Angle Grinder 125 Mm Which One To Choose

Angle grinder 125 mm which one to choose Buy an angle grinder in the online store inexpensively. Small 125 mm and large 230 mm with soft start and speed control! One-handed and professional from Makita (Makita), DWT (DVT), Proton, Shturm, Energomash! With dust protection and quick-change disc nut!

Small angle grinder 125 mm Yato YT-82100 Advantages of small angle grinder.

Light weight.

A 125 mm angle grinder, such as the Soyuz UShS-90122 weighing 1.45 kg, can easily cut sheet metal, for example, when doing bodywork with a car or tiles when decorating premises. Less hand fatigue and the Mini Angle Grinder is easier to control than the medium 150, 180mm and larger 230mm models. It is easier for her to crawl from different sides to a fixed workpiece with inconvenient access for cutting.

Safer work.

When deep cutting thick-walled parts, during the deviation of the plane of the disc from the vertical, it is jammed with a simultaneous stop of the tool and throwing it to the side. Since the 115 and 125 mm small grinders have a low immersion depth of the equipment in the material and their own weight, it is easier for the worker to hold the angle grinder in the event of jerks.

What parameters are important when choosing an angle grinder

Additional features

Additional features offered by the manufacturer will make working with an angle grinder convenient and safe:

  • Smooth engine start. A very useful function. The disc spins up to working speed gently, without an “explosive” jerk at the start.
  • Automatic disk balancing. Reduces vibration of the instrument in the hands. Particularly helpful when using an unevenly worn disc.
  • Number of handles. For household grinders, as a rule, there are two threaded holes and one handle that can be rearranged. This is very convenient if you need to change your hand while working in order to get into a narrow place.
  • Rotation speed regulation. The electronic circuitry maintains a constant speed of rotation of the motor shaft, regardless of the load on the disc. The work goes faster, the motor and gearbox will last longer.
  • The presence of a dust protection system. An important function for concrete work. The gearbox and shaft are protected from the ingress of cement particles, increasing the service life of the tool.
  • Possibility of connecting a construction vacuum cleaner. Along with personal protective equipment. Respirator, goggles and gloves. It increases the comfort and safety of work. The workplace will remain clean.
  • Locking the start button. For extended operating conditions such as grinding or polishing, the operator does not need to keep the button depressed in the operating position.
  • Auto power off. If the light is turned off during operation, the machine cuts off the power to the tool so that it does not start itself when the power supply is restored.