Alteration of the lawn mower to the boat engine. Features of engines

Production of a boat motor from a trimmer for grass

Nowadays, a regular household trimmer for grass is not only a tool for caring for a garden and a house area. This is also the basis for independent assembly of various units useful in the economy, the list of which includes a boat motor based on a trimmer for grass. One of the main advantages of boat engines from motorcycles is the simplicity of their assembly and ease of maintenance. Thanks to this, even a newcomer can cope with the manufacture and operation of a boat ICE from a trimmer for grass.

There are three ways to make a boat motor from a trimmer for grass. Between themselves, they differ in the parts used and the principle of independent assembly.


This method stands out by its simplicity and efficiency.

For work, you will need to prepare:

  • the clamp, which is necessary for attaching the device on the boat traffic;
  • rowing screw. it can be bought ready.made in the store. The standard assembly of the node includes a drive made of stainless steel, and adapters that need to be connected to a flexible shaft of household motorcycles. Some models of the screws are delivered along with clamps, so the buyer will need to specify in advance a set of parts included in the set of delivery.

As a rule, in the set to the screw there is already a finished drawing. This makes it possible to save on finding the necessary schemes for work. It takes about 1-1.5 hours to install the boat engine.

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To assemble the boat ICE, the manufacturer will need to prepare a corner gearbox that can be removed from the corner grinder. Also, a rowing screw is necessary for alteration. it can be cut out of a sheet of stainless steel and bend the resulting blades at the right angle.

Despite the relatively small step of the screw received, this method of alteration makes it possible to achieve the maximum possible speed from the engine. The only negative is the need for additional engine adjustment for which you can use the pliers.


This method differs from others to make some details for the boat engine with your own hands. This will require a 2-stroke gasoline ICE with a cylinder of 25 cm3. The power of the internal combustion engine from a trimmer for grass should not be less than 0.7 kW, and its weight is not more than 4.5 kg. The unit should be equipped with a bent foot. The engine from a trimmer for grass, which meets all these parameters, will make it possible to move on a boat at a speed of 5 to 8 km/h with a minimum fuel consumption. We will tell you about the principles of its manufacture in more detail below.

How to make a boat motor with your own hands from a trimmer for grass?

To assemble a motor from a trimmer for grass to a boat, the manufacturer will need to prepare the following equipment and materials:

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  • household lawn mower;
  • clamp. If it is not, then you can use any other mount for reliable fixation of the motor on the boat;
  • a sheet of duralumin, the thickness of which should not be less than 2 mm;
  • welding machine;
  • set of fasteners;
  • set of screwdrivers and wretched keys.

To assemble a home.made rowing screw, the manufacturer will need drawings. They should indicate the exact dimensions of the blades and the method of fixing them on the axis.

It must be remembered that the lower the power of the drive used and the mass of the boat, the less should there be a blades. For example, a screw with blades 10 × 3 cm is suitable for a boat with a mass of not more than 120 kg.

After the preparation of equipment and a thorough study of drawings, you can start assembling homemade.

The work algorithm should look as follows:

alteration, lawn, mower, boat
  • First of all, the manufacturer will need to finalize a bent shaft. First you need to dismantle the factory nut placed in a bobbin with a pre.wound fishing line. The nut itself in shape resembles a small 2-centimeter tube with internal thread. If necessary, it can be divided into 2 small full.fledged nuts. During the dismantling of fasteners, you need to be extremely careful so as not to lose them. If this happens, then finding another suitable fastener can no longer work;
  • After dismantling the nut, you will need to dismantle the plastic pad located on the gas button. There are no roller bearings at the end of the standard curved rod. They are replaced by an ordinary bronze sleeve, which is often called a sliding bearing. It needs to be gently extracted. Before this, you will need to unscrew the nut, as well as remove the daily and metal shafts from the tube;
  • Then you need to go to knocking out a plastic tread located on a flexible shaft. In the future, the steel pipe can be thrown away, since it will not be possible to align it with improvised means. It can be replaced by a duralumin pipe with the same diameter. It will need to install a bronze sleeve, which will need to be moved by a canvas using a hammer. Next, you need to take a plastic tread pre.trimmed in diameter, and install it on the pipe;
  • The next step will be the manufacture of the screw. To do this, you need to cut out duralumin blades and sharpen their edges. After that, each blade will need to bend up 1 cm up so that the screw step is at least 10 cm. You can fix the finished device using a nut;
  • Next, you need to install a bicycle speed switch on the boat motor from motorcycles, which will replace the standard plastic lining. After that, you will need to install a silencer that will take the engine exhaust away from the boat driver;
  • To fix the boat engine from the lawn mower, you need to use two plywood sheets. After that, the shaft will remain using 4 screws for this. During the transportation of a boat motor from a trimmer for grass, the shaft can be removed.

