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Unboxing DeWalt DWE4257 1500W 125mm (5″) Angle Grinder with Variable-Speed. Bob The Tool Man

DeWALT angle grinders set the standard for quality, power and ergonomic design. On the DeWALT-ukraine you can find for yourself a full range of large and small angle grinders with disc diameters from 115 mm to 230 mm.

The main characteristics that distinguish the DeWALT angle grinder from analogues are, of course, the unique and excellent combination of maximum power and relatively low weight inherent in this tool, which allows the robot to be carried out as comfortably as possible. Other features include reliability, ergonomic design and particularly low vibration levels.

angle grinders (angle grinder) Makita 125 mm

If necessary, carefully polish, grind, cut, deburr, or roughen a small or medium surface area at low speed (no more than 4,000. Rolls per minute) It is best to use an angular grinder, the diameter of the disk of which is 125 millimeters. This tool is used in the processing of materials such as ceramic tiles, concrete, metal and stone. The sphere of use of angular grinding machines is very wide: construction industry, repair and finishing works. These devices are used by experienced professionals, and home craftsmen.

Subtleties of operation

With each of the Dewalt models, as with any other bulgarians, it is important to comply with the simplest, but playing a huge role, safety regulations. For example, it is necessary to work only in closed clothes and in a special mask, in order to avoid damage to the skin. It is important to check the serviceability of the tool and electrical wire before starting the construction process. Try to work indoors where there are no exposed wet areas.

With DeWALT angle grinders, there are usually no difficulties, but the simplest measures are still necessary. Since it is most often necessary to change the disks of an angle grinder, we will consider how to do this. First of all, you need to de-energize the tool for safety reasons. Then you need to press the spindle stopper and unscrew the lock nut with a special key. If suddenly working with a wrench seems like a long enough task, you can purchase an upgraded nut with a spring base. In this case, give preference to proven foreign brands Bosch or Makita.

Also, let’s look at an example of how to disassemble the reducer. Obviously, first you need to remove the gearbox cover, disconnect the stator housing and free the rotor. Then the rotor must be clamped, which will help to unscrew the nut that serves as a fastener for the drive small gear. Then remove the destroyed bearing, replacing it with a new one.

What features of DeWALT angle grinders to pay attention to when choosing?

When planning to purchase an angle grinder, consider the following nuances:

  • If you need an angle grinder in your professional activity, which you do regularly, buy a tool with a power of at least 1000 W.For household chores, an angle grinder with a power of up to 900 W is enough.
  • Built-in protection is not an extra plus for your safety. Be sure to choose a model with a fuse preventing random launch.
  • The most popular discs with a diameter of 125 mm. They are inexpensive, are sold in almost all stores with tools and are great for solving everyday problems. Large equipment from 150 mm is needed for craftsmen.
  • A heavy angle grinder will quickly tire your hands and make you take rest breaks more often.
  • Additional functionality is selected exclusively at will.Spindle lock will help to replace components in more comfortable conditions, quick adjustment of the casing without a key will not create stagnation in the workflow, and so on. But the more different bells and whistles, the more expensive the tool.

Flour selection angle grinder (or angle grinder) at 125mm

While you are young and daring, you do not need an angle grinder at all. Enough strong teeth, and what cannot be gnawed can be cut with a penknife and a hammer.When your puberty ends, along with the era of grinding the cylinder head on the curb in front of the entrance, the period of personality formation begins. It is expressed in the purchase of a cheap instrument with price filtering “in ascending order”.The next stage is when you finally say to yourself the phrase carved in granite: “I know that I know nothing” and start to learn from someone else’s experience.

I have had an angle grinder in my hands for 25 years already. Or rather, in one, if we are talking about 125 mm.To my shame, I always bought recklessly and only now, after watching a lot of videos and reading all sorts of different technical “literatures”, I realized how many problems I created for myself with such an irresponsible approach.

I remember the endless torment on the topic “does not creep through” And she does not crawl through the fact that you, Misha, bought a piece of shit with a high gearbox.And the roar and clang, from which it rings in the ears, as if after a grenade explosion? Yes, everything is simple. spur gears.Well and so on.

