products, companies constantly add new options to them. It can be a special handle that reduces vibration, or a sensor that measures the height of the grass.

A separate mention is deserved by the mulching option that saves the summer resident from taking care of where to put mowed grass. To throw it away by waste, because this is a wonderful raw material for compost. But to rake the grass manually and attribute them to the composter tire. Why spend time and effort if the lawn mower can fertilize the soil on its own?

To transfer the unit to mulching mode, access to the grass collector is blocked. Small and crushed stems are poured onto the lawn, where they gradually decompose, turning into compost. But you should not get carried away in this way of fertilizer. Once a week enough. If you mulch the lawn more often, organic waste will accumulate on the lawn and damp, gradually turning it into a swamp. For the same reason, you can not work in mulching mode during protracted rains.

What to look for when choosing a gasoline lawn mower

The second parameter is the torque of the unit. The higher it is, the easier it will be to mow grass, especially thick and high. For the lawn on 1-6 acres, the torque should be about 6.1–9.83 h m. The maximum necessary for large land plots is 11.87 h m.

The body (deck) of the device is of great importance. It should be durable, since during the operation of the lawnmand of the blade, small pebbles and other hard garbage throw it on it. In the simplest, budget models of deck made of cheap thin plastic. Obviously, such a product will not last long. The metal case is much more durable, but it cannot be called impeccable. The paintwork, which is protected by the inner surface, abrasion over time, and under the influence of moisture (juice of grass), deck gradually rust.

The thermoplasty houses show themselves well. durable, reliable, not prone to chips. Multilayer plastic has established itself even better, which resembles Sandwich on the cut. As practice shows, it perfectly resists wear.

note! Starting from the end of July, many large produce and suppliers make significant discounts on the lawnmands, so the end of summer is considered the most profitable for buying garden equipment

Another important element of the lawn mower is a grass collector, the volume of which varies from 16 to 90 liters. It can be soft (durable waterproof bag), or hard (plastic box). The second option is preferable, since the product with smooth, solid walls is easy to empty and wash.

The method of launching matters. As mentioned above, in order to give the unit the action, you need to pull the starter cord. But there are models in which the engine is launched by pressing a button or turning the key. The electronic ignition system is powered by batteries. Lawn mowers with a hybrid system are also developed, where the launch can be carried out either using the/key button and using the cord. This can be very useful if one of the mechanisms fails.

The wider and larger the diameter of the wheel of the lawn mower, the easier it is to roll it around the site. Another plus of wide tires is that they do not leave traces on the lawn

Malfunctions and repairs: how to diagnose and fix

Here is a list of the most common faults:

  • The engine does not turn on or periodically.
  • The knife does not rotate when the engine is turned on.
  • Strong vibration of the lawn mower.
  • The apparatus does not mow grass poorly.
  • The engine is very hot or the smell of smoke appears.
  • The self.propelled mower does not go forward well with a pressed wheel drive lever or does not go at all.

Does not turn on or periodically turns off the electric motor

The most common cause of such a malfunction is to turn off one of the forks from the corresponding outlet. This is due to the fact that they pulled the extension cable too much and he pulled out the fork from the outlet. If the motor worked and suddenly turned off for no reason, then go along the entire extension cord and check the contacts.

If all forks are inserted into the appropriate sockets, then check the voltage in the network, perhaps, together with the lawn mower, some additional electrical appliances of high power and power consumption have reached a critical value.

When this happens, fuses (traffic jams) are triggered, so you need to check them, if they are turned off, you will have to look for an additional electrical appliance, which increased the load on the network to a critical value.

If you do not turn off the device, then when turning on or long.term operation, the lawn mowers will work traffic jams that protect the home power supply from overload.

In old houses, faulty wiring gives the same effect, in which poor contacts under load heat up, which leads to:

To check such a wiring, current measuring ticks will be required.

Do not use any other measuring devices for this, because only current.measuring ticks allow you to perform such work without direct contact with electricity.

Remember. touching a bare conductor or contact, which is under voltage of 220 volts, is deadly!

First, turn off all electricity consumers, then measure the current at the entrance to the house, if the wiring is working and did not forget to turn off any electrical appliance, then the current consumption will be zero. Then connect the lawn mower and ask the assistant to start the mowing of the grass so that you can measure the current in the extension cord.

al-ko, lawn, mower, knives, mowers

It must correspond to the power of the braid engine, which can be determined by the formula p = iu, where:

Having made sure that with mowing grass, the current consumption corresponds to the power, turn off the mower from the network and connect the ticks to the entrance wires along which the electricity enters the house, then ask the assistant to continue the mowing of the grass and observe the current, waiting for the traffic jams to train.

