Angle Grinder 125 With Speed Control

Angle grinder with speed control Sale of grinders (angle grinder) with speed control for different tasks: for stone, for finishing and others. A guarantee and delivery in the regions of Belarus is provided in the Voltra.By online store.

Features of adjustable angle grinder

The adjustment mechanism allows you to choose the speed of rotation of the disc for a particular material. So, low speeds are necessary for working with soft metal (aluminum), which can melt at high speeds. High is acceptable for hard metals. Adjustment is used in cases:

  • For stone processing. It is cut and grinded at low speeds, the frequency is selected for a certain grade.
  • For a gentle finish on fragile surfaces. High rpm can ruin the material.
  • When replacing one circle. In this case, you need to adjust the speed.
  • The use of diamond blades is only permissible at low rpm, otherwise they may burn out or break.
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Top 10 best variable speed angle grinder of customer choice

Dewalt DWE4257

angle grinder 125 with speed control

The angle grinder is equipped with an active dust removal system, a reinforced gear structure, and unique graphite brushes. It has a function of blocking accidental activation of the button, protection against overloads. The kit also includes an additional removable two-position handle, a key, a protective cover.

  • Convenient to use.
  • High power (1500 W).
  • Convenient location of the speed controller.
  • No gaps on the body.
  • Reliability.

Hammer USM 1200 E

High-performance angle grinder for discs up to 125 mm in diameter. It is distinguished by high productivity, the user can easily perform both cutting and grinding work. The speed control allows you to set the angle grinder to the mode that suits the operator.

A feature of the grinder is the handle, which can be fixed in two positions. Left or right, increasing the convenience of its use. The spindle lock also makes the unit especially attractive, making it easy to change the equipment.

  • Sufficient power (1200 W).
  • Keeps revs well under load.
  • Spare brushes available.
  • The start button must be pressed throughout the entire operating time.
  • Rigid network wire.
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Angle grinder with speed control.

The function of reducing the speed of rotation of the rig is present on all models except the 230s. For example, Intertool WT-0209 under the 180th disc or Dnipro-M MShK-1600R under the 150th. But most often it is installed on a small angle grinder with 125 wheels, such as Proton MSHU-125/1150 Semi-Pro or AEG WS12-125 XE.
On the basic 125 modifications, the rotational speed is in the range of 10-12 thousand revolutions per minute and does not change. The adjustable angle grinder has a regulator at the end of the body or at the top of the main handle, which allows you to reduce them from the maximum to 2800, like the Makita GA5040C, or 6000 rpm, like the Intertool DT-0272.

Angle grinder 125mm Titan PSUM12125E with adjustable speed

Appointment and equipment.

Each type of grinder has a different effect on the surface to be treated. But unlike the belt and eccentric, the angle grinder grinds the most aggressively.
Roughing operations are performed with small and large angle grinders with attached wire brushes. They remove scale, rust, old paintwork and slag crust from metal after welding, and they use sisal and polymer-abrasive brushes to brush wood.
Grinding with a change in the surface geometry, chamfering, and removal of sagging is performed with abrasive stripping and flap discs installed on an angle grinder.

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Household and professional angle grinders, even more often than for stripping, are used to cut metal, wood, stone and reinforced concrete. Variable speed models with felt or foam accessories allow polishing workpieces. And diamond cutters and special wheels, such as Yato YT-59174, milling stone and wood surfaces.