After the homemade nozzle is ready, it will need to run into. To do this, prepare a fuel mixture of fresh gasoline and motor oil in a ratio of 40: 1. After that, you will need to pour the finished mixture into a standard boat engine tank, start it, and let it develop 1 full fuel tank at idle. After running in, a home.made boat motor from a trimmer for grass will be completely ready to work.

Alteration of a trimmer for grass in the boat motor

Motor boats are the most effective tool for moving through water. They are popular among fishermen and tourists, and among other lovers of outdoor water rest. However, the wide distribution of motor boats is prevented by a fairly high cost of engines directly for them. That is why many are interested in the question of replacing mass.produced boat engines with an alternative, cheaper engine. As one of the most popular options, it should be noted the manufacture of a boat motor from a trimmer for grass. How can this be done. in the material further.

You can perform a home.made boat motor from a trimmer for grass. First you should prepare materials and tools:

  • trimmer for grass with a capacity of 3 liters.With.;
  • steel sheet 2 mm thick for the screw;
  • welding machine;
  • fasteners;
  • clamp for installing the engine on board the boat;
  • corner grinder;
  • drill.

Before work, you need to create drawings indicating all the sizes necessary for the work of parts and nodes, as well as the scheme and installation procedure.

It is necessary to find out the size of the screw, which depends on the power and weight of the boat with the load. It should be borne in mind that the screw with sizes 3×10 cm installed on the ICE can transport a boat with passengers with a total weight of up to 120 kg.

Stages of work on the manufacture of a motor:

  • To make a motor for the boat, first you need to redo the bent shaft.
  • Then make a screw.
  • Replace the engine plastic overlay with a switch.
  • Attach the shaft to the engine from the mowing.

Alteration of the curved shaft

First you need to redo the curved shaft. To do this, take a nut 2 cm high in the shape of a cylinder with a cut inside. The unscrewed nuts and bolts must be preserved, since they have a non.standard thread. Then redo the bar with a hard shaft. They pull out a flexible shaft from the rod by removing the nut.

The end of the bar does not have bearings, they are replaced by a sleeve, so it needs to be cut out. Remove the tread. Since the metal pipe is curved, it is difficult to align it, so it will not be used. Instead, you should choose a duralumin pipe of the same diameter, or smaller than the diameter of the sleeve.

A bronze bushing is installed in the pipe. To do this, slightly rub the pipe. Then you should carefully adjust the sleeve on the groove with a hammer. At the same time, it is not recommended to make efforts so that the sleeve does not deteriorate. The tread is cut to the desired diameter and put in the bar. If the tube has a large diameter and it is difficult to put it in the hole of the ICE head, then it should be sharpened to the required size.

Instead of a flexible shaft, take a steel rod and connect it to the engine shaft. Then twist a screw onto the shaft and fixed with a nut. Then you need to fix the bar with the inner shaft using adapters to the engine. They need to be performed in a lathe. Different models of mowers can have features that need to be taken into account.

The ability to use a trimmer for grass as a boat engine

In fairness, it should be noted that domestic craftsmen learned to use internal combustion engines from lawn mowers and chainsaws as a boat engine. However, the most simple option in the manufacture of a home.made engine to motor is the use of a gasoline trimmer for grass, which, in addition to a small cost:

  • has a set of all the elements and mechanisms necessary for controlling;
  • has a fuel tank;
  • characterized by the minimum fuel consumption and high reliability in work;
  • It differs in small weight, which allows you to use it on rubber or plastic boats;
  • ensures the tightness of the structure and.