If a current jump is detected, then the wiring is faulty and requires replacement.

If the current increases not only at the entrance to the house, but also in the extension cord, then the problem is either in the extension cable or in the mower itself, so first replace the cable.

If this did not help, it is necessary to disassemble the mower and carefully check all the contacts, as well as the condition of the engine windings. However, for such work, it is necessary to understand the electrical engineering well and be able to repair it, because it is necessary not only to repair the damage or replace a defective part, but to eliminate the cause that led to such a defect.

If you do not know how to do this, then contact a specialized workshop.

The knife does not rotate when the engine is turned on

The reason for such a malfunction may be:

chopped engine bearing;

To establish the exact cause and fix, turn the electric lawn breeze upside down from the network and twist the knife.

If it rotates without resistance, then the lawn mower has one of the following damage:

  • knife fixators are cut;
  • The knife attaching bolt is not twisted;
  • torn or stretched a knife drive belt;
  • Distributed pulleys of engine or knife.

To check the tightening of the bolt, shake the knife, moving one or the other edge from the seat, if the screw is not tightened, the knife will hang out, if it sits tight, then the problem is in something else.

To check the locks, unscrew the bolt, then remove the knife and inspect the seat for it. if the locks are damaged, this will be immediately visible.

To check and adjust the tension of the knife belt, you need to remove the engine, so we recommend that this operation independently only if you are well acquainted with the device of your mower and know how to remove and put it in place of its electric motor. This process is not the same on various braids, so it is impossible to prepare universal instructions.

After dismantling the engine, do the following:

  • Check the condition of all parts of the belt tensioner, bearings, rubber rings and springs should be intact;
  • Remove the belt and check its length (for this house there should always be a spare belt);
  • Check the condition of both pulleys, paying special attention to the inner surface where the belt passes and fixed the shaft.

Refresh or replace faulty parts, then collect the mower and check the work of the knife. As an example of such a repair, we suggest you see this

Strong vibration of the lawn mower

Strong vibration arises due to the fact that the knife:

An external inspection, even without removing a knife, will detect its deformation or poor fixation. If it is not bent and is normally fixed, then injected, as described above, then install on a mower and check its work.

al-ko, lawn, mower, knives, mowers

Another reason for strong vibration can be a bent shaft of an engine or a knife drive.

How are the engines of lawn mowers

Lawn mowers can work on the muscular strength of a person, electricity or gasoline.

Hand braids are the simplest, reliable and affordable. That’s just the performance of such devices is low. In addition, pushing the machine itself and set in motion knives, the mower should independently, but here we need remarkable endurance. Especially when to put in order a large and hilly area.

Network electric lawners are connected to a household electrical network using a cable. They can be very powerful devices, almost do not require care and are great for most lawns of small and medium sizes. One trouble: without a wire, a network braid will not work, so for work, most likely, you will need a good extension cord. And it can cost like half of the device itself.

The main drawback of network braids are deprived of battery models. They work on rechargeable batteries, due to which they are spared the life support system in the form of a compulsory electrical wire. Although, of course, the effectiveness and accessibility of this type of record is clearly not beaten, but the advantages clearly outweigh any disadvantages.

Finally, gasoline law mmores are arranged in much the same way as ordinary cars. Only the motorized motors are weaker and smaller. Devices of this class are characterized by the highest efficiency, power and complete autonomy. You can mow with a gasoline mower at least a whole field. it would be fuel. Unfortunately, devices with internal combustion engines are quite expensive, they require maintenance and exhaust gases air, frankly, do not ozone. For large lawns, gasoline braids are perfect, but it is better to look after a small courtyard with an electric model.

al-ko, lawn, mower, knives, mowers


The machine is supplied with two multi.language guides: instructions for the engine and actually for the lawnical mower. In both cases, the user provides for indispensable difficulties. The fact is that these guidelines are intended for several different models of engines and lawn mowers. An ignorant user who has never dealt with such equipment will have to be especially difficult. Of course, all this is stipulated even in the leadership itself: “Identify your model based on products of products and describing various options”. Conclusion: When familiarizing yourself with the leadership, you need maximum attentiveness. It will be required twice. Because the schematic images of the key nodes of the machine and the engine are shown only on the first pages of the manuals, while the description of these units is given further in the text, in the most arbitrary places and for many pages from illustrations. This complicates the process of acquaintance with equipment. And therefore, when you see the text “Turn the fuel feeding”, do not rush to look for this faucet. He is not here. This is another engine model that must first be identified.