I always thought that you have to be first and foremost a master and do not care what to work. After all, I won’t catch up with the master of sports in swimming even in fins with a snorkel, right?

About three months ago I stopped buying Black Decker shit and bought a gray Interskol in every sense. The name is vile. Like chipping a half tooth.Such a small Bulgarian. Approximately 650 W.Well, there was no money for something more interesting.

Only now, having read and seen enough over the past day, I can say that this is just madness.This garbage is generally only capable of cutting a sheet of paper, and I tried to clean the welds with it.But I am grateful to her. It was because of her that I had the idea that it was not just like the power on the side and, probably, the capacity is somehow connected with the price :)))

It turned out that the more powerful the angle grinder, the less likely it is to kill it, because if the dead stuff does not cut off the metal, then you start to put more pressure on it instinctively and then it comes to. She comes to.

In one publication about tools, there were even calculations: 1 km of the weld, the most dead Bosch will cut off in 63 days.And Bosch 1900 W. in 14 days. Well, there with smoke breaks and rest, but the difference is visible without a magnifying glass.

After watching, reading, I went to the store.

Was looking for something with 1400 watts or so.

AEG Well, everything is so beautiful, with a soft start, not heavy.Do not know. Very gray machine. Something stopped me.

Looked Bosch. Blue series, professional type. one.4 kW. Just an angle grinder, like from the 80s Light but thick. No regulator, no other amenities.I would understand if they offered for 8000 a simple powerful angle grinder with a hell of a resource. One could forgive her simplicity and inconvenience.But she, bitch, breaks down like everyone else.

Metabo. Looked at their top model. Thick as a can of beer. And it weighs just unreal.And no soft start.With a power of more than 1.5 kW it will break out of the hand. Especially so fat.

I watched two models of the 9565 series.One for almost 10 thousand, the second for almost 8.Silent, with sliding oblique gears, low shutter blankets, just to stripping seams.The body is thin. In my taste.But the switch is tight. No anti-vibration handle.

The fact is that I constantly cut the canopy. I don’t understand those who clamp iron in a vise, put it under their feet, bulge their eyes, show their teeth, blush, as if in a closet.

I don’t need a handle on an angle grinder at all, and weight is relevant. But even more relevant is vibration loading.Makita for 10,000 heavy subjectively. Heavier only log-log from Metaba.

Beat all angle grinders 10 times. Brought sellers by flipping switches. I need an angular grinder, which I can turn on with one hand without holding her second.Yes, it’s not for you to turn on thin Interskol. Powerful angular grinders and thicker and out of hand rushes like a neighbor’s cat at the sight of a dog.

In short, I got tired of all this and I chose a makita with a soft start.

Guys, soft start is convenient and somewhat safe.

an angle grinder for 10 thousand is not an iPhone for you, half of the functions of which you do not know or have forgotten.

Everything is needed in it. And the prevention of a fur-bearing animal when biting a disk, and the stabilization of revolutions regardless of the load, and the speed controller, and all sorts of gadgets.All it takes.

angle grinder (angle grinders) DeWALT

TMK online store. this is a large selection and attractive for an angle grinder (angle grinder) DeWALT. Check out the photos and product descriptions, customer reviews, technical specifications, and then compare the models that meet your requirements and choose the right price. To buy an angle grinder (angle grinder) DeWALT, place an order on the website or call TMK hot mowing line: 8 800 700-70-77.

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angle grinder 125 mm with speed control and soft start: rating of the best models. Which one to choose?

Angle grinder or simply “angle grinder” is one of the most popular and indispensable tools in everyday life. With it, you can cut or process the surfaces of various materials: brick or ceramic tiles, concrete products, stone and even iron. When starting home repairs, it is advisable to stock up on this tool in advance.

There are more and more manufacturers of such equipment in the world. And each brand strives to make its models as convenient and functional as possible for users. Therefore, it is often very difficult to choose a specific model. Consider the best, according to buyers, angle grinder 125 with speed control and soft start.

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