Alteration of a rotary mower for a walk -behind tractor with your own hands.

Rotor Rotor Mower for the Motoblock Review of the best models and prices

About the mower “Dawn” infa was already here: here: we will talk about improvement. For last year, during the mocking of the Buryan, inconvenience arose. When spent, a lot of weeds fell on top, and then the mountain lay, which interfered with quick mowing. I had to lower the frame with the rotors a little down, about seven degrees. They digested the frame on which the motor itself stood.

And now there are almost no problems with bulk.

Work of mowers for motor blocks

A detailed description of the work of each haymaking is easier to see with specific examples.

Mower to the motor.cultivator “Neva”

Rotor mower for the walk-behind motorist “Ugra”, NMB-1

Segment mower for cultivators “Oka”, “Neva”, “Cascade”

All hayfields are equipped with detailed instructions, as a rule, users have no problems when assembling, installing and operating. These technical devices are quite simple, so they are in constant demand. One of the arguments is an affordable price.

Necessary tools and materials

Given that the manufacturing schemes of the mowers, which will be given in our article below, are invented taking into account the use of improvised materials, any of these components can be replaced. If you do not have the opportunity to get any of these materials, but there is an idea of ​​how to replace it, you can freely make changes to our proposal.

Brush Hog Crazy Mower DIY

We offer only an indicative list of what can come in handy:

  • welding;
  • fasteners;
  • metal corners;
  • the bottom part of the unnecessary iron barrel or any other piece of metal of a similar shape;
  • several cutting plates;
  • axis for wheels;
  • wheels.

Creation instructions

The lawn mower for the walk.behind engineer is not so complicated, but even it can be assembled with different methods. Most often, it is still done not from scratch-hanging equipment, that is, the mowing itself is made by the factory method at the factory, while the tasks of the people’s master are more likely to create the creation of the appropriate trolley. The task does not seem difficult even in the light of the fact that drawings of such designs are freely walking on the Internet, and if desired, you can even find training videos on how to equip such a mechanism with your own hands.

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The resulting device will belong to one of at least three types of mowers, each of which has its own design features, as well as its advantages and disadvantages. Each of these hayfields should be considered more carefully. so we will do.


Pitchcols of this type are used mainly to care for lawns and hay procurement. The unit is designed for use in areas with relatively low vegetation and a small number of small bushes. The design of the design is evaluated very highly, however, it is whimsical for the presence of slopes-10-20 degrees for it are already a limit, and the side roll is allowed and no more than 8 degrees at all. With the simplicity of the device and the minimum risk of breakdown, the ability to fold the grass in rows pleases, however, we should not forget that it is this type of mowing that refers to traumatic hazardous.

We suggest making knives out of a regular chain for a chainsaw, cutting it into equal in length pieces.

Such impromptu knives are usually attached 4 pieces for each of the rotating circles. most often they are made 2 using the wheels from the grain seeder. The chain fragments are attached to the discs at equal gaps, while they are fixed not perfectly tightly, but with a small gap literally a couple of millimeters. The latter is necessary so that the knives are exposed as much as possible, which will always be in a horizontal position. It is more stable to fix them and simply because when junction with something is solid, they should be able to just bounce back, otherwise the breakdown of the unit cannot be avoided.

All fastenings of rotating parts must be made of high.strength steel with high carcade, the thickness of the pins in order to avoid breakdown of the device and the injury should not be less than 8 or even 10 millimeters. After that, it remains only to assemble the frame. The frame is usually made from a pre.prepared axis and two wheels on which metal corners are welded. The rotor housing can be made using the same bottom from a metal barrel, it is to it that the axis will be welded to rotate the disks.

When installing the frame, it is necessary to provide for the possibility of connecting disks with a motor.block VOM. for this purpose gears of gearbox from an old Soviet car like a vases can be used for this purpose.

The transmission of torque must be organized so that the discs rotate in the opposite direction in relation to each other. this is precisely this solution allows you to fold the overwhelmed grass with neat rows. The last step is to install a protective casing on the frame to guarantee that a randomly torn piece of the knife will definitely not fly towards the operator.

rotary, mower, walk, tractor, your


Such a home.made design in its device is already noticeably more difficult, however, it has its advantages. Unlike rotary models, here the knives are moving not in a circle, but to reciprocating, as they are fixed to the shaft. This unit provides an extremely low pruning of plants, removing them under the root, and such a device will not be able to grind the already mowed grass, as it could happen to the rotary mower. The mechanism is convenient even in the conditions of operation on an uneven land, and the inclusion and shutdown is in no way connected with the motornote, which allows you to respond faster to potentially emergency situations. Finally, such an unit almost does not vibrate, which is also useful for its preservation.