There is even nothing to describe here: the machine is controlled by only two levers-chuckles, the upper and lower. There is nowhere easier. Pressing the lower lever to the main holding hand, you thereby supply fuel to the engine. And hooking the top lever with your finger and pulling it down a little, you turn on the wheel drive.

What is characteristic, this design is more suitable for right.handedness. See how the upper lever of the course is shifted to the right? It is understood that the transmission is activated by the thumb of the right hand, while the lower lever holds the fuel with the left hand.

Important: the engine will only work while the lower lever (it is red) is pressed to the handle. It is worth letting the lever. the engine stalls right there. It is also necessary to start the engine when the fuel supply is turned on, that is, holding the red lever pressed to the handle.

However, such a simple operation as an engine establishment must first be learned. You can not immediately pull the handle of the starting cable. You should only pull it a little, and only after you feel the resistance, pull it sharply on yourself.

Two or three attempts, and there will be no difficulties with the engine. Even the child will cope. Here, please, the result of a three.minute lesson taught to a fragile teenager:

By the way, in the video you can see how the car starts briskly when the wheel drive is turned on. Yes, the wheels do not begin the rotation not gradually, but immediately at maximum speed. You need to get used to this, taking a step forward half a second before pressing the lever. The speed of movement of the lawn mower on a flat surface is approximately 3 km/h. optimal for a calm walk. It is also clear that working with a lawn mower is not necessary in work clothing. The design of the ejection mines and the delay almost eliminates the hit of pieces of grass or soil on clothes. And if you use a life hack with a lid of a grass collector, then you can cut a lawn at least in varnish pin, not a single blade of grass will encroach on their splendor.


Here we have a rather rare case. The author was still a skeptic of gasoline garden gadgets, fundamentally using only electrical wiring or battery machines. Well, sometimes also devices with a muscular drive (shovel, rake, etc. D.). Well, the most inappropriate machine was considered just such a lawn mower, a wheel-navel. The reason for this is an extremely poor (so habitually considered) state of “lawn”. That is how, in quotation marks, a rather large area was called up, which was once a potato and landing platform.

Now, it seems, the worldview will have to be changed. Since the gasoline machine gives: a) absolute freedom of movement, and b) more than sufficient power. In addition, the fear that a car with a small, as it seemed to us, clearance, is stained on our slides, turned out to be absolutely groundless. To top it off, the lawn mower consistent was presented by another multipunct: convenience, comfort, reliability and, oddly enough, safety. We will immediately decipher the last moment: we are talking about the absence of electric wires, for which it is quite difficult to track during operation. And imagine what will happen, get the wire into working knives? I don’t even want to think about it.

The comfort of the work is mainly achieved due to the presence of the rear wheel drive. If not this drive, it would be unacceptable to push the lawn mower, despite large wheels. Especially when you are dealing with a complex landscape. And with the drive to call on any slide is easier. It also greatly facilitates maneuvering and turns in tight spaces: between bushes, trees or beds, when the car has to be directed not forward, but to the side of the operator or even to it to make a turn.

While we were waiting for the supply of the lawn mower, from the principle we did not remove the grass with the usual electric trimmer. So they waited. “Thanks to” plentiful rains, the grass gained weight and grew to indecent high. I had to study right away. It turned out that the first passage on such a grass is better to make with a high clearance, and only then, reducing the height of the suspension, go along a haircut second time.

In general, in our conditions, the height of the suspension had to be paid maximum attention. An uneven surface on which the leg of a landscape designer did not step is replete with bumps, potholes and even swampy areas. But all this turned out to be nothing. over, many bumps (mole volcanoes and ant hills) were successfully cut off with knives at the very level of earth. Perhaps, after a few years, such a haircut, coupled with regular processing by a vertikutter, we really get a lawn. Well, let not immediately English, but not quite domestic.

Note that the drive of the lawn mower is designed for an even and dry surface. It is worth driving the lawn mower to a swampy area with wet greasy grass, as the rear wheels begin to turn in wasting and you have to look for the desired angle of inclination to get out of this off.road. Wheel protectors are intentionally equipped with a smooth pattern that does not injure the lawn. We emphasize. the lawn, not the swamp that we tried to cut. However, our hopeless attempt gave a pretty decent result. Surprisingly decent. Cut a heavy fibrous sedge with an ordinary trimmer, and on several hundred parts, it means that you have been left without a lower back. Here, know control the height of the suspension and press the drive lever. Let’s hope that summer will come into its own and dry this swampy. Good now, in the absence of sedge, moisture will finally learn to evaporate.

