Alteration of the Screwdriver 12 Volt At 220

Alteration of the Screwdriver 12 Volt At 220

When the batteries fail, you have to think about how to remake a 220 volt screwdriver. Replacing an energy source is sometimes too costly and troublesome. Some types of batteries are almost impossible to find on sale.

Conversion Benefits

The home foreman rarely uses hand tools. The cordless screwdriver is idle for a long time. And during this period, an arbitrary discharge occurs in the power source, which leads to changes in the internal structure.

By remodeling a 220 Volt screwdriver, the home master gets these advantages:

  • No charging takes time;
  • Storage does not entail violations in the design of the instrument;
  • Mains power provides constant torque.

The minus of the converted screwdriver is one: binding to the mains.

Important! A battery that has been disassembled and removed from the housing must not be thrown into the trash. It is disposed of in specialized services.

What will be needed for alteration

In the process of work you will need:

  • Charger included with the cordless screwdriver
  • Electric cable (multicore);
  • Worn out battery.

In addition to the above, it is necessary to prepare an insulating tape, a screwdriver, a soldering iron, solder and phosphoric acid for soldering.

Step-by-step instruction

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Disassemble the battery: unscrew all the screws hidden under the stickers. The batteries inside are interconnected. Two wires are suitable for them: red () and black (-).
  2. Cut wires from batteries. It is necessary to cut off precisely from the elements, and not from the contacts of the battery.
  3. Connect the wire to the open contacts of the charger by soldering, having previously treated the brass terminals with phosphoric acid. This will ensure a reliable connection between brass and copper cable.
  4. Insulate joints.
  5. Insert the load as a counterweight into the housing where the batteries were located.
  6. Solder the battery leads inside the case to the free contacts of the cable, observing the polarity. If the polarity is violated, the tool will work, but rotate in the opposite direction.
  7. Plug in and check operation.
  8. Additionally, make a hole for the wire in the screwdriver case on the left side. To ensure a snug fit, make a “lock” of insulation tape.

Power Supply Recovery

If the power supply is inoperative, external sources are suitable for replacement:

  • Power supply from a PC or laptop;
  • Car charger;
  • Homemade PSU.

Alteration of power supplies from any other devices consists in connecting a low-frequency cable to the charging outputs. Reliable and durable operation will provide a power supply with a capacity of 300. 350 watts.

Chargers from laptops with an output voltage of 12 to 19 Volts are suitable for resuscitation of a tool. In this case, the output plug is removed, the wires are stripped and soldered to the cable of the desired length.

A reliable option for long-term operation is a computer PSU. Its advantages are the presence of a cooler in the design, which prevents the transformer from overheating.

Remaking a 220 volt screwdriver is quite simple. The procedure does not require material costs. The converted tool will serve more than one year, provided that the master does everything right.

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