As the main part, they take a rectangular pipe with parameters of 120x5x1.5 cm or even just a piece of braid blades for grass. In this workpiece, 12 holes are made at equal gaps, each diameter of a centimeter, where bolts type M8 will be screwed. The task of the latter is to hold the metal guide, whose length is 89 cm-the teeth and knives are attached to it, which will provide the excitement of the vegetation.

Twisting to the main components of the segment mower is supplied from the power selection shaft used by the power unit. Given this, the support chassis is cooked on which the above mechanism is installed with presses that prevent the non.destroyed movement of knives and teeth. The design of the chassis usually involves the installation of only 1 wheels for a segmented mower, because the entire unit inclusive with the walk.behind tract is three.wheeled.

How to connect correctly

The mower is attached through the belt gear, this option must be considered in detail. The process is simple, but if something is done wrong, the equipment will break or it will work incorrectly. Follow the instructions:

To assemble a mini-tractor from a walk-behind tractor without making errors, you will need step-by-step instructions and.

  • Check fasteners, tighten it if necessary. Examine the knives for damage.
  • Attach equipment, mowing on a single tractor is attached hard. The type of connection depends on which side the knot is located. Tightly tighten the bolts, there should not be a backlash.
  • Put a belt on the pulleys. Adjust the tension with a clamp roller.
  • Launch one.axle tractor. Turn on the equipment at small speeds to make sure that it works fine.
  • Control the height of the mowing. When necessary. adjust it.

When buying a mower, it is best if they show how to put it and connect it in the store. A good example is much more understandable than the description in the instructions.

When extraneous noises arose during the work or something fell under the moving parts, you need to stop and find the problem. If this is not done, the braid may break, which is dangerous for the one who controls the walk.behind tractor.

How to do it with your own hands

Collecting a haymaking on a one.axis tractor without experience in metalworking is difficult. Do not do this work when there is no desired tool and components at hand. But if you well understand the design, prepare the necessary drawings and work strictly on them, you can save and make equipment that will not be inferior to the factory.

Rotor mower

A complex option, since you need to find a drive due to which the design will work. It can be bought in the same place where finished products are sold, they usually trade in spare parts. It is necessary to collect in the following sequence:

  • Find ready or make a new drawing. Think through the dimensions, features of attachment to the walk.behind tractor, a power transmission system from technology to a mower.
  • Buy a drive for disks. He must ensure the movement of the axes towards each other.
  • Choose metal disks in size. Any options are suitable, the main thing is that they are made of steel and have the same diameter.
  • Boil the frame. Think about how to fix the mechanism on it. Attach the discs, for this you can make an axis from a thick.walled pipe or a metal bar.
  • On the edges of the disks, fix 3-4 knives at an equal distance. They are placed on small axes so that during rotation they are advanced.
  • Fix the pulley for the drive and the tension video. Here it is necessary to take into account the length of the belt, it is necessary to pull it well.

To fix the frame from the pipe or corner in front of the discs, if a stone comes across in the grass, it does not allow damage to the working parts.

Fix all parts firmly. Use high.quality fasteners, tighten the compounds with self.ending nuts, during vibration they do not unscrew. Color so that the metal does not rust due to high humidity and plant residues.

Segment mowing

Collecting it by an order of magnitude easier. But at the same time, you need to find an eccentric mechanism that will ensure the movement of the working part, it is difficult to make it with your own hands. You will need a welding machine, several rectangular pipes and bolts with a thickness of at least 8 mm. Do this:

  • Find a drawing or make it from a finished sample. Accurately apply sizes.
  • Boil the bearing frame. It will be attached to both the working part and the node with which the mitch will be fixed on the walk.behind tractor.
  • Make guides on the frame in which the strip with knives will move. The easiest way is to make their P-shaped.
  • Collect an element with knives, fix them on the bar. Check how it moves in the guides.
  • Put two rods that will ensure the movement of the working part. Attach them to an eccentric mechanism. Put a drive through which power will be transmitted.

After assembly, check how the mower is placed on a single tractor. Put a belt, make sure that the video provides good tension. Take a trial launch at small speeds. If the movement is not straightforward, or there is some kind of backlash, understand and make changes to the structure.


This option is easiest to make, since there are no complex components in the design. You can adapt as a wagon an adapter that is used for plowing and other agricultural work. But it is easy to collect it, observing simple recommendations:

  • Make a drawing. Provide factors such as processing width and trolley length. If it is ready, then adapt the parameters for it.
  • Put the wheels on the axis, weld the drawbar to connect to the walk.behind tractor. Put the seat and foot support on top.
  • Make a mowing housing. Boil it from sheet steel with a thickness of 1 mm or more. The size of the box should be 10 cm larger than the diameter of the knife.
  • Install a corner gearbox on top to rotate the axis through the pulley. Make a knife out of steel, fix it in the lower part.
  • Screw the body with bolts to the cart. Provide the system of regulation of the location of the location.