Well, as for the normal dry area with grass. perhaps it never looked so well.groomed as after a haircut with this machine. You can’t cut a trimmer with all the efforts. Below are comparative personnel. We suggest guessing: where did the trimmer for the grass work and where the lawn mower has worked? But the same site is photographed, only at different times: during the absence of a lawn mower and if there is any.

Having worked with the car for several hours, you will certainly learn some tricks that are not described and cannot be described in any instructions or guidelines. One of the most important can be attributed to the method of work in uneven areas or in areas with very thick or difficult grass.

For example, if a bump was so high under the knives that all four wheels risk hanging in the air, you need to lean on the handle, lifting the front wheels up. And then already determine whether to give a move forward, or pull the car back to yourself. If all this is not done, the knife unit is bitten into the ground and the engine with a high degree of probability will die out.

The same technique needs to be reproduced when a thick mass of vegetation was under the knives. Raising the front wheels up, you need to wait a bit so that the knives first grind the upper layer of grass first. Thanks to this, the grass is not wound on knives and/or its too large one.time volume will not clog the emission mine.

Finally, about extraneous objects on the processed surface. Briefly: they should not be. It is allowed to fall under the knives of soft roots or irregularities of the soil, but objects such as boards, hard sticks, large stones or metal parts (for example, clogged and forgotten pin, drain pipe, automatic watering systems). all this must be removed from the site in advance. Or somehow mark it in order to see them in tall grass during work and bypass them.

You wash your car? Surely. The lawn mower is the same machine and it can and should sometimes be washed. Without fear, a brush, a rag, or even a compressor-minimum (yes, the same “Kurher”). Particular attention should be paid to herbal gruel, which sticks on the inner surface of the pallet, knives, ejection and plastic cutters. It not only stains the surfaces in brown, but also turns into a solid coating over time, almost petrifies. It is advisable to remove it immediately after work, it is easy to do while it is wet and soft.

It is necessary to store the machine in the offseason in a dry, insulated (non.darming) place, the device should be covered with dust with a breathing cloth.

Alko Lawn Mower

When the lawn mower does not start

Depending on the area of ​​the lawn and the growth of grass on it, the owners choose the optimal technique in characteristics. It is several types:

Also, the restoration of lawn mowers with your own hands will be required if the conditions of winter storage are inappropriate. For example, after use, there were no cleaning surfaces or there was no off.season preventive maintenance. As a result, various problems are manifested:

  • frequent sharpening of the lamp of the lawn mower is required;
  • just does not start a lawn mower;
  • The motor starts up, but through a short gap the lawn mower stalls;
  • malfunctions of the carburetor appear, which requires not only disassembly, but also cleaning with repair;
  • renovation of the lawn mower is required with a significant reduction in power during operation.

You should not go to an expensive service center. Many problems can be solved with minimal costs and repairs on your own.

After each use of the tool, it is necessary to clean the cutting elements. Change the oil regularly and perform a minimum risk.

Problems with the mechanical part

The mechanical system in lawn mowers with different drives consists of the following structural elements and nodes:

  • knife (rotary or cylindrical type) or fishing line;
  • transmission mechanism;
  • grass collector and grass emission devices;
  • wheels, handles and housings.

The failure of the cutting element

The most commonly damaged (for example, bend) or knives are blunt, the fishing line for the trimmer ends. This is easily detected with a simple visual inspection.

The fact that the cutting nozzles have become swept away is evidenced by uneven cutting of herbal stems when the lawn mowed.

Over time, knife fastening can weaken. Their balancing during rotation is disturbed, and vibration, whistle, rattling appear. If the knives are damaged, then during operation the mechanism will begin to perform unguided, sudden, sudden movements. To eliminate the malfunctions of this kind, the cutting elements are set to the right position, replaced with new ones or repaired. If possible, then the blades are pulled again.

Sounds and vibration during work

Uncharacteristic sounds, vibration, rattling appear during the operation of the unit, when the fasteners of its structural elements are weakened: body, engine. These phenomena are more often found in gasoline models, because their motor fluctuates more strongly than the electric motor. To eliminate these phenomena, check all the connections, pulling up the bolts if necessary. It happens that the whistle during the operation of the unit arises due to the entry into an outsider that blocks the video in the aerator. In this case, it is enough just to get it so that the sound stops.