Nevertheless, in order to use a motorcycle as the basis of the motor for the boat, it will need to be modified. This is due to the fact that initially the engine of the trimmer for the grass should function at maximum speeds at a low torque, and for the motor for the boat, another mode of operation is required. However, remaking the trimmer for grass will require certain skills in the performance of locksmithing work. In addition, he will need to develop drawings of some details and have the necessary set of tools at hand.

Production of a boat engine from a lawn mower

The essence of the alteration is this: an effective boat motor is characterized by a large rotating moment at low speeds. The grass trimmer is arranged the other way around: small torque at high speeds. Solve the problem using a lowering gearbox in various combinations.

  • Gasoline trimmer for grass with a capacity of about 0.7–1 kW. It is still desirable not the cheapest and with the ability to adjust the momentum.
  • Clamp. to fix the engine to the boat bottle.
  • A rowing screw is the easiest way to use ready.made, from an old boat, for example, but you can do it with your own hands.
  • Knife for cutting metal, if you need to make a screw

Production technology

If the device is made according to the second option, that is, it will play the role of a trimmer for grass and engine, then nothing can be done with a “native” bar. It is necessary to choose the listed details in size from any other devices.

Production of a screw

  • It is easier to make it with your own hands, which seems to be enough to fulfill the drawing and follow it. For a boat weighing up to 120 kg, a screw with a diameter of 10 cm and a width of a blade of 3 cm is quite enough.
  • A screw is cut out of a strip of duralumin through the drawing. The edges are hidden.
  • The product is laid on a flat surface, and the blades in turn are bent by about 1 cm. Without the angle of inclination, the blade does not create a stream of water and, accordingly, does not push the boat.
  • A ring nozzle is made under the screw. The device is fixed on the bar with a nut.
  • If the alteration of the lawn mower was performed in full, then the standard nuts remain when disassembling the shaft. They must be used, since many models provide for a special thread.

In the video, how to turn a lawn mower into a home.made engine is described in more detail.

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Trimmer motor for grass: Features

Idea, to use as a boat engine from something else, it occurred to more than one home master. As a result, the engine for the boat with their own hands learned to make from the lawn mower, electric screwdriver, and, of course, the lawn mower. Of course. because the cost of the lawn mower compared to the engine is an order of magnitude less, and the drive power is quite acceptable.

A motor from a trimmer for grass is easiest to make, since the device has all the necessary mechanisms:

  • economical engine. especially when it comes to four.stroke. In most cases, of course, two.stroke is used, since its cost is lower;

The only difficulty in reinstalling the motor is different tasks for which engines were developed. The gas.cream drive works with large revolutions and a small torque, while the boat should do the opposite. Therefore, in order to build a boat motor from a trimmer for grass, both tools and drawings are needed. In the photo. an example of using a lawn mower as a drive.

Necessary tools and materials

Manufacturing technology

Trimmers from a trimmer for grass are made in two ways: all parts, like a screw, are bought or produced with their own hands. The second decision will require more effort, but also less costs.

As such, a drawing is needed not for the drive itself, but in the manufacture of a home.made screw. The dimensions of the latter depend on the power of the drive and weight of the boat. A screw with parameters of 10030 mm is quite capable of moving transport weighing up to 120 kg.