Ensure the convenience of motor block management. An important part is a belt drive, firstly, the tension should be good, and secondly, it is better to put the casing from above so that the mobile part is closed. You can not do the seat, but put the wheels in the rear for the stop and work, as usual.

It is possible to assemble a mower for a walk.behind tractor with your own hands only when preparing a detailed drawing and the presence of all the necessary details. The rotation mechanism is easier to buy in the finished form, as it is difficult to make. It is necessary to accurately adjust all the elements to each other and connect them with strong fasteners, excluding the weakening of the compounds from vibration.

Homemade mowers for a walk.behind tractor

Consider several varieties.

DIY rotary mower

This variety of mowers is used under the haircuts of the lawn and for mowing grass on hay. It is important to remember that the model only cuts high plants, it only crushes low grass into small pieces.

косилка роторная кр-1.1. казнить нельзя помиловать! rotary mower for walk-behind tractor

The assembly of the mower is shown on the Neva walk.behind tractor and similar structures. The following elements will be needed for work:

Knives are made by their hardened alloy for 65 g. Four knives go to a separate disk. On each of the disks, a slot with a diameter of 6 millimeters is made using a fortified drill. The knives are attached using shinka, it is fixed over the couch, regardless of the main knife mounting design. There is a small gap between the blade and the tire, about 2 millimeters more than the thickness of the blade. Such a constructive solution is necessary that while working with a mowing on a single tractor, the centrifugal force spread knives and they cut plants. It is important that the design can rotate freely in a circle (360 degrees). This is necessary to protect the knife when hitting hard soil, stones.

Making an adapter for a walk.behind tractor will help you move around the site faster.

The axis axes of the knife part are made of strong carbon steel, its diameter should not be less than 8 mm. The disk is to the end tightly, so that nothing interferes with the movement of the knife part. Photo of a rotary mower:

Then the frame of the rotary mower is cooked on a single tractor. Disks are installed on the finished basis and connected to the drive from BOM (additional elements of the walkover mechanism). This version uses gears with a checkpoint from a VAZ car. Drink rotation is performed in a counter position, against each other. Thanks to this, the grass squints through the rows. The last step is to install a protective element on the drive.

DIY segment mower

For the manufacture of a segment mower for a walk-behind tractor, you need a metal pipe with a cross section of a rectangular type of 1200-50-15 millimeters or a standard segment for grass. It is made on it 12 holes of 10 millimeters at an equal distance from each other. They are needed to install m8 fixing bolts. In the future, they will be fixed on them a guide metal strip (length 0.89 meters) with teeth and blades installed on all sides of the rectangular pipe.

The segmented mowing knives have backs with sections and clips of the drive lever. On a metal basis on both sides, presses and scenes are also mounted. The main wheel is installed on the chassis of the model. The working mechanism of the mowing operates due to the movement of the shaft of the development of the current motor. Drawing of mowers:

The segment mower is suitable for tops of potatoes and neat mowing of plants without grinding.

Homemade pitch-brey

The mechanism consists of 2 drums, they are attached with a frame and a fixation tape. The cart is made of cooked pipes and metal corners. Plywood and wheels falls on the base-frame. Plywood needs thickened (you can take a sheet of metal).

The tape is easy to make from a strip of rubber, it is connected in a ring using duralumin plates by 2 millimeters.

Another version of the drum braid to the walk.behind tractor is welding of metal parts:

General rules and recommendations for connecting to a walk.behind tractor

Self.assembly of a mowing unit for a walk.behind tractor is a responsible task and requires a corresponding relationship. But even a successfully made mechanism may not earn money, as expected, if you do not make the correct installation of the mechanism to the power unit.

Recommendations on how to make the right connection:

  • Switch the power unit to the reverse mode;
  • Connect the mower to the selection shaft through the connection in the clatter socket;
  • The trailer mechanism must be recorded by a spring shkworm;
  • Kosilka knives should be protected by casings;
  • The process of working on the mowing must begin at low speeds;
  • When moving during the operation of the mowing, it is necessary to avoid sharp maneuvers, turning the unit smoothly, without jerking.

When choosing for the manufacture of independent types of mowers, you should first focus on the safety of use. these are adaptations of increased risk and can cause irreparable harm to health if you use safety measures improperly or compliance with safety measures. During operation, the technical condition of all components of the mechanism should also be controlled.