Cutting nozzles do not rotate

Often, when mowing a high herbal cover or hard herbal, cutting nozzles cease to rotate due to grass clogging. This problem in most cases (if it has not led to more significant negative consequences) is easy to solve with your own hands, just picking out a stick with a stick.

Damage to constructive details

Damage to the wheels, handles and housing rarely happen. If they are significant, then they change these structural elements. Methods of repair, with its possibility, in each case, depend on the material of broken parts. they can be plastic, aluminum, steel.

Brand break

With prolonged operation, the mower wear out, stretches, and then the belt breaks off. At the same time, the device’s gasoline engine works, but the knives do not rotate. Self.propelled models can also break off the wheel drive belt: then they stop and do not go. Sometimes the clutch cable simply stretches and it needs to be adjusted.

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– one. Konstantin

Pros: The price was attractive compared to Bosch and Garden.
Minuses: Shut up with grass quickly and starts to buzz. The motor does not correspond to the declared power. The knife is not made of steel, but from some kind of rubbish. instantly stupor and loses its shape. No multi.plating.
Review: Do not river AL-KO 3.82. I will no longer consider the goods of this company for purchase.

– 2. Andrew

Pros: Low price. A worthy construct, although it looks fragile and not reliable. Mowed her all in a row (from the grass).
Minuses: The knife is quickly stupid. Quickly overheating (maximum 30 minutes of work). After the third mowing, 10 acres, with neat use, turns on for 1-3 seconds and turns off. The autopsy showed (when the relay is closed), that the engine overheating. When it was working for 5-15 seconds, smoke comes from it. (((Everything died a lawn mower.

– 2. Grankina Natalya

Pros: Light, maneuverable
Minuses: one.time
Review: I worked for less than a month, more precisely during this time, they used once, for the second time the drive belt broke, (it is an wear.long part) non.warranty repairs, in the service center they could be thrown out.Attempts to find a belt last more than 3 months. In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below, someone managed to find it for 2,000r, I would like to know where.

– 2. Ya

Pros: I worked for a long time, bought in May 2015 for 5 tyr. Now 2019 costs the same.
Minuses: The wheels dispersed, smoked and buzzed. The bearing scattered. I almost burned the engine, for the replacement in the service they called the space price. I bought a puller for 210 and bearings in the new Ryazan Ryazanka for 50-60 numbers (6001 and 608). 30 minutes of time and the engine is removed, disassembled and assembled. But the most negative thing is that from the declared capacity of 1400 watts, it consumes only 600 watts. That is, in fact, before buying, do not pity 200-300 and buy a watermeter so as not to buy a low-power Ketai “miracle”.
Review: The plot is 6 acres, the lawn has 2-3 acres, if there were more, I think the engine burned earlier. It is not appropriate to repair.

– one. Sorokina Elmir

Pros: It takes the grass for mowing on the sides well, for example, to mow well next to the fence.
Minuses: Weak. The declared capacity does not reflect the real power of the mowing. Earlier there was a “classmate”, but 1000W and the mower was clearly more powerful and better handed the grass. The knife is bad. Not stupid, namely bad, obviously, the metal is soft for these purposes. After three mowing, the guide button cuts down, the case where the switch and a handle made of soft plastic, which does not speak in favor of quality, is apparently the same and something just jumps up inside. Regarding maneuverability- 3 out of 5 no more than 3 balls. Heated quickly, while cooling only through the holes from below where there is a direct beard of grass, the mud in the engine along.the idea falls on the “cheers”, the holes for cooling on the body are only drawn.
Review: Suitable for mowing with a rare perfect low grass on a rectangular perfectly even small junction. Not worth it anymore. I do not advise extremely! Disappointed with a purchase by 100%!

– one. Igor m.

Pros: Price, grass collector.
Minuses: adjustment of the height of mowing is generally horror. Very low.power, raw grass does not mow at all.
Review: For many years I used the ON, a friend advised this money discarded.

– one. Mikhail r.

Pros: A wonderful machine after a gasoline trimmer for grass. Light and comfortable. Cool lawn turns out)))
Minuses: With wires not familiar. The height of the mowing is lost (((
Review: I am happy! I recommend!

– one. Tatyana m.

Pros: Light, maneuverable
Minuses: At the first turned on and use, 10 minutes worked out, and silence. After 15 minutes, I earned again. For the third time use, and I have a cat once a week 3.5 acres, the engine smoke 5 minutes after turning on and all-mosquito ordered to live. Before this mower was al-q Classic 3.8, I worked for 9 years. I doubted that the online shop is selling an original product, not trading under the submade. I turned to the store-foil. They didn’t even talk, although less than a month has passed after the purchase, that’s the whole guarantee.
Review: I do not advise you to buy in online. The store specializes in poor.quality, artisanal production, fakes of branded goods.