  • It is easier and faster to build a motor for a boat from a trimmer for grass, if you choose a model with a straight shaft. If a device with a curved shaft is used. a bent rod, it will have to be redistributed almost completely, since the steel cable in principle cannot transmit a delivery torque. In this case, the tube will need to be made with your own hands from the duralumin, then put a bronze sleeve into it, remaining after disassembling the bent shaft, and insert a re.fitted plastic holder.
  • The homemade screw is cut out of the duralumin plate according to the drawing, the edges are pulled. The blade should have a curved shape, for this they are in turn bend 10 mm. The screw can always be adjusted by cutting or bending more than the blade, if its work during the tests is unsatisfactory.
  • The screw is installed instead of a trimmer head. It is necessary to use a ring nozzle, otherwise the blades can breed the material of the boat or damage it. In the photo. screw fastening.
  • Via the Internet you can find ready.made sets for remaking the lawn mower in the boat. It includes a drive and adapters to the shaft. Adapters are universal, which allows you to do without alterations of a curved bar and shaft. Often such a set includes a clamp. In this case, all work is reduced to the assembly of modification.
  • Control. starter handle, can be used from a trimmer for grass. But if it is uncomfortable, which happens often, it is replaced by any suitable switch. from a bicycle, for example.
  • Homemade boat motors from a trimmer for grass are fixed with clamp on the boat mince.

In the video, the process of converting the lawn mower into a boat drive is discussed in more detail.

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Ready set of nozzles

At the moment, there are ready.made nozzles for a lawn mower, allowing you to convert your mower into a boat motor with minimal efforts.

The prefix already has a ready.made solution for attaching it to the gasoline engine of a trimmer for grass.

Also, the control handle with the muffler button is attached to the bar. The gas handle is made according to the likeness of the bicycle (meaning a bicycle with speed switching) and has a rattle that fixes the selected position.

This set even includes a special clamp, designed to fix the entire structure on the boat (on the vessel).

The nozzle for a trimmer for the grass is collected without difficulty, since its design is very simple. Only remains:

If you read the reviews on the Internet about this device, then they are mainly positive.


Necessary materials and tools

To remake a trimmer for grass in the boat motor, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • lawn mower with a capacity of at least 2.2 kW (3 l.With.);
  • a sheet of stainless steel or duralumin with a thickness of 2 mm and dimensions of at least 10×3 cm;
  • a steel rod with a length equal to the length of the straight part of the trimmer bar for grass;
  • tap for cutting thread. The diameter should correspond to the diameter of the metal rod;
  • handle handle from a bicycle
  • a clamp for fixing a trimmer for grass on the feed of a boat.

It is convenient to use the hulls of old manual meat grinders as fasteners. After sawing off the upper part of the meat grinder, a reliable clamp remains, to which the engine can easily be welded or fixed with screw joints.

From the tools it will be necessary:

Tap for cutting thread on steel rod

Welding apparatus is also useful. Most of the compounds of metal nodes do not imply their further disassembly, therefore, it is more quickly and more reliable to grab the metal with welding than to drill and adjust holes for screw joints.

Trimmer boat from a trimmer for grass: instructions for alteration

Almost every fisherman has a rubber inflatable boat at home. And naturally, everyone would like this mode of transport to be as fast as possible, comfortable and comfortable. If, in addition to the inflatable boat, you have a lawn mower in the farm, then you can design a home.made boat motor based on a trimmer for grass. Such a device is made quite easily and quickly, and its performance and reliability will quite be enough to move the boat over long distances. Step by step about the construction of a boat motor from motorcycles we will tell you later.

Using a trimmer for grass as a boat engine has a number of significant advantages and advantages.

The benefits of such a technical solution:

  • Small cost: a trimmer for grass is much cheaper than a professional boat motor;
  • small fuel consumption with sufficient performance;
  • reliability and tightness of the structure, taking into account individual nuances of use;
  • small dimensions and weight of the tool, which is also very practical and convenient for use in light boats;
  • fuel control thanks to the transparent walls of the tank;
  • Hard shaft inside the bar.

Engine power should be at least 0.7 kW. Ready.made nozzles for alteration (prefix for mounting to the engine, a special adjustable handle with a muffler button, fastening) can be purchased. After installing them on a trimmer for the grass, it remains only to connect the gas cable to the engine and connect the wires with the silencer.

How to make a boat motor with your own hands from a trimmer for grass?

To create a boat engine from a lawn mower, a direct rod is suitable. If the rod of a trimmer for the grass is curved, you will have to work on its improvement.