Installation of a mower on a single tractor. in detail for beginners

Preparation of the motor unit available in the economy before mowing the grass is to install the selected mower on it.

Installation of attaching equipment is performed in this order:

  • First you need to fix the tensioner from a kit of a mowing set;
  • Next, you need to put on the pulley on the upper friction so that the front part of the hub “looks” at the flange of the stretch device;
  • After that, it is necessary to fasten all the established parts by means of a screw;
  • Then you need to install a mower and put on a belt, and then fix the mower with pins;
  • At the next stage, you need to put on an apron that prevents the entry of grass on the operator, and install the protective shield back on the uniform tractor. details about installing a mower on a single tractor will tell a video.

The mower installation field will need to adjust the belt tension. This is done by turning the handle towards the direction of motion motion. After that, you can start mowing the grass on the site.

How to make a mower for a walk.behind tractor with your own hands. manufacturing options

Almost each of the listed types of mowers for the motor block available on the household is quite easy to make on your own. The only thing is that the problems can arise during the assembly of frontal equipment, since it is quite bulky, and requires the acquisition of many articulated mechanisms.

The greatest popularity among farmers-enthusiasts is rotary and segment devices for motoblocks. They have a simple design, and for their manufacture it is not necessary to have specialized equipment in stock.

How to adjust?

Devices operating from a power selection shaft are unregulated, therefore, to change some parameter, they have to be seriously remade. The exception is mowers similar to mobiles to KM-0.5, in them you can adjust the height of the mowing, lowering or raising the wheels with the help of screws.

Most of the parameters of the devices operating from the shom are also unchanged, so only the belt tension mechanism has to be adjusted. Sometimes, after a collision with a stone, one of the disks turns on the shaft, which is why his knives collide with the knives of the second disk.

If this happened, do the following:

Rotor dawn mowel

A common solution of alternative dawn brand, which can be successfully operated with other motoblocks. Constructively differed by the presence of 2 independent rotating knives fixed on the frame. Thus, the manufacturer managed to create a solution, in some ways more convenient than the original lawn mower to the Neva motornote. Unfortunately, due to a wide frame and 2 knives, the unit acquired sensitivity to work on crossed terrain.

This mower has its pros and cons of


The rotary braid is equipped with a single.cylinder, gas.cooled gasoline engine, 6.5 liter.With. Made a belt variator and a home.made angular gearbox.

From the gearbox to the shaft of the rotor of the mowing, there is a belt gear.

The speed can be changed by lengthening the cable, the more the cable pulls, the faster it goes.

Homemade mowel successfully passed tests and is used for mowing grass.

This video shows a homemade rotary mower in work.

What is included in a home.made mower

For assembling lawnmands at home, it is recommended to use an electric motor. The power of the lifting element should be more than 1 kW. As for the number of revolutions, their number should be at least 1500 per minute.

The size of the capture on average should be at least 5 cm. A power unit in the form of a motor can be taken from any old household appliances. For example, a vacuum cleaner, a washing machine and a chainsaw. The main requirement is the performance of the part.

In addition, the lawn mower is equipped with the following set of elements:

  • Electric cord providing power;
  • Maneuverable handle that allows you to control the entire installation;
  • Knife. It will be used as a cutting part;
  • Several wheels for installation mobility.

Experts recommend purchasing a protective casing that helps protect the user at the time of operation of the device.

As a cutting part, it is recommended to use metal knives that can be made of tool steel.

The width of such parts should be at least 5 cm, and their thickness is 3 mm. The photo contains an option to create a saw disk. As for the shape of the knife, it can be absolutely any.

The device of the mowing handle

You can use a metal profile as a handle for a home.made mowing, the length and width of which should be calculated taking into account the growth of the user.

In the process of moving the installation, a person should not bend and experience any discomfort. For the mobility of the installation, small wheels are used, which can be taken from furniture or baby stroller.

Do not use too large details that can disrupt the function of the lawn mower.

Operation of mowers

The technique must be constantly lubricated. The frequency of this process depends directly on the frequency of use. The knives that are responsible for mowing the grass should be changed periodically.

Understand that it is not difficult to replace. Firstly, the technique will begin to work worse, and, secondly, in the state you can run a finger

It is important to check the territory before starting work. Since, if, for example, a collision with a stone occurs, the mower can be badly damaged.

The consequence for such an incident will be the replacement of the disk. The most common injuries that occur when using mowls are those that are obtained when it is included. Therefore, in no case can you start inspecting the equipment without turning it off in advance.

Correct connection of the mower

Subject to all recommendations, you can create a technique that, by neither in its life, or in terms of performance of the work required from it, will not be inferior to a single acquired model.