Repair of AL-KO lawn mowers

There were 60 service centers for the repair of lawn mowers (electric and gasoline), garden trimmers, AL-ko grass mowers: choose from the list, or send a request and the specialist will contact you.

  • Repair of AL-KO lawn mower
  • 24 hours
  • Payment by card
  • Urgent repair
  • Departure of the master
  • Calling the courier
  • Free diagnostics
  • Repair of AL-KO lawn mower

Repairing Lawn Mowers For Profit Part 14 ( Lawnmower Self Propelled Gear Repair And Help)

  • Payment by card
  • Urgent repair
  • Departure of the master
  • Calling the courier
  • Free diagnostics
  • Repair of AL-KO lawn mower
  • Payment by card
  • Urgent repair
  • Departure of the master
  • Calling the courier
  • Free diagnostics

m. Skobelevskaya street. region Leninsky district working village Drozhzhino Street New Highway D5 K1

  • Repair of AL-KO lawn mower
  • Payment by card
  • Urgent repair
  • Departure of the master
  • Calling the courier
  • Free diagnostics

Repair of AL-KO lawn mowers

For 10 years we have been repairing garden equipment. At the same time, al-ko lawns often contact us. Unfortunately, even such high.quality, reliable and powerful units are able to fail.

We are ready to provide professional assistance and in a short time to fix even the most difficult breakdown. Our company is an official representative of the manufacturer, we are dealing only with original spare parts, which guarantees a high.quality and prolonged result.

Service prices

Name of works Price in rubles
Diagnostics (during repair diagnostics is not paid) 800
Complex maintenance (consumables and work) 2500
The overcoming of the engine 2500
Replacing the crankshaft of the engine 2500
Replacing the ignition coil 500
Replacement of the inlet collector 500
Replacing the spark plug 100
Carburetor replacement and adjustment 500
Replacing the air filter 100
Replacing the adapter of the knife 100
Replacing a knife 100
Replacement (removal and installation) of the gas cable 100
Replacement (removal and installation) of the course 500
Replacing a manual starter 500. 1000
Wheel replacement (self.propelled/non.self.propelled lawn mower) 100. 500
Front replacement 500. 1500
Replacing the flywheel gap 500
Replacing the fuel tank 500
Replacing the fuel hose 200
Sharpening of a knife with static balancing (with a knife removed with a knife) 100 /500
Repair of a hand starter 500. 1500
Repair of the carburetor 600. 3500
Carburetor adjustment 1200
Adjusting the gase cable 100
Adjusting the course of the course 100
Adjustment of valves 1400
Fuel system cleaning 1200

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Repair and service of garden equipment.

Specialized Service Center “AgrotechService”. Warranty and post.warranty service of the equipment of world manufacturers! Attention! Information for users!

The lawn mower does not collect grass

The reason for this may be faulty or stupid knives. In order to avoid such a situation, you need to install new knives every season. You can do with the sharpening of knives at an angle of 30 °.

When hidden, it is necessary to protect yourself with special glasses and protective gloves. After sharpening, you need to test the balancing of the knives.

If a cylindrical mower does not collect grass, then it is better to sharpen knives in the service center. But you can purchase a sharpening device in the store and sharpen yourself, as shown in the video. To do this, you need to bring the cylinder of the turned off the braid to the position with the maximum interval between the blades. Then the abrasive strip is glued to the sharpening device, and the cylinder is transferred to the position in which the blades relate to the abrasive. The mitch needs to be turned on for short intervals of time until the blades become sharp.

The knives are incorrectly adjusted

This can be seen on the uneven surface of the lawn. Before adjustment, it is necessary to turn off the lawn mower from the network and put on protective gloves.

The gap between the cylinder and knives should be uniform in all areas and not exceed the thickness of the office paper sheet. Even to regulate the gaps, the same paper is used. It is inserted between the cylinder and the knife, after which the drum rotates. It is necessary to adjust the knives until the paper is cut smoothly anywhere in the knife.

Let’s summarize

Having familiarized yourself with the information, we can conclude that with proper work with garden equipment and timely maintenance, most problems can be avoided. If the nuisance has nevertheless happened and the lawn mower does not work at full capacity, you can try to eliminate the breakdown on your own or contact the service center.

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