Algorithm occurs according to this algorithm:

  • First, remove the standard nut (in the drawing below it is indicated by the number 2). Do not throw it away and do not lose it, since it is impossible to replace the factory parts with ordinary nuts.
  • Spin the rest of the fasteners, pull out a deedwell and flexible shaft from the bar (in the drawing numbers 8 and 9).
  • Choose a new duralumin bar with a slightly smaller inner diameter. Gently place a bronze sleeve in it (in the drawing).
  • Cut the tread (part 0) to the required size and insert it into the bar.
  • If the external diameter of the rod is too large for the engine, set it.
  • Using a regular nut, fix the screw.
  • The shaft fastening to the motor occurs using adapters. There are no universal drawings for this detail, since different models of trimmers have their own design features. You can order this part in a lathe or make it independently from plywood. The design will be attached with 4 screws.

If there is no way to purchase a ready.made set for remaking, which was mentioned earlier, the adjusting handle can be taken from a sports bicycle.

The screw can also be made independently from a piece of duralumin, using the drawing below:

A step is the distance from the blade to the horizontal surface. The angle of inclination is regulated by plots. To do this, the workpiece is pre.heated.

To refuel a motor from a trimmer for grass on a boat, use only high-quality fuel and lubricants. Dilute gasoline with oil in the corresponding proportion. The first 10 kilometers do not expose the engine with high loads. this will be the period of running. Depending on the engine power, a boat with such a motor can develop a speed of 5 to 8 km/h.

Below is a video that shows the work of such an unit::

What can be done from a trimmer for grass?

The amount of equipment that can be made on the basis of a gasoline braid for grass is a fairly large. The endurance and supply of torque of the motor motorcycles makes it possible to collect homemade dampers that will be highlighted by high speed and stability when working in any operational conditions.

The engine from motorcycles can become a suitable basis for the manufacture of a motor that can drive a small rubber boat in motion. The maximum speed of the water vehicle will be approximately 15–20 km/h. At the same time, two adults can be on board the boats and their luggage.

To make an boat engine boat from a trimmer for grass, a gearbox and a metal rowing screw will definitely be required. The gearbox will take rotational effort from the motor, and transfer it to the screw. The latter, during its rotation, will create a force that can push the boat. It is very important that the screw is made of stainless steel. Otherwise, due to constant contact with water, the node will eventually begin to succumb to corrosion.

When remaking motorcycles to the boat motor, you need to leave the standard fuel tank motorcycles. For refueling the boat engine, the fuel mixture prepared in the same proportion should be used as for the operation of a garden tool.

Snowman from a trimmer for grass home.made homemaries with your own hands often include a snowman. This type of household equipment will make it possible to clear small areas from freshly conquered snow. If the power of the used trimmer for grass exceeds 3 liters. With., then a home.made snowman can also be used to clear the territory from ice and snowdrifts, up to 1 m high.

To assemble homemade, you will need a fencing bucket that can be boiled from metal plates. A simpler option is the manufacture of a bucket from an old gas cylinder. For crushing the snow, a screw placed inside the bucket will be responsible.

From the bucket snow and chopped ice will fall into the gutter, for the manufacture of which a round pipe with a diameter of at least 20 cm is required. Snow masses will be thrown out of the gutter to the side, which the operator selects by turning the lever.

An important plus of a home.made snowman lies in a large range of snow discarding. Depending on the engine power, this parameter can be from 2 to 12 m.

Step-by-step instruction

All work is divided into several stages:

    Preparation of the rowing screw shaft. To do this, the bar is disconnected from the trimmer body for the grass, the sleeves are unscrewed from it, playing the role of sliding bearings and the flexible shaft is removed. Then the curved lower part is cut off from the bar.

This method will no longer allow the benzotrimmer to return to its original state. Therefore, if in the future it is planned to use a trimmer for the grass for its intended purpose, then you should not cut the bar. It can be replaced by a pipe segment of stainless material of a suitable length. It is desirable that its diameter corresponds to the diameter of the bar. This will allow the use of complete bushings and shaft fastening to the engine housing.

When fixing the engine, it is advisable to use gaskets from the old auto.opening between it and the mounting elements. This will reduce noise and extinguish part of the vibrations.

It is difficult to determine the optimal shape of the rowing screw by eye. It is better to download one of the options from the network in advance and, according to its requirements, bend the blades. Two.lobed screws are easier to make and centered with than three.lobed. Therefore, for the first experiments, it is more reasonable to dwell on the option with two blades. With a screw diameter of the order of 100 mm and engine power in 3l.With. A similar design will be able to set the boat with a total mass of 120-150 kg.

The final step check the performance of the resulting boat movement.

Questions and answers

It is necessary to replace a flexible shaft with a steel pin due to a large load on such a system of transmission of torque. Under load, a flexible shaft due to twisting will not be able to rotate evenly, the boat will move with jerks. In addition, in this mode, the standard shaft of a trimmer for grass will not work for a very long time.

A purchased screw has a verified shape, which allows to achieve the maximum efficiency of the entire structure. In addition, boat screws are often sold complete with the necessary mounting elements of the bushings. This simplifies the alteration of the trimmer for grass to the boat engine, but requires certain financial investments.

Yes, this is possible, and even it will turn out to achieve a greater speed. However, in this case, the design will have to be finished with the gearbox, since the power of the engine of the trimmer for the grass is not enough to rotate the large screw. You can use a gearbox from a trimmer head. It will require a couple more stripes to fasten it. To extend the service life of the gearbox, it is necessary to monitor the constant presence of lubrication in its body.


At the moment, there are ready.made nozzles for a lawn mower, allowing you to convert your mower into a boat motor with minimal efforts.

The prefix already has a ready.made solution for attaching it to the gasoline engine of a trimmer for grass.

Also, the control handle with the muffler button is attached to the bar. The gas handle is made according to the likeness of the bicycle (meaning a bicycle with speed switching) and has a rattle that fixes the selected position.

This set even includes a special clamp, designed to fix the entire structure on the boat (on the vessel).

The nozzle for a trimmer for the grass is collected without difficulty, since its design is very simple. Only remains:

If you read the reviews on the Internet about this device, then they are mainly positive.


Materials and tools

When selecting equipment, you need to pay attention to two things: power and voltage. These parameters are basic, and the quality of the finished electric motor depends on them

The power depends on the chosen drill (this is exactly the tool in this case), so first of all you need to choose this equipment.

When selecting a drill, it is necessary to focus on its power. This indicator should exceed one hundred and fifty watts. It is not worth taking a tool with less characteristics. In this case, the finished device will not work effectively in moving water (that is, swim with such an unit on the river will not work). It is best to use a battery.

The peoporator is equipped with a reverse, has several operating modes

This circumstance is important for the motor, which will move the swimming agent, since it will allow the future to control the speed of the electric motor

alteration, lawn, mower, boat

The second important parameter is voltage. You should not use batteries for eighteen volts. They are difficult to find and they are expensive. The best choice will be a drill working ten or twelve volts. Such a battery is relatively cheaper, and, most importantly, it is much easier to find on sale.

After choosing optimal equipment, you can collect materials. To create an engine, you must first get:

  • Electric drill that will perform the function of the motor.
  • Clamps with which the drill will be attached.
  • Gearbox. You can use the element from the corner grinder, if it is supposed to install the motor on the boat transicure.
  • Round pipes with a diameter of twenty millimeters.
  • Profiled pipes (2020 millimeters).
  • Round metal rod. It will be used to create an electric motor shaft.
  • Sheet metal from which screws will be made.

You will also need some tools:

  • scissors for cutting metal;
  • welding device;
  • corner grinder;
  • electric drill with a set of drills;
  • Electric screwdriver screws if a tree is used when creating a motor.

After all the elements are collected, you can start creating a boat electric motor with your own hands. The whole procedure consists of several stages. Work should start by creating a lifting mechanism for impeller. In order for the future device to work normally, it is recommended to carefully follow the instructions